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  • 1. M A G I C Your Success Formula Ehab Hussein Sales Trainer
  • 2. Objectives Be proactive thinkers to reach our potential. Go after success. Provide an excellent service level in order to sell our product. Create our own Marketing Plan. Know what is meant by MAGIC.
  • 3. Mind Your Manner Exploring every thing inside ………
  • 4. Manner Visual Manner Exterior package Vocal Manner MannerS Interior package
  • 5. Visual Manner Appearance Body Language
  • 6. Be Motivated to look Your Best How People think about you not only their impressions. You are showing people that you’ve got it together personally and professionally. Check yourself out in the mirror and do a frank self-appraisal.
  • 7. Never Neglect The Details Wearing appropriate clothing. Your shoes. Walk with confidence. Keep the eye contact. Remember to smile.
  • 8. How do you want people to see you? Creative. Serious. Stylish. Conservative.
  • 9. Vocal Manner Voice Creates Image
  • 10. Speak with……… Passion. Enthusiasm. Tone modulation. No hesitation words. Confidence. No think,no guess,no hope,no maybe &no probably. Just say I will do it & Do what you say you will do
  • 11. Manners Watch your MANNERS !!!
  • 12. What is your Motivation? Group exercise
  • 13. The Winning Formula
  • 14. Advocates Add Influence WHO ????:Advocates are those individuals who are willing to speak out in support of your abilities, character and value. Advocates are people who create “buzz” about you and your company or services
  • 15. Cont. An advocate is your champion – someone who sells you and sells for you. The goal is to build a team of advocates who are willing to help you get the opportunities and recognition you need to achieve your goals. They Need To Be Earned.
  • 16. stages 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Your Primary Advocate. Secondary Advocate. Build a Team Of Advocates. Seizing Advocate Opportunities. Test Your Advocate Awareness. Networking. Developing and Maintain Advocates.
  • 17. Managers: Your primary advocates You are someone they can trust. You are loyal. You make their job simpler. What if you discover your Customer (advocate) is only out for personal gain?
  • 18. Secondary Advocates virtually anyone within your company – including subordinates – plus anyone who can speak up for you – including senior management, customers, industry experts and people in your community. WHY????……. Less biased than your manager. Or say the right things to the right person at the right time!
  • 19. Build a team of advocates Building your team of advocates is strategy, you’d better be paying attention! Study the politics and structure of your organization to target key people.  Actively seek recognition from and exposure to these people. Ask potential advocates for their time, be helpful and do favors for them. Take on projects that give you visibility. Add value.
  • 20. CONT. Many potential advocates are probably already in your life. It’s simply a matter of discovering who might be influential and then making these people aware of your capabilities and goals.
  • 21. Seizing advocate opportunities 1. reflection of your professionalism. 2.  Shake hands like a pro!, make eye contact. 3. Be prepared to introduce yourself . 4. Present a business card. 5.  Be a promise-keeper. 6. Make a follow-up phone call, send promised information 7. Stay informed about your company and the entire industry.
  • 22. Test your advocate awareness You want new customers within a specific territory. Who should you target as your potential advocates? Ask satisfied customers if they would recommend you and the product and/or services you are selling. Also, identify people who make decisions at physicians’ offices, hospitals, formularies, pharmacies, etc., and connect with them. Get to know their managers, as well.
  • 23. Networking To network effectively, be strategic and proactive 1. Always be prepared to meet people. 2. Get visibility with the people you want to meet. 3. Before attending an event, do your homework. 4. Follow up with people and keep in touch.
  • 24. Developing and maintaining advocates 1. Choose projects and tasks that enable you to work with your advocates. 2. Ask for their advice 3. Focus on ways you can help your advocates, not just on how they can help you. 4. Send them birthday and holiday cards. 5. Acknowledge the accomplishments of your advocates with a card of congratulations or a phone call.
  • 25. Buy-in for Objective Achieving it logically
  • 26. Grow and be Involved
  • 27. Growth Growth keeps you marketable. Don't let any of the most common excuses for avoiding growth hold you back. you must strive for growth in knowledge in three primary areas.
  • 28. Let Us Consider………..What?! Craft: what you do -- the skills and information you need to do your job. Market: your field. What are the current trends? Self: your development. Take risks; try new things.
  • 29. Involvement By being involved, you gain the opportunity to advance your career while contributing your time and talent in ways that also benefit other people or organizations. That's a winning situation for everybody.
  • 30. Four possible areas to pursue your involvement 1. Not-for-profit associations and related trade groups like. 2. Life activities like attending country clubs, Symposia,or your kids' activities. 3. Company-sponsored events for organizations like public hospitals Or health campaign. 4. Industry associations & syndicates.
  • 31. Tips Of Involvement You don't want to be viewed as a follower. Leadership is a character trait that is prized among professionals. Pick and choose your leadership and related involvement opportunities strategically. (Where will you learn the most? How can you contribute? Who will you meet? Weigh your personal satisfaction against the potential payback and visibility.)
  • 32. Cont. You may think that just because you're already successful, there's no need to invest time or energy in self-marketing strategies. Wrong! There's always room for further growth and greater acceleration -- resulting in more recognition and reward.
  • 33. You Think That You Are Already Successful No Need To Invest Time In Growth Prepare To Adapt Your Self You Will Get No Thing More
  • 34. Are You Loyal To Your Self ? ? Just do it
  • 35. With preparation WITHOUT PREPARATION
  • 36. Create Commentary
  • 37. Hide ME NOW
  • 38. Create commentary Creating commentary means communicating your ideas, experiences, and accomplishments to others through speaking and writing.
  • 39. • What will we achieve if we created commentaries? Value. Image. Status. Impression. Satisfaction. Demonstrate confidence,leadership &motivation
  • 40. How to create commentary? Area of expertise. Select the audience. Select the commentary type. Communicate effectively and efficiently
  • 41. Speak Up! The more speaking you do, the easier it becomes.
  • 42. Express you self Name is mentioned with area of expertise. Build your confidence. Contribute:- The longer you wait ,The more difficult it becomes. Be the volunteer to share sales figures, give team project updates or present reports to senior management.
  • 43. Cont. Read about the topics you want to talk about. Be honest & sincere. Empathetic Listening. TEAMwork policy. Choose your words wisely e.g no Jargon
  • 44. Conclusion Group Discussion NB.:-Please don’t forget to complete the evaluation form.