15 New Rules For Startups, by Mahesh Murthy of Seedfund / Pinstorm


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This was presented by Mahesh Murthy of Seedfund during one of the mini-keynotes at the 2011 Nasscom Product Conclave in Bangalore.

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15 New Rules For Startups, by Mahesh Murthy of Seedfund / Pinstorm

  1. 15 minutes, 15 new rules for startups.mahesh@seedfund.in@maheshmurthy<seedfund>
  2. Learnings from brands managed<seedfund>
  3. Learnings from brands created<seedfund>
  4. 1 Geography is historyYou can design your business to start from anywhere.Even Yeshwantpur.<seedfund>
  5. 2 The trend means the end. Prepare to be a trend-setter, not a trend-follower. Toil a few years in anonymity till then.<seedfund>
  6. 30 80 7025 6020 5015 40 3010 20 5 10 0 0 A B C D E A B C D E 3 The winner takes it all. No room for complacence. Be no.1 or no.2. Or don’t bother. Big rewards for success. <seedfund>
  7. 4 Hard to enter a pre-existing sector.Easier to create a new one.Forget billion-dollar market size. Discover howbig it is as you go along.<seedfund>
  8. 5 Biggest determinant of success is insanecustomer delight and resulting word-of-mouth.Will your friend rave about your product or serviceto a stranger in a bar, unbidden?<seedfund>
  9. 6 Your marketing IQ needs to be inverselyproportional to your marketing budgetAre you remark-worthy to your TG?If not, start again.<seedfund>
  10. + > > + 7 Digital is not just cheaper than TV as amarketing medium. It’s bigger.Can you get digital word-of-mouth working?Facebook = 2.5 X IPL match, Google = 15 x ToI<seedfund>
  11. 8 Don’t think just 360. Think 360 by 365It’s not just about talking.But listening, responding, analysing, then talking.Do so 24 by 7. Restructure.<seedfund>
  12. 9 Most important technical skill you need:recruitment & retention.Have charisma & vision to recruit for less or free?Can you stave off “market salaries”?<seedfund>
  13. 10 World’s most successful VC’s: customersVast majority of Indian and global Fortune 500 nevergot VC money to start.We’re the second-best option.<seedfund>
  14. 11 Before getting a VC in, think aboutgetting them out.Can you IPO? Really?Can you be acquired? Do you want to?<seedfund>
  15. 12 Forget about “team”. Here it starts withone person.VCs may parrot the Silicon Valley line. But it’sdifferent here. One’s a good start.<seedfund>
  16. 13 Hereditary brilliance isn’t bankable.Institutionalised brilliance is.Can your firm survive without you?Do you get richer over the weekend?<seedfund>
  17. 14 Be eco-friendly with money. Breakeven by burning as little as possible.Downturns can happen at any time. Survival is80% of winning.<seedfund>
  18. 15 The pot of gold is the rainbow.The payout is an awesome life.Nobody dies of entrepreneurship.It’s the best kind of life there is.<seedfund>
  19. @ Thanks, I’m mahesh@seedfund.in@maheshmurthy+91 98922 49969<seedfund>