How to become popular on youtube


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step by step guide how to become popular on youtube

it include how to get views likes, sub for video and how to earn money on youtube

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How to become popular on youtube

  1. 1. How to Become POPULAR On YOUTUBEThis guide is for those who want more view , likes, subs for their video, want tostart with pay per download(ppd) or want to sell affiliates products on youtube.Why to Choose Youtube Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US YouTube is localized in 43 countries and across 60 languages In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views or around 140 views for every person on Earth Millions of subscriptions happen each day.Follow the step by step guide and you will become popular on youtubeStep 1:Setting a Channel nameYour channel name should be something which describe your niche i.e what typeof video your are going to uploadEx: if it is game niche your channel name should be something like “gameswalkthrough”, “game episode “, “game plays”, ”games replay”, “game keys“,”gamers hut”.
  2. 2. Step 2: Title of videoThe title of video should be unique and contain your main keyword for which yourtrying to rank your videoEx: if your keyword is “game keys” then the title should be something like“latest game keys 100% working”.Step 3: Description of videoAlways add description in your video with your keyword stuffed in it. Most peopleignore this important step and leave the description empty. On average adescription should have 50-70 wordsStep 4: Adding tagsTags are always important for your video to rank in youtube .The question arises how to find the best tags for your video.There are 2 methods which I am going to describeMethod 1:finding tags based on your keyword Go to your keyword and get all similar tags for your videoMethod 2:find the top ranking video for your keyword in youtube and copy all the tags inyour video
  3. 3. After completing these steps you have made optimum video now we have to onlyrank it to get nice traffic for our use.Youtube ranking algorithm is very complex and know one knows how exactly thealgorithm works but we do know that it take views ,likes and comments as factorsto rank your video.Step 5: Adding viewsThis step is based on simple principle that a very good video with zero views whencompared with a low quality video with many views will lack far behind inranking as youtube considers views as ranking one of the ranking factors i.e moreviews more chances of getting good ranking in youtube.Method 1:To get views you can post your video on social networking sides such as facebook and twitter share withour friends. The problem with this method is that it is slow process and we don’tget as many views s we expect to get.Method 2:Using video sharing websites. There are many youtube video sharing websites which offer service for freeyou can do a google search and you can find a lot video sharing sites.I am going to discuss a few popular ones. 1) Vagex :This is very good service which provides views ,likes and comments to your videos. The main advantage of this service is it let you add your keyword for which your trying to rank which it uses to give you views. This is aswome service and I will recommend everyone to go it if you need views
  4. 4. or likes. I am not happy with its comments as they are generic comments which can be helpful as sometimes but are not always helpful 2) U2bviews : this is also a very good service for views but its very good feature which other service lack i.e to add your own custom comments. As you know comments add authority to your video and make visitor people assured of the video. Use this service if you need custom comments.Now the question arises how may views to assign to a video. It will good to have a1000-3000 views for initial boost for type of keyword but it depends on type ofkeyword you want to rank for low competition keyword 500 may be more thanenough and for tough keyword you may need about 50000 views.For likes it should have a ratio of 100:5(views:likes) and for comments it should beabout 100:1(views:comments).So till know we have uploaded a video with all the details and assigned few views,likes and comments and we are waiting for youtube to rank are video.Now last part comes how to make money with youtube. I will not be going indepth in this part for sake of keeping the guide noobs friendly.There are thousands of ways of making money youtube but I will tell you about tomost commonly used method which highest payoutsMethod :PPD (pay per download)There are many website which pay you money for uploading content which can bedownloaded after completing a survey. The benefits of theses service are they paya good amount there pay ranges from 0.5$ to 5.0$ .there are many services out butI use cleanfiles as it highest payouts and has good support.How to make money with ppd
  5. 5. This is simple method you have to find out something which users wants todownload something likes health guide, game walkthrough . this could be difficultto find but you have to search google and check youtube what the users want todownload. After you found your item just make youtube video following this guide,add some views and likes. Give proper description and in then end add youdownload link. Now just wait for the money to roll in.