Drug Abuse Prevention


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Drug Abuse Prevention

  1. 1. Role of parents and teachers in drug abuse prevention Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  2. 2. Pre Addiction Stage Intelligent Confident Obedient Social Healthy Relationships Healthy Communication Skills Doing Well in Studies Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  3. 3. Pre Addiction Stage Behavioral Changes Isolated/Withdrawn Low/Depressed Avoidance Behavior Fear Lack of Interest in Studies Poor Grades Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  4. 4. Pre Addiction Stage The child’s behavior is being neglected by his parents and teachers. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  5. 5. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab Pre Addiction Stage Risk Factors
  6. 6. Using Drugs Peer Pressure Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  7. 7. Regular Drug Use Drug Dependency/Drug Addiction Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  8. 8. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  9. 9. What We Need to Know? 1. Drug Addiction is a Disease Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  10. 10. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab What We Need to Know? 2. Drug Addiction is a Brain Disease
  11. 11. What We Need to Know? 3. No one decides to be a drug addict Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  12. 12. What We Need to Know? 4. Drug abuse can be prevented Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  13. 13. What We Need to Know? 5. Risk Factors Biological Environmental Individual Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  14. 14. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  15. 15. Role of Teachers 1. Training Programs  Learning about drugs  Learning about the effects of different drugs  Learning to identify high risk behavior  Developing drug abuse prevention skills Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  16. 16. Role of Teachers 2. Implementation of drug abuse prevention program: To educate students on drug abuse To help students develop skill Regular parent-teacher meetings Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  17. 17. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab Role of Teachers Peer to Peer Education (Club Activities)
  18. 18. Role of Parents Research shows that the main reason that children don’t use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs is because of their parents Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  19. 19. Role of Parents It is important that parents build a strong relationship with their children and talk to them about drug abuse-- the earlier the better! Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  20. 20. Role of Parents: Communication Establish and maintain good communication with your children. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  21. 21. Role of Parents: Communication Talk to your children every day. Share what happened to you and ask what happened to them during the day. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  22. 22. Role of Parents: Communication Ask questions that children can’t answer with “yes” or “no,” such as “what was your favorite part of the day. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  23. 23. Role of Parents: Communication Involve them in making decisions. Show your children that you value their thoughts and input. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  24. 24. Role of Parents: Communication Listen to your child’s concerns and repeat them to make clear that you understand. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  25. 25. Role of Parents: Getting Involved Get involved in your children’s lives. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  26. 26. Role of Parents: Getting Involved Spend time doing something your children want to do every day. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  27. 27. Role of Parents: Getting Involved Support your children’s activities by attending special events, like games, and praising them for their efforts. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  28. 28. Role of Parents: Getting Involved Help your children manage problems by asking what is wrong when they seem upset and letting them know you are there to help. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  29. 29. Role of Parents: Setting Rules Make clear rules and enforce them consistently. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  30. 30. Role of Parents: Setting Rules Discuss rules, expectations, and consequences in advance Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  31. 31. Role of Parents: Setting Rules If a rule is broken, be sure to enforce the consequences. This teaches children to take responsibility for their actions Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  32. 32. Role of Parents: Setting Rules Give praise when your children follow rules and meet expectations. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  33. 33. Role of Parents: Be a positive role model Children imitate adults. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  34. 34. Role of Parents: Be a positive role model Demonstrate ways to solve problems have fun with your children manage stress without using alcohol or drugs. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  35. 35. Role of Parents: Help your children choose friends wisely When children have friends who don’t engage in risky behaviors, they are likely to resist them too. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  36. 36. Role of Parents: Talk to your children about drugs When parents talk to their kids early and often about substance abuse, kids are less likely to try drugs. Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  37. 37. Role of Parents: Talk to your children about drugs Engage your children in a conversation Ask what they know, how they feel, and what they think about the issue Discuss all about drugs Help your children say “NO” to drugs Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  38. 38. Role of Parents: Rules for parties Finalize with your child: Date, Time, List of friends and Rooms to be used Drug free party Lights will remain switched on during the party No friend will leave and come back Dr. Mahmooda Aftab
  39. 39. ? Dr. Mahmooda Aftab