Improving Governance and Knowledge Managment in Agriculture using Information and Communication Technologies


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This presentation briefly describes two projects that are being implemented by CABI Central and West Asia in Pakistan.
E-Zaraat [Urdu for e-Agriculture] is a ground breaking project funded by DFID. Through this project the entire Agriculture Extension data collection and reporting has been automated. The data from the field is collected via a mobile application. The reports are generated through a web application. A three way help line backed by experts and FAQs was also established to cater to the needs of the farmers and improve reach of the extension workers in the field.

The second project has pioneered e-learning in Agriculture in Pakistan. The project is funded by United States Department of Agriculture. The project focuses on improving the capacity of the Regulatory officers in Pakistan by providing e-learning modules on Sanitary and Photo-sanitary measures. This would eventually help in improving international trade with Pakistan. The project is being implemented in partnership with USDA and Texas A&M University

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Improving Governance and Knowledge Managment in Agriculture using Information and Communication Technologies

  1. 1. KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE ICTs & Knowledge Management for Improving Agriculture Mahrukh Siraj Coordinator, Knowledge Management
  2. 2. ● Funded by DFID ● Project Partner: Directorate of Agri Extension and Adaptive Research – Punjab, Pakistan ● Project Features  Web based Information management system  Mobile based field data collection system  The data entry location of each field worker available  Bi-Monthly agriculture advisories available to all  Report generation at a click of the button  Web link:
  3. 3. Application Overview Farmer InfoCropping Season wise info Weather Info Input Supplier info Warehouse Farmers Ext Agents Institutional Users U s e r s I n t e r f a c e Web App Mobile AppHelp Line Ext Agent Info Expert Info Implements Schemes Loan Schemes Pest/Disease Attack
  4. 4. homepage
  5. 5. Dashboard
  6. 6. : A view of the Data sets
  7. 7. e-Zaraat on the Mobile
  8. 8. e-Zaraat on the Mobile: Dashboard
  9. 9. e-Zaraat on the Mobile: Forms Menu
  10. 10. e-Zaraat : Dynamic Report Generation Choose Location, Choose Time period
  11. 11. e-Learning
  12. 12. Online SPS training Program ● Funded by US Department of Agriculture (USDA) ● Project Partner: USDA and Texas A&M University ● Project Features  SPS modules available as e-learning modules on USB/DVD  SPS e-learning modules available on the web  Modules Available in English and local language Urdu  Onsite activity workshops
  13. 13. Development of Courseware … Blended learning Interactivity Visual aids Multi-language Self paced Anytime / Anywhere Cost effective Innovative Technologies Collaboration Problem solving Relevant Practical Focused, deep learning Hands on Source: TAMU, 2012 Blended Learning combines the best of what distance learning and onsite workshops have to offer.
  14. 14. Onsite Workshops - Products Source: TAMU, 2012
  15. 15. Content in Urdu and English • Videos dubbed in Urdu alongwith Urdu subtitles
  16. 16. Opportunities in Agriculture • Improved and real time Governance • Rapid Field data collection via mobiles • E-Learning modules via Web/ DVD/USB • Content in English and local languages • Better Project Information Management • Agriculture Knowledge Management • Low cost access to larger number of farmers via Text/Voice messages or via call center based helplines
  17. 17. For more information Please contact: Mahrukh Siraj Coordinator, Knowledge Management CABI Central and West Asia,
  18. 18. Thank you