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                                 The name Pune (also transcribed Poona) derives from
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                                                               Situated at Pune, Maharashtra, AIMS Institute
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                                                                “Todays world is taking interes...
Director - Management & Alliances

“At    AIMS, we ensure world-class education,
imparted in a manner that will equip stu...
Director - Student Social Responsibility Cell

                                                        “ Today's generati...
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“We are a fast developing nation, one amongst the few
who can still boast of econ...
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There is a galaxy of achievers who have been kind enough to lend their names in support of o...
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        We aim at the development of conscientious citizens who are sensitive to the needs and diffic...
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 AIMS will follow a practical approach to imparting management education, as we feel it is important for yo...
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Aims Institute of Management Studies - Prospectus 2009 - 11


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Situated at Pune, Maharashtra, AIMS Institute of Management Studies has been started by Adhyyan Education Society. The primary objective behind AIMS is to transform the personalities of students and to equip them with life-altering and quality-enhancing skills that would make them complete in all senses, rather than just to produce students who are academically sound. After all, one’s personality is a holistic representation of what one has learnt over their life spans rather than just the academic degree. AIMS has been started with the goal of transforming those who enter the gates, so that when they leave they are smart, noticeable and enriched all-rounders, who will do well no matter where they are. At AIMS, we focus on employability.

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Aims Institute of Management Studies - Prospectus 2009 - 11

  1. 1. A DHY Y A N E DU C A T I ON S OC I E T Y ’ S PGP - Industry Focused Programme MBA - UGC Recognized University Dual Specialization Merit Based Scholarships Aiming Higher... Always...
  2. 2. About Pune The name Pune (also transcribed Poona) derives from Punya Nagari (Sanskrit, quot;City of Virtuequot;). Pune formerly known as Poona, is the eighth largest city in India, and the second largest in the state of Maharashtra, after Mumbai. Situated 560 meters above sea level on the Deccan plateau at the confluence of the Mula (Marathi: ?? ? and Mutha rivers(Marathi: ??? ?) ? ), Pune is the administrative capital of Pune district. The population of Pune district is 72, 32,555 (census 2001). Marathi, English and Hindi are the commonly spoken languages here. Pune's stature has been ever growing over the last few decades as more and more internationally acclaimed brands and multi nationals are making this city a part of their plan, the Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park at Hinjewadi is a testimonial of the same. Pune is known as The Oxford of the East, due to the various educational institutions, and is also sometimes referred to as The Detroit of India owing to the many manufacturing companies, particularly automobile giants, having their base within the city's metropolitan area. What makes Pune the most sought after destination for students and corporates is its proximity to Mumbai, progressively growing infrastructure, friendly and helpful fellow citizens, and the rich heritage of art, architecture, literature, music and theatre. Pune offers a potpourri of culture, traditions to those coming here for education, job or simply to experience Pune! University of Pune “The highest education is that which does not merely gives us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence ” -Rabindranath Tagore 1
  3. 3. About AIMS Situated at Pune, Maharashtra, AIMS Institute of Management Studies has been started by Adhyyan Education Society. The virtue of AIMS is to transform the personalities of students and inculcate in them life- altering and quality-enhancing skills that would make them performers in all walks of life, rather than just produce students who are academically sound. After all, one's personality is a representation of one’s holistic endeavors rather than a mere representation of his/her academic achievements. AIMS has been started with the goal of transforming those, who enter its gates, so that when they leave they are smart, recognized and enriched all-rounders, who will do well, no matter where they are. At AIMS, we focus on creating employability. Vision To create an eminent workforce ready to serve the domestic and overseas market with a new found zeal and profound agility to acclimatize oneself to the corporate dynamics. Mission AIMS mission goes way beyond creating a competent workforce. We lead them to a pathway of self- actualization and for whom success and achievements don't lead to complacency but paves the path to greater horizons. Aim We are aware that the youth of today has a desire to attain high positions and continually grow in stature. Our aim is to prepare well-groomed and skilled professionals who would leave an inerasable and a positive mark whenever they get an opportunity to show their potential. “Literary education is of no value, if it is not able to build up a sound character” -Mahatma Gandhi 2
  4. 4. From The Director’s Desk “Todays world is taking interest in B.R.I.C nations, which primarily refer to Brazil, Russia, India & China. It is a great opportunity to be living and working in one of the fastest growing economies of the world. India promises some of the highest growth rates among businesses and industries across the world. A young economy, where more than 60% of the people are below the age of 35 years, India is clearly on its way up. We have young energetic people who are hungry for growth and excellence. But to take India to the heights it is meant to achieve, we need to channelize the energy of this army of youngsters by giving them direction and training to achieve the best by being the best. There is a need to equip them with skills so that they get ample opportunities to establish themselves globally. This in turn would lead to a contribution in Mr. Rana Mukherjee the growth of the sector where these youngsters can leave everlasting impressions and which may also serve as a milestone for the ones who would follow them soon. Management education, coupled with real-life personality enhancement, is the answer. As they say, quot;Vidya Samam Na Asti Shareer Bhooshanamquot; which means that 'Nothing adorns the body more than Education!' At AIMS, we attempt to transform the lives and personalities of students through experiential learning and ensure that they are 'career-abled' for life. We intend to make our students rich with knowledge and global etiquettes to compete with the best!” Mr. Rana Mukherjee has over 25 years of rich experience in Sales, Marketing and Operations working with large corporations like British Airways, Hindustan Lever, Modi Xerox, Siemens and Reliance Infocom in leadership roles. Several of these assignments were at strategic level and pushed him to change the paradigm in which the business processes are run. During his tenure in Siemens, Mr. Rana Mukherjee had the unique opportunity to spearhead the growth of the SAP business in India. He led and won several large deals for SAP AG in India which resulted in permanently establishing the supremacy of SAP ERP Software in India over several of its competitors. For Mr. Mukherjee teaching is a passion and he has been imparting knowledge and sharing his real life experiences at leading management colleges. He was till recently the Director of Indira School of Career Studies, Mumbai. He has also taught in Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies in the areas of effective communication, IT strategy and dynamics of IT industry. quot;The whole object of education is to develop the mind. The mind should be a thing that works” -Sherwood Anderson 3
  5. 5. Director - Management & Alliances “At AIMS, we ensure world-class education, imparted in a manner that will equip students to contribute to the industry in a holistic manner and also help them lead fulfilling lives. The programmes includes extensive exposure by way of industrial visit, seminars and workshops conducted by leading corporates from a wide spectrum of industries besides, summer projects and final placements in reputed corporates with a prosperous future. At AIMS our attempt is to work towards the mutual satisfaction of the students and the industry. We intend to align with corporates and understand their needs by providing them students who provide competency in different arenas. Our aim is to have a long lasting relationship with the industry. Mr. K Parthasarathy All-round development of the student is the prime focus for us and to facilitate international exposure for the students, we have academic alliances with institutes of international repute. This would be a major step ahead in making the students of AIMS internationally acclaimed citizens.” Mr. Parathasarathy is a Post Graduate in Economics and has spent the initial few years in research projects carried out by National Council for Applied Economics & Research (NCAER),New Delhi. Having specialized in Monetary Theory, Banking and Financial services, Mr. Parathasarathy spent the next 37 years in the banking industry. Through his career span of over 37 years in banking, he was a part of top management for over seven years as Senior General Manager - Bank of Maharashtra ( a public sector bank) prior to his retirement. During his career he has worked in all areas of specialization like strategic planning for business development, lending operations, investment, marketing and research, credit / micro finance, etc. With a keen interest in Corporate Planning and Strategy, Mr. Parathasarathy continues to be a consultant for various industries and top companies, who seek his time for the wealth of experience he brings to the table. AIMS is delighted to have Mr. Parathasarathy onboard as Director - Management & Alliances, as he will be the guiding quot;The dream is not what you see in sleep...dream is which does not let you sleep” -Dr. Abdul Kalam 4
  6. 6. Director - Student Social Responsibility Cell “ Today's generation is obsessed with the rat race. In our mad rush to make more money and become more and more successful in life, we forget that there is more to life than just work. The blame, I would say, largely rests with our education system, which teaches students to be brilliant at academics and all skills necessary to get a great job, with a fabulous salary. What we don't teach them is how to cope with work on an on going basis and not lose yourself to work. At AIMS, we focus on developing all-rounders, who are not only equipped with the skills required to get the best jobs, but we also focus on holistic personality development. This includes being able to achieve inner peace and give back to society what we all have received all through our lives. For the purpose of achieving this inner peace, at AIMS we focus on Art of Living and yogic practices that help students equip themselves with skills that help them maintain a good work life balance always. Dr. Usha Bambawale At AIMS, we believe that one must give back to society, as in several untold ways, all of us receive so much from society. All students are made to participate in social service activities, which not only help society, but also sensitize the individual to the other aspects of life and the problems of the less fortunate. We AIM to product world-class citizens, who are capable of giving back to society, and leading complete and fulfilling lives.” Dr. Bambawale is a M.A., B.Ed., PhD (Women & Child Welfare) with nearly 40 years of experience in the academic field. She started her career as a Lecturer in Sociology in 1969, and then took several prominent assignments in acclaimed universities teaching Sociology, communication and welfare issues over the next few decades. With 17 published books and 204 research papers to her credit, Dr. Bambawale has contributed generously to the academic and social field. Dr. Bambawale has actively performed several roles, that of a Trustee, Treasurer, President and Academician, all roled into one. AIMS Institute of Management Studies, benefits tremendously from the guidance and nurturing hands of this multi-faceted personality. quot;The happiest moments we ever know are when we entirely forget ourselves” -Swami Vivekananda 5
  7. 7. Honorary Director - Corporate Relations “We are a fast developing nation, one amongst the few who can still boast of economic growth. This is reflected in the FDI coming into the country and the partnerships we have with multinationals all over the world. As a nation, we have everything going for us, money, opportunity and the youth with the zeal to succeed. We need institutes like AIMS to hone the skills and give the right direction to the youth of today. As part of our efforts to make students capable of contributing efficiently to every sector and industry, we give utmost importance to our corporate relationships. It is only through actual industry interface, case studies as a mode of teaching that the students coming into our institute transform into multi-tasking professionals. When it comes to summer projects and final Ms. Sona Gaharwar placements, our attempt would be to place our students in recognized companies that will give them an opportunity to prove themselves and be an asset. Our Corporate Relations cell works round the clock to facilitate and enhance our corporate relationships. We ensure maximum industrial exposure to the students during their association with us. Ms. Sona Gaharwar is the Vice President in Infrastructure and Real Estate Group and is based in Delhi. In her role as Vice President she heads the North and East region in India, and is responsible for advising and structuring Joint Ventures for PE funds and Developers, debt syndication and disposition activities for corporate Investments. She joined Centrum Infrastructure & Realty Ltd. (CIRL) after spending 8 years with ICICI Bank, as Zonal Head (North & East India) for Corporate and Realty Finance. When with ICICI, Sona has handled Mortgage Finance business also. Prior to joining ICICI Bank, she was responsible for Mortgage Finance business in HDFC LTD for 3 years. In Corporate Realty Finance she was managing the largest piece of market share in India catering to top developers. Ms Gaharwar's experience in the mortgage and corporate realty finance is of more than ten years and was primarily responsible for commercial, retail and residential real estate lending. It also includes fund mobilization for Special Economic Zones (SEZ's), lease rental securitization for land acquisition deals and bank guarantees for joint ventures. Ms Gaharwar received a BSC in Sciences from Lucknow University and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Lucknow. quot;The only real education comes from what goes counter to you” - Andre Gide 6
  8. 8. Our Prominent Advisory Panel There is a galaxy of achievers who have been kind enough to lend their names in support of our endeavors. Their immense knowledge and expertise will help us make a distinct mark in the current educational scenario. Mr. Pankaj Sarda Mr. Sarda is the director of SEML (Sarda Energy & Minerals Ltd.). Prof Dr. Siddharth Shankar Dr. Shankar is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Texas A&M International University (TAMIU). Mr. Nitin Chhatwani Based in Singapore, Mr. Chhatwani works with GE Healthcare as Financial Compliance leader Puneet Bhatia for Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Mr. Bhatia is the Senior Vice President for Real Estate Asia, Wachovia. Umesh Wadhwa Mr. Wadhwa is the Vice President for Mohit Sahney Mortgages Division in Edelweiss Capital. Mr. Sahney is the COO, Onicra Credit Rating Agency. Shobhit Maleta Mr. Maleta is the Vice President, Urban Infrastructure VentureCapital Limited. Ajit Kumar Sahu Mr. Sahu is an IAS officer and currently posted at Leh as Deputy Commissioner Dr. Akhilesh Prasad Singh Mr. Singh is currently the member of Parliament & Union Minister for state. Mohd. Mushtaque Aalam Mr. Aalam is the Vice President for Human Resource in ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Amit Parekh Mr. Parekh is a former Associate Vice President with Kotak Life Insurance & currently the Managing Director Milind Kshirsagar of Aahaartri Consultants. Mr. Kshirsagar is the CEO and Executive Director in DSK Worldman Computers Pvt. Ltd. Pritam Onsker Mr. Onsker is a senior Regional Business Manager at Bharti Airtel Ltd. quot;Failure comes only when we forget our ideals, objectives and principles.” -Jawaharlal Nehru 7
  9. 9. Why MBA From AIMS ? Is there a manager in you ? Do you see yourself heading a large team in a successful organization after few years ? Do you have it in you ? The theory of Multiple Intelligence by Dr. Howard Gardner, proposed and acclaimed world-wide, is an eye-opener. Gardner's theory argues that intelligence, as it is traditionally defined, does not sufficiently encompass the wide variety of abilities humans display. As per this theory, there are 8 skills that can be learnt from all subjects, and it is a healthy combination of these skills that go into the overall upliftment of an individuals' intelligence. These 8 skills are: 1. Intrapersonal 2. Linguistic 3. Physical 4. Logical 5. Visual 6. Musical 7. Naturalistic 8. Interpersonal It is obvious then, that students coming out of most education institutions currently do not come across as dynamic and complete personalities. The main reason is that while one or two of these skills have been focused on, a large majority of these have simply been ignored, to the point of completely excluding them from the lives of the students. At AIMS we believe in the all-round development of the personality to ensure that the multiple-intelligence of the student is enhanced truly and from within.Our unique approach, based on Multiple Intelligence theory by Dr. Howard Gardner, makes us a one-of-a-kind Management Institute, which ensures the following: Practical Understanding of the subjects - We follow the case based approach, followed by prominent institutions such as IIM Ahmedabad and Harvard Business School. We ensure that all concepts taught during the course of the 2 year program is supplemented by practical application of the same. Social Communication Skills – To succeed in any sector or industry, it is important that you have a good and pleasant personality and you know how to interact with people in an office/social setting. We will ensure that you leave AIMS with tangible extra-curricular skills, such as either a musical instrument or knowledge of an art form. Business Communication Skills – Presentation is the most key aspect of working in any corporate. How to communicate effectively, whether verbal, body language, written or electronic, in a business setting, is what is instilled in you from the start. Conscientious Citizen – Every AIMS student will be responsible and conscientious with good civic sense and social responsibility. “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at water” 4 -Rabindranath Tagore 8
  10. 10. Our Technology Partners i-Campus, India's first truly web-enabled education ERP system, has been developed by CEON Solutions, with incubation support from IIM Ahmedabad & technology support from IBM. A group of professors from IIM Ahmedabad & IIM Bangalore have provided advisory support to this award winning technology platform. Pune's First Campus Powered By i-Campus is an integrated system where students, professors and management remain engaged with one another in a virtual platform. Students can manage projects, groupwork and scheduling. Professors can track individual student's growth through pictorial charts and compare with their development in other subjects.In this virtual campus, students can access library, old class notes or get help from faculties Supported By remotely, even when they are not in the same city. This system is totally linked with e-mail and mobile of individuals for real-time connect. i-Campus caters to complete campus automation needs. It is a fully integrated, intelligent, robust, online software solution to enhance the quality of education and to strengthen the institution to deliver a global standard teaching and learning environment where students grow and thrive and not just survive. i-Campus is much more than just a campus management software. It is 24*7 Online Anywhere Anytime solution which aims to bring Parents, Faculty and Management together, gives a single interface for all activities happening in campus, and collaborates for multi-dimensional development of the student. i- Campus has many analytical, data mining and decision making tools designed to achieve e-ducation, Transparency, accountability and e-Governance in institutes. quot;Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” -Arthur C. Clarke 9
  11. 11. Our Academic Associations AIMS is also proud of its association with HP Education HP Education Services Services. We are official Education Partners of HP in India. With a partnership which extends from teaching aids to actual expertise, and placement tie-ups, the relationship between HP and AIMS goes hand in hand to make a better future for the student. Elements Akademia - conceptualized, funded and run by a group of IIM Alumni - is envisaged as an innovative national chain of vocational schools. Elements Akademia offers part-time vocational courses designed with the help of corporate partners, who are leading players in various service sectors like Insurance Elements Akademia (MNYL), BPO/KPO (Genpact), Retail (Reliance), Banking (KMB) etc. This prepares Graduates in Tier II cities for Entry Level Jobs in the booming Service Sector of India like Insurance, KPOs/BPOs, Banking, Retail, Telecom, Hospitality etc. AIMS and Elements Akademia are collaborating to bring skills up on the ladder of the educational curriculum. This collaboration helps both give the best to the students enrolling in. An IIM Alumni Venture Started by an IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus, Genn Radical is an Education Service Provider, based in Mumbai. Genn Radical works on the vision to be instrumental in making a tangible difference to the Education Sector, which ultimately shapes the Genn Radical generations to come. The company works exclusively for the Education Sector, and is instrumental in the setting up of several formal and vocational schools & colleges. Generating curriculum which is relevant to today's times, Genn Radical also focuses and specializes in Soft Skills Training. AIMS and Genn Radical are collaborating to enhance the academic and extra curricular value that is being passed onto the students at AIMS. With a rich background in Management Education & Soft Skills, Genn Radical would ensure that the quality of students emerging from AIMS is world-class. Institute of Human Resource Institute of Human Resource (IHR) is a Training and Development Venture with clear focus on Employability Enhancement Program's (EEP) in Human Resource, Marketing and Personality Development. The USP of the course is its practicality. It has been designed to impart maximum exposure to the student through simulation of corporate environment during the program. IHR specializes as a Knowledge Service Provider to Corporate and Colleges for Development of Pedagogy, Curriculum and Content. IHR extends its expertise of Placements and Staffing Solutions to Colleges for Designing and Execution of Admission Process, which also includes preliminary screening of candidates. quot;Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning ” -Bill Gates 10
  12. 12. Our Social Alliances We aim at the development of conscientious citizens who are sensitive to the needs and difficulties of the under privileged. we involve our students in community development programmes under the guidance of social workers and other similar organization.. The Art of Living The Art of Living course is offered to the students so that they learn to manage their own emotions and interpersonal relationship. The Art of Living module is designed to inculcate a feeling of self-realization and bridging the gap between the world of illusion and reality. The ‘Art of Living’ course will be integrated in the curriculum to train students in: Self -Management Stress Management Personality Development Avanti Kalagram Avanti Kalagram is an NGO situated in Pune, which deals in art and handicrafts. An opportunity is provided to the students to grow and enhance their aesthetic skills. The activities of the trust are: A) Design & Development in Handicraft: A group of professional designers develop handicraft items and tools. B) Training: Our team of master craftsmen spread technology amongst the students, the needy & villagers, especially the women who want to undertake the making of handicraft as a profession. C) Marketing Support: We help the artisans in setting up marketing links, promoting sale of craft items in the corporate and organized sectors and Creating a general awareness about art & craft. D) Preserve the dying culture by retaining the hand-made articles and the artisans. Saheli HIV/AIDS Karyakarta Sangh Saheli HIV/AIDS Karyakarta Sangh is the only sex-workers collective in Pune. The collective was established in 1998, with the voluntary efforts of women in the red light area of Pune City. The aim was to bring women in sex work together and to solve their problems by taking initiatives to achieve their rights as human beings. Saheli Sangh is a membership organization. There are 500 members in this organization. The organization has a democratic election process for governing the collective. quot;Education is too important to be left solely to educators” -Francis Keppel 11
  13. 13. Our Post Graduate Programme Post Graduate Programme - (Industry Focused Programme) Pedagogy, Curriculum and Content Designed and developed by IIM Ahmedabad Alumni Eligibility Graduates with minimum 45% marks from any Statutory University or its equivalent and must have valid score in any of the entrance test conducted for admissions to Post-graduate Programs in management viz CAT/MAT/XAT/ATMA/CET etc., or any entrance test conducted at national level for admission to PG courses in management (including deemed universities). The candidates appearing for the final year graduate examination are also eligible. Orientation Programme At the outset of the programme, we will give you a chance to familiarize yourself with our learning environment and set benchmarks that are expected of each new member of AIMS. It will be a chance to get to know your fellow students, your professors and what these two years have in store for you. Overall Plan Each student will not only be taught all management subjects with a practical approach, but the focus will also be on holistic personality enhancement. Besides the academic subjects, the student will also have the following as a part of their curriculum: · Spoken English Classes, to enhance fluency in language · Basic Computer Proficiency Classes, to make you technically sound · Conversation Enhancement Classes · Personal Grooming Classes, to ensure you present yourself in the best way · Etiquette Classes, to ensure you know how to hold your own in the real world · Business Communication Classes, to ensure you communicate well, orally and electronically in a corporate setting · Art/Music Classes, to ensure you walk out of AIMS with one tangible social skill to bank on · Community Service tie-ups, to ensure that you become responsible citizens and contribute effectively to the society These will be conducted throughout the year and will be integral part of the regular curriculum of the institute. Dual Specialization At AIMS the curriculum is at par with MBA of international standards. The Curriculum has been designed to meet the demands of the Indian industry. The Programme aims at providing a comprehensive coverage, incorporating all the important subject areas and disciplines relevant to Management activities. We offer students the opportunity to pursue dual specialization. This is to enable them to survive the current economic downturn. Our course will help students in applying modern management techniques for handling business operations in a highly dynamic and competitive environment. Once you have completed two Semesters of studying basic fundamental management. subjects, you can choose your specialization on the basis of your inclination and interest in the third semester. Students have to choose any two specialization subjects out of the following three: · Marketing · Finance · Human Resources quot;Education is the art of making man ethical” -George Hegel 12
  14. 14. Our Teaching Methodology Case Study Method Benefits for the Students Harsh realities in today's world are not what one comes After becoming a part of AIMS, each student gets a across in books. The situations experienced in the Laptop which is needed for the studies during the work area differ from the theoretical concepts. We have two-year programme, but also for corporate life a library which is a rich source of cases from the later on. corporate world. At AIMS, we bridge the gap between the real life and the reel life by providing education which is a blend An identity, which helps one stand out in a crowd. of fundamentals as-well-as practical application. This would be complete with a uniform designed by the eminent designers from the National We AIM to be different. Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), along with several accessories and stationery, with the logo of Just an MBA course? AIMS. Our institute provides a wider range of knowledge than a mere MBA Degree. Besides the classroom atmosphere, opportunities are provided to explore different avenues by participating in special Our Facilities seminars,career workshops,company visits, college activities and competitions.AIMing differently. Modern Classrooms & Conference Center Global Classroom Laptop for all Wi-fi Campus & Broadband Internet Unlike worldwide MBA institutes, our college creates Accomodation (optional) opportunities for students to excel in every sphere of Library one's profession. Our infrastructure includes not only Cafeteria a routine classroom regime but allows our students to Gymnasium access the curriculum, projects, reports, assignments and results, 24x7 through the use of I-Campus. It is an Student Cell educational software supported by IIM Ahmedabad. One can get the information about notes, college Placement Cell calendar, scheduler, time-table and results while in the Cultural Cell comforts of the house. Media & PR Cell Entrepreneurship Cell Extra-Curricular Activities Student Social Responsibility Cell We will make art and music a part of your life. Not only will that guarantee that life will be fun during the two- year programme, but it will also ensure that once you leave the protected walls of AIMS, and step into the real world, you will be equipped with social skills that most people around don't have. AIMing together. quot;Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one ” -Malcom S Forbes 13
  15. 15. Our Curriculum AIMS will follow a practical approach to imparting management education, as we feel it is important for you to be able to apply it in any situation that life throws up, and not just in bookish situations, which never happen anyways. Semester I Academic Principles & Practices of Management Financial Accounting Managerial Economics Organizational Behaviour Statistics & Quantitative Techniques Principles of Marketing Management Information Systems Research Methodology Skill Improvement Business Communication Computer Fundamentals Personality Development English Improvement Personal Grooming Business Analysis / GK Semester II Academic Business Law Financial Management Principles & Practices of Selling Human Resource Management Cost & Management Accounting Channel & Supply Chain Management Service Marketing Management Economic Environment & Policy Personality Development Conversation Improvement, Group Discussions, Personal Interview Management Grooming & Etiquettes Business Analysis / General Knowledge Semester III Academic Manufacturing & Materials Management E-Commerce Entrepreneurship Development Personality Development Public Speaking Grooming & Etiquette Business Analysis / GK Semester IV Academic Human Behaviour in Organizations Corporate Governance Business Policy & Strategic Management Personality Development Group Discussions, Personal Interviews Grooming & Etiquette Business Analysis / GK quot;Base of all educational efforts on building up the character of the students, and then you can confidently think of rising on the super structure of curricula” -Sri Sathya SaiBaba 14
  16. 16. Our Curriculum - Specialization Electives Marketing Electives Semester III Semester IV Production & Brand Management Sales & Distribution Management Services Marketing Communication Integrated Marketing Marketing Research, SPSS Rural Marketing International Marketing Management Retail Management Finance Electives Semester III Semester IV Taxation Management Security Analysis & Portfolio Money & Capital Markets Derivatives Project Management & Financing Banking & Risk Management International Finance Mergers & Acquisitions Human Resource Semester III Semester IV Electives Strategic HRM Development Recruitment Industrial Relations & Labour Laws Training &Organizational Developmentgy Human Pshychology Compensation Management Extra Curricular Activities At AIMS, our vision is to produce extra-ordinary personalities who are celebrated and looked upto in any setting, corporate or otherwise. In keeping with that, while academics will clearly be a focus, with practical application being stressed on, students will also have to do the following: The Art of Living Yogic practices, Meditation and life enhancing techniques are a way of life for an AIMS student. Learn an art form This could be a musical instrument or painting or any other art form. We would be providing several options, among which the student will have to pick. The objective is that at the end of the two year programme, the student would have walked away with a tangible skill for life. Give back to community All students will be mapped onto Social Service organizations and will be given an assignment to complete. Social Service will be a weekly activity which will ensure that you give back to society what you have got. Also, the idea is to mould our students into responsible citizens of the country. For this purpose, we have tied up with multiple Non- Government Organizations, where in students will be doing real community projects which will help them to become better citizens. quot;What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child.quot; -George Bernard Shaw 15
  17. 17. Our Distinguished Faculty We have with us several eminent and distinguished faculty members generously enlightening us with their reservoir of knowledge & wisdom. A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others. A teacher's purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image quot;Teachers, I believe, are the most responsible and important members of society because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth.quot; Prof. Sangita Shirude B. Sc. LLM, MPM, Pursuing Ph.D. in FM Prof. Shirish Bagewadi B.E. (Mechanical) , PGDM (IIM -B) Prof. Shreekant Phadke B.E., MBA, MCA, MPM Prof. Neeraj Marathe M. Com., CA Inter Prof. Ashwin Kher B.E. (Electrical), PGDM (IIM -A) Prof. Abhijet Dani B.E., MBA Prof. Rahalkar B.Com., CAIIB Brig. S Achtani B. Sc., MBA, PGDFT, PGDEC, M. Sc. Prof. Darshana Oak M.A. Prof. Girish Phatak Prof. Vijay Patankar B.E., M.M.S., Qualified Lead Assessor ( ISO 9000 ) B.Com., MBA from BSI UK 1996. Master Black Belt ( Six Sigma ) from SAC USA Prof. Rajkumari Achtani M.A., M. Phil. Prof. Kiranchandra Mysore B.E. Mechanical, Diploma in Business Administration Prof. Purnima Pendse B.A. Hons.(Psychology) Dr. Rajesh Deshpande M. Com. , MBA, Ph.D. Col. Pawah M.E. (Mechanical), MBA Prof. Radhakrishnan Pillai M.A., MBA, CIMC Prof. Shikarpur Shrinivas Prof. Boman Moradian B. Sc., PGDM (IIM - C) B.E. (Mechanical), M.M.S.(JBIMS) quot;A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops” -Henry Brooks Adams 16
  18. 18. Detail of Fees & Scholarship Admission Procedure Prospectus and Application forms can be obtained from the institute's admissions office, at a cost of Rs. 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand Only) payable in cash / by DD payable at Pune in favour of “Aims Institute of Management Studies”, alternatively the student can download the application form from the institute's website and courier the same, along with a demand draft of Rs. 1000/- drawn in favour of the institute. Incomplete form will not be excepted. All the aspiring candidates have to go through Group Discussion, Personal Interview, followed by counseling at AIMS, Pune. Fees Structure Programme Fees: Rs. 175000/- per annum if paid in one installment. 1st Installment Rs.175000/- At Admission Confirmation Rs.25000/- After Admission Confirmation within 30 days Rs.150000/- Programme Fees: Rs. 200000/- per annum payable in two installments. 1st Installment Rs.100000/- At Admission Confirmation Rs.25000/- After Admission Confirmation within 30 days Rs.75000/- 2nd Installment Rs.100000/- On Report to Campus Rs.100000/- Scholarship for Post Graduate Programme - For Pune Campus At Aims, we believe in rewarding the hard work and excellence achieved by meritorious students in their academic endeavors. As part of this ongoing initiative, in 2009 scholarships will be awarded to students on need or merit basis. 100% Scholarship Eligibility - 80% aggregate and above (excluding Physical Education, Fine Arts & Performing Arts) in CBSE / ICSE / State Boards of Class XII and 75% in Graduation 50% Scholarship Eligibility - 75% aggregate and above (excluding Physical Education & Fine Arts & Performing Arts) in CBSE / ICSE / State Boards of Class XII and 70% in Graduation. Scholarship seats are limited. The mentioned percentages are only the eligibility to apply for scholarship. Candidates securing above percentages are required to fill AIMS Application form. In absence of relevant mark sheets direct admission and scholarship application will not be considered. Final decision of granting scholarship is with the scholarship committee. Scholarship is granted on annual basis and continuation in second and further years of the program is subject to scholarship policy. To continue availing 100% scholarship student must secure position in top 5% of the merit list for the program. For continuation of 50% scholarship, student will have to secure position in top 10% of the merit list for the programme. Note: Scholarship is only applicable on the tuition fees charged for the academic year. quot;True scholarship consists in knowing not what things exist, but what they mean; it is not memory but judgement ” -James Lowell 17
  19. 19. Placement & Recruiters Corporate Relation Our Placement Cell works to provide assistance to the students for achieving their career aspirations. It takes constant efforts to provide immense opportunities to its students through constant industry interaction. The cell is engaged in organizing and assisting Guest Lectures, Seminars, Conferences, Industrial Visits, On-the- job Training, Part-time jobs, Research Projects, Summer & Final placements. Pre Placement Offer Catapult Info Solutions & E2P Consultancy Services, our affiliates and one of the leading executive search firms with national presence, support in the placements at AIMS and assure 100% pre placement offer. Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Ltd Anand Rathi Securities Ltd Datamatics Financial Services Ltd DB Operations International Deutsche Bank eClerx Services Limited Ensoft Informatics (P) Ltd. Fleetgaurd Filters Pvt Ltd Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. Harbinger Group Hero Coporation ICICI Securities Limited Idea Cellular Limited Infotech Enterprises Infozech Software Ltd Khandwala Securities Ltd. Kotak Life Insurance Matrix Cellular (International) Services Pvt. Ltd. Medicept Dental India Pvt Ltd Metlife Insurance Motif India Pvt. Ltd OKS Span Tech Pvt. Ltd. Pacific Internet India Ltd. Pyxis Systems Pvt. Ltd Sarda Energy Minerals Limited Sigma Software Solutions Pvt.Ltd. Tata Elxsi Limited Tata Teleservices Ltd Tech Process Solutions Limited Thermax Vakrangee Software Limited Vantage Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd. Verve Communication Pvt. Ltd. WNS Global Services (P) Ltd quot;There exist limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier” -Charles Kettering 18