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Social media analytics tool new v

  1. 1. Social Media Analytics ToolMONITOR Your Brand. ANALYSE Conversation. ENGAGE with Customers
  2. 2. Social Media Analytics Tool²  Lets manage your online reputation by bringing business intelligence to social media. Now you can easily monitor and measure the online conversations about your brand happening in the online world.²  S o c i a l m e d i a a n a l y t i c s t o o l w e b m o n i t o r i n g software  which tracks, monitors & analyze online mentions about a search topic.²  In order to maintain a healthy online perception of one’s brand, every conversation happening on the brand in online world, needs to be tracked, monitored and analyzed.
  3. 3. Social Media Analytics Tool: HighlightsThis tool is designed to explore real time results on an interactivedashboard by capturing millions of posts from numerous webplatforms like the news sites, blogs, micro blogs, socialnetworking sites, video and image sharing sites, discussionboards etc. It is useful for all companies, ranging from smallregional businesses to global corporations.
  4. 4. Get everything in one easy-to-use tool
  5. 5. Features Available in a Tool1.  Smart Search 11.  Share of Conversation / Topic Trend2.  Analytics Summary Graph3.  Feeds with comprehensive details 12.  Subsidiary Analysis4.  Share feeds in social web 13.  Online Monitoring Report5.  Tag Cloud 14.  Influencers6.  Participants 15.  Theme Based Inspection List7.  Media Partition 16.  feed Acceleration (fAcceleration)8.  Source Websites 17.  View Feeds in a click9.  Sentiments 18.  User management10.  Sentiment Meter 19.  Task management 20.  Automated Task Assignments / Alerts
  6. 6. 01 Smart SearchesThis tool enables smart search with options to monitor theincoming feeds/analytics based on given search topic.The dashboard gives you the option of Advanced Search.The feeds can be filtered based on the keywords, daterange, subsidiary, sentiment and media type. Throughadvanced search, the feeds can be filtered based on brandname, exact word/phrase or specific words. It can also besearched by giving those words which are to be excluded,specific site name along with date range and region.
  7. 7. 02 Analytics Summary This tool has a summary, which gives you a concise analytical summary of the search topic. This includes Number of Feeds Fetched, Sentiment Summary, Graphical representation of feeds fetch on each days, Top Sources, Top Participants, Participants with top direct influencing capacity, Media Partition, Sentiment Analysis and Subsidiary analysis.
  8. 8. 03 Feeds with comprehensive detailsTool has a feeds page, which gives you all feeds fetchedbased on search topic. While analyzing the conversationshappening in the online world, every aspect of a mention orconversation is important. Each conversation trackedthrough this include details on title, urls to visit the feed insource code, posted date, participant name etc.
  9. 9. 04 Share feeds in social webYou can share the mentions or feeds with millions of potentialcustomers of your brand through tool’s dashboard. Thesementions can be news, compliments, positive customer feedbackor any other.
  10. 10. 05 Tag CloudTag cloud is a visual representation of the words that weremost commonly used in the feeds for a search topic, duringthe selected period of time. By viewing the Tag Cloudrepresentation, you can get a fair idea of the topics that arebeing discussed about your search topic
  11. 11. 06 ParticipantsThis tool identifies and tracks the authors who are talking aboutyour search topic, the most. These authors (participants) areimportant as they can turn out to be potential lead generators.
  12. 12. 07 Media PartitionOnline web media analysis is incomplete without MediaPartition. Media Partition gives you a clear picture on thecategories among blogs, social networking, multimedia,micro blogs, mainstream news etc., which are creating themaximum conversation buzz for your search topic. This letsyou identify the website category that is proving to be themost effective for you.
  13. 13. 08 Source Websites This tool gives information on the top source websites that are contributing to the buzz around your search topic.
  14. 14. 09 SentimentsYour brand’s online success depends on the sentimentsshared by your audience regarding it. Sentiment analysisidentifies your audience’s perception about your brand andclassifies them broadly as very good, good, bad, very bad &neutral. It is an important and highly effective tool in gaugingyour audience’s immediate response to any of the strategiesimplemented by you. Sentiments tagging feature of toolautomatically tags the sentiments of the feeds generated.This reduces the time spent in analyzing conversations.
  15. 15. 10 Sentiment MeterSentiment meter gives a graphical representation of thesentiment associated with a search topic. The sentiment metershows the average sentiment shared by the target audiencetowards your search topic.
  16. 16. 11 Share of Conversation / Topic Trend GraphTopic Trend Graph or Feed Wave is the graphicalrepresentation of the total feeds received from a searchtopic over a period of time. In this, X axis represents numberof feed sand Y axis shows the date on which the feeds werereceive
  17. 17. 12 Subsidiary Analysis Know which part of your organization is the most online media friendly. Through Subsidiary Analysis, you can choose to classify the conversation based on the different departments of your organization like HR, Sales, Management, Marketing, Customer Support etc. This lets you find the department your audience is most engaged with and help you in developing future strategies.
  18. 18. 13 Online Monitoring ReportOnline Monitoring Report is a downloadable PDF report ofthe analytics section. This give you the summary of theanalytics in a printable format.
  19. 19. 14 InfluencersWith this tool, you can see the list of Twitter, face book, you tubeand Google+ participants with top direct influencing capacity.
  20. 20. 15 Theme Based Inspection ListThe relevant and interestingnews feeds or conversation canbe inspected closely by placingthem in the Inspection list oftool. Feeds in the inspectionlist can be placed under atheme or category. The themecan be chosen from the alreadycreated ones or by creating anew theme.
  21. 21. 16 feed Acceleration (fAcceleration)Feeds saved in inspection list can be used for fAcceleration. WithfAcceleration, the user can track the popularity of the savedfeeds. Feeds from popular sites such as Google+, Facebook,Youtube and Twitter can be saved and used for fAcceleration.
  22. 22. 17 View Feeds in a click‘View feeds in a click’ takes you to the feeds page by clickingon the graphs in the Analytics pages. The feeds page givesyou all the feeds related to the click. The feeds can bedeleted, added to inspection list or can be assigned as Task.
  23. 23. 18 User ManagementWith tool’s dashboard, user management is quite easy. Thesystem provides access to other members or fellow team mates,if you choose to delegate the tasks or situations. These taskscould be contacting the authors, putting comments on specificfeeds etc. 7asavant has options to create users with dynamicpermissions
  24. 24. 19 Task ManagementWith this tool, managing the feeds is simple. The easyworkflow model enables you to assign tasks to concernedperson to act on a feed or mention, without any hassles. Thetasks can be prioritized as low, high and medium. Besidesassigning and prioritizing, you can also add briefs orcomments about the online feed, make suggestions or shareviews on the same.
  25. 25. 20 Automated Task Assignments / AlertsThis enables you to monitor and analyze your brands, round-the-clock by creating task alerts that assigns a feed or mention to theconcerned person, automatically.
  26. 26. Thank You