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  • 1. Social Style Sales Strategies (S4)
  • 2. The Analytical Physician Strategy • • • • • • During the Call Focus on professional topics. Develop a precise, step-bystep presentation. Provide data and details to support statements. Use clinical trials & 3rd party. Leave time to decide. Ask for his experience. N.B. He will select your product based on specific performance, well proven and which will provide his patients with additional benefits . • • • • • • Requires proofs & 3rd party support. Objective. Respects norms. Asks questions Gathers facts, examines all sides. Slower to prescribe.
  • 3. The Driver Physician Strategy • • • • • • Direct to the point. Focus on final results. Be organized. Offer options. Not details oriented. Leave him to decide. N.B. He will select the product that will give the best efficacy and results, even with lower toleration profile (efficacy oriented). During the Call • • • • • Expect quick actions. Decide on the spot. Controlling others. Business like. Final results oriented.
  • 4. The Expressive Physician Strategy • • • • • Be an appreciative audience. Reflect the physician’s enthusiasm. Keep control of the presentation by bringing the focus back. Ask for his advice and encourage him to talk. Allow time for socializing. N.B. He will ask for a new idea to use your product (what’s new?) During the Call • • • • • • Pleasant. Relationship builder. Sociable. Motivate others. Quick to prescribe. Quick to start and to change.
  • 5. The Amiable Physician Strategy • • • • • Take time to establish relationship. Focus on safety and worldwide experience. Be friendly & go slowly. Tell him what to do Provide support & develop feeling of being on the same “Team”. N.B. He will select your product because it has high safety profile which will provide better comfort to his patients (safety oriented) During the Call • • • • Loyal and reliable Listen to others Patient and calm People oriented
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