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Ethical internet-behavior-in-the-workplace-1229436744612276-2

  1. 1. ““EthicalEthical InternetInternet BehaviorBehavior inin thethe Workplace”Workplace” Cierra Smith Tarnisha Turner December 15, 2008 Ms.Moore
  2. 2. Objective • The objective of this PowerPoint is to explain the do’s and don’ts of ethical behavior on the internet.
  3. 3. Do’s #1 • When in the workplace try to stay away from flirting and unfriendly gestures. • This is unethical because it can lead you into trouble of getting caught and possibly losing your job.
  4. 4. DON’T’S #1 Never use racial slurs in the workplace. This is unethical because people shouldn’t be judged on the color of their skin but by what they offer.
  5. 5. DO’S #2 • At a workplace make sure that your computer station is clean. • This is ethical because this can prevent clutter and disorderliness around your computer area.
  6. 6. DON’T’S #2 • When your company has the AUP policy (which restrict the ways in which the network or site can be used) you should not be on illegal sites buying products or downloading them at the workplace. • This is unethical because your not supposed to be on any sites that don’t have anything to do with what your there for
  7. 7. DO’S #3 • Make sure that you don’t engage in gossip and avoid talking about other people. • This is ethical because you shouldn't be focused on the gossip or what’s new about everyone you should be there on a professional level.
  8. 8. DON’T’S #3 • Don’t use profane language when expressing yourself. • This is unethical because, when you use profanity it makes you look unprofessional and unintelligent.
  9. 9. DO’S #4 • Come to work everyday on time and dressed appropriately for the occasion. • This is ethical because when you come to work dressed for the occasion you can get the job done better and in good time.
  10. 10. DON’TS #4 • Never steal other people’s work and claim it as yours. • This is unethical because, stealing can lead to altercations and altercations can lead to somebody can get dismissed.
  11. 11. DO’S #5 • Always turn your cell phone’s off to avoid from it going off in the job area. • This is ethical because, you should considered your audience and environment and turn off your phone or PDA.
  12. 12. DON’TS #5 • You should not snoop around in other people’s space when in the workplace area.
  13. 13. Summary • You should always practice good ethical behavior in the workplace because, honesty and respect will get you farther in life than dishonesty and disrespect. Throughout life you will find that taking responsibility and being trustworthy are good qualities to have, even if you have not obtained these qualities in life practicing will give you a better chance at receiving them. No matter how far in life you want to get having unethical values will not take you far.
  14. 14. References • The ten commandments for computer ethics. Retrieved December 15, 2008 from Computer Ethics institute. Web site: • Importance of ethical behavior in the workplace. Retrieved December 15, 2008 from Ethics office at Texas Instruments Corporation. Web Site: workcases/ti-ethics/ethics_workplace.aspx