Impact of social media on tourism ppt


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Impact of social media on tourism ppt

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • Social media is the modern tool for marketers • internet, mobile technology and smart phones • Social media and internet have proved to be the most powerful tool • information can reach a large number of people in a short time.
  3. 3. OBJECTIVE OF STUDY • To know the influence of social media on tourism • To understand the decision of marketing activity on the tourism industry • To understand the survey of various journals and researcher toward the tourism
  4. 4. WHY SOCIAL MEDIA IS USED IN TOURISM? • Social Media’s is communication methods which provide information to marketer • There are applications such as Trip Advisor, Virtual Tourist or social networking sites as Myspace, or Facebook • word of mouth is powerful, social media have made even more powerful for tourism.
  5. 5. KEY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM • Blogging • Social networking • Chat room • Video or photo sharing
  6. 6. SOME SURVEY RESULTS • According to the report of CWP journal, in 2012 travel and the related activities of tourism • According to Google survey • TripAdvisor Global Report, 2013 • According to Travel Daily News 2012
  7. 7. INDIAN SCENARIO • Andhra Pradesh has become the top tourist destination in the country • ‘ Bid and Win’ Facebook contest aimed at making Brand Goa popular on social networking site, • Twitter has been an aggressive medium for Kashmir Tourism • Kerala tourism monsoon campaign in Facebook
  8. 8. ADVANTAGES • social media works in a real time situations. • Where the social media covers a wide range of possibility and audiences • Social media in tourism is a creative way to allow the people to give ideas • Social media had become a great extent alternative to word-of-mouth advertising
  9. 9. DISADVANTAGES • Publishing obvious advertising copy is unacceptable in the social media world • Every post on twitter is public and user has no control over what people say. • Bad news go viral as easily as good news and can do unethical business irreparable harm. • Social media can be both an aid and a threat
  10. 10. CONCLUSION • For successful business of tourism companies in the increasingly demanding tourist market, it is necessary to consider new ways of promotional activities and new forms of communication with the people