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Arm 7 list


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Here is the list of ARM 7

Here is the list of ARM 7

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  • 1. SAK INFORMATICS (0)9603999243, 8333034195 #C4, KVR Enclave, Near ICICI Bank, Ameerpet, Hyderabad NOTE1: All these costs for projects based on 8051 controllers and some or only with ARM7. Additional charges will be applied for other controllers as mentioned below. NAME OF THE CONTROLLER EXTRA CHARGE PIC16Fseries 2000/-(including board) PIC18Fseries 2250/-(including board) AVR 1750/- (including board) ARM7 (LPC2148) 3000/-(Including board) NOTE2: This prices are given based on present cost of modules and components, final cost may less or more based on following factors  No. of projects  Time duration  Modules price at the time of order  PCBs and component cost at the time of order NOTE3: For this cost we provide circuit diagram and codes (for students understanding) and data regarding modules but not ready to print documentation.
  • 2. SAK INFORMATICS (0)9603999243, 8333034195 #C4, KVR Enclave, Near ICICI Bank, Ameerpet, Hyderabad IEEE AND INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL BASED PROJECTS Project code Title of the Project Year Cost IEJ01 Design of Concealed Alarm System Based on GSM 2012 7750 with 8051 including modules 10500 with ARM7 including modules IEJ02 Design of Intelligent Home Appliance Control System Based on ARM and ZIGBEE 2012 9500 with Touch screen 10500 with TFT IEJ03 Wireless Black Box Using MEMS Accelerometer and GPS Tracking for Accidental Monitoring of Vehicles 2012 12500/- including ARM7,GSM,GPS and MEMS 9500/- including 8051,GSM,GPS and MEMS IEJ04 Embedded Ethernet Monitor And Controlling Using Web Browser 2012 10500 including ARM7 and Ethernet module IEJ05 Bus Monitoring System Based On ZIGBEE And GPRS 2012 12000 including ARM7,GSM, ZIGBEE and server program cost extra 9500including8051,GSM,ZIG BEE and server program cost extra
  • 3. SAK INFORMATICS (0)9603999243, 8333034195 #C4, KVR Enclave, Near ICICI Bank, Ameerpet, Hyderabad IEJ06 On the Impact of Virtual Traffic Lights On Carbon Emissions Mitigation 2012 11500 including ARM7,ZIGBEE IEJ07 Robust Railway Crack Detection Scheme (RRCDS) using LED-LDR Assembly 2012 9500/- including 8051,GSM,GPS 12500/- including ARM7,GSM,GPS IEJ08 Anti-theft Security System Using GSM, GPS, RFID Technology Based on ARM 7 2013 11500 including ARM7,GSM,GPS and RFID IEJ09 Locker Opening And Closing System Using RFID, Fingerprint, Password And GSM 2013 12000 including ARM7,GSM,Fingerprint and RFID 11000 with 8051, GSM, Fingerprint and RFID IEJ10 Remote Monitoring And Controlling Using Cascaded ZIGBEE Communication 2013 11000 including ARM7& ZIGBEE IEJ11 Robot Navigation System with RFID and Sensors 2012 11700 including ARM7& RFID IEJ12 Implementation Of Can And ZIGBEE Networks Based Industrial Monitoring And Control Applications 2013 12500 including ARM7& ZIGBEE IEJ13 Position Matching Based Autonomous Speed Regulation System for Vehicles 2011 11000 including ARM7& GSM,GPS
  • 4. SAK INFORMATICS (0)9603999243, 8333034195 #C4, KVR Enclave, Near ICICI Bank, Ameerpet, Hyderabad 9500 including 8051& GSM,GPS IEJ14 Study on the Embedded CAN Bus Control System in the Vehicle 2012 11500 including ARM7 IEJ15 Automatic-Vehicle-Accident- Detection-And-Messaging-System- Using-GPS-and-GSM-Modems 2013 10500 including 8051& GSM,GPS IEJ16 RFID-And-GSM-synthesis-for authenticated-ATM-transaction 2013 8500 including 8051& GSM,RFID 12000 including ARM7& GSM,RFID IEJ17 Electronic Protection To Exam Paper Leakage 2013 8500 including 8051& 2GSMs,RFID 11500 including ARM7& 2GSMs,RFID IEJ18 Design And Development Of A Modern Vigilance Control System To Enhance The Rail Passenger Safety Using GSM And GPS Technology 2013 7000 including 8051& GSM,GPS IEJ19 A Data Acquisition System for Methane Drainage Based on ARM 2011 10500 including ARM and Ethernet module IEJ20 A ZIGBEE-Based Wearable Physiological Parameters Monitoring System 2012 11500 with ARM7ZIGBEE 8500 with 8051 ZIGBEE
  • 5. SAK INFORMATICS (0)9603999243, 8333034195 #C4, KVR Enclave, Near ICICI Bank, Ameerpet, Hyderabad IEJ21 Touchpad-Controlled-Vehicle-a-Car- in-Future 2013 7000 including 8051& Touch and RF IEJ22 Smart-walking-stick-an-electronic- approach-to-assist-visually-disabled- persons 2013 5000 including 8051& ultrasonic 7500 including 8051& ultrasonic and Voice module IEJ23 GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services 2010 Call to us IEJ24 Real-Time Atomization of Agricultural Environment for Social Modernization of Indian Agricultural System 2010 6000 including 8051& GSM 9000 including ARM7& GSMs IEJ25 Remote Energy Monitoring, Profiling and Control Through GSM Network 2012 10500 including ARM7& GSMs 7500 including 8051& GSMs IEJ26 ZIGBEE Electric Vehicle Charging System 2010 10500 including ARM7& ZIGBEE 7500 including 8051& ZIGBEE IEJ27 ZIGBEE Wireless Mesh Networks for Building Automation and control 2011 7000 including 8051& ZIGBEE IEJ28 Digital Control for Home Lighting System with ZIGBEE Communication 2011 12000 including one 8051,pne ARM7 & ZIGBEE
  • 6. SAK INFORMATICS (0)9603999243, 8333034195 #C4, KVR Enclave, Near ICICI Bank, Ameerpet, Hyderabad IEJ29 Design and Development of a Hand- glove Controlled Wheel Chair 2011 7500 including 8051& ZIGBEE IEJ30 A Low Cost Design & Monitoring Of Automatic Irrigation System Based On ZIGBEE Technology 2013 7000 including 8051& ZIGBEE IEJ31 ARM7 Based Wireless Visual Data Acquisition System 2013 9500 including ARM7& ZIGBEE IEJ32 Automatic Measurement and Reporting System of Water Quality Based on GSM 2012 11000including ARM7& GSM, PH sensor IEJ33 Ultrasonic Spectacles and Waist-belt for Visually Impaired and Blind Person 2012 5000 including 8051& ultrasonic 5500 including 8051& ultrasonic and Voice module IEJ34 The Design And Implementation Of ID Authentication System Based On Fingerprint Identification 2011 7000 including 8051& Finger print module 7500 including 8051& Finger print module