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voice recognition system for file locking..

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Seminar analysis Surakshaz

  3. 3. INTRODUCTION6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 3The brain is a commodity used tofertilize ideas.-Elbert Hubbard, an Americanartist and philosopher.
  4. 4. What is a file..?A computer file is a block of arbitraryinformation, or resource for storinginformationA file is durable in the sense that itremains available for programs to useafter the current program has finished.File types are differ by its extension.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 4
  5. 5. Why file security..?Personal data including files andaccounts or one‟s companys importantinformation might leak out without priorpermission.File security is a branch of computertechnology known as informationsecurity as applied to computers andnetworks.The basic objective of file security isprotection of information and propertyfrom any unauthorized access.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 5
  6. 6. Security softwareTo secure one‟s personal data, securitys/w came into light.Security software is software whosemain task is encryption and decryptionof data.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 6"Safety First" is "Safety Always."-Charles M. Hayes, the ex-president on the Grand Trunk PacificRailway.
  7. 7. Encryption software executes analgorithm that is designed to encryptcomputer data in such a way that itcannot be recovered without access tothe key.The purpose of encryption is toprevent third parties from recoveringthe original information.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 7
  8. 8. Encryption can be applied to data inmany ways. Common categories are: Disk encryption software File/folder encryption Database encryption Communication encryption softwareMy project is to work with Filesecurity or File encryption.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 8
  9. 9. Voice as „password‟In early days, people used to use onlytext passwords for their systems, thathas to be typed from their keyboards.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 9Fashion is not something that exists indresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in thestreet, fashion has to do with ideas, the waywe live, what is happening.-Coco Chanel, was a French fashiondesigner.
  10. 10. But now many things can be used forpassword.Voice also can be used as password When the use of keyboard is notconvenient or the use of smart cardalone is not reliable. When one need to modernize securityinfra-structure. When inbuilt microphone and speakerare available on most modern computer.The technique of using voicepassword is known as voicerecognition.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 10
  11. 11. A confusion..!!Voice recognition Vs Speechrecognition..6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 11A perfection of means, and confusion ofaims, seems to be our main problem.-Albert Einstein
  12. 12. Voice recognition (recognizing whois speaking) and Speech recognition(recognizing what is being said).Voice recognition is the identificationof the person who is speaking bycharacteristics of their voices (voicebiometrics).Speech Recognition is technologythat can translate spoken words intotext.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 12
  13. 13. Voice recognition is also known asSpeaker recognition.Voice recognition has a history datingback some four decades and uses theacoustic features of speech that havebeen found to differ betweenindividuals.These acoustic patterns reflect bothanatomy (e.g., size and shape of thethroat and mouth) and learnedbehavioural patterns (e.g., voice pitch,speaking style).6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 13
  14. 14. Why voice recognition and how itworks..?All of our voices are uniquely different(including twins) and cannot be exactlyduplicated.Voice password is an intelligent systemwhich can differentiate a person fromanother by recognizing vocal identitiesof a person.Voice is made up of two components:A physiological component (the voicetract) and a behavioural component(the pattern).6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 14
  15. 15. In this technology in which the words orphrases spoken by the humans areconverted into electrical signals and thesesignals are transformed into codingpatterns.Then these coding patterns are being usedto access the data.Several steps should be carried out toperform this process. The first step is forthe user to speak in the microphone.The electrical signal from the microphone isdigitized by from "Analog-to-Digital", and isstored in the memory.This technique is a close analogy to thetraditional command inputs from thekeyboard.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 15
  16. 16. A voice recognition system has twophases: Enrolment and verification.During enrolment, the speakers voiceis recorded and typically a number offeatures are extracted to form a voiceprint, template or model.In the verification phase, a voice sampleor utterance is compared against apreviously created voiceprint.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 16
  17. 17. EXISTING SYSTEM6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 17Be faithful to that which exists within thisworld.-Andre Gide, French author
  18. 18. There are lots of “voice recognition”and “file locker” exists individually.But there are limited “file lockerswhich uses “voice recognition”.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 18One such system isVoicePass PC Security Lock is build forWindows PC.
  19. 19. Customer can select any word fromany language between 3-12 letterslong.No more complexpasswords, usernames or securityquestions to remember.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 19Released date: July 20, 2011Price: $9.99 to buyOperating system: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
  20. 20. PROPOSED SYSTEMThe proposed system is for academicpropose but it can be use by anypeople.FEATURES1.User friendly.2.Identification.3.Near real-time approach6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 20The secret to discovery is to never believeexisting facts.-Bryant H. McGill, American author.
  21. 21. SURAKSHA: SECUREYOUR FILES..6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 21Proper names are poetry in the raw. Likeall poetry they are untranslatable.-W.H. Auden, Anglo-American poet.
  22. 22. 6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 22Advertising is a bit like playing make-believe.-Hartman Jule,
  23. 23. The main goal of Suraksha isIdentity management.Voice biometric has provided analternative to other techniques in thearea of identity management.This is particularly important in thesituation where some people may notwant to buy other H/w as fingerprintreader etc.Voice biometric may consider as analternatives for handicap people forthe purpose of equal treatment oreven for enhanced security.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 23
  24. 24. There will be two phases in Surakshato secure a file.1st voice password2nd keyboard password6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 24While a user wants to lock a file,he/she have to go through this twophases.During locking a file initially the userhave to give his voice password.And then the user have to provide atext password.
  25. 25. During unlocking a file, the user haveto give his voice as a input, if itmatches the voice, which is usedduring lock the file then it will allowthe user to go to the next phase.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 25Then the user have to give the textpassword, if it matches then thesystem will unlock the file.
  26. 26. Why two phases..?Guarding by two is more secure.If somehow anyone crack firstlevel, then he have to go through onemore level of password.This gives more protection.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 26
  27. 27. Flow-chart6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 27startendSelect a file to lockDisable all the user privileges from that fileEncrypt the content of the file and save itwith another extensionTake voicepasswordTake textpasswordFlow-chart for storing andlocking
  28. 28. 6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 28startendSelect a file to unlock (with another extension)Enable all the user privileges from that fileDecrypt the content of the file and save it withoriginal extensionTake voicepasswordAsk for textpasswordCompare with thestored voice and checkmatching probability is>= 0.9If matchesyesyesNo(3 times)No(3 times)Flow-chart for authenticationand unlocking
  29. 29. Storing the audio(voice) andaudio file formatAn audio file format is a fileformat for storing digital audiodata on a computer system.This data can be storeduncompressed, or compressed toreduce the file size.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 29Audio manipulation is a black art.-Unknown
  30. 30. There are three major groups of audiofile formats: Uncompressed audio formats; Formats with lossless compression. Formats with lossy compression.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 30In Suraksha I am using “.wav”extension to save a voice..wav comes under Uncompressed audioformats.The Wave file format is Windows nativefile format for storing digital audio data.
  31. 31. Wav files are formed by a header partand a data part.As the header part includes binarydata with different characteristics, itcan be appropriate to read data ofdifferent types.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 31
  32. 32. 6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 32
  33. 33. An example how a wave file is stored:52 49 46 46 24 08 00 00 57 41 5645 66 6d 74 20 10 00 00 00 01 0002 00 22 56 00 00 88 58 01 00 0400 10 00 64 61 74 61 00 08 00 0000 00 00 00 24 17 1e f3 3c 13 3c14 16 f9 18 f9 34 e7 23 a6 3c f2 24f2 11 ce 1a 0d6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 33
  34. 34. 6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 34
  35. 35. How to compare..!!After storing the audio and lock thefile, to unlock, we have to comparethe newly recorded wav file withpreviously stored wav file.For that we have to apply Digitalsignal processing on the both wavfiles.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 35
  36. 36. Digital signal processingDigital signal processing (DSP) isthe mathematical manipulation of aninformation signal to modify orimprove it in some way.With the increasing use of computersthe usage of and need for digitalsignal processing has increased.To use an analog signal on acomputer, it must be digitized fromanalog-to-digital signal.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 36
  37. 37. The following diagram shows theanalog to digital conversion process.The red line only matches the blue lineat discrete points and these are calledthe sampling points.It is very important to take enoughsamples of the input so that it can befaithfully represented.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 37
  38. 38. The goal of DSP is usually tomeasure, filter and/or compresscontinuous real-world analog signals.The first step is usually to convert thesignal from an analog to a digital form.Discrete Fourier transform (DFT) is aspecific kind of discrete transform, ittransforms one function intoanother, which is called the frequencydomain representation, of the originalfunction (which is often a function in thetime domain).In frequency domain, it is easy tocompare two voices, because, its has avery low probability of mismatch of aperson‟s voice‟s frequency.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 38
  39. 39. DFTThe DFT requires an input function that isdiscrete. Such inputs are often created bysampling a continuous function, such as apersons voice.The discrete input function must also havea limited (finite) duration, such as oneperiod of a periodic sequence or awindowed segment of a longer sequence.One big disadvantage of DFT is that it isvery time taking. Its time complexity isO(n²).So while using DFT for a large number willtake a very long time.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 39
  40. 40. Fast Fourier Transform(FFT)The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) is anefficient algorithm for calculating theDFT. While it produces the same resultas the other approaches.It is incredibly more efficient, oftenreducing the computation time byhundreds.FFT can compute the same result inonly O(N log N) operations.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 40
  41. 41. This is a divide and conquer algorithmthat recursively breaks down a DFT ofany composite size N = N1N2 intomany smaller DFTs of sizes N1 and N2.This divides the transform into twopieces of size N/2 at each step.The second step is to calculate the Nfrequency spectra corresponding tothese N time domain signals.Lastly, the N spectra are synthesizedinto a single frequency spectrum.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 41
  42. 42. After converting to frequency domainit forms a complex number.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 42
  43. 43. When to declare match..!!After converting into frequencydomain, we have find the probabilityof matching between the two files.If finds that probability is equal to orgreater than 0.9, then we may say asthe two wav files are equal.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 43
  44. 44. How to lock a file..?After taking both voice and textpassword, the system will lock the file.Encrypt the content of the file and willchange the extension to an anotherextension.Disable the user privilegesi.e., read, write etc from that file.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 44
  45. 45. How to unlock a file..?During authentication, if both the voiceand text password matches, thesystem will unlock the file.Enable the user privileges for that file.Decrypt the content of the file andsave it with original extension.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 45
  46. 46. FEASIBILITY STUDYTechnical feasibility:Additional hardware is required for record avoice.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 46Economic feasibility:Existing hardware and software will beused so no additional expenditure will berequired.
  47. 47. System requirementsHardware requirements:Intel Pentium, 2.0 GHz6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 47512MB RAMKey-boardMonitorMicrophoneMouse
  48. 48. Software requirements:Windows O/S6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 48
  49. 49. CONCLUSIONVoice password usage example here for anidea of where and how it can be used.Its a good solution to protect internet oronline banking users from potential high-tech interception.This is important to protect users fromfinancial loss and misuse of personal data.For the time being I am trying toimplement it in only “.txt” files.6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 49
  50. 50. 6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 50True knowledge exists in knowing thatyou know nothing.-Socrates
  51. 51. Recognition Algorithms using Mel FrequencyCepstral Coefficient (MFCC) and Dynamic TimeWarping (DTW) Techniques -Lindasalwa Muda, MumtajBegam and I. Elamvazuthi6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 51
  52. 52. THANKS6/4/2013 MAHFUZ 52