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03 presentation course 2
03 presentation course 2
03 presentation course 2
03 presentation course 2
03 presentation course 2
03 presentation course 2
03 presentation course 2
03 presentation course 2
03 presentation course 2
03 presentation course 2
03 presentation course 2
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03 presentation course 2


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Hi friends i have uplod my presentation of course no.-2 …

Hi friends i have uplod my presentation of course no.-2
Topic:changing identity of Gulliver

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  • 1. Presented by :Maheta Arati R. Roll No: 39 Course No:2(The Neo- Classical Literature) Topic :Changing Identity of Gulliver Submitted to Department of English (MKBU) Year:2013-14
  • 2. Introduction of book •Title : Gulliver's travels •Author: Jonathan Swift •Type of work: Novel •Genre: Satire •Published in 1726.
  • 3. Jonathan Swift Born: 30November1667 Dublin Ireland Died: 19 October 1745 (aged 77) Dublin Occupation:Satirist,essayist political pamphleteer Poet, priest Notable work(s) Gulliver's Travels A Modest Proposal A Tale of a Tub Drapier's Letters
  • 4. How different identity of Gulliver? Part-1 A voyage to Lilliput. •Gulliver’s experience in the land of little people, who are no more than six inches tall. • In this voyage he was like giant Gulliver among the Lilliputians . •In the behavior of the Lilliputians seen a scathing satire on the moral pettions of humans.
  • 5. Part- 2 A voyage to Brobdingnag  In this part the situation is reversed.  Daughter of farmer take care of Gulliver     and they use of Gulliver as a entertainer. Gulliver is marooned(feel alone and helplessness)and very small in the land of giants who are over forty feet tall. although he wants he can’t escape from the place where he was. He now become midget(very short)like Lilliputians he had laughed on them when he was in Lilliput. The malignancy of human as a political animal and the accompanying propensity for destruction are presented by Gulliver. It parts ends up when he was in a miniature box which is picked up by a giant eagle and dropped into the ocean
  • 6. Brobdingnagion train Gulliver as their entertainer.
  • 7. Part-3 A Voyage to Laputa. Balnibarbi,glubbdubdriband Japan  It is a satire on the scientist and     philosopher of the age. Here Gulliver saw that the people are do west of money and also west of time in unimportant things. Glubbdubdrib is the island of sorcerers and magicians where it is possible to summon people who are dead to make an appearance. Gulliver assumes himself by summoning Homer and Aristotle and comparing them and others. The frightening emptiness and sterility of a purely scientific society without religion is evident from this part.
  • 8. Part-4 A Voyage to the country of Houyhnhnms.  In this part writer narrates the experience of Gulliver in the land of the Houyhnhnms or horses, and the Yahoos.  Gulliver is repulsed at being identified with the Yahoos in the land of the Houyhnhnms.  In his conversation with the masterhorse(whose language Gulliver has learnt)he explains the customs practiced in England, including the wearing of clothes by humans(who resemble the Yahoos),the govern ment of the people, the legal system, and the uses of money as instruments of purchase.
  • 9.  Houyhnhnms
  • 10. •The horses with their total lack of feelings and emotion are seen as being far from ideal. •Swift seems to indicate to us that the nature of the human is complex and defies definition unlike that of the Yahoos and Houyhnhnms . •In this last part of the book Gulliver find himself in look ,speech and manner becoming more and more like the Houyhnhnms . •He grows content living with hi Houyhnhnms master and hopes to be like them as possible. •However ,fortune does not favor him and it is decreed that he must leave the land for he is after all a Yahoo to the Houyhnhnms . •Thus in different four parts of book represent Gulliver's changing identity.
  • 11. Good day to all of you.