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  • 1. Local Search
    Liz HamiltonMaia Internet Consulting
    created for The Unjob FairMay 1, 2010
  • 2. Defining Local Search?
    Local search is any search made with the goal of finding something within a geo-graphic location. This is known as searching with Local Intent.
    Searching for something (what) in some place (where).
    Seeking information online with the intention of making a transaction offline – Greg Sterling.
    Essentially, anything you would normally look in the phone book for, you now search for online.
  • 3. Why is Local Search so Important?
    It is estimated that 30%-40% of all searches are made with local intent.
    Online search influenced $471 billion worth of offline sales last year vs. only $136 billion in e-commerce sales (e-Marketer, 2008)
    Yellow page users are moving to online searches
    Mobile network providers such as T-Mobile, Verizon etc agree that Local Search results are logical results for mobile devices.
  • 4. What to do with your Old Yellow Page Books
  • 5. So where are people finding Local Businesses?
  • 6. Google Local is now Google Places
  • 7. Google Places
    Google believes this searcher is looking for local referrals and shows the map.
    The map shows the most relevant search results with map markers and text links to each of the listings.
    Google displays 7 listings in the results.
    • Reviews
    • 8. Phone number
    • 9. Web Address
    • 10. Link to more details in the Google Directory.
    Local results area
  • 11. Yahoo Local
    Released in May 2007
    Now offering the ability to search by menu items
    Speculation that it will expand this search to brands.
    • Physical business address
    • 12. Phone Number
    • 13. Email address
    • 14. Description of Business Offering
    • 15. Opening Times
  • Bing local search
    Formerly Live Search, Windows Search & MSN Search.
    Slogan “Bing & Decide”
    Local Info
  • So where does Local Info come from?
    From local business centers
    From business information aggregators
  • 21. Also from ….
    Your Website
    Trade Associations
    Better Business Bureau
    Local Chamber of Commerce
    Local Business Directory
    Local City Guides
    Local Newspapers
    Industry Specific Vertical Directories
    Locally focused powerhouses such as CitySearch
  • 22. Making sure your site is local search friendly
    Add your address, phone, and zip code to every page of your website, without exception.
    Have your webmaster use standard hcard & vcard formatting on your site – this is simply standardized code to search engines what the content is about for example:
    <div class="street-address">P.O. Box 1336</div>
  • 23. Location of office
    I have a home office and don’t want people to know my address.
    P.O. Boxes
    Mail Box Etc
    Another business address
    I want to show in another location.
    I have more than one location
  • 24. Top 5 Factors that Likely influence Local Listing placement
    The survey says…
    LBL address in the City of search.
    Citations from Major Data Providers.
    Association of proper LBL categories.
    Claiming your listing.
    Product/Service keywords in LBL title.
  • 25. Top 5 Negative Factors
    The survey says…
    Use of (800) number in LBL.
    Multiple addresses on the contact page.
    Negative Customer Ratings.
    Exclusive use of 800 number on contact page.
    Multiple LBL with same business name.
  • 26. Ok, great how do I get listed?
    1. Go to
  • 27. Search for your Business
    2. Search for your business name, phone, or address – are you listed?
  • 28. Yes, I am listed! 
    3a. Click on Edit to ‘Claim your listing’
  • 29. No, I am not listed 
    3b. Click on Put your business on Google Maps
  • 30. When you ARE listed you will be taken to the Add, Edit or Suspend Listing area
  • 31. Complete your Listing
  • 32. Submit & Verify
  • 33. Information to have on Hand
    Standard information such as business name, address, phone number, email address and web address.
    A short description of your business – 200 characters max.
    Categories your business falls under, such as Web Design, Internet Marketing.
    Hours of operation & types of payments accepted.
    10 images
    5 videos
    Any special information you want to convey such as Parking available? Specialty Products?
  • 34. Your Listing Page
  • 35. Reporting
  • 36. Additional Features - Videos
    Create a great short video to promote your business, upload to YouTube and add to your listing. You can convey a lot of information in a 30 second video.
    Think about create ways to make your video interesting.
    Add the video to your own site too!
  • 37. Additional Features - Adding a coupon
    Create your first coupon in the Coupons tab at the
    Local Business Center login area
  • 38. Enter the Coupon Details
  • 39. Reviews
    • Come from a variety of places
    • 40. Are important to help you come up in the 10 pack
    • 41. Are a fact of life for a business that is online
    • 42. Negative & Positive reviews make the listing more credible
    • 43. Ask for reviews, put the link to the reviews page on your site, on your business card or in your email signatures
  • Other Local Search Directories
  • 44. In conclusion
    If you have a land line phone number - your business is probably listed so claim your listing
    If you are not listed, then create your listing
    Suspend any duplicate listings and enhance the one that is left.
    Local search is becoming more relevant in the search engine results
    Make sure your own site is Local Search Friendly
    Keep your local listing data clean, contact aggregators that might have the wrong information
  • 45. Resources
    Slides in pdf format are online at
    CFU Upcoming Classes –
    A Crash Course in Local Search
    Growing Your Business on Google with Pay Per Click
    Market Online – it’s easy, effective and affordable
    Everything You Wanted to Know About Blogging For Business
    Free Google Tools
    Sign up for classes online at
  • 46. Thank you for your time!
    Liz HamiltonMaia Internet Consulting1871 Folsom Street,Boulder, CO 80302