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  • 1. 2nd edition revisedLEARNING QUÉBEC ABOUT Guide for my successful integration
  • 2. 2nd edition revisedLEARNING QUÉBEC ABOUT Guide for my successful integration
  • 3. 2 Credits This guide was produced by the Direction This guide is published by the To order the guide: de la gestion de la diversité et de Direction des affaires publiques et des Direction des affaires publiques et des l’intégration sociale of the Ministère de communications of the MICC. communications l’Immigration et des Communautés Ministère de l’Immigration et des culturelles (MICC), with the participation Communautés culturelles N.B.: To simplify the text, all terms of government departments and 360, rue McGill, bureau 2.09 concerning individuals are generic and agencies. The section on employment Montréal (Québec) H2Y 2E9 refer to both male and female persons. was prepared in cooperation with Telephone: 514 873-8624, ext. 20228 Emploi-Québec – Ministère de l’Emploi Website: et de la Solidarité sociale. Important We wish to thank the community The information and references in this Legal deposit – Bibliothèque et Archives organization partners of the MICC for guide were current in June 2010. They nationales, 2010 their contribution. We also thank the come from various sources and do not ISBN – Electronic version: new immigrants who helped test the supersede the wording of laws, policy 978-2-550-58405-6 guide and the employees of the MICC and Emploi-Québec who worked on statements or official programs. © Gouvernement du Québec – 2010 the project. Any subsequent changes to the contents All rights reserved for all countries will first appear in the electronic version of the guide Learning about Québec at Aussi disponible en français Existe una versión español en formato PDF2 Learning about Québec
  • 4. 3 Personal Information Family name: First name: Address: Number Street Apartment City Postal code Telephone: E-mail address: @3 Learning about Québec
  • 5. 4 Table of contents Welcome to Québec! Housing Services provided by the MICC and community Learning about housing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 organizations that help new immigrants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Finding my first place to live . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Free services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Important documents The Learning about Québec guide: a tool for you Gathering important documents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 How to use your guide. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Obtaining essential and useful documents. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Starting your steps before leaving for Québec . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 > Health Insurance Card . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Welcoming and integration support services > Social Insurance Number . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Learning about the services available and how to obtain them . . 11 > Permanent Resident Card . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 > Driver’s licence . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Québec society Understanding, respecting and sharing the common values Government services of Québec society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Learning about government programs and services The common values of Québec society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 and applying for them if needed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 Understanding my responsibilities and those > Financial assistance for the family . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 of the host society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 > Day care services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 Places to settle > Educational services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Choosing which region and city to live in . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 > Health and social services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 > Municipal services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Budget > Government employment services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Planning my budget . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 French4 Learning about Québec Starting to learn French or improving my knowledge. . . . . . . . . . . 30
  • 6. 5 Table of contents Banking services > Understanding the Québec labour market . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86 Learning about banking services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 > Learning about job opportunities in different Opening my bank account. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 regions of Québec . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 87 Obtaining my bank debit card . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 > Learning about self-employment and starting a business . . . 89 Learning about credit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 > Identifying my occupational and personal skills . . . . . . . . . . . 90 > Determining my employment plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 93 Network of contacts Implementing a realistic action plan to obtain a job Developing my network of contacts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 that matches my occupational skills . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95 Work and job search > Obtaining a first work experience in Québec . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95 Seeking and finding work . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71 – Learning job search techniques. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95 Adjusting to the realities and values – Finding a first job . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 97 of the Québec labour market . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 – Proving myself in my job . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 101 Assessing my professional profile in relation > Continuing my steps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 103 to the Québec labour market . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77 – Meeting regulatory body requirements, > Exploring opportunities to practice my trade where applicable . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 103 or profession in Québec . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77 – Seeking training if necessary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 105 > Learning the titles of my trade or profession in Québec . . . . 79 – Learning English, in addition to French, > Learning about the conditions for practicing if the job requires it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 109 a regulated trade or profession . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 > Following up on my action plan. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 111 > Planning to ask for an Évaluation comparative – Finding a job related to my occupational skills . . . . . . . 111 des études effectuées hors du Québec . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 845 Learning about Québec
  • 7. 6 Table of contents Additional information Online French course offered by the MICC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 113 Arrival and first days . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 115 Housing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 123 The Québec health system . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 132 The family . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 134 The Québec education system . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 145 Employment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 151 The Québec justice system . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 155 List of main regulated trades and professions in Québec . . . . . 158 Contact information for Immigration-Québec services . . . . . . . 160 List of main websites . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 163 Information on Québec regions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 164 List of acronyms. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 165 Your opinion is important! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1666 Learning about Québec
  • 8. 7 Welcome to Québec! By immigrating to Québec, you are carrying out one of the most important Services provided Free services projects of your life. There are many by the MICC The welcoming and integration support services provided by the MICC and challenges in adapting to a new society and community partner community organizations are and taking your place in it. From the moment you arrive in Québec, you will organizations free of charge. Only the Évaluation comparative des études effectuées hors experience many changes and have to try that help new du Québec (comparative evaluation for new ways of doing things. immigrants studies done outside Québec) involves The MICC is one of your primary sources a fee. To increase your chances of success, of information. In Québec, Immigration- the Ministère de l’Immigration et des Québec provides welcoming and Communautés culturelles (MICC) integration support services. Community is pleased to present you with this organizations also help welcome and integration support guide. It outlines the integrate immigrants. They are very most important steps for your successful familiar with the needs of newcomers integration into Québec society. From and can provide substantial help. now on, it will help you make the The MICC financially supports these transition to your new life in Québec. organizations as partners in its activities.7 Learning about Québec
  • 9. 8 Welcome to Québec! Did you know? To reach us Information capsules 7 days a week, 24 hours a day In Québec, the term “community organi- There are several ways to reach French, English and Spanish zations” refers to nonprofit associations or the MICC: Montréal region: 514 864-9292 organizations. Subsidized by the govern- ment, these associations or organizations Customer Contact Centre Elsewhere in Québec (toll-free): Montréal region: 514 864-9191 1 866 864-9292 are fully autonomous in their choice of Elsewhere in Québec (toll free): From abroad: + 1 514 864-9292 practices and service offerings. Well esta- blished in their community, their mission 1 877 864-9191 is to support and assist newcomers in From abroad: + 1 514 864-9191 For more information their settlement and integration steps. On line: www.immigration-quebec.gouv. On the mission, objectives, programs and services of the MICC The list of community organizations Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and funded by the MICC can • Friday: from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (UTC-5) be found on the website Wednesday: from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 On the immigration, francization, p.m. (UTC-5) and integration process link Ministerial partners. Access by TDD device • (telecommunications On intercultural relations device for the deaf or • hard of hearing) Montréal region: 514 864-8158 Elsewhere in Québec (toll-free): 1 866 227-59688 Learning about Québec
  • 10. 9 The Learning about Québec guide: a tool for you Each immigrant follows a different path towards integration depending on How to use personal needs and goals. Your guide will your guide To carry out or start preferably before leaving for Québec. help you assess your needs, set realistic The guide is divided into sections, each goals and choose effective strategies. It covering one or more topics. For each To carry out in the first days will be very useful in helping you prepare topic, you will find essential information, following your arrival in and carry out your immigration plan from references to complete your informa- Québec. the time you obtain your Certificat de tion search, resources to help you take sélection du Québec – CSQ (Québec To carry out during the the necessary actions, and sections for selection certificate) until you achieve course of your integration personal notes to record your progress. your integration goals in Québec. It will in Québec. The steps you take will not necessarily also be useful during your meetings with follow the same order as in the guide. the welcoming and integration support To help you with your planning, each agents of the Ministère de l’Immigration topic is associated with one or two et des Communautés culturelles (MICC), pictograms: community organizations providing services to new immigrants, and people assisting you in your job search.9 Learning about Québec
  • 11. 10 The Learning about Québec guide: a tool for you Starting your steps > Learn about welcoming and integra- tion support services > Start your steps with a regulatory body if you wish to practice a regu- before leaving for > Learn about the values and founda- lated trade or profession Québec tions of Québec society > Request a Évaluation comparative For most immigrants, there is usually a > Learn your responsibilities and those des études effectuées hors du gap of several months between the time of Québec society Québec (comparative evaluation for they receive their Certificat de sélection studies done outside Québec), > Begin learning French or improve du Québec and their federal immigration when necessary your knowledge, where applicable visa. You are encouraged to take advan- > Decide in which region and city you tage of this period to start preparing for will settle your new life in Québec. Not only will To learn more you improve your chances for successful > Plan your budget (expenses related Information on the regions and integration, you will also save a great deal to settlement and your first months main cities of québec of time and energy. living in Québec) • Ministère de l’Immigration et des Use your Learning about Québec guide > Learn about housing, credit, opening Communautés culturelles: to plan the steps that may be taken a bank account, etc., before your departure. > Assemble important documents section Where to settle This pictogram indicates the > Learn about government programs steps to carry out or start and services preferably before leaving for > Start to build your network of Québec. contacts > Become familiar with the Québec labour market and the job search10 Learning about Québec
  • 12. 11 Welcoming and integration support services Learning about the meeting on your first steps in getting settled. services and how If you were not greeted by this service to obtain them upon arrival, contact the Immigration- Québec service located near your place Entry formalities of residence to make an appointment. Entry formalities upon arrival are fairly You may also contact the Customer short and simple with a valid passport Contact Centre of the MICC by and immigration visa. Canadian author- dialing 514 864-9191 in the Montréal ities are responsible for customs inspec- region or 1 877 864-9191 in other tion and granting permanent resident regions of Québec. status. These procedures can be per- formed at any Canadian border crossing. Practical tip Welcoming at the airport Go to the MICC office even if you are and in Immigration-Québec being met by friends or a family member already living in Québec. A first contact services with the service will help you avoid If you arrive at Montréal-Trudeau airport, unnecessary steps and facilitate access to proceed to the office of the Ministère de government services. l’Immigration et des Communautés cul- turelles (MICC). A welcoming agent will Contact information on Immigration give you useful information and arrange Québec services can be found on pages an appointment with the Immigration- 160 and 161 of your guide. Québec service covering your region of destination for a welcoming and settle- ment support interview or for a group11 Learning about Québec
  • 13. 12 Welcoming and integration support services Your first meetings with an integration > direct you to integration support To learn more support agent will serve to: services offered by the MICC, in par- Information on welcoming and register your arrival using your visa, ticular with regard to French courses, > integration support services passport and Certificat de sélection information seminars, the handling of applications for an Évaluation • Ministère de l’Immigration et des du Québec and confirm the informa- comparative des études effectuées Communautés culturelles: tion in your file (name, date of birth, hors du Québec (comparative etc.) if you were unable to do so at the airport; evaluation for studies done outside • Immigration-Québec service located Québec), the steps to take with a near your place of residence – > help you determine your needs professional order or other regula- contact information available on the and, where applicable, those of your tory organization; MICC website, link To reach us family, based on your guide; > Refer you to the appropriate com- • Community organizations that help > provide you with information on munity organization or government new immigrants – contact informa- obtaining official documents (Health service; tion available on the MICC website, link Insurance Card, Social Insurance > Direct you to the training course Ministerial partners Number, driver’s licence, etc.), on finding housing and the government S’adapter au monde du travail services available (health and social québécois – Vivre ensemble au services, public transit, etc.), on the Québec. This course explains the formalities for registering in educa- mechanisms of the labour market, tional establishments, on day care cultural codes on the job, the rules services and the government resour- and functioning of corporations ces available; as well as the common values of Québec society and how they are lived from day to day.12 Learning about Québec
  • 14. 13 Welcoming and integration support services Notes on my progress q I made an appointment with an Immigration-Québec service for an interview or a group session explaining the first steps in getting settled. Contact information: Appointment date: Name of the agent: q I made an appointment with a community organization that helps new immigrants. Organization name: Contact information: Appointment date: Name of the agent:13 Learning about Québec
  • 15. 14 Québec society Understanding, The common values respecting and sharing of Québec society the common values of In Québec: speaking French Québec society is a necessity Québec is a democratic, French-speaking, > Québec society is governed by the pluralist society based on the rule of law. Charter of the French Language Knowledge of and respect for the values which makes French the official on which Québec society is founded language of Québec. French is the are necessary for adapting to your new language of public institutions and environment and fully participating in it. the normal and usual language of By signing the Declaration on the common work, instruction, communications, values of Québec society, you agree to trade and business. respect the common values of Québec > Québec cares about preserving and society and declare that you want to live promoting its official language. in Québec within the framework of these French is not only an essential values and to abide by them. You also communications instrument, but also declare that you want to learn French if you a common symbol of belonging to do not speak it already. Québec society.14 Learning about Québec
  • 16. 15 Québec society > To integrate into their new living Québec: a free and Québec: political and environment, immigrants who are not fluent in French must make an democratic society religious powers are effort to learn it. To help them do so, > The political system of Québec is separate the Québec government provides based on freedom of speech and > The Québec state and its institutions French courses. the right to equality of individuals, are secular. Their decisions and as well as their participation in actions are independent of religious > The children of immigrants who associations, political parties and powers. settle permanently in Québec administrative bodies such as boards normally attend French school. > Québec has denominationalized its of directors. Citizens can stand as > Candidates wishing to practice a school system. Religious candidates for election and have the profession regulated by a confessional instruction is not part of right to vote in elections. They elect professional order must demonstrate the public school curriculum. their representatives at all levels of sufficient knowledge of the French government. language to obtain a regular permit. > When the government plans to pass legislation, the public is generally invited to take part in consultations to express its viewpoints on matters of public interest. > Hateful behavior, whether political, religious or ethnic, is not tolerated. Québec society favors the resolution of conflicts by negotiation.15 Learning about Québec
  • 17. 16 Québec society Québec: a society enriched Québec: a society based – Ethnic or national origin – Social condition by its diversity on the rule of law – Disability or use of a means to > Québec is becoming more diverse. > Québec is a democratic society mitigate this disability The Francophone majority, based on the rule of law. All persons For example, a person cannot be refused Anglophones and Aboriginals live are equal in value and in dignity and housing due to ethnic origin, social together with people of diverse have the right to the equal condition or disability. Discrimination is cultures and origins from all over the protection of the law. They must prohibited in the workplace, specifically world. obey all laws regardless of their in job offers, the hiring process and Québec encourages exchanges beliefs. > working conditions. The law also between cultures and closer > It is prohibited to discriminate prohibits harassment in all its forms. relations between communities and against individuals on the basis of In this same spirit, homosexuals are recognizes that diversity is enriching. reasons set forth in the Québec recognized as having the same rights Moreover, everyone can freely Charter of Human Rights and and responsibilities as all other citizens of choose their lifestyle, opinions and Freedoms, specifically: Québec. religion, while respecting the rights – Race of others. Relationships between – Political convictions people are established with respect – Colour and tolerance in a climate of – Sex harmony. – Pregnancy – Sexual orientation – Civil status – Age except as provided by law – Religion – Language16 Learning about Québec
  • 18. 17 Québec society In Québec: men and women > In the event of divorce from a > In summary, Quebecers attach great marriage or dissolution of a civil importance to maintaining a climate have the same rights union, assets acquired during the that fosters freedom of speech, the > Women and men are equal. They union and constituting the family right to equality between individuals have the same rights and the same patrimony are shared equally and respect for differences. These obligations. Women can work in the between the spouses. values and the laws of Québec trade or profession of their choice. society enjoy a consensus and > The law requires parents or They are present in decision-making ensure to everyone the right, among guardians to give children the positions such as members of a others, to free speech and the free security and attention necessary legislature, mayors, councilors, choice of lifestyle, opinions and for their development. directors and managers of large religion. companies. They can practice trades In Québec, the exercise of > The Québec government condemns and professions traditionally reserved for men. Female workers human rights and freedoms racism and discrimination and is committed to encouraging the full must receive the same salary as must respect the rights and participation of everyone in the male workers when their jobs, freedoms of others and the economic, social and cultural although different, have the same or equivalent value in the company. general well-being development of Québec. These > Fundamental rights and freedoms principles are expressed in the > This value of equality also Déclaration du gouvernement are exercised while respecting the permeates the types of unions du Québec sur les relations inter­ rights and freedoms of others, public recognized in Québec. Whether they ethniques et interraciales (Québec order, the general well-being of are de facto spouses, married or government’s Declaration on Ethnic citizens and the democratic values joined in a civil union, spouses –be and Race Relations). of Québec. The use of violence is they of the same or opposite sex– prohibited. are equal before the law. Parental responsibilities towards their children are the same.17 Learning about Québec
  • 19. 18 Québec society The Commission des droits de la Before leaving for Québec Better understand the personne et des droits de la jeunesse (CDPDJ) ensures respect for and Learn about the values of Québec common values of Québec society by visiting the website www. Visit the website promotion of the principles of the www.valeurscommunesduquebec.gouv. Québec Charter of Human Rights and and reading the documents provided. Freedoms. It also protects the interests of the child and ensures respect for and In Québec You will find information on the common promotion of the rights granted children values of Québec and on actions by the under the Youth Protection Act and the Once you are in Québec, the Québec government to promote these Youth Criminal Justice Act. Immigration-Québec service located near values and highlight diversity. your place of residence or a community The CDPDJ exercises its responsibilities organization that helps new immigrants by investigating on its own initiative or, will give you information and refer you to when a complaint is addressed to it, the appropriate resources. by examining legislation and making recommendations to government, where necessary, by implementing information and education programs, by directing and encouraging research and publications, by cooperating with organizations dedicated to the promotion of individual rights and freedoms in Québec and elsewhere, and seeing to the implementation of access to equality programs.18 Learning about Québec
  • 20. 19 Québec society Did you know? Notes on my progress > Québec society today embraces more than 100 cultural communities. With their q The following values of Québec society are different languages, cultures and religions, they contribute greatly to the social, different from those of my country of origin: economic and cultural enrichment of Québec. They live peacefully and are encouraged to maintain harmonious intercultural relations. > Québec society favors accommodation, compromise and consensus. Openness to diversity, tolerance and respect are very important attitudes between persons. > Quebecers prefer a straightforward approach in forming relationships and communicating with each other. They generally communicate in a direct, precise and explicit manner. They usually maintain a certain physical distance between themselves and the person they are speaking to, out of respect for the other’s personal space. In speaking French with persons younger or of the same age, the familiar “tu” form is widely used. However, the “vous” form is always correct in all circumstances, especially with an employer. q I would like to better understand the following > Quebecers generally take punctuality very seriously. It is very important to be on values of Québec society: time for all appointments. > While waiting to be served in public, Quebecers generally follow the principle of “first come, first served.” Whether it be in a store, bank, at a bus stop or at the theatre, each person awaits his or her turn. Those who fail to comply risk being called to order by their fellow citizens.19 Learning about Québec
  • 21. 20 Québec society To learn more Information on québec’s cultural information on services communities and intercultural to sexual minorities Information on the Québec Charter rapprochement • Gai Écoute: of Human Rights and Freedoms, the Charter of the French Language, • Ministère de l’Immigration et des Ligne Gai Écoute Communautés culturelles: Everywhere in Québec (toll-free) intercultural relations, the values 1 888 505-1010 and foundations of Québec society Information on the rights and living Information on the québec • Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés culturelles: conditions of women political system www.valeurscommunesduquebec.gouv. • Conseil du statut de la femme: • National Assembly of Québec: Click on Region for contact information Information on the québec • Immigration-Québec service located on regional offices. justice system, your rights and near your place of residence – • Secrétariat à la condition féminine: responsibilities, legal publications contact information available on the for the general public, and contact MICC website, link To reach us Information on services information for organizations • Community organizations that help to handicapped persons • Ministère de la Justice: new immigrants – contact information • Office des personnes handicapées du available on the MICC website, link Québec: • Éducaloi: Ministerial partners • Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse: www.cdpdj.qc.ca20 Learning about Québec
  • 22. 21 Québec society Understanding my academic and vocational qualifications acquired outside Québec and a number Overcome adaptation responsibilities of job integration measures. problems You may experience difficulties adapting to and those of the My commitment a new society with different ways of doing host society All Quebecers enjoy the rights and things. freedoms recognized by the Charter of They may be related to problems finding The government Human Rights and Freedoms and other work, financial problems, or the burden of commitment laws and are responsible for respecting family responsibilities in a new social and Québec is a pluralistic society that the values set forth in them. cultural setting. In these circumstances, if welcomes immigrants coming from the As an immigrant, you make a you begin to isolate yourself, experience four corners of the earth with their know- commitment to take responsibility for anxiety, feel ashamed about not having how, skills, language, culture and religion. your integration and start the process as a job, or lose confidence in yourself, you In conjunction with public, private and soon as possible using the means made must talk about it. Don’t hesitate to call a community partners, the Québec available to you. You also undertake to trusted friend, family member or someone government provides tools to guide and know and respect the common values close in order to find the support and follow your progress and services tailored of Québec society and all of its laws, encouragement you need. to your needs to help your social, notwithstanding your beliefs. Also keep in mind that Québec offers linguistic and economic integration. They The success of your integration process various resources to help you overcome comprise welcoming services, help will depend largely on your efforts and these difficulties. It is common practice in getting settled and personalized support, your ability to adapt to Québec society. Québec to seek aid outside one’s circle information sessions on living and You have an active role to play at each of family and friends when necessary. You working in the regions, training in stage of the process. This is your main can consult the host society’s resources workplace realities, French instruction, responsibility. with complete confidence. If you need consulting to obtain recognition for this outside support, contact a community organization that helps new immigrants.21 Learning about Québec
  • 23. 22 Québec society It will support you throughout your Youth centres To learn more integration process and help you determine If your child develops serious behavioral welcoming and support services the probable causes of your difficulties problems –committing crimes, running for new immigrants and adjust your goals as required. When away, suicide attempts, drug abuse, etc.– applicable, the organization will refer you to • Immigration-Québec service located the Centre jeunesse (Youth Centre) in the appropriate resource. near your place of residence – contact your region can give you help and advice. Children may also have adaptation information available on the Ministère Located in all regions of Québec, youth de l’Immigration et des Communautés problems, particularly at school. These centres provide specialized help to youth culturelles website: www.immigration- problems may manifest themselves as under age 18 who are experiencing, link To reach us learning difficulties or isolation. To address serious difficulties that could jeopardize them, schools offer complementary • Community organizations that their safety and development. Help can professional services: support, supervision, help new immigrants – contact also be extended to their families. They psychology, health and social services. Do information available on the MICC also offer services to young mothers not hesitate to use them if needed. Your website, link Ministerial partners with adaptation difficulties. Many of Centre de santé et de services sociaux – Information on services offered by their workers are professionals in social CSSS (Health and Social Services Centre) work, psycho-education, criminology and heatlh and social services centres can also counsel you. Information on these psychology. • Ministère de la Santé et des Services centres can be found on page 60 of your guide. sociaux:, link Youth22 Learning about Québec
  • 24. 23 Québec society information and contact information for youth centres in québec Notes on my progress • Association des centres jeunesse q Contact person du Québec: Name: Name: Contact information: Contact information: Name: Name: Contact information: Contact information:23 Learning about Québec
  • 25. 24 Places to settle Choosing which region > the immigrant population, particu- larly the presence in its midst of a and city to live in community from your country of Québec covers a vast area. In addition to origin. Montréal, Québec’s metropolis, there are In addition, links to resources such as 16 other administrative regions that offer municipalities or educational institutions good employment or investment oppor- will give you more information on: tunities, an excellent quality of life, an > the cost and availability of housing affordable cost of living and a variety of and transportation; services and recreational facilities. Before leaving your country of departure, learn > access to public transit, educational what the regions of Québec can offer you. institutions, recreational activities and places of worship; What I should learn before > the presence of educational leaving for Québec institutions; Information on each region of Québec is > cultural and outdoor activities. given on the MICC website. It will allow you to learn about: > the territory and its major cities; > the economy and the job opportunities; > the services offered to immigrants;24 Learning about Québec
  • 26. 25 Places to settle To learn more about In Québec To learn more Québec’s regions If you are already in Montréal and want Information on québec’s regions You may now request information on to learn more about Québec’s regions, and principal cities, and information Québec’s regions by e-mail. A map you can attend information sessions on sessions on living and working in of Québec along with Web links that living and working in the regions. They the regions give you access to information on each are given free of charge by Immigration- region is found on page 164 of your Québec services. You will meet • Ministère de l’Immigration et des guide. If you do not have Internet access, resource persons and learn about job Communautés culturelles: you can reach an Immigration-Québec vacancies, business prospects, housing, service by mail, telephone or fax. Contact opportunities, and the services available link Where to settle information is to be found on pages 160 in these regions: French courses, health • Immigration-Québec service located and 161 of your guide. and education services, etc. near your place of residence – Some partner organizations of the MICC, contact information available on the operating in Montréal, also specialize MICC website, link To reach us in supporting immigrants who wish Other sites to visit to discover the to settle outside the Montréal region. regions and main cities of québec Among services offered, they organize • Regional portals: prospecting tours for you in the regions, match your skills with employment offers originating in the regions, and give you • Ministère des Affaires municipales, technical and financial support. des Régions et de l’Occupation du territoire: • Bonjour Québec: www.bonjourquebec.com25 Learning about Québec
  • 27. 26 Places to settle Notes on my progress Before leaving for Québec: q I explored the opportunities offered by the various regions of Québec. In Québec: q I obtained information from an MICC integration support agent. q I attended one or more information sessions on living and working in the regions. Date of the session(s): q I contacted an organization specialized in supporting immigrants who wish to settle in the regions. The regions and cities that interest me most are: Region or city: Region or city: Advantages: Advantages: Disadvantages: Disadvantages:26 Learning about Québec
  • 28. 27 Budget Planning my budget To learn more There are significant costs to carrying Information on the minimum amount out an immigration plan. Before leaving required to support your needs for Québec, it is important to estimate during the first three months these costs and provide for an adequate in québec budget. In addition to fees charged by • Ministère de l’Immigration et des the Québec government to process your Communautés culturelles: application for a CSQ, you must plan for, the costs of completing your immigration link Why choose Québec steps, getting settled and covering your needs during your first months in Information on the prices of Québec. different consumer goods and services • La toile du Québec: Important If you were selected as a skilled worker, self-employed worker or entrepreneur, you made a commitment to have sufficient funds available to meet your needs and those of accompanying family members for the first three months of living in Québec. Remember that you must have this minimum amount when you arrive.27 Learning about Québec
  • 29. 28 Budget Main expenses i must consider in planning my budget Fees aFter obtaining my CsQ Cost q Fees charged by Canadian authorities to apply for permanent residence ______________ q Fees for the verification or translation of documents required for my integration process ______________ q Fees for procedures with the regulatory body for a trade or profession, where applicable ______________ q Fees to obtain an Évaluation comparative des études effectuées hors du Québec (comparative evaluation for studies done outside Québec), where applicable ______________ q Tickets for plane, train, bus, etc. ______________ q Travel insurance ______________ expenses upon arrival and during the First months in QuébeC q Accommodation during the first days (hotel) ______________ q Renting an apartment ______________ q Furnishing the dwelling (furniture, appliances, bedding, cookware and other essential items) ______________ q Electricity ______________ q Heating (gas, electricity, oil) ______________28 Learning about Québec
  • 30. 29 Budget q Home insurance ______________ q Telephone ______________ q Warm clothing, if I arrive in Québec in the fall or winter ______________ q Transportation (taxi, bus, metro [subway], automobile) ______________ q Health insurance for me and my family (recommmended – See page 45 of the guide) ______________ q Food ______________ q Day care, if necessary ______________ other (television, Cable, Computer, internet, reCreation, etC.) ______________ q _________________________________________________________________________ ______________ q _________________________________________________________________________ ______________ q _________________________________________________________________________ ______________ q _________________________________________________________________________ ______________ q _________________________________________________________________________ ______________ Total: ______________29 Learning about Québec
  • 31. 30 French Starting to learn An essential condition for French or improving your social and occupational my knowledge integration Knowledge of French is indispensable for French: the official language participating in cultural, civic and social French is the official language of Québec. life, functioning in daily life, making full As the only majority Francophone use of your job skills and integrating more community in North America, Québec quickly into the labour market. society attaches the highest importance In your contacts with Quebecers, you will to the status of French as the common soon notice their openness, kindness and language of public life. desire to communicate with you in their The government of Québec and the language. The ability to speak French will majority of Québec citizens consider that help you: knowledge of French by immigrants is an > communicate with Quebecers; essential condition for their integration. > develop networks of contacts; The French language represents not only > better understand the culture and a tool for communication, but also a history of your host society; common symbol of belonging to Québec society. It is at the heart of the Québec > help your children succeed at school. identity.30 Learning about Québec
  • 32. 31 French Adequate knowledge of French will Before leaving for Québec — Immigrants who improved their French expand your job opportunities and before leaving their country say they — If you are not fluent in French, make help you in the job search process. are very satisfied with having done full use of the time while waiting for For example, you will be able to: so when they arrive in Québec. For your visa to improve your French- > take part in job search assistance their part, employees in government language skills. activities offered by employability services or community organizations — Many of you will need advanced which help immigrants report that their organizations; skills in oral and written French for work is facilitated when the immigrants > obtain authorization to work in your successful adaptation and socio- are capable of expressing themselves a regulated trade or profession occupational integration in Québec. in French when they arrive in Québec. (licensure, certificate of competence Efforts that you make in your country or qualification); — Speaking French is the best way to to learn French or improve your integrate rapidly in Québec society. > access bridge training; knowledge will therefore pay off. > pass recruitment examinations; > find a job.31 Learning about Québec
  • 33. 32 French Practical tips — Startto learn French or improve your When you arrive in Québec communication skills. For example, — Findout about opportunities to take a If you do not speak French when you learn to introduce yourself, ask for French course in the country you are information or services, describe arrive in Québec or if you wish to leaving. Québec immigration offices events, report what someone else said, improve your French proficiency, you abroad can give you information express your opinion, talk about your can register for a course. The MICC, on accredited French teaching work experience, your plans, etc. in partnership with public educational establishments in your country. institutions and community groups, — Individuals selected by Québec who — The MICC has reached agreements offers instruction free of charge in several have reached a level of proficiency with language schools abroad including corresponding to the start of the formulas tailored to your needs. You several Alliances françaises and intermediate stage can register for the can take full- or part-time courses or Instituts français. These schools have online French course FEL (Français en courses given in the workplace. Courses document holdings on Québec and ligne). You will find on page 113 of for beginners will introduce you to the certain ones have developed language your guide a description of the course practical aspects of daily life in Québec. training adapted to persons destined along with information on the terms Financial support may be available to for Québec. The agreements allow and conditions of registration. help you cover the costs related to the MICC to offer you two levels of attending a French course. courses: beginner and intermediate. — Since French is the official language of If you take courses in a partner Québec, the children of immigrants, For individuals with intermediate or institution, are over 16 years of age and regardless of their mother tongue, must advanced proficiency in French, the MICC hold a CSQ, your tuition fees may be normally attend a school run by the also offers specialized courses on a part reimbursed when you arrive in Québec. Francophone school board in their area time basis: oral communication, written This refund of up to $1,500 (Canadian) until the completion of their secondary French and French courses adapted to is made under certain conditions studies. certain occupational fields. and upon presentation of supporting items. A complete list of MICC partner institutions and the reimbursement terms are given on the MICC website.32 Learning about Québec
  • 34. 33 French Full- and part-time French courses offered by the MICC last 11 weeks and Important “Québec French” If you need to start learning French or In your first contacts with Quebecers, you start at fixed dates, generally every three complete your training in Québec, apply may need to make an effort to become months. You must therefore wait for for courses in the first days of your familiar with the Québec accent that is a new session to start before you can arrival. Information on registering for unfamiliar to you or to certain words or begin a course. full-time courses can be found on the expressions that you have never heard. Moreover, throughout Québec, most Immigration-Québec website along with However, you will get used to it without universities, general and vocational an Application for admission to too much difficulty. colleges (CEGEPs) and school boards’ full­time French courses and financial adult education centres offer French aid, which you can fill out and send instruction. to the address given at the end of the form. You can also obtain this document and information on other formulas for learning French by contacting the Immigration-Québec service located near your place of residence. To facilitate your registration process, you can apply online for admission to full-time French courses through the Immigration-Québec site.33 Learning about Québec
  • 35. 34 French Practical tips To learn more MICC online French course — In addition to taking courses, you can • Before leaving for Québec improve your French by watching Other resources for learning television, listening to the radio, reading Organizations or establishments French online French publications, or taking part offering French courses •, in activities with people who speak • Bureau d’immigration du Québec section French language, item Learning French. abroad covering your territory – French online — The MICC also provides a free bank of contact information available on the online French exercises. MICC website: www.immigration- On your arrival in Québec, link To reach us — In Québec City and Montréal, two Organizations or institutions French self-instruction centres allow List of MICC partner establishments offering french courses (admission individuals to improve their French and conditions for reimbursement requirements, registration, length while working or looking for work. of fees for French courses taken in of courses, teaching tools, location, the country of departure schedule, financial aid, etc.) •, • Website of the Ministère de section French language, item Learning l’Immigration et des Communautés French in your country of departure culturelles, section French language MICC free exercises database and for online admission, Online • application for admission to a full­time French course • Immigration-Québec service located near your place of residence – contact information available on the MICC website, link To reach us34 Learning about Québec
  • 36. 35 French Notes on my progress Before leaving for Québec q I identified the organizations and educational institutions that offer French courses. q I am taking a French course. Name of the organization or institution: Address: My training begins or began on the following date: q I am registered for the MICC online French course. On my arrival in Québec q I applied for admission to a French course. Registration date: Name of the organization or institution: Address: My training begins on the following date:35 Learning about Québec
  • 37. 36 Housing Learning about Did you know? housing Like a majority of urban Quebecers, most new immigrants are tenants. In Québec, Rental accommodation has been scarce the rental contract (called a “lease”) in several Québec cities in recent years. usually expires on June 30 of each year, This greatly complicates the search for an so the best time to look for an apartment apartment. You will need to be patient, is in March, April and May. However, a since finding the right apartment takes lease can be signed at any time of the time and effort. You may have to live year and for any length of time. temporarily in a dwelling that does not fully meet your expectations. Page 123 of your guide gives additional information on housing The cost of an apartment varies in Québec. according to, among other things, the number of rooms it contains, the city or neighborhood where it is located, Practical tip supply and demand, and its proximity to It is possible to rent an apartment over services. Housing is generally cheaper the Internet. However, if this option outside of large cities. Before deciding interests you, be very cautious before where to settle, evaluate the advantages committing yourself in such a transaction. available in different regions across It is much better to wait until you are Québec. here so you can visit the apartment and observe its condition and the proximity of services before signing a lease.36 Learning about Québec
  • 38. 37 Housing Apartment terms To learn more In Québec, if it says: … it means: Information on average rent and availability of apartments in different 2 1 ⁄ 2, 3 1 ⁄ 2, 4 1 ⁄ 2, etc. number of rooms in the apartment regions of Québec (the ½ refers to the bathroom). • Canada Mortgage and Housing Semi-furnished basic appliances (stove and fridge) are Corporation: provided and included in the rent. • Ministère de l’Immigration et des Heated or unheated whether or not the cost of heating is Communautés culturelles: included in the rent., link Why choose Québec Hot water the cost of energy for hot water is included in the rent. Québec housing standards generally assume one room to be available per person, excluding the kitchen and bathroom. However, there is no specific legislation on this point. The Civil Code of Québec states that the occupants of a dwelling shall be of such a number as to allow each of them to live in normal conditions of comfort and sanitation. So you should evaluate the amount of the apartment rent based on the space observed during your visit, regardless of how the landlord calculates the number of rooms.37 Learning about Québec
  • 39. 38 Housing Notes on my progress q I have identified the apartment features that I am looking for. Number of rooms: Appliances: q must be provided q included Proximity to public transit: q metro (subway) q bus q suburban train38 Learning about Québec
  • 40. 39 Housing Finding my first place Looking for my first home Practical tip to live Before choosing a place to live, you Ask staff at the Immigration-Québec should estimate the maximum rent that service located near your place of When you arrive in Québec, unless you can reasonably afford on top of residence which community organization you have significant financial means, your current expenses. When calculating can help you find an apartment and use you will probably not plan to stay in a the cost of apartment rental, take into the services of this organization. hotel for very long. Your first priority will account the cost of essential services therefore be to find suitable lodging at an (electricity, heat, insurance, telephone, affordable price. How to choose an transit) and other services such as cable TV and parking. Some apartments are apartment Lodging upon arrival Visit apartments that you find most equipped with a refrigerator and stove, > Initially, you would do well to temporarily but you must usually provide your own attractive, accompanied by another rent furnished accommodation (an appliances. person if possible. apartment or room) by the week or Take the time to explore the surroundings > Inspect the condition of the month. If possible, it should be centrally and neighborhoods of the city where you premises and ask to see all rooms located to make your first steps easier. chose to live. After determining which of the apartment. You might consider living with relatives or areas suit you, walk along residential > Evaluate what repairs are needed. friends for a while. After a few weeks or streets looking for vacant apartments months, you can look for housing better > Find out what services (heat, indicated by an “À louer – For rent” sign. suited to your needs. electricity, painting, plumbing You can also check the classified ad maintenance, etc.), furniture and sections in newspapers and visit websites appliances are included in the rent, to find an apartment. and ask about caretaker services and regulations regarding the enjoyment, use and upkeep of the apartments and common spaces.39 Learning about Québec
  • 41. 40 Housing > Look at the dwelling in terms of Useful information safety, noise level and proximity to – The Québec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms prohibits landlords from services like supermarkets, public refusing to rent an apartment to a person based on discriminatory reasons such as transit, schools, day care, medical ethnic or national origin, color, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, civil status, age, clinic, etc). handicap or the use of a means to mitigate this handicap, the fact of having children > If you have any pets, make sure they or being a welfare recipient. are not prohibited by any building regulation or clause in the lease. – If you have reason to believe that you are being refused a dwelling due to discrimination, contact the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse (CDPDJ). Practical tip – Some neighborhoods have a tenants’ association, often called a “housing Carefully read the entire lease before committee,” which can help you with all aspects of renting an apartment. signing it. Make sure that all conditions – In Québec, the rental agreement normally takes the form of a written contract discussed with the landlord are included in prescribed form called the “lease,” which both parties must sign and respect. in writing, particularly those concerning This is an important formality, since it is a true contract defining the respective repairs the landlord promised to make and the date for completing them. Also responsibilities and commitments of the landlord and tenant. The Régie du logement make sure that the dwelling indicated in du Québec (RLQ) provides an official lease form widely used by apartment owners. the lease is really the one you visited and Page 123 of your guide contains additional information on the lease. agreed to rent.40 Learning about Québec
  • 42. 41 Housing To learn more Notes on my progress Information and assistance to help Information on the rights and q Neighborhoods where I wish to look for you find a place to live responsibilities of landlords and an apartment: • Ministère de l’Immigration et des tenants with respect to apartment Communautés culturelles: rental, main factors to consider, while looking for an apartment, link Housing practices forbidden by law, the lease, • Immigration-Québec service located co-leasing, your recourse if the near your place of residence – landlord fails to respect the lease contact information available on the • Régie du logement du Québec: MICC website, link To reach us • Community organizations that help • Canada Mortgage and Housing new immigrants – contact information Corporation: available on the MICC website, link Ministerial partners Information on human rights and youth rights and prohibited reasons for discrimination • Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse: q Amount that I can spend on rent: www.cdpdj.qc.ca41 Learning about Québec
  • 43. 42 Housing q Contact information and main features of apartments that I want to visit: Address Number Heated or Distance from Distance from other services Cost of rooms unheated public transit (supermarket, school, day-care, medical clinic, etc.) q I need help looking for an apartment. I was referred to a community organization that helps new immigrants. Community organization name: Name of contact person: Contact information:42 Learning about Québec
  • 44. 43 Important documents Gathering important q Valid passport and other travel documents documents q Other identity papers Bring all documents that will be useful during your first steps towards getting • • • settled. You will need them to obtain q Act of birth, birth certificate, adoption a Social Insurance Number, Health papers Insurance Card, driver’s licence, as well as to register your children in school, q Marriage contract, marriage certificate or contract of common-law obtain recognition of your educational relationship and professional qualifications, search for a job, open a bank account, apply for a q Civil union contract or certificate mortgage, etc. q Separation or divorce papers and A checklist of the documents that you documents concerning child custody and your family members must bring rights to Québec follows. The list will vary q Family records, medical and dental depending on each individual situation. records, vaccination booklet q Proof of coverage by the social security q Certificat de sélection du Québec – plan of your country of origin, where CSQ (Québec selection certificate) applicable q A valid permanent resident visa affixed • • • to your passport (issued by Canadian authorities)43 Learning about Québec
  • 45. 44 Important documents q Diplomas, certificates and other q Credit history, bank references, bank Practical tips attestations of education statements, statements of personal or – Make sure that the information q Academic transcripts mortgage loans, bank cards appearing on your CSQ is correct. Do q Description of courses and internships q Reference letters from former the same for members of your family. completed, including the duration of landlords or property title certificates On each document, carefully check the each q Valid driver’s licence, international spelling of family and given names and driver’s licence the accuracy of birth dates. q Attestations of continuing education – If possible, bring cash in Canadian q Attestations issued by language funds with you. schools All documents must be originals or q Évaluation comparative des certified true copies. If the original études effectuées hors du Québec documents are in a language other than French or English, you must provide an Notes on my progress (comparative evaluation for studies done outside Québec), where official translation (by a certified translator, q I have the originals and certified true copies applicable (issued by the MICC) consulate, embassy) or one that has of all documents to bring with me. been authenticated by official authorities. q I obtained official translations of all documents q Detailed proof of employment and The translation must accompany the work experience where necessary. original documents. Your documents q Proof of internship or upgrade training should be translated into French as much q Reference letters from previous and as possible, but English translations are current employers with information on usually accepted if you already have them. their company’s operations q Permit to practice a trade or profession q Certificate of occupational competency or qualification44 Learning about Québec • • •
  • 46. 45 Important documents Obtaining essential Practical tip Pre-registration is the first step in obtaining your Health Insurance Card. and useful documents Keep your confirmation of permanent Call or visit an RAMQ office without delay residence. This document is required by Once in Québec, you should quickly to provide the information required for certain government departments and obtain the various documents that will your registration. Depending on the organizations to determine your eligibility allow you to access government services situation, the RAMQ will give you or for programs or services. and make your integration process easier. send you a registration form. Fill it out, We recommend that you apply for them making sure that all the information is in the first days of your arrival. Correctly Health Insurance Card correct, sign it and enclose the required fill out the required forms and send them The Health Insurance Card allows you to documents. Persons aged 14 and over in as soon as possible. Do not hesitate receive health care –medical services and must have their application authenticated. to request help from the Immigration- hospitalization– covered by the Québec The RAMQ will tell you what procedure Québec service located near your place Health Insurance Plan. Persons settling to follow. of residence or a community organization in Québec can benefit from the Health After processing your registration that helps new immigrants. Insurance Plan after a waiting period application, the RAMQ will send you a of a maximum of three months after letter stating on which date you can start they register with the Régie d’assurance benefiting from the Health Insurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ). There Plan, if you meet the eligibility conditions. are exemptions to the waiting period. You will receive your Health Insurance The RAMQ will tell you if an exemption Card within two weeks after this date. applies to you or a family member. Notify the RAMQ immediately of any Individuals subject to the waiting period change of address. must pay for their own health services during this period or else buy private insurance.45 Learning about Québec
  • 47. 46 Important documents Until you receive the card, keep the letter Each family member must have his or Don’t delay! stating that a waiting period applies. her own Health Insurance Card. The card – Contact the RAMQ in the first days In fact, certain health services may be bears its holder’s photo and signature, following your arrival so as not to delay delivered free of charge, depending except for persons under age 14. Always your eligibility for the plan. on a person’s situation. These include keep your Health Insurance Card with necessary services for victims of conjugal you and never lend it to anyone. – The RAMQ does not reimburse the or family violence or sexual assault; care costs of health care that you receive You will need your Health Insurance Card and follow-up related to pregnancy, during the waiting period. to register for the public Prescription Drug delivery or termination of pregnancy; Insurance Plan. – If you are buying private insurance, services required by persons with do so within five days of your arrival Additional information on the Health infectious health problems having public in Québec. After this period, it will Insurance Plan and Prescription Drug health consequences and certain services become more difficult to get insurance. Insurance Plan can be found on pages offered at a CLSC such as vaccinations. For more information, contact the 132 and 133 of your guide. OmbudService for Life and Health Insurance.46 Learning about Québec
  • 48. 47 Important documents To learn more Notes on my progress Information on government health q I contacted the RAMQ on my arrival to pre-register myself and my child or children, where and social services applicable. • Ministère de la Santé et des Services Telephone number: sociaux du Québec: Date: Consult the Health Guide on this site. q I completed my registration and that of my child or children, where applicable. Date: Information on the Health Insurance Plan and Card and the q I purchased private insurance, should I need it. Prescription Drug Insurance Plan Date: • Régie de l’assurance maladie du q I received my Health Insurance Card and that of my child or children. Québec: Date: Information on private insurers q I completed my registration for the public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan. • OmbudService for Life and Health Insurance: Date:47 Learning about Québec
  • 49. 48 Important documents Social Insurance Number the next few weeks. Bring this form and Useful information your identity documents to the Service (SIN) Canada Centre nearest to where you live. – By law, your employer must ask you to The SIN is essential in many show your Social Insurance Card within This is the quickest, most efficient and circumstances. You must provide it to three days after you start your new job. most secure way of obtaining an SIN, your employer when starting a new Only your employer has the right to since you are never separated from your job, to certain government agencies to see your card. identity papers. You can also apply by receive benefits or compensation and to mail, but this method carries a risk since – Your SIN is confidential and is assigned financial institutions for interest-bearing you must enclose your original identity to you alone. There are many situations accounts. You should apply for one in the papers. where you are not required to provide first days after your arrival in Québec. it, such as when you fill out a job application form, negotiate a lease, fill Citizenship and Immigration Canada Practical tips (CIC) officials will give you a SIN out a medical questionnaire, etc. To – Memorize your SIN. learn more about protecting your SIN application form on your arrival. It is also available at Service Canada Centres and – Do not carry your Social Insurance from theft, fraud and inappropriate Immigration-Québec services. You can Card with you, except on the day that use, as well as what to do in these also obtain it on the website of Service you must show it to your employer. circumstances, visit the website of Canada. Keep it in a safe place. Service Canada. You can also seek information at a Service Canada Centre. To obtain your SIN, complete the Social Insurance Number application form. Don’t forget to write on your form the postal address where the plasticized card bearing your SIN can be mailed to you in48 Learning about Québec
  • 50. 49 Important documents To learn more Notes on my progress Information and advice on the SIN q I filled out my SIN application. and contact information for the I submitted it to (address): Service Canada Centre near you Telephone number: • Service Canada: Date: Click on Publications and reports q I received my Social Insurance Card. to consult The Social Insurance Date: Number Code of Practice. Information on privacy and how to lodge a complaint concerning protection of privacy • Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada: Consult the guide for individuals entitled Your Guide to PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) and information on the protection of personal information such as your SIN.49 Learning about Québec
  • 51. 50 Important documents Permanent Resident Card If you already know your mailing address To learn more when you land in Québec, give it to New immigrants are automatically Information on the permanent CIC during procedures for granting you issued a Permanent Resident Card by resident card permanent resident status. If you cannot Citizenship and Immigration Canada give your mailing address at this time, • Citizenship and Immigration Canada: (CIC) as part of the immigration process. you must do so within 180 days after This card confirms your permanent your arrival. You can phone the Call – To send your address by Internet, resident status. It gives you access to Centre, or use the Internet. Make sure click on Change my address. government services in francization, that the address you provide is valid for employment and education, for example, – To obtain the Call Centre number, at least 30 days. as well as support services offered by click on Contact Us, then on community organizations. You may Call Centre. be asked for the card to confirm your eligibility for the services. If you travel outside Canada, you will Notes on my progress need your Permanent Resident Card q I gave the postal address where I will receive my Permanent Resident Card. to re-enter the country on board of a commercial carrier (airplane, boat, train or bus). You must present your card and that of your children, if any, to the staff of the carrier. The card will be usually mailed to you q I received my Permanent Resident Card and that of my child or children. within four weeks after you entered Canada or from the time that you gave CIC your mailing address in Canada.50 Learning about Québec
  • 52. 51 Important documents Driver’s licence drive a passenger car. The countries are Other vehicles listed on the SAAQ website. If you want a permit to drive another type To drive a vehicle on Québec roads, you must have a driver’s licence of the If you hold a driver’s licence issued by of vehicle (a heavy vehicle, for example), appropriate class. If you have a valid another country at least one year prior you must first obtain a Québec licence driver’s licence issued outside Québec, to your arrival in Québec, you cannot to drive an automobile. SAAQ customer you may drive an automobile for six exchange your licence but you can information will tell you how to proceed. months after arriving in Québec without obtain a licence to drive a passenger car You may also visit the SAAQ website. a Québec licence. After this period, you provided that you pass the knowledge and road tests. must have a Québec driver’s licence. If you do not have a licence and want If one of the two situations above applies Important one, you must first take a driving course, to you, approach the SAAQ in the first You have 12 months from the date you obtain a learner’s permit and then go days after you arrive in Québec, since it settled in Canada to apply for a licence through a training period. The Société may take several weeks from the time exchange. To apply to exchange your de l’assurance automobile du Québec you apply until the process is completed. driver’s licence or obtain a new licence, (SAAQ) will tell you what steps to take. you must present your confirmation of permanent residence to the SAAQ along Exchange of licence to drive a with other required documents. To avoid passenger car needless delays, provide originals of your The conditions for exchanging a driver’s documents. licence vary according on the country where you obtained your licence. If your licence was issued by a country with which the SAAQ has reached a reciprocity agreement, it may be exchanged for an equivalent Québec licence. This exchange is possible only for licences to51 Learning about Québec
  • 53. 52 Important documents To learn more Notes on my progress Information on the driver’s licence q I made an appointment with an SAAQ service centre. and the Québec Automobile Address: Insurance Plan • Société de l’assurance automobile Date of appointment: du Québec: For general information, telephone q I must take the knowledge test. numbers and a list of service points, Address: click on To reach us. Date of examination: Cost: q I must take the road test. Address: Date of examination: Cost: q I obtained my driver’s licence. Date: Cost:52 Learning about Québec
  • 54. 53 Government services Learning about Financial assistance government programs for the family Various financial aid programs are and services and available to help parents meet their applying for them family responsibilities: if needed > Child assistance (child assistance During your first weeks in Québec, you payment and supplement for a will have many steps to take to obtain handicapped child); services that you and your family need. > Québec Parental Insurance Plan; Before leaving for Québec, find out > Reduced contribution program for what programs and services might be day care places; most useful to you. When you arrive in > Canada Child Tax Benefit and child Québec, a welcoming agent from the disability benefit; Immigration-Québec service located near > Tax deductions for handicapped your place of residence will guide you in dependent child or for a your steps. If necessary, he will refer you handicapped person; to a community organization that helps new immigrants. > Universal Child Care Benefit. Act quickly so as not to delay your Eligibility for these programs generally eligibility for different services. depends on family income, number and age of children, personal or family situation and other criteria. To find out if you qualify, contact the appropriate organization.53 Learning about Québec
  • 55. 54 Government services For information on all family assistance To learn more programs, visit the website of the Information on allowances, benefits Application for the Canada Child Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés and other family support programs Tax Benefit, the Child Disability (MFA). An application form for Child Assistance can be obtained from the • Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés: Benefit and the Universal Child website of the Régie des rentes du, link Family Care Benefit Québec (RRQ). The form to apply for the Information on the child assistance • Canada Revenue Agency: Canada Child Tax Benefit is available on, link Child and payment and on the supplement for the Canada Revenue Agency site. Family Benefits handicapped children Additional information on the family Information on tax deductions for • Régie des rentes du Québec: can be found on page 134 of your a dependent handicapped child or a guide. handicapped person Information on the Québec Parental • Revenu Québec: Insurance Plan • Ministère de l’Emploi et de la • Canada Revenue Agency: Solidarité sociale: www.mess.gouv.qc.ca54 Learning about Québec
  • 56. 55 Government services Notes on my progress q I took steps to find out whether I was eligible for the programs. Program: Date of eligibility application: Program: Date of eligibility application: Program: Date of eligibility application: Program: Date of eligibility application:55 Learning about Québec
  • 57. 56 Government services Day care services information, including an assessment of Day care services in schools the child’s special needs and the means The schedules of preschool and primary Educational childcare services contemplated to help its integration. school pupils rarely coincide with those In Québec, it is forbidden to leave Certain families may be reimbursed for of working parents. Moreover, school children unattended. Parents must give their day care fees or be exempt for a holidays such as professional days their children the security and care certain number of hours. To learn more, often fall on working days. Most schools necessary for their development. contact the day care service that you provide day care facilities to take care Parents who work or study sometimes chose or the MFA. of children before classes start in the find it difficult to reconcile work and Since there is a great demand, it is morning, at noon and after class. Pupils family or studies and family. To help advisable to register your child with the who use these services after class can these parents balance family and job childcare service that interests you as use the time to do their school work. responsibilities, the Québec government soon as you arrive in Québec. Daycare services in schools are also created a network of day care services Additional information on educational offered on professional days, school comprising a variety of resources. It childcare services can be found on holidays, spring break week and other includes childcare centres, day care pages 135 and 136 of your guide. occasions as required. centres home childcare providers Contact your child’s school or your school accredited by a coordinating office. They board to find out which schools provide offer subsidized childcare services with these services. priority given to children aged under five years and, in the absence of school childcare, to children aged from 5 to 12. The MFA may grant supplementary financial assistance to childcare services that receive a handicapped child. To this end, the childcare service, in cooperation with the parents, must complete a file including all necessary56 Learning about Québec
  • 58. 57 Government services To learn more Useful information Practical tip Information on programs and You can become involved in the board Before choosing a childcare service, visit services for families and children, of directors of the childcare centre, the it and meet the staff. québec family policy and day care coordinating office for home day care services and the advisory committee of the day care centre that your child attends. • Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés: Information on day care services Notes on my progress in schools q I registered my child or children in day care. • Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et Child’s name: du Sport: Name of day care centre: Address: Telephone number: Registration date: Child’s name: Name of day care centre: Address: Telephone number: Registration date:57 Learning about Québec
  • 59. 58 Government services Educational services If your children do not speak French, they These meetings will give you a chance to will have difficulty taking courses taught in express your needs to the people taking The Québec school system is composed French. To address this, non-francophone care of your children, learn about your of a public education network extending students at the preschool, primary and children’s progress and difficulties, and from preschool education (kindergarten) secondary education levels can take meet other parents. up to university education. The Québec advantage of French learning support public school system is language-based measures offered by the Ministère de –French and English– according to the l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS). language of instruction used in the By teaching them the language of schools. The majority of establishments instruction, these measures help pupils teach in French. integrate as quickly as possible in an Additional information on the Québec ordinary class where French is used. The education system can be found on measures may vary from one school to page 145 of your guide. another, but each must offer students the most appropriate support. Measures to support French learning Parent participation at school Since the official language of Québec is Like most parents, you want to follow French, children who do not belong to your child’s progress in school. School Québec’s anglophone minority must, authorities encourage this practice. You regardless of their mother tongue, will be invited to the school regularly to: normally attend a school under a French- > meet the teachers; language school board to the end of high > learn about school programs; school. > participate in recreational activities organized by the students.58 Learning about Québec
  • 60. 59 Government services Practical tips Notes on my progress – By maintaining close and regular q I registered my child or children in school. contact with your child’s school, you Child’s name: will become more familiar with its Name of the school: resources and be able to call upon the services of its professionals when Address: necessary. – By participating in activities at your Telephone number: child’s school and talking with his or Registration date: her friends and other parents, you will get to know your neighbors, establish Child’s name: contacts and become integrated in the life of your neighborhood. Name of the school: Address: To learn more Telephone number: Information on the québec education system and teaching institutions Registration date: • Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir Child’s name: et du Sport:, link Milieu scolaire (school Name of the school: environment) Address: Telephone number: Registration date:59 Learning about Québec
  • 61. 60 Government services Health and social services Useful information Practical tips Medical treatment is available in private If you are concerned about your health – Visit your local CSSS to learn what doctors’ offices, private clinics or or that of a loved one, call the Info-santé services it offers. If it cannot provide polyclinics, and centres de santé et de line by simply dialing 811. the help you need, its staff will refer services sociaux (CSSS* – health and This free telephone service is available you to the appropriate organization. social services centres) facilities, namely, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A health Some CSSSs offer help in several centres locaux de services communautaires professional will give you advice and refer languages. (CLSCs – local community services you to the appropriate resource. – When you wish to obtain services centres) and hospitals. Always bring your for a health problem, particularly in Health Insurance Card or your child’s card a polyclinic or a CLSC, check the when you go to the doctor, clinic, hospital CSSS services are generally free to opening hours before going by calling or CLSC. persons with a Health Insurance Card. the clinic or Info-santé. Barring certain exceptional cases, medical Health and social services services require the Health Insurance centres (CSSS) Card. Vaccination and sample-taking CSSS facilities offer basic medical services can be obtained in most CLSCs. treatment and psycho-social services, with or without an appointment, to all segments of the population (children, youth, adults and the elderly).60 Learning about Québec * Residential and long-term care centres.
  • 62. 61 Government services To learn more Notes on my progress Information on government health q I learned about services offered by my neighborhood CSSS: and social services • Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du Québec: Consult the Health Guide. Telephone number: Address:61 Learning about Québec
  • 63. 62 Government services Municipal services You can visit your municipality’s website, To learn more telephone or go in person to the Everywhere in Québec, municipalities are Information on municipal services information office during business hours. at the heart of community life. In addition • Regional portals: to providing residents with public facilities Government employment such as sports centres, playgrounds, • Ministère des Affaires municipales, libraries, cultural centres, etc., they services des Régions et de l’Occupation du organize activity programs that vary with Government employment services are territoire: the seasons. the responsibility of Emploi-Québec. • Bonjour Québec: Public libraries are an attractive resource Pages 72 and 73 of your guide give that you can use free of charge to a description of these services along Information on recyclable material read newspapers. You can also consult with available information sources. • Recyc-Québec: the Internet and borrow books and other documents as well as toys, CDs, electronic games, etc. You may have to pay for these services or become a library member. Notes on my progress q I learned what services are offered by the municipality. Municipalities also provide a variety of other services including public transit, public security, fire protection and garbage and recyclables collection. Ask your municipality what services are offered and how to use them.62 Learning about Québec
  • 64. 63 Banking services Learning about by a customer they know. You can open a personal account even if you do not banking services have a job. Moreover, you are not obliged You will definitely need a bank account to deposit money in a new account. for your day-to-day transactions. Find out All financial institutions offer a range of about the different services provided by useful services such as foreign currency banks, credit unions (caisses populaires) exchange, money transfers and safety and trust companies. Then decide which deposit boxes. one offers an account that best suits your needs, pays the highest interest rate and charges the lowest service fees. Before closing the bank account that Obtaining my you have in your country, wait until bank debit card you are settled in Québec, since Banking services are becoming the opening of a new account in Québec increasingly automated. Automated teller may take some time. machines can be found in most banks, credit unions and other public places such as dépanneurs (convenience stores) and shopping centres. These Opening my automated services allow you to perform bank account most of your routine bank transactions To open a bank account, simply visit the (deposits, withdrawals, transfers, utility bill branch of your choice. You will usually be payment) at any time using a magnetic asked to provide two documents proving card called a “bank debit card.” You can your identity. In some cases, financial also use it to pay for purchases at most institutions will also accept sponsorship supermarkets, gas stations, pharmacies63 Learning about Québec
  • 65. 64 Banking services and other stores. The amount of your Credit cards Practical tips purchase is deducted directly from your Financial institutions, major stores, oil – Consumer associations can inform you account. companies and other merchants offer a about your rights when you open an To obtain a bank debit card, you must wide variety of credit cards. They often account in a financial institution and ask for one. Before using your card, ask use very persuasive advertising and throw can guide you through the process. your bank or credit union what conditions in gifts, bonus points and other incentives They can also help you balance your apply. Service fees may be added to each to recruit customers and keep them loyal. personal or family budget. transaction. Examine your needs carefully before – Keep your credit cards and bank debit accepting a credit card and remember cards in a safe place and never reveal that it cannot be issued without your your Personal Identification Number written consent. (PIN). Learning about credit A financial institution may also offer – If one of your cards is lost or Several forms of credit are available you a second credit card to be used by stolen, notify the issuing institution in Québec. They include credit cards, another person. Your written consent is immediately. installment purchase plans offered by required, but you will be fully responsible stores and bank lines of credit. for charges on this card, regardless of With credit so easily available, you must the user. If you use your credit card be extremely careful. You can buy all to make purchases by mail, phone or sorts of things immediately, but very high over the Internet, first make sure that interest rates make credit expensive. the merchant is trustworthy and the Before buying a major item on credit, transaction is secure. make sure you can meet the required monthly payments without difficulty. Keep your other financial obligations in mind when making your calculations.64 Learning about Québec
  • 66. 65 Banking services To learn more Notes on my progress Information on banking services: q I opened a bank account. opening an account in a financial Institution: institution, credit, cards, interest rates • Office de la protection du consommateur: • Financial Consumer Agency of Canada: Date: • Option consommateurs: q I obtained my bank debit card. Date: Contact information for consumer associations in the regions q I learned about credit. • Réseau de protection du consommateur du Québec: www.consommateur.qc.ca65 Learning about Québec
  • 67. 66 Network of contacts Developing my There are different ways to build a network of contacts network in Québec: You can start creating your network of > take part in neighborhood life by contacts before leaving by talking about signing up for leisure, sports, social, your plan to settle in Québec with friends cultural or community activities; and acquaintances who already live there. Another method is to join virtual > do volunteer work; communities through Internet chat > attend parent meetings at the day rooms. Taking part in them can help you care centre or school; create a mutual help network. > take French courses or other courses Building a network of contacts is a and attend information seminars normal part of the integration process for given by the MICC. anyone in new surroundings. Although this approach takes patience and determination, your network will be a Practical tip great advantage in helping you get settled By integrating into francophone Québec and adapt to your new life in Québec. It society, you will increase your chances of could include an immigrant who is having making contacts that could lead to a job. similar problems, a member of your community who has already experienced the immigration process, or someone in the host society with whom you have an affinity. They can all give you support and encouragement in the various steps you will have to take.66 Learning about Québec
  • 68. 67 Network of contacts One effective way to find a job is through Employment fairs are excellent If possible, do volunteer work in your networking. For a person seeking work, opportunities to meet employers, get own occupational field or in a related networking is defined as resorting to information on jobs, and leave your area. By doing so, you will become one’s network of acquaintances as a curriculum vitae with companies that known in a work environment that source of information and support. You interest you. interests you and learn about jobs. can use your personal network –family, Employers may recognize volunteer friends, neighbors, acquaintances– or work as valuable experience. However, your community network –school Hidden jobs it does not guarantee you a job. Fields committees, volunteer activities and About 80% of jobs are not advertised such as engineering, architecture and associations. Include as many people as in newspapers or on the Internet. law offer little opportunity for volunteer possible, since they also have networks Recruitment for these positions is done work, unlike the human or social sciences of contacts and could know about job by word of mouth. sectors which have a greater diversity of opportunities and provide you with volunteer positions. references. They may also have ties with Volunteer work certain employers. They may even offer Volunteerism is voluntary unpaid work to to send them your curriculum vitæ. improve the quality of life and well-being Networking is an excellent strategy for of fellow citizens. As a volunteer, you learning about the hidden job market. can choose which field you wish to work However, many people hesitate to use it in, and decide how much time you will for fear of imposing on people or asking devote to the activity. Volunteer work can for help. It also takes time and effort. help you build your network of contacts Don’t hesitate to talk about your work while learning about and adapting to your experience and mention specifically what new society. type of job you want.67 Learning about Québec
  • 69. 68 Network of contacts Practical tips To learn more Information on volunteer work – Visit the website of the Secrétariat à Information on the features and • Secrétariat à l’action communautaire l’action communautaire autonome advantages of networking and how autonome et aux initiatives sociales: et aux initiatives sociales. It contains to create, build, expand and maintain useful information on volunteer a network of contacts Information on organizations where work in Québec, including Québec you can do volunteer work • Ministère de l’Immigration et des legislation on individual rights and Communautés culturelles: • Fédération des centres d’action responsibilities and legislation that, bénévole du Québec: determines the rules of conduct of link Employment • Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et different organizations where you can do volunteer work. • Sectoral manpower committees: du Sport:, link Loisir et sport (Leasure and sport) – Learn about the professional associations and sectoral manpower formation/comites-sectoriels • Immigration-Québec service located committees. By doing so, you can • Emploi-Québec – Your Complete Job near your place of residence – contact meet people who work in your area of Search Guide: information available on the MICC activity and broaden your professional website, link To reach us network. • Immigration-Québec service located • Community organizations that help – The Immigration-Québec service near your place of residence – contact new immigrants – contact information located near your place of residence, information available on the MICC available on the MICC website, link or a community organization that helps website, link To reach us Ministerial partners new immigrants, will tell you about • Community organizations that help other opportunities to develop your new immigrants – contact information network and refer you to appropriate available on the MICC website, link resources as needed. Do not hesitate Ministerial partners to use their services.68 Learning about Québec
  • 70. 69 Network of contacts Notes on my progress q I choose the following ways to start building my network of contacts: Activity: Activity: Contact person: Contact person: Contact information: Contact information: q I am interested in the following volunteer areas: q I wish to contact the following volunteer organizations: Organization name: Organization name: Contact person: Contact person: Contact information: Contact information:69 Learning about Québec q I talk about my job search plans with my family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances.
  • 71. 70 Network of contacts q I talk about my job search plans with persons I meet in the course of my different activities. q I wish to visit the following job fairs: Name of event: Date: Place: Contact information: Name of event: Date: Place: Contact information:70 Learning about Québec
  • 72. 71 Work and job search Seeking and To start your process finding work We encourage you to start preparing your job search before leaving for Québec, if Finding a job is a key factor in your possible. successful immigration. Looking for a job can be quite demanding; you need to be In the guide, this pictogram prepared to learn and tackle new indicates steps to be carried out challenges. To enter the labour market, or started preferably before you you may have to accept, initially at least, leave for Québec. lesser responsibilities than you had in a Once in Québec, make an appointment previous job, or different responsibilities with the Immigration-Québec service that could lead you to change your located near your place of residence. occupational field. An integration support agent will help To conduct an effective job search, you take stock of your job situation. He you must learn about the job market in will also give you information on the the region where you want to work and requirements of the Québec labour take many other steps. Several factors market and the services offered by the contribute to a successful job search. MICC and will refer you, based on your Your guide contains information and needs, to the appropriate government or suggestions for various things you can community organizations. do to help you adapt to and successfully access the Québec labour market.71 Learning about Québec
  • 73. 72 Work and the job search Practical tips Emploi-Québec Online Placement – For most jobs, you must have online services This computerized service available on sufficient knowledge of written and the Emploi-Québec website gives you This section of the guide which focuses oral French. On page 30 of your guide, access to a range of services to help your on work and the job search will invite you will find a section on learning job search, including the ability to consult you to use the online services offered French or improving your proficiency. job offers from all regions of Québec. by Emploi-Québec: Labour Market – Before leaving, tell people in your Information (LMI) Online and Online Online Placement is a tool on which network of Québec contacts what Placement. These services will enable employers and people seeking work type of job interests you and you to obtain information on the can register and search for job offers, what qualifications you have. The job market through a single website: internship offers and candidacies, and identification of work settings by your also set up “alerts” that automatically contacts will prove useful on your report jobs, internships and candidacies arrival. LMI Online that meet their criteria. – Before leaving your country, make LMI Online features reliable and up-to- You can also consult Your Complete Job sure you have all documents (originals date information on the duties, salaries Search Guide, a tool to consult before, and certified true copies) related to and job prospects in over 500 trades and during and after your job searches. It your educational and occupational professions. It also indicates which trades gives advice, practical examples and ways background. You will find information and professions are most in demand in to help you find a job. on important documents to bring with every region of Québec and what you on page 43 of your guide. employers require. You will find information specific to each region as well as information on training required to exercise trades and professions and educational institutions where training is offered. The business directory gives you information on companies in each72 Learning about Québec region.
  • 74. 73 Work and the job search Local Employment Centre In addition, an employment assistance Useful information agent can meet you by appointment Emploi-Québec provides public Have you obtained a CSQ in the skilled to conduct a preliminary assessment employment services in all regions worker immigration class? Find out about for employment assistance. Depending of Québec through a network of registering yourself in the Québec job on your situation, the agent could also centres locaux d’emploi – CLES (local applicant bank. This bank lets you post suggest an action plan tailored to your employment centres). The CLEs are your occupational profile on the Emploi- particular job market integration needs. equipped with a multi-service room Québec website. By making yourself where you will find: known to Québec employers seeking - information on the labour market, candidates, you improve your chances of useful documentation for planning finding a job quickly from your country of and carrying out your job search origin. If a match is found between you and information on events such as and a Québec employer, an agreement employment fairs or salons; will be reached between the employer and you, and your file will receive priority - computers to consult job offers and treatment. prepare your applications (CV and letters of introduction); Information on this service can be found on the MICC website at www. - bulletin boards for posting job offers, practical job search advice and upgrading courses; - personnel who can answer your questions and help you in your job search steps or using Emploi-Québec online services.73 Learning about Québec
  • 75. 74 Work and the job search Adjusting to the Immigration-Québec services and community organizations that help new To learn more realities and values immigrants can: Labour market adaptation services of the Québec > assess your job market adjustment • Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés culturelles: needs; labour market, > support your adaptation efforts, link Employment During your job search, you will be using provide information and referral to methods and resources that may be • Immigration-Québec service located appropriate resources, and help you very unfamiliar to you. To increase your near your place of residence – contact monitor your integration progress. chances of success, you should also information available on the MICC familiarize yourself with and adapt to Community organizations also offer the website, link To reach us the workings and values of the Québec following services: Community organizations that help labour market. > basic information on the Québec new immigrants You may need support to ease your labour market and preparing transition and adjustment to the labour for the job search: attitudes • Contact information available on the market, to understand its mechanisms, and qualifications desired by an MICC website, link Ministerial partners rules, values, cultural codes, its mode of employer, upgrade training, etc.; functioning as well as that of vocational > information on the education system and technical training in Québec, and social legislation; and how to effectively use public > familiarization with the tools and employment services. skills needed to conduct a job search in Québec; > job twinning opportunities to help you better understand how your trade or profession is practiced in Québec.74 Learning about Québec
  • 76. 75 Work and the job search Notes on my progress q I need support to adapt to the Québec labour market. q I contacted an Immigration-Québec Service or a community organization that helps new immigrants. q Immigration-Québec service Name of integration support agent: Contact information: Date: q Community organization Organization name: Name of contact: Contact information: Date: q I took the training course Adapting to the Québec workplace – Living together in Québec Name of the organization: Date:75 Learning about Québec
  • 77. 76 Work and the job search q I was referred to the following resources: q Local employment centre (CLE) Name of contact: Contact information: q Educational institution Name of institution: Name of contact: Contact information: q Other government services Name of service: Name of contact: Contact information:76 Learning about Québec
  • 78. 77 Work and the job search Assessing my professional profile in relation > whether or not your trade or profession is governed by a regulatory with the Québec labour market body; To clarify and understand your situation in relation to the job market, it is very important > lack of work experience in Québec; to first assess your professional profile. This will help you evaluate how your education, > possibility of the need to take training and work experience match up with job opportunities in Québec. You can then training; set realistic employment goals to facilitate your entry into the job market. This section explains the main elements to be included in your assessment. > job prospects in your trade or profession; that you will be able to find a job in your > the possibility of practicing your trade field immediately after you arrive. In or profession as a self-employed many cases, you should anticipate the worker. Exploring opportunities possibility of working in another trade or MICC and Emploi-Québec websites to practice my trade or profession, at least at first. contain a great deal of useful information. profession in Québec Before leaving, seek information on Once in Québec, contact an Immigration- Since the job market is always evolving, job prospects in your field, labour Québec service located near your place the employment situation may have market requirements and conditions of residence. Depending on your needs, changed between the time you were for practicing your trade or profession an integration support agent will direct selected and your arrival in Québec. in Québec. Several elements should be you to a community organization that Therefore, it is important to stay informed considered: helps new immigrants, your nearest about job market developments in your > the need to understand and speak local employment centre or another field of work. French and, if necessary, English; specialized resource. You may have been selected by Québec > problems having your diplomas or because of your socio-occupational work experience recognized; profile. This does not necessarily mean77 Learning about Québec
  • 79. 78 Work and the job search To learn more Information on opportunities to • Immigration-Québec service located • Emploi-Québec: practice your trade or profession near your place of residence – contact • Local employment centre nearest in québec information available on the MICC you – contact information available website, link To reach us on the Emploi-Québec website • Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés culturelles: • Community organizations that help Information on Québec’s job market, new immigrants – contact information and recommendations on job searching link Employment available on the MICC website, link are found in multiservice rooms. You will find many sites on the labour Ministerial partners market. Notes on my progress q I read about the main factors to consider in exploring opportunities to work in my trade or profession. q I expect to have the following problems integrating into the job market:78 Learning about Québec
  • 80. 79 Work and the job search Learning the titles of my The NOC lists the most common job Notes on my progress titles in Canada. The title you want may trade or profession in not be there. In Québec, if you need q The titles of my trade or profession Québec in Québec are: help to find these titles or to validate your A trade or profession can have different selection, contact the local employment Title: titles from one country to the next. To centre nearest you or, online, the Centre effectively use the information and job d’assistance au placement (Placement market entry services offered in Québec, help centre) at the e-mail address: centre.assistance.placement@mess.gouv. NOC code: it is important to know the different titles of the trade or profession that you wish Title: to practice. To find these titles, consult the To learn more website, select LMI Information on the titles of trades Online and click on Explore a trade or NOC code: and professions in québec occupation. Enter the name of your trade or profession and you will obtain the • Emploi Québec: Title: complete list of titles corresponding to it • Local employment centre nearest in Québec. The number in parentheses you – contact information available on is the National Occupational Classification the Emploi-Québec website (NOC) code. It gives a precise description • Human Resources and Skills NOC code: of a trade or profession. Write down the Development Canada: number for each title corresponding to Title: your trade or profession. Click on A to Z Index, then on National Occupational Classification (NOC). NOC code:79 Learning about Québec
  • 81. 80 Work and the job search Learning about the Getting information before Useful information conditions for practicing a leaving for Québec Admission fees to a professional regulated trade or profession Check before you leave to see if your order can be very high, ranging from trade or profession is governed by a several hundred to several thousand In Québec, the practice of some trades regulatory body or subject to regulatory dollars, depending on circumstances and professions is regulated. For requirements. For information on and the particular order. The fees example, the engineering and nursing regulated trades and professions, visit cover processing the equivalence professions are governed by professional the websites of the MICC and competent file, examinations, issuing the permit, orders, while various other regulatory organizations. admission to the order, etc. Training or bodies govern the electrician and painter internship fees are additional, where trades, and the occupations of tree You will learn what conditions you must meet to practice your trade or profession applicable. pruner and driller are governed by other regulatory bodies. These bodies, whose and assess the steps to take with the mission is to protect the public, have regulatory body to present an application Applying to a regulatory the authority to set admission conditions for the study of your file. In some cases, organization and practice standards, evaluate skills you can, prior to your departure, begin If you plan to practice a regulated trade and diplomas, and issue a certificate or your procedures for admission with a or profession in Québec, you must permit to qualified candidates. regulatory organization. This preparation obtain a permit or certificate from the will speed up your entry into the job competent body. The conditions for In other trades and professions, market. Also, check which documents are conditions of admission and practice are obtaining this document vary from one required by the regulatory bodies. organization to another. In all cases, determined by regulatory requirements. This is true for instance for certain however, you must meet the educational activities and disciplines in the financial requirements. Other conditions may sector and in the teaching profession. be required, such as an internship, See page 82 for the websites where you examination, training course or work can obtain information on these trades experience. and professions.80 Learning about Québec
  • 82. 81 Work and the job search To find out what conditions apply to Information on regulated Pages 158 and 159 of your guide your situation, you must apply to the list the main regulated trades and organization regulating your trade or trades and professions professions in Québec. profession. Make sure to supply all You can obtain information on the required documents so as not to delay regulatory situation in Québec, the or prevent the study of your application. process leading to the right to practice To save time and avoid having to repeat a regulated trade or profession, and certain courses, you should have a required documents and fees. You detailed official description of courses can also obtain help to prepare your and internships you have completed and application to the body that regulates their duration. your trade or profession in Québec and to examine your options to facilitate Some regulatory bodies provide material your occupational integration. For more to help candidates, before leaving for information, contact the Customer Québec, prepare for examinations Contact Centre or an Immigration- required in the admission process. There Québec service. They will direct you to may be a fee for this material. the person able to give you information.81 Learning about Québec
  • 83. 82 Work and the job search To learn more For more information on regulated trades and professions General information on access to Teaching profession Greater Montréal regulated trades and professions • Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et and contact information for du Sport: MICC Customer Contact Centre regulatory bodies Regulated trades in the Elsewhere in Québec or from abroad • Ministère de l’Immigration et des construction industry Immigration-Québec service covering Communautés culturelles: • Commission de la construction du your settlement region, Québec:, link Regulated trades and professions link To reach us Regulated professional Information and submission of an qualifications application for authorization to • Guide de la qualification practice professionnelle (Guide to professional Professions regulated by qualifications): professional orders • Local employment centre nearest • Professional order responsible for you – contact information your profession – contact information on the Emploi-Québec website: for orders is available on the www. website, Professions in the financial industry link Regulated trades and professions • Autorité des marchés financiers: www.lautorite.qc.ca82 Learning about Québec
  • 84. 83 Work and the job search Notes on my progress q I contacted the Customer Contact Centre or an Immigration-Québec service for help approaching the regulatory body, if needed. Date: q I contacted the organization that governs my trade or profession. Organization name: Contact information: Contact person: q I submitted my application to the regulatory body. Date: Cost: q I received an answer to my application. Date: q I must meet the following requirements to obtain a permit to practice or certificate of competency or qualification:83 Learning about Québec
  • 85. 84 Work and the job search Planning to ask for an The Évaluation comparative can be Before leaving for Québec useful in your job search, in applying Évaluation comparative for admission to a program of study, – If you want to work in a regulated des études effectuées hors trade or profession, you should contact or in applying to certain regulatory the competent regulatory body before du Québec bodies (when required). The Évaluation asking for an Évaluation comparative comparative issued by the MICC is An Évaluation comparative des études des études effectuées hors du neither a diploma nor is it binding on effectuées hors du Québec (comparative Québec. any person, educational institution, evaluation for studies done outside – You can apply for an Évaluation professional order, or any other body Québec) is a general comparison comparative to avoid delays should governing a profession or trade. These between two official educational systems. you be required to produce one at a entities determine their own evaluation It indicates a correlation between the later date. Information documents and criteria. There is a fee to apply for an Québec education system and its main the application form are available on Évaluation comparative. diplomas, on the one hand, and the the Immigration-Québec website or at education received outside Québec, the Bureau d’immigration du Québec on the other. It also provides a general Education documents covering your area. description of the education documents To avoid unnecessary delays, you must (diplomas and academic transcripts) and provide the original diplomas and In Québec studies done in a school system officially transcripts or copies certified as true by – You can obtain these documents recognized by authorities responsible for the educational institution you attended at the Immigration-Québec service education in a country or province other or by the government educational located near your place of residence. than Québec. authorities responsible for the training received.84 Learning about Québec
  • 86. 85 Work and the job search To learn more Notes on my progress Information on the Évaluation q I checked whether I should apply for an Évaluation comparative des études effectuées comparative des études effectuées hors du Québec. hors du Québec and the request Name of the agent with whom I discussed this: form • Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés culturelles: Name of the organization:, link Employment • Bureau d’immigration du Québec abroad covering your territory – contact information available on the MICC website, link To reach us q I requested the Évaluation comparative, where applicable. • Immigration-Québec service located Date: near your place of residence – contact information available on the MICC website, link To reach us q I obtained my Évaluation comparative. Date:85 Learning about Québec
  • 87. 86 Work and the job search Understanding the To learn more You will find a wealth of information on the site, which links Québec labour market Information on the québec labour you to LMI Online and Online Placement. The following aspects should be taken market Other sites also provide pertinent into consideration to understand the • Ministère de l’Immigration et des information and post job offers. We urge Québec labour market: Communautés culturelles: you to visit them. In Québec, you may > current labour market conditions;, also visit the local employment centre link Employment nearest you. > working conditions associated with a You will find many sites on the labour trade or profession; market. > trades and professions in which • Community organizations that help Notes on my progress labour demand is highest, by region q I wish to learn more about the following aspects new immigrants – contact information and for Québec as a whole; of the Québec labour market: available on the MICC website, link > job prospects by trade, profession or Ministerial partners activity sector, in coming years; • Emploi-Québec: > list of Québec corporations by industry sector and by region; Labour standards, recourse > how employees are selected in available Québec; for pecuniary complaints, prohibited > skills in demand by employers; practices, etc. > ways to prove your worth with future • Commission des normes du travail: employers; > how to act during a job interview; > labour standards (pay, vacation, etc.), occupational health and safety, the situation of working women.86 Learning about Québec
  • 88. 87 Work and the job search Learning about job Also visit the websites of the MICC, To learn more Emploi-Québec and the Ministère opportunities in different du Développement économique, de Job prospects in québec’s regions regions of Québec l’Innovation et de l’Exportation. • Ministère de l’Immigration et des Québec’s many regions offer an excellent Communautés culturelles: quality of life, diversified and dynamic, economies, and many job opportunities. link Employment and Where to settle Regional job prospects available on • Immigration-Québec service located the Emploi-Québec website provide near your place of residence – information on the specific economic contact information available on the characteristics of Québec regions and MICC website, link To reach us jobs available in the regions. You can • Emploi-Québec: also request information on each region Click on LMI Online or Online by e-mail; a list of Québec regions is Placement. provided on page 164 of your guide. • Ministère du Développement In Québec, you can learn about job économique, de l’Innovation et de prospects in regions other than Montréal l’Exportation: by attending information sessions on living and working in the regions given in French by Immigration-Québec services in the metropolitan area and their partners.87 Learning about Québec
  • 89. 88 Work and the job search Notes on my progress q I have identified job opportunities in different regions. Region: Region: Job opportunities: Job opportunities: Region: Region: Job opportunities: Job opportunities:88 Learning about Québec
  • 90. 89 Work and the job search Learning about have a network of government services Notes on my progress for anyone interested in becoming a self- self-employment employed worker or an entrepreneur in q Resource person to contact and starting a business Québec. Name: Becoming an entrepreneur or a Contact information: self-employed worker in Québec To learn more If you have a certain amount of capital Information on self-employment and available, you may want to create your information resources to help you own job, start up your own business or successfully implement your project join an existing business. To succeed, in québec q Resource person to contact you must have a good understanding of • Immigration-Québec service located Name: the Québec business environment and near your place of residence – Contact information: prepare a business plan that includes contact information available on the a serious market study. If this option MICC website, link To reach us interests you, a number of resources are available to assist you. • Québec’s business start-up portal: Before leaving for Québec, you can start learning about the Québec business • Ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de q Resource person to contact environment by visiting the Immigration- Québec website. You can also consult l’Exportation: Name: the section Créer son entreprise (starting • Revenu Québec: Contact information: up guide) on the government portal for services to business. All Québec regions89 Learning about Québec
  • 91. 90 Work and the job search Identifying my occupational My occupational skills q List your education and training, and personal skills q List your specific knowledge: spoken indicating: and written languages, computer > the diplomas earned, in what year Anyone wishing to enter the labour skills, etc. and your specialization, if any; market should first take stock of his or her skills. This process will enable you to q List your jobs starting with the most > the skills acquired through this emphasize your strengths, knowledge, recent. Concentrate on your most training; abilities and personal qualities. important work experience. It may > other training – on-the-job training, help if you try to summarize a normal seminars, conferences, etc. Take into account the following elements work week. For each job, indicate: (e.g.: computer training, sales when drawing up your assessment. They are the main factors considered by > its duration in months or years; training programs, project Québec employers in hiring. > the title of your position and management, marketing seminars, Once in Québec, if you need assistance company name; etc.). in preparing or completing your > your tasks and responsibilities in q List your most recent volunteer assessment, contact the Immigration- order of importance; work (e.g.: member of a school Québec service located near your place committee). > your accomplishments, your of residence, a community organization “big hits”; q List your leisure activities and that helps new immigrants or the local interests, if you wish. Be aware that employment centre nearest you. > the personal skills you developed your hobbies can say a lot about on the job (e.g.: leadership, you. For example, participation in a teamwork, etc.). team sport may convey that you like teamwork.90 Learning about Québec
  • 92. 91 Work and the job search A “big hit” q Ability to detect problems: You q Flexibility: You alter your methods A “big hit” is an accomplishment on quickly recognize problems in a given and behavior to adapt to new the job. It could be a document you situation. You detect situations where situations. You quickly integrate into a produced, an improvement in the important information is lacking. new work team. company, an award you won, an increase q Assertiveness: You are capable q Initiative: You take action when the in sales, etc. of expressing and defending your situation demands it without waiting opinions. for your supervisor’s approval. My personal skills q Clarity in communications: You q Leadership: You have the ear, respect explain or write ideas in a way that and confidence of others. You can The personal skills listed below are others can easily understand. convey your ideas and convince other particularly valued by companies. q Cooperation: You work effectively people to adhere to them. Carefully read the statements and check off the four or five qualities that best with others. q Listening skills: You take the time to characterize you. This exercise will help q Deductive skills: You can predict how listen to people around you. You are you determine your strong points, making others will react to a situation. attentive to the needs of others. it easier to mention them in your cover q Efficiency: You find faster ways to q Methodical mind: You tackle tasks letter or at job interviews. perform tasks. You find ways to achieve step by step. You establish priorities the expected results. based on objectives expected. q Perseverance: You try hard to overcome obstacles. You make an effort to obtain the information or help you need despite difficulties.91 Learning about Québec
  • 93. 92 Work and the job search q Precision: You pay special attention To learn more to details. You verify the accuracy of Information and tools to help you information you are given. identify your skills q Reliability: You get things done on • Immigration-Québec service located time. You meet expectations that near your place of residence – others set for you. contact information available on the q Self-control: You can control your MICC website, link To reach us emotions when you are angry. You • Emploi-Québec: weigh things carefully before you speak or act. • Local employment centre nearest you – contact information available on q Self-sufficiency: You perform tasks the Emploi-Québec website with little or no assistance. • External manpower resource of q Teamwork: You respect roles and Emploi-Québec – contact information responsibilities of team members available at your nearest local and you cooperate to reach target employment centre objectives.92 Learning about Québec
  • 94. 93 Work and the job search Determining my > originals or certified true copies of: > a portfolio including productions, – your diplomas, academic documents and photographs of employment plan achievements, where applicable. transcripts, certificates and other After conducting your search for attestations of education, Finding a job in your chosen trade or information and preparing your – your attestations of continuing profession takes time, preparation and professional skills assessment, you will education, internships or adjustment to corporate requirements. be able to target realistic objectives. professional development training, If your trade or profession is regulated, These objectives should take into account you must fulfill the requirements of the recognition of your diplomas, your job – description and duration of courses relevant regulatory body. experience and labour market needs. and internships, In Québec, if you need help setting My employment file – permits to practice a trade or your occupational goals, consult the profession and certificates of Your employment file should highlight Immigration-Québec service located near competency or qualification, your experience and aptitudes that make your place of residence, a community you stand out from the crowd. It should – attestations of employment and job organization that helps new immigrants emphasize your initiative, organizational experience, task descriptions and or the local employment centre nearest abilities and capacity to work in a team. letters of recommendation from you. Their staff can help you formulate It is very important to have all the former employers; these goals, explore methods to attain necessary documents confirming your > an Évaluation comparative des them and refer you to appropriate experience and qualifications. The file études effectuées hors du Québec, resources, if necessary. should contain: if needed; > a curriculum vitæ presenting your skills and achievements;93 Learning about Québec
  • 95. 94 Work and the job search To learn more Notes on my progress Assistance to help you define your q I need help to prepare my employment plan. employment plan Organization name: • Immigration-Québec service located near your place of residence – contact Contact information: information available on the MICC website, link To reach us • Local employment centre nearest you – contact information available on the Emploi-Québec website Resource person to contact: • External manpower resource of Emploi-Québec – contact information available at the local employment centre nearest you. q I have prepared my employment plan. Targeted job(s):94 Learning about Québec
  • 96. 95 Work and the job search Implementing a realistic action plan to obtain > learn to create a network of contacts and use it carefully in your job a job that matches my occupational skills search; Preparing a realistic action plan will help you organize your approach properly and avoid > prepare your interviews and disappointment and wasted time and money when implementing it. anticipate questions that employers could ask; Obtaining a first work > plan and carry out your job search experience in Québec as effectively as possible, including Your first job –even if it is part-time– will Learning job search your contacts with employers; familiarize you with working practices techniques > follow up on your job steps. in Québec and give you Québec job Job search techniques are excellent tools To determine your needs with regard to experience to put on your curriculum for entering the labour market. They will job search techniques, contact the local vitæ. It can also expand your network of enable you to: employment centre nearest you or an contacts and may perhaps even lead to external manpower resource of Emploi- > increase your chances of getting a a promotion within the company if you Québec. job interview by helping you use prove your skills. tools that present your strong points To learn more about these techniques, (curriculum vitæ, portfolio, cover contact your integration support agent at letter, job application form, electronic the Immigration-Québec service located application, professional card, etc.); nearest your place of residence or a > learn where to look for job community organization that helps new vacancies; immigrants. > pay attention to the news (headlines announcing corporate openings or major investments in a given industry);95 Learning about Québec
  • 97. 96 Work and the job search To learn more Notes on my progress Information on job search q I read Emploi-Québec’s Complete Job Search Guide. techniques q I need to learn job search techniques. • Emploi-Québec: Read the Complete Job Search Guide. • Local employment centre nearest you – contact information available on the Emploi-Québec website • External manpower resource of Emploi-Québec – contact information available at your nearest local employment centre q I contacted the local employment centre nearest me or an external manpower resource • Ministère de l’Immigration et des of Emploi-Québec. Communautés culturelles: Contact information:, link Employment You will find many sites on the labour market. Contact person:96 Learning about Québec
  • 98. 97 Work and the job search Finding a first job > Use your network of contacts to When you start a new job, your employer mention that you are looking for will ask for your SIN. Apply for one in the It is very important to make contact with work and what type of job you want, first days after your arrival in Québec. the Québec labour market quickly and and ask them to let you know if they Information on the SIN can be found understand how it works. Public and hear about a job offer. on page 48 of your guide. private resources throughout Québec can help either plan and carry out your > Go to your local employment centre job search or offer your services to nearest you to obtain services Practical tips employers in the most favorable light. appropriate to your situation. – Learn about the business of companies However, they cannot guarantee you > Find out about the conditions where you plan to apply and ask their a job. and services of private placement human resources department for an Your may be overqualified for your agencies. interview. first job or it may not match your > Consult the classified ad sections – Apply for several jobs at the same qualifications. Depending on your in newspapers under the headings time. This will increase your chances situation, you may want to keep this job Help wanted and Careers. of finding one quickly. while starting or continuing a training > Visit the various job search websites. course, or else use it to pay your way – Contact employers directly, in person You can search for offers by region, or by telephone, e-mail or postal mail. while you look for something better. employer, job title, field of work and Finding a job in Québec is essentially keyword. an individual responsibility that takes > Visit employment fairs. personal effort. The key to success is to invest time and energy in your job searches and, above all, to be well prepared. Do not neglect any resource and use every means available:97 Learning about Québec
  • 99. 98 Work and the job search Did you know? expect frank communication and themselves as such. These programs constructive comments. have positive impacts for everyone. — The Québec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms prohibits — In Québec, hiring and promotions — In Québec, what is written in an refusing a job to a person based are generally based on skills, employment contract is more on discriminatory reasons such as achievements and individual important than the relationship you ethnic or national origin, color, sex, performance of employees. Even can establish with your employer. pregnancy, sexual orientation, civil if you come from an upper socio- Although job duties are generally status, age, disability or the use of economic milieu and hold diplomas precisely defined, there is room for a means to mitigate this disability, from top schools in your country of personal initiative by employees. If a having children or receiving social origin, you must, like any Quebecer, dispute arises with your employer, it assistance. demonstrate your professional and will generally be settled according to personal skills to the employer. the terms of the contract rather than — If you have reason to believe Québec employers often also take any relationship you formed with the that you are being refused a job into account the person’s capacity to employer. due to discrimination, contact integrate in the work team. — Québec employers value adherence the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la — To ensure equality of opportunity to work schedules and meeting jeunesse (CDPDJ). and have a workforce more deadlines. Work meetings have a representative of the population, fixed agenda that fosters structured — The dominant values in Québec many employers have established and orderly discussions based on companies are generally equality, equal opportunity programs that the meeting’s objectives. cooperation, flexibility and enable them, among other things, — Women are very present on the participation. Québec managers to hire persons from target groups Québec labour market. Just like value employee involvement in of equal skills. These target groups men, they work in the trade or the company. They do not hesitate include ethnic and visible minorities. profession of their choice. They hold to consult their subordinates Persons qualified to benefit from this a variety of positions at all levels of when needed, although this is not program are encouraged to identify the corporate hierarchy. done on a systematic basis. They98 Learning about Québec
  • 100. 99 Work and the job search — In Québec, it is believed that young • Local employment centre nearest Information on the Québec Charter persons can be competent even you – contact information available on of Human Rights and Freedoms if they have little experience. As a the Emploi-Québec website (including questions concerning result, they sometimes supervise • External manpower resource of discrimination, harassment, etc.) and fellow workers who are more Emploi-Québec – contact information on equality of opportunity programs experienced than they are. available at the local employment • Commission des droits de la per- — Québec managers generally centre nearest you sonne et des droits de la jeunesse: seek consensus and resolve Information on labour relations disputes through negotiation and in québec, unions, collective Information on the Canadian compromise. agreements Charter of Rights and Freedoms • Ministère du Travail: (including rights of newcomers) To learn more • Department of Justice Canada: Information on job searches, job • Commission des relations du travail: Click on Search Canada’s consolidated vacancies and job search assistance statutes and regulations, then on • Ministère de l’Immigration et des Information on labour standards Constitutional Documents and Communautés culturelles: that all employers must respect, Canadian Charter of Rights and, questions on working conditions, Freedoms. link Employment paid holidays, vacations, etc. You will find many sites on the labour • Commission des normes du travail: market. • Emploi-Québec: Click on LMI Online or on Online Placement.99 Learning about Québec
  • 101. 100 Work and the job search Notes on my progress q List of employers who interest me, including their addresses, with the name of persons to contact and their telephone numbers: q List of steps that I have already taken and those still to come: > Telephone calls > Interviews > Company visits > Follow-up q Websites and newspapers consulted:100 Learning about Québec
  • 102. 101 Work and the job search Proving myself in my job > Accept responsibilities. Make > Support your colleagues. In Québec, sure that you are up to the task. while personal achievement is You have accepted a job. Here are Understand what your employer valued, harmony with one’s fellow some tips to help you integrate in your expects of you. Don’t hesitate to ask workers is also sought. workplace: questions. > Control your emotions. Don’t let > Keep a positive attitude. Accept > Treat everyone with respect. This is little misunderstandings blow out of criticism and take heed of the key to a healthy work climate. proportion. Settle differences calmly suggestions for improving your work. Respecting colleagues implies and objectively. In Québec, acknowledging that there maintaining egalitarian relations is room for improvement is generally with both men and women, well regarded. whatever their status within the > Be on time and stick to your company. Although a friendly work work schedule. In Québec, time environment is often desirable, avoid is considered to be money. If you familiarity that could be deemed cannot arrive on time, tell your inappropriate. employer that you will be late. The > Show initiative. Don’t always wait employer may request a reason for until you are told to do something. your lateness. It would be preferable If you see that a job needs to be to respond to his or her inquiry, done, offer to do it! even if it may seem to you like an invasion of privacy. > Be reliable. If you say you are going to do something, do it. If you are > Dress appropriately in accordance no longer able to do it, tell your with the company’s dress code. employer or else you risk being seen as unreliable.101 Learning about Québec
  • 103. 102 Work and the job search To learn more Notes on my progress Information and advice on attitudes q I want to know more about how to prove myself on the job. and behavior to prove yourself on q Contacts: the job Name: Name: • Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés culturelles:, Contact information: Contact information: link Employment You will find many sites with information on this subject. • Community organizations that help new immigrants – contact information available on the MICC website, link Ministerial partners • Immigration-Québec service located near your place of residence – contact information available on the MICC website, link To reach us • Local employment centre nearest you – contact information available on the Emploi-Québec website102 Learning about Québec
  • 104. 103 Work and the job search Continuing my steps To learn more Depending on the trade or profession that you wish to practice, a certain amount of Conditions and steps to obtain a preparation may be needed for you to reach your employment goals. permit to practice or a certificate of competency or qualification • Regulatory body for your trade or Meeting regulatory body Admission to a professional order profession Most regulated trades and professions requirements, where The procedure for admission to a are listed on the MICC website: www. professional order is sometimes long and applicable complicated. In addition to the time the, link After applying to the relevant regulatory Regulated trades and professions order takes to process your file, you must body, you will learn what requirements consider the availability and duration Information and help in seeking you will need to satisfy to work in your of courses or internships that you are admission to a professional order trade or profession. Page 80 of your required to follow, the frequency of or other regulatory body guide gives information on the regulatory examinations held by the order and the bodies and access to a regulated trade or Greater Montréal Office québécois de la langue française profession. (OQLF), and delays due to other • Customer Contact Centre of the The MICC can help you apply for necessary administrative steps such as MICC admission to a regulatory body. obtaining academic transcripts, additional Elsewhere in Québec For more information or to make an papers, etc. • Immigration-Québec service covering appointment, contact the Customer your region of settlement – contact Contact Centre if you live in the greater information available on the website Montréal region. If you live elsewhere in, Québec, contact the Immigration-Québec link To reach us service covering your region of settlement.103 Learning about Québec
  • 105. 104 Work and the job search Notes on my progress The steps that I may need to take to obtain a permit to practice or certificate of competency or qualification are: q Examination q Training Place of the examination: Place of training: Date: Start date: Cost: Cost: q Interview q Examination of the OQLF Place of interview: Place of the examination: Date: Date: Cost: q Internship Place of internship: q I obtained my permit to practice or certificate of competency or qualification. Start date:104 Learning about Québec
  • 106. 105 Work and the job search Seeking training if necessary Adult education or In Québec, if you need help defining continuing education training needs for your desired The labour market is always changing, employment, contact the local particularly in areas of rapid technological There are several reasons for starting employment centre nearest you or an progress such as information technology, courses or completing your education: external manpower resource of Emploi- high tech and the health sciences. To > You may need training to improve Québec. Their staff will help clarify your remain competitive, you need to update your skills or become familiar with choices and refer you to appropriate your knowledge and keep up with the different aspects of practicing your resources. latest technological developments. This trade or profession in Québec: is just as true for people educated in To learn more about training opportunities learning new technologies, Québec as it is for newcomers. related to your desired employment, understanding the laws and contact your integration support agent Furthermore, for many trades and regulations applicable to the trade or at the Immigration-Québec service professions, the qualifications required profession you wish to practice, located near your place of residence or a and work methods vary from one country adapting to different ways of relating community organization that helps new to another. Newcomers must therefore with customers, etc. immigrants. make a special effort to adapt their > If you wish to practice a regulated knowledge and skills in order to integrate trade or profession, additional training About education in the labour market of the host society. may be required by the regulatory Adult education takes several forms, body to obtain authorization to including courses given in adult practice. The regulatory body will tell education centres, vocational training you what training is required. centres, college and university courses, > You may have to acquire new general training by the regulatory bodies, on-the- or vocational training following a job workshops or training, and distance professional reorientation. education. These options vary in duration from a few days to more than a year.105 Learning about Québec
  • 107. 106 Work and the job search The fees charged are generally quite educational institutions, regulatory bodies Useful information high. Although you will probably have to or Emploi-Québec. Admission to courses requires a sound pay them yourself, you may also receive Offered in certain fields, distance knowledge of French. This is another student aid in the form of loans or education has several advantages if you good reason to start learning French bursaries or both from the Ministère de want to take training at your own pace before your departure. Before you l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS), and in your own home. Available on line register, find out about education offered or a loan from a financial institution (line or by correspondence, it is an attractive in private institutions. Their costs vary of credit for studies). In some cases, option to help you gain certain skills from one institution to another and can following an evaluation of your situation related to the practice of your trade or sometimes be high. The public system by an agent from your local employment profession, even before you arrive in often offers free education similar to that centre, you could receive an employment Québec. of the private network. Your agent at the assistance allowance (financial help from MICC or local employment centre can Emploi-Québec). help you make the right choice. Educational institutions in Québec offer full-time or part-time day or evening programs. Many Quebecers prefer to Additional information on adult work and study at the same time. Taking education and continuing education part-time or evening courses can round can be found on page 149 of your out your education, while allowing you to guide. work at the same time. With the exception of distance education, admission to courses is generally not on an ongoing basis and places are often limited. Waits can therefore be expected. Since the availability of courses may vary, you should seek information from106 Learning about Québec
  • 108. 107 Work and the job search To learn more Description of initial vocational and • Community organizations that help • Network of francophone distance technical training new immigrants – contact information education of Canada: available on the MICC website, link • Le-Formateur/Portal for Online • Inforoute site of the Ministère de Ministerial partners training (information technology and l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport: • Professional orders – contact languages) offered by 16 CEGEPs in information available on the MICC Québec: Information on continuing website, link Regulated trades and • Société de formation à distance des education professions commissions scolaires du Québec: in Québec • Commission de la construction • Directory of continuing education: du Québec: • Cégep@distance: • Emploi-Québec: Training recommended for working • Educational institutions – Financial planning for studies and in your trade or profession and list available on the website of the assistance how to obtain it Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport: • Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et • Immigration-Québec service located du Sport: near your place of residence – • Local employment centre nearest contact information available on the you – contact information available on • Canlearn: MICC website: the Emploi-Québec website The Financing link gives pertinent, information on financial planning for link To reach us Distance education, resources and education, bank loans, bursaries, etc. courses offered • Student • Téléuniversité: www.studentawards.com107 Learning about Québec
  • 109. 108 Work and the job search Notes on my progress q I will take this training offered by the following educational institution q I identified a resource person to help me assess my job situation or organization: and training needs if any. Address: Name of resource: Address: Registration date: Start date: Name of contact: Cost: I will take this training at a distance, with the following educational Telephone: institution or organization. q I need training. Address: Name of training or program: Registration date: Start date: Cost:108 Learning about Québec
  • 110. 109 Work and the job search Learning English, To learn more • Regional centre for distance education of Greater Montréal: in addition to French, information on school boards and if the job requires it educational institutions • Société de formation à distance des Employers may require you to know • Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir commissions scolaires du Québec: English to be able to practice your trade et du Sport: or profession in certain jobs, areas of Online training – educational economic activity or regions. institutions, resources and courses In this case, you must acquire an offered adequate knowledge of the language. • Téléuniversité: There are different methods for learning • Le-Formateur/Portal for online English. Educational institutions and training (information technology and language schools offer courses on their languages) given by 16 CEGEPs in premises or distance programs. Québec: If you already have advanced knowledge of French, find out about opportunities to take English courses in your country of departure.109 Learning about Québec
  • 111. 110 Work and the job search Notes on my progress q I need to learn or improve my English. q I am registering for an English course. q I am interested in the following educational institutions that offer At the following institution: English instruction: Address: Name of institution: Contact information: Registration date: Start date: Contact person: Cost: q I am registering for a distance English course. Name of institution: With the following educational institution or organization: Contact information: Address: Contact person: Registration date: Start date: Cost:110 Learning about Québec
  • 112. 111 Work and the job search Following up on my action plan The successful completion of your professional integration is a demanding process. Throughout your process, a guidance Use all methods available to you to conduct your search and don’t hesitate to ask agent from the Immigration-Québec for help if needed. service located near your place of residence, or from a community organization that helps new immigrants, can help you determine the probable Finding a job related to my causes of your difficulties and direct you occupational skills to appropriate resources. Since arriving in Québec, you may have been working in a job other than the one you had hoped for. It often takes time To learn more • Community organizations that help and much effort to find a job in which new immigrants – contact information Information and assistance to help available on the MICC website, link you can fully use your occupational skills. you in your integration process Your guide suggests several activities Ministerial partners • Ministère de l’Immigration et des to help you prepare and implement a Information on the job search and Communautés culturelles: realistic action plan. You have probably job vacancies, already started or completed several • Emploi-Québec: link Employment steps of the plan. If you need to revise Click on LMI Online or on Online You will find many sites on the labour your goals or specify them further, do not Placement. market. hesitate to ask for help from competent resources to give you the best possible • Immigration-Québec service located • Local employment centre nearest chances of success. near your place of residence – contact you – contact information available on information available on the MICC the Emploi-Québec website website, link To reach us111 Learning about Québec
  • 113. 112 Work and the job search Notes on my progress q Resource person to contact Name: Contact information: q Resource person to contact Name: Contact information:112 Learning about Québec
  • 114. 113 Additional information Online French course Course content offered by the MICC It consists of four course packages varying in duration from 15 to 23 weeks Persons selected by Québec who depending on the package, with six hours have attained a competency level of instruction a week. Each package corresponding to the beginning of the includes an introduction, a summary and intermediate stage can register free of four modules. Each module corresponds charge for Francisation en ligne (French to one of the following themes: housing, online). education, employment, tourism and recreation, health and public services, Course objectives media and culture, consumer and Using a variety of online training tools, business affairs, democratic life in this course allows you to: Québec. The themes are dealt with in > learn online French as written and two course packages to allow a deeper spoken in Québec; treatment of the subject. > practice French with other students; Training methods > discover Québec, its culture and > Self-learning – various exercises common values. conducted at the student’s conve- nience (60% of the course) > Offline learning, in small groups with an instructor (25% of the course) > Live classes led by an instructor (15% of the course)113 Learning about Québec
  • 115. 114 Additional information This course gives access to personalized Tips on submitting your To learn more follow-up by an instructor who leads classes online and who corrects the application for admission Guided visit of francisation en ligne assignments. It also offers technical To submit an application for • support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. admission, visit the website Information on the online french and: This course is also offered on a self course training basis, without virtual classes and > Click on Demande d’admission. • Ministère de l’Immigration et des without compulsory work. > Take the technical test. Communautés culturelles: > Complete all the boxes on the form., Conditions of eligibility link Learning French online > Make sure to write your individual > Hold a CSQ for at least two months. reference number on the form. This • Immigration-Québec service located > Speak and understand French. number, found in the upper right of near your place of residence – > Have access to a computer and an your CSQ, begins by one or two contact information available on the Internet connection. letters. MICC website, link To reach us > Be aged 16 or older.114 Learning about Québec
  • 116. 115 Additional information Arrival and first days To areas outside the Montréal region: Important documents to > by train or bus. For similar prices, keep in my possession To reach my destination the bus has more varied schedules You become eligible to apply for You will find an information counter and routes than the train. Railway Canadian citizenship after living in at all airports, railway stations and bus stations and bus terminals are Canada for at least three years as a terminals where you will be told about generally located near the city permanent resident. Keep the originals of the best way to reach your destination. centre; the following documents in a safe place: The different ways to travel are: > by rental vehicle; > your passport or travel document; To Montréal: > by plane. Flying can save you a lot > your Certificat de sélection du > by shuttle bus, from Montréal- of time, but will cost much more Québec (CSQ); Trudeau airport, for a reasonable than other types of transportation. > your valid permanent resident visa price; affixed to your passport (issued by > by taxi, from an airport, railway Practical tip Canadian authorities); station, or marine or bus terminal. If you have the time and means, use > your Confirmation of Permanent The fare is government-regulated your first days in Québec to get to know Residence (issued by Canadian and determined by a meter that your new surroundings. Pretend that you authorities). the driver starts when departing. are a tourist and visit the attractions and A flat rate can be negotiated for main streets of the city where you are The latter two items confirm your long distances; living. permanent resident status. You will need them for most of the steps you will have > by rental vehicle. to take. Make sure the information is correct, particularly your date of birth and the spelling of your name. Always use copies (certified, if necessary) when you are required to submit proof of identity for an official application.115 Learning about Québec
  • 117. 116 Additional information Telephone directories Practical tips Postal services As heavy telephone users, Quebecers – When you reach an employee of Canada Post offices provide ordinary use telephone directories as a source the MICC or another organization, postal services (mailing of letters, parcels, of information. That way they can get write down his or her name and money orders). On weekdays, they a lot done without having to go from phone number and the name of a provide mail delivery either to your home one place to another. All telephone department where he or she works. or to a post office box allotted to you. subscribers receive directories free of This will make future contacts easier. When sending a letter or parcel, clearly charge. The front pages explain how to – Before going to the MICC or another indicate the postal code (six characters), use them. government office, check their affix sufficient postage and drop the mail business hours. In many cases, you in letter boxes found in easily visible will need to make an appointment locations in all municipalities. The postal beforehand. code facilitates and hastens delivery of – If you cannot yet communicate easily your mail to Canadian addresses. in French, bring someone along to Canada Post offices also offer a range interpret for you. of other services: general, priority and express delivery; insurance on the value of mailed items; registered mail, holding and forwarding of mail when changing address; postal money order, etc. Postal counters located in stores, convenience stores and pharmacies are authorized to offer the same complete range of postal services as those offered in Canada Post offices. Rapid private messenger services are also available.116 Learning about Québec
  • 118. 117 Additional information Canadian currency Sales taxes You are required to file two income tax returns, one to the government of The currency used in Québec is the Almost all goods and services are subject Québec and the other to the government Canadian dollar ($). It is divided into to consumption taxes imposed by the of Canada, using the forms prescribed for 100 cents (¢) and comes in the following federal and provincial governments. The this purpose. denominations: federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) is 5% and the Québec Sales Tax (QST) The tax year runs from January 1 to > Coins: 1 ¢, 5 ¢, 10 ¢, 25 ¢, 50 ¢ is 7.5%. These taxes are not usually December 31. Income tax returns must (rarely used), $1 and $2; included in the tag prices. generally be sent to both governments > Bank notes commonly used: $5, no later than April 30 of the following $10, $20, $50 and $100. Income taxes year. If you have no Canadian currency on you Revenue from income tax and other In addition to reporting your income, when you arrive, you can buy some at taxes is used to finance public services. deductions and calculation of taxes foreign exchange bureaus found in most Consequently, every individual is payable, your income tax return enables large airports. Elsewhere, the service is responsible for filing an income tax governments to determine your eligibility available from foreign exchange dealers return. for various social programs. and some credit unions and bank The tax system is based on the principle branches. of self-assessment. You must declare your income and deductions, then calculate the share of tax you will have to pay each year. The amount of tax you owe depends on your income and specific situation, both personal and familial. This is called an “individual income tax return.”117 Learning about Québec
  • 119. 118 Additional information Practical tips Useful information To learn more – If you have difficulty with your income – The brochures entitled New Residents Information on postal services, tax return, contact Revenu Québec and Income Tax and the Guide to the products and rates and the Canada Revenue Agency. Income Tax Return for individuals are • Canada Post: Their customer service agents can available free of charge in any Revenu give you all the information you Québec office and on its website. Information on the tax system need to complete your tax forms, – Provincial and federal income tax • Revenu Québec: free of charge. You can also contact forms for individuals are available tax experts (specialized agencies, respectively at: To consult the brochure entitled New accountants), but you must pay for Residents and Income Tax, click on – Revenu Québec, Services Québec this service. Individuals, then Your situation and on and credit unions; – Do not neglect your tax obligations. By New Residents. – Canada Revenue Agency, the offices filing your income tax return on time • Canada Revenue Agency: and website of Service Canada, and and declaring all your income, you post offices. will avoid having to pay interest and To consult information intended for new penalties if you have amounts owing. residents, click on Individuals, then on International and non­resident, again on Individuals and on Newcomers to Canada.118 Learning about Québec
  • 120. 119 Additional information Business hours door-to-door selling, credit, sales or lease To learn more of a new or used automobile. Before The law allows most stores to stay open Information on consumer matters signing a contract, it is very important to the public from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. from • Office de la protection du to read all the clauses carefully and pay Monday to Friday, and from 8 a.m. to consommateur : special attention to the small print. It is 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. also possible to reach a contract agree- More flexible hours are allowed ment over the telephone. In this case, for supermarkets, neighborhood you must be very vigilant. convenience stores (called Practical tip Car lease or purchase – If you wish to “dépanneurs”), pharmacies, stores in After you are settled, take the time lease an automobile long term or buy a airports, air terminals and hospitals, to discover how Quebecers live and used car, first learn about precautions to bookstores, service stations and leisure become familiar with the price of goods take. For example, a salesman is required or tourist businesses such as restaurants, and services. Plan your budget carefully to provide the information written on the cinemas, museums, hotels, etc. taking into account essential expenses label affixed to the car. He must also give such as housing, food, transportation, Consumer issues you a warranty on the proper functioning etc. It is preferable to use your savings of the car, subject to certain reservations. Settling here means that you will engage carefully and gradually adjust your in consumer activity. You will probably Warranties – The Consumer Protection budget. deal with goods and services providers. Act states that goods purchased from a To carry out these transactions, you will merchant are covered by a legal warranty often have to sign a contract. on their quality. The warranty covers normal usage of the asset for a reason- Contracts – The Office de la protection able time period, based on the price du consommateur (OPC) is the govern- paid, the contract signed and conditions ment body responsible for enforcing of use. Make sure that you properly the Consumer Protection Act. This Act understand the warranty coverage. governs certain types of contracts such119 Learning about Québec
  • 121. 120 Additional information Public transit based on your needs, at authorized individuals in their neighborhoods. By merchants, in a metro station or in a moving closer to citizens, community- Most large cities offer a public bus railway station. Keep your receipt. It based police aim to better understand system. Montréal is the only city with constitutes your proof of purchase and and meet their needs and expectations a metro (subway), which is particularly will be necessary if you are entitled to a with regard to public security. appreciated in winter. With four lines tax credit. Certain categories of persons The police are there to serve you, so do and 68 stations, the underground train such as children, students and the elderly not hesitate to seek their help in case of serves the heart of Greater Montréal and aged 65 and over can benefit from need. connects the south shore of the Saint reduced fares. Lawrence River to the city centre. Five Police forces suburban train lines provide connections For information on fares, schedules, Police forces ensure the security of between the urban zone of Montréal and routes and itineraries to get from one citizens and see that laws are obeyed. surrounding suburbs. point to another, call the telephone There are three main types of police information service of your city’s public Fare payment methods vary according force in Québec: transit commission. to municipality. You can generally pay > municipal police in most large cities; for your trip in cash in the metro and on Police services > Sûreté du Québec (SQ), present buses and certain suburban trains. Exact Relations between the police and throughout the province, in particular change is required on buses. You can citizens of Québec are based on trust on highways and in rural regions obtain single tickets. The date and time and marked by mutual respect. In all with no municipal police; are printed on the back of the ticket. situations requiring police assistance, you They are good for one trip and serve as > the Royal Canadian Mounted Police can call on them without fear. transfers. Keep it for the duration of your (RCMP), which enforce federal laws. trip as proof of payment. Community-based policing has emerged in recent years. It was introduced with If you use public transit often, purchasing several goals, including strengthening on OPUS card will be more economical. public trust in police organizations You must ”load” it with transit tickets, and concretely improving the safety of120 Learning about Québec
  • 122. 121 Additional information You can ask the police to intervene in Practical tips In an emergency many situations: – If you are arrested, do not resist the Dial 9-1-1. > emergencies of all kinds; police. You will subsequently have Otherwise, you can call the nearest police > road accidents; the right to challenge their reason or station directly. Is a good idea to keep > if you are a victim of theft, assault or lodge a complaint if you consider the this number near your telephone. fraud; arrest abusive. In the Greater Montréal area, the Barreau du Québec offers a > if a person under your care 24 hour telephone consultation service. To learn more disappears; Information on civil security, crime The telephone number is generally > if you witness a crime, etc. posted in police stations. If not, it will prevention and community police The police are required to respond in a be given to you on request. • Ministère de la Sécurité publique: judicious manner without using abusive – If you wish to make a complaint force. They must also tell you the reasons about police conduct, contact the Mission and role of the Sûreté du for their action, unless they catch you Police Ethics Commissioner. The committing an offence, and respect your Québec complaint form is available on the right to a lawyer’s assistance. • Sûreté du Québec: Commissioner’s website. If you need help, its staff can answer your questions by phone or in person and Information on police duties and advise you on how to formulate your standards of conduct and on how complaint. to file a complaint • Police ethics commissioner: www.deontologie-policiere.gouv.qc.ca121 Learning about Québec
  • 123. 122 Additional information Climate Useful information To learn more Because of its geographic location, – Dress adequately in winter when going Information on the dangers of Québec has a continental climate outdoors by wearing a sweater, warm exposure to the sun and protection characterized by harsh winters and coat, scarf, gloves or mittens, and warm methods relatively hot summers. Although waterproof boots. Keep your head well • Ministère de la Santé et des Services seasonal temperatures vary by region, covered with a hat, tuque or hood. sociaux: they reach an average 22° Celsius (°C) in – All the time and especially in summer, You can read the publication Le summer and -10 °C in winter. Most new you are strongly advised to protect bronzage pourrait avoir votre peau! immigrants underestimate the severity of yourself against ultraviolet rays by Québec winters. In fact, temperatures of limiting your exposure to the sun. You -25 °C to -30 °C are quite common and can do so by wearing tinted glasses snow is generally abundant. In contrast, and clothing that covers you and using the mercury often exceeds 27 °C in sun screen cream if needed. summer. Despite these extremes, winter and summer can be very pleasant as long as you dress appropriately. Houses have heating systems that provide all the necessary comfort during the cold season. For your health and well-being in winter, do not try to save money on clothing or heating. It is generally recommended that you keep the temperature of your dwelling at a minimum of 20 °C during the day and 18 °C at night.122 Learning about Québec
  • 124. 123 Additional information Housing Régie du logement du Québec (RLQ), he must still give you, within 10 days after The landlord must give the tenant a copy of the lease within 10 days of its signature. The lease the agreement was reached, a document The lease must also indicate whether the with the following information: dwelling is located in a new building or in After you visit an apartment and express > name and address of the landlord; a building recently converted to residential interest in renting it, the landlord may use, in which case the RLQ may not sometimes ask you to fill out a form > your name; establish the rent for the first five years. At in which you give information and > amount of the rent; the time of signing the lease, the owner references enabling him to check your > exact address of the apartment that may demand advance payment only for tenant record (your behavior in a previous you are renting; the first rental period, which is usually one apartment and your ability to pay the obligatory annotations required by month. He cannot require a deposit for rent). This form, called an “Offer to > law. returning the keys or to cover the cost of Lease,” often contains a clause giving the possible damages. He must then deliver landlord a few days to check your record When the landlord uses the official RLQ your apartment on the date stipulated in before telling you whether he accepts lease form, he must complete it in French the lease. you as a tenant. Since acceptance by the unless you have an agreement with him landlord leads to the signing of the lease, to the contrary. The lease can be terminated only with it is very important to not sign several the agreement of both parties or in offers to lease at a time and instead wait certain exceptional cases prescribed by for the answer to one offer before making law. For example, a victim of domestic another. You will thus avoid being bound violence or sexual assault may obtain the by more than one lease. cancellation of her lease when her security or that of her child who lives with her are If you have a verbal agreement, you have threatened. the right to request written confirmation of this agreement. If the landlord does not want to use the official form of the123 Learning about Québec
  • 125. 124 Additional information If you expect to leave your apartment, – Under the Québec Charter of Human Useful information you must give your landlord advance Rights and Freedoms, it is prohibited – The Régie du logement du Québec notice. For a one-year lease, notice must to refuse to rent an apartment to a (RLQ) is a special court that enforces be given between three and six months person for discriminatory reasons such legislation concerning residential before the end of the lease or else it will as ethnic or national origin, colour, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, rental housing. It rules on disputes be automatically renewed under the same civil status, age, disability or the use concerning a residential lease, conditions. For a shorter lease, the notice of means to mitigate this disability, informs citizens about the rights and period may also be shorter. the fact of having children or receiving obligations arising from a residential social assistance. lease, and promotes conciliation between landlords and tenants. Right of access to an – Consult the Guide anti­discrimination – The RLQ also applies regulations on apartment pour louer un logement and the the criteria for setting rents in cases Logement et droits guide on the – Under the Civil Code of Québec, a submitted to it when the parties could wesbite of the Commission des droits landlord may not refuse an apartment not agree on the conditions of lease de la personne et des droits de la to a person or impose more onerous renewal. It is also responsible, in jeunesse (CDPDJ). conditions on the person for the sole certain circumstances, for overseeing reason that the person is pregnant or – If you have reason to believe that you the conservation of the housing stock has one or several children, unless the are being refused an apartment due to and, in these cases, protecting the refusal is warranted by the size of the discrimination, contact the CDPDJ. rights of tenants. dwelling.124 Learning about Québec
  • 126. 125 Additional information Housing assistance programs of autonomy. A program to adapt – For information on your eligibility for residences for the handicapped is also a low-rent apartment, contact your and services available. municipal housing office. For all other The Société d’habitation du Québec information, contact the SHQ. Visit the SHQ site for information on (SHQ) is the government agency assistance available. responsible for housing in Québec. It works to improve housing conditions Rent by supporting residential construction, Useful information As a tenant, you must pay the full rent on renovation and adaptation projects. It – Are you having difficulty finding an the date indicated in your lease, which works in collaboration with partners such affordable apartment? Do you need is generally the first day of the month. If as municipalities, housing offices, non- help getting into social or community your rent is more than three weeks late, profit organizations, housing cooperatives, housing or adapting your apartment the landlord may obtain a termination the private sector and the Canada to your needs? You may be eligible of your lease to evict you from the Mortgage and Housing Corporation for financial support to help pay your apartment at any time of the year. If your (CMHC). rent. You may also obtain financial rent is often late, causing the landlord assistance to perform the work serious prejudice, he may also apply to The SHQ has established several required to adapt your apartment or the RLQ to terminate your lease. programs intended mainly for low- income people. They address people make it accessible. If you do not receive notice of a rent with special housing needs such as – To find out if you are eligible for increase and you intend to leave your families or seniors with a slight loss a program and learn about the apartment at the end of the lease, you conditions and documents required must notify the landlord or else your to present an application, contact lease will be automatically renewed. your municipality or regional county municipality (municipalité régionale de comté – MRC).125 Learning about Québec
  • 127. 126 Additional information Recycling of tenant nor the landlord may alter the > not use the apartment for purposes structure of the apartment, for example other than that for which it was household waste by knocking down a wall to make a room rented, namely, to live there; Québec municipalities encourage their bigger, without mutual consent to do so. > not allow an excessive number of residents to contribute to the recycling The landlord and tenant must comply persons to live there, given Québec of household waste by participating with laws and regulations concerning the standards of comfort and public actively in the separate collection of safety and cleanliness of the apartment. health or municipal by-laws. recyclable matter. For this purpose, the To maintain an apartment in good The tenant must also take care to not municipalities provide recycling bins to condition, you must: disturb the normal enjoyment of the residents for the disposal of recyclable matter such as paper, cardboard, glass, > place the household garbage and premises by other occupants of the plastics and metal. recycling bins where indicated building. (usually on the sidewalk) on garbage Contact your municipality to learn more Buying property and recyclable matter collection about reduction at source, the re-use and days, and not let it accumulate If finding the right apartment to rent recycling of waste matter, and to obtain a inside the building; takes time, buying a house requires even recycling bin. > not keep animals in the apartment more care, given its more permanent Use and upkeep if it is prohibited by a municipal nature. You will notice that some owners by-law, building regulation or the sell their houses themselves, but most of the apartment real estate transactions are carried lease; In signing a lease, the landlord agrees out through a real estate broker. After > maintain and regularly clean the to deliver a clean dwelling in good choosing the house you want to buy, sanitary facilities (sinks, toilet, condition. As a tenant, you agree to make the owner an offer to purchase. To shower and bathtub) and appliances maintain it in this condition. However, be prudent, make the offer conditional (refrigerator, stove, washer and you are not responsible for changes in on obtaining a mortgage or on having dryer) included with the apartment; its condition due to normal use or aging. the building inspected by an expert. If the Throughout the lease period, neither the seller accepts your conditions, you have126 Learning about Québec
  • 128. 127 Additional information to follow through with your purchase shared between all co-owners. The Useful information offer. The transaction will be completed condominium corporation (called a By becoming a member of a coopera- by signing a deed of sale before a notary. “syndicate”) administers the building and tively owned building, you can house If you buy a property to live in from maintains the common areas. yourself at a good price, since this is a building contractor or real estate A more economical path to property a form of collectively shared property. promoter, that person must give you ownership could be the purchase of an However, the RLQ cannot determine the a preliminary contract containing undivided share in a multi-unit building. rent for your apartment while you remain information on the building and a clause This means buying a fraction of a building a member of the co-op. that allows you to change your mind without owning any portion exclusively. within 10 days of signing your purchase However, this kind of purchase involves offer. Such cancellation may involve a forming a group of individuals to carry penalty, which must be specified in the out the project or joining an existing contract and may not exceed 0.5% of group. This rather complex process the selling price. usually requires expert advice. After having lived in Québec for some time, Co-ownership you might want to consider this option. You might wish to buy an apartment However, it is important to note that rather than a house. Divided when the apartments are occupied by co-ownership apartments, called tenants, the owner of an undivided condominiums, are increasingly popular share of a building cannot take back any in Québec. Under this formula, a apartment in it, unless there is only one building is divided into exclusively-owned other owner who is his or her spouse. areas (the apartments themselves) Contact the RLQ to learn your rights and and common areas (yard, lobby, obligations in this case. elevators, steps, parking space, etc.)127 Learning about Québec
  • 129. 128 Additional information Furnishing Telephone use, etc.). They also give the addresses of service counters near your home. When you immigrate to Québec, your In Québec, several telecommunications personal and household effects are companies provide residential phone – Telephone numbers that start with exempt from customs duties. However, service. To obtain telephone service, 1-800, 1-888, 1-877 and 1-866 allow certain conditions apply and shipping simply contact the customer service you to call long distance toll-free. may be expensive. Moreover, it may be department of a company covering your preferable to buy items such as electrical municipality. Telephones and directories Insurance appliances here, so they will conform are also available from these companies. Although you are not obliged to insure to Canadian standards. Once you move You will probably have to pay a deposit your furniture, apartment or house, into your new home, you will need basic to connect the service, which generally you are strongly advised to do so. furniture. Since new furniture is costly, takes a few days. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a you will do best to proceed gradually. Telecommunications companies normally difficult situation if your belongings are Renting a furnished apartment constitutes charge a monthly subscription fee that lost in a fire or theft. Moreover, if you an immediate and economical solution. allows an unlimited number of local calls are responsible for a fire in the building of any duration. They also offer monthly where you live, you could be required Useful information flat-rate plans for unlimited long-distance to pay the cost of damage caused to You can buy furniture inexpensively by calling between certain hours. Do some the building and the belongings of other going to sales and consulting classified research to find the plan that best suits tenants. If you take out a mortgage loan, ads in newspapers. Second-hand your needs. Calling cards may also prove the lender will demand that the building furniture can be bought at garage sales useful. be insured. (also called yard sales) or from volunteer Private brokers and insurance companies organizations. For more information, Useful information offer a wide range of coverage against contact community organizations that – The front pages of your telephone fire, theft and public liability. Before help new immigrants. directory explain what you need to committing yourself, find out about the know as a telephone subscriber (rates, different formulas from insurers and your circle of friends and acquaintances.128 Learning about Québec
  • 130. 129 Additional information Premiums can vary greatly for the same Since energy costs vary substantially from Practical tips coverage. However, it is possible to one season to the next, most suppliers – Before moving, give your new address reduce premium costs by asking for a let you spread out your total bill over to natural gas, electricity and heating higher deductible*. Your home insurance the year. These equal monthly payment oil suppliers so they do not bill you for policy covers you for public liability even plans have the advantage of sparing you costs you did not incur. outside your home. high bills in the winter. Although Québec law prohibits certain service interruptions – Be very careful using auxiliary heating Energy costs: gas, electricity, in winter, failure to pay your bills on time systems (wood or kerosene stoves, heating oil could create problems for you. portable electric heaters, etc.). They can be extremely harmful to your These costs are generally paid by the The installation of electrical and gas health and constitute serious fire tenant unless the lease states that the heating equipment is governed by hazards. landlord will pay them. In each region, Québec legislation and municipal electricity and natural gas are each by-laws and must generally be done supplied by a single provider. To find by professionals. Do not try to save out the monthly cost and become a money by doing this work yourself. If customer, simply call the Customer your system were to cause a disaster Service department of the local electric or damage, your insurer could refuse to power company (usually Hydro-Québec) compensate you. or natural gas company (usually Gaz Métropolitain). There are many oil companies and independent distributors for heating oil. Take the time to select the company that offers the best price and a good maintenance program for the heating system.129 Learning about Québec * The portion of damages borne by the insured party in the claim settlement.
  • 131. 130 Additional information Preventing and fighting fires Smoke detectors If a fire breaks out You must take a few basic precautions Most municipalities require rental building – Trigger the building’s fire alarm system, to prevent fires, particularly in winter owners and home owners to install if it has one. when heating systems are working smoke detectors. These inexpensive – Notify the fire department immediately at full capacity. For example, do not devices make it possible for occupants by calling 9-1-1. place clothing, furniture or objects too of apartments and houses to exit quickly Consult your municipal fire department close to baseboard electrical heaters or before the smoke spreads. They can for further information on fire prevention wood stoves If you are responsible for save your life and that of your family, and what to do in case of a fire. maintaining your heating system, have it particularly when the fire breaks out at checked and have your chimney cleaned night when everyone is sleeping, and by a competent firm at least once a year. prevent extensive damage to you and Your municipal fire department can your neighbours. recommend such companies. Many Fire extinguishers are also strongly fires are also caused by the unsafe use recommended and sometimes required of stoves or by careless smokers. Be by municipal by-laws. Firefighting very careful when using cooking oils services are provided free of charge by and never smoke in bed. municipalities.130 Learning about Québec
  • 132. 131 Additional information Practical tips To learn more – Check the operation of your smoke Information on recyclable matter Information on human rights and detectors regularly and replace the youth rights and prohibited reasons batteries periodically. The best times to for discrimination do this are when the clock changes, in Information on forms of housing assistance and available resources • Commission des droits de la per- March and November, and when your sonne et des droits de la jeunesse: smoke detector emits an intermittent • Société d’habitation du Québec: beeping signal that indicates a low You will find the Guide anti­ battery. When moving, check all smoke You can consult the Resources directory. discrimination pour louer un logement detectors in the new apartment or Information on smoke detectors and the guide Logement et droits. house. and fire prevention Information on the rights and – For more information on smoke • Ministère de la Sécurité publique: responsibilities of landlords detectors, contact the fire department, link Fire safety and tenants in housing matters in your municipality or consult the You will find lots of advice on fire website of the Ministère de la Sécurité • Régie du logement du Québec: prevention. publique. • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation: • Portal Québec – Services to citizens: You can consult the guide Vivre en logement.131 Learning about Québec
  • 133. 132 Additional information The Québec Eligibility for the plan of the country of origin will be required when registering with the RAMQ. health system Health care and hospitalization are Countries that have reached such an covered for everyone who lives in agreement with Québec are Denmark, Québec Health Québec at least 183 days a year, has Finland, France, Greece, Luxembourg, a Health Insurance Card, and has Insurance Plan completed any applicable waiting period. Norway, Portugal and Sweden. Medical care and hospitalization are The waiting period is a maximum period provided throughout Québec. These Transport by ambulance of three months during which new services are covered by a universal health arrivals who come to settle in Québec Unless you have private insurance insurance plan, administered by the are not covered by the Health Insurance covering ambulance service, you must Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec Plan. However, depending on a person’s usually pay for it. You will be billed in (RAMQ), and the Québec Hospitalization situation, certain health services may be the days following the trip. However, Insurance Plan. All Québec residents* provided free during the waiting period. ambulance transportation is generally are eligible for the Health Insurance Plan. These include necessary services to free for victims of road or workplace They must obtain a Health Insurance victims of domestic or family violence or accidents, persons already hospitalized Card by registering with the RAMQ. sexual assault; care and follow-up related who must change health establishments, to pregnancy, delivery or interruption employment assistance recipients, and This plan covers all essential medical of pregnancy; necessary services for persons aged 65 and over. care, but not special treatments such as cosmetic surgery or so-called natural or persons with infectious health problems alternative medical treatment. Before that affect public health; and certain In an emergency consulting a doctor or other health services offered in CLSCs, such as Dial 9-1-1 or call your nearest police specialist, make sure that he or she vaccination. station directly. Keep the numbers near practices under the Québec Health Immigrants from countries that have a your telephone. Insurance Plan. Otherwise, you will have reciprocity agreement on social security to pay for the visit yourself. with Québec are generally exempt from this waiting period. In this case, proof of132 Learning about Québec insurance from the social security plan * Within the meaning of the Health Insurance Act.
  • 134. 133 Additional information Visiting a doctor To register, have your Health Insurance Useful information Number handy and call the RAMQ. You must clearly describe your symptoms You can receive dental care at a Persons aged 65 and over are automati- to the doctor to help him make a correct reduced price by going to a university cally registered. They must notify the diagnosis. In turn, the doctor must give clinic. However, because these clinics RAMQ without fail if they wish to have you a clear description of your state of are very busy, you can rarely make an their prescription drug purchases covered health, the treatment he recommends appointment on short notice. by their group insurance plan, where and the drugs he prescribes. Do not applicable. hesitate to ask him questions. Emergency care Public Prescription Drug Dental care and oral surgery If you or someone close to you needs To obtain dental care, make an immediate medical care, go to the Insurance Plan appointment with one of the many nearest hospital emergency clinic. The public Prescription Drug Insurance dentists in private practice. Only children However, if you cannot move the person, Plan is administered by the RAMQ. This under 10 years of age and, in certain call 9-1-1 for emergency medical service. government plan guarantees that Québec cases, employment assistance recipients, The telephone directory front pages give residents* without a private drug insurance may receive most treatments free of the phone numbers of other emergency plan can obtain the drugs required by charge upon presentation of their Health services such as assistance to victims of their state of health. To this end, the plan Insurance Card. Unlike health care, dental domestic violence and sexual assault, calls for public contributions that take into care is not free for other types of clients. young people and suicidal or depressed account an individual’s situation. Access Certain oral surgical procedures persons, gas odor detection, poison to the RAMQ-administered Prescription performed in facilities operated by a control, etc. Drug Insurance Plan is granted to Québec hospital or university are free for all residents who do not have access to a Québec residents* covered by the group insurance plan. Québec Health Insurance Plan.133 Learning about Québec * Within the meaning of the Health Insurance Act.
  • 135. 134 Additional information Practical tips The parents, of the same or opposite After entering the child’s birth in the sex, must declare the birth of their child register of civil status, the Registrar of – Make sure you understand how each within 30 days following the birth. Civil Status will confirm the registration prescription drug should be taken. The Two documents are required to enter a by letter. Once the child is entered in the pharmacist can advise you. birth in the register of civil status: register of civil status by the prescribed – Do not stay alone in an emergency deadline, and the RAMQ has verified situation. Call your friends or neighbors > the Attestation of birth, completed the child’s eligibility, the parents will who you know. They can help you, and signed by the person who automatically receive the child’s Health look after your children in your assisted the delivery; Insurance Card. absence, or accompany you to the > the Declaration of birth, completed hospital. and signed by the child’s parents before a witness. If the parents are not married to one The family another, they must both sign the Declaration of birth to establish their Registration of a birth maternal and paternal filiation. The birth of every child in Québec must To register your child, you can take the be declared to the Directeur de l’état civil Declaration of birth to the Registrar of (Registrar of Civil Status), who will enter Civil Status yourself. The Attestation of the birth in the register of civil status of birth will then be sent to the Registrar Québec. Once registered, the child will directly by the doctor. However, be able to: we recommend that you leave the > establish his or her identity; Declaration of birth with hospital staff, > obtain a Health Insurance Card and who will send it along with the Attestation Social Insurance Number; of birth to the Registrar of Civil Status within the deadline prescribed by law. > obtain a birth certificate and other134 Learning about Québec civil status documents.
  • 136. 135 Additional information The Québec educational > A day care centre is generally a for-profit Seeking an educational childcare place business that provides day care services childcare network in a facility with a maximum capacity For a good choice of educational childcare services, it is advisable to start your Educational childcare services of 80 children. A majority of day care search early. Regional access “windows” governed by law centres offer reduced-contribution to childcare places centralize the Subject to provisions of the Educational places. Unsubsidized centres set their registration of parents seeking a place in Childcare Act, educational childcare own rates charged to parents. all administrative regions of Québec. In services offered by childcare centres, > A home childcare provider is a person a single step, generally over the web or day care centres and recognized home accredited by a coordinating office who telephone, a parent can thus be registered childcare providers are intended primarily provides childcare service in a private with several childcare services that belong for children under five years old and, if home and receives up to six children or, to the “window” of their region. educational childcare services are not if assisted by another adult, up to nine On the website of the Ministère de la available in a school setting, to children children. Most home childcare providers Famille et des Aînés, you can consult up to the end of primary education. accredited by a coordinating office offer the list of regional “windows” and the These providers of childcare services reduced-contribution places. childcare service locater designed to help apply an educational program that fosters you indentify the CPEs, day care centres the overall development of the child on and home daycare coordinating office several levels: emotional, social, moral, located near your home or workplace. physical, language, etc. If you are looking for a home childcare > A childcare centre (Centre de la petite service, the coordinating office can give enfance – CPE) is either a not-for-profit you information on the delivery of home organization or a cooperative. It offers childcare services. reduced-contribution places in one or more facilities with a maximum capacity of 80 children.135 Learning about Québec
  • 137. 136 Additional information Childcare services not governed by law Under the law, no one may offer or receive benefits under the social Certain childcare services are not subject provide childcare in Québec to more assistance program or the social to the Educational Childcare Act. The act than six children unless the person holds solidarity program provided in the does not apply to: a childcare centre or day care centre Individual and Family Assistance Act. permit or is a home childcare provider Other measures promoting access to > a person who offers or provides recognized by an accredited home child- occasional organized childcare services, childcare services, in addition to reduced- care coordinating office. Accordingly, a contribution places, include the refund of in a health or social services institution, person who is not accredited by a in a commercial establishment, at a fair childcare fees to parents eligible for: coordinating office may receive up to or exhibition or during a special event, six children. > any employment assistance measure; to children whose parents are on site > financial assistance for studies; and can be reached if needed; Measures promoting access to childcare services > full-time French courses and financial > a person who operates a day camp or aid from the MICC. vacation camp; Quality educational childcare services are offered in childcare centres, subsidized The fees paid for childcare give a right > a school board or private educational to a refundable Québec income tax day care centres and home childcare institution that provide childcare at credit to parents whose children do not services recognized by a coordinating school; benefit from a reduced-contribution place office: > a drop-in day care centre, meaning and, under certain conditions, they can > in exchange for a parental contribution a public or community body that receive this tax credit in the form of early of $7 a day per child, giving priority to provides support and assistance to installments. Fees paid for childcare, children under five years old; families as part of its mission, or that including amounts paid for reduced- provides temporary childcare as part of > or free of charge for two and a half contribution places, are eligible for the a specific activity involving parents or days a week and, under certain federal childcare deduction. For more children. conditions, for a longer period for information, contact Revenu Québec. children aged under 5 whose parents136 Learning about Québec
  • 138. 137 Additional information Leaves and absences for Québec Parental Insurance Plan Paternity leave (QPIP) family or parental reasons The law also provides for an unpaid This plan pays financial allowances to paternity leave of five consecutive weeks The Act respecting Labour Standards eligible workers, either wage-earning or for a salaried worker upon the birth of his grants full-time or part time employees self-employed, who take advantage of a child. This leave may not be transferred a certain number of days of paid and maternity, paternity, adoption or parental to the mother and may not be shared unpaid leave for family-related events. leave. with her. During this period, the worker At the end of such leaves, the employer Maternity leave may receive benefits under the QPIP if must re-integrate the person in his or he is eligible. her usual position and pay the salary and An employed pregnant woman may take benefits to which the person would have maternity leave with the assurance of Parental leave been entitled had he or she stayed at returning to her job with no reduction This unpaid leave of up to 52 consecu- work. of benefits. This unpaid maternity leave tive weeks is granted to each parent, of Find out the terms and conditions lasts 18 consecutive weeks during which the same or opposite sex, of a newborn for obtaining these leaves from your it is possible, under certain conditions, to child or to a person who adopts a minor employer or your union. The Commission receive benefits from the QPIP. child. This leave is added to the maternity des normes du travail (CNT) can tell The employer may also grant unpaid and paternity leaves. During this period, you the minimum conditions set by law leaves related to prenatal pregnancy benefits may be paid under the QPIP to concerning the right to these leaves. examinations, interruption of pregnancy support the income of the parents. or a special maternity leave.137 Learning about Québec
  • 139. 138 Additional information Absence for family or parental reasons Useful information Child social services The law also allows employees to take – If you are pregnant and your job or Under the Civil Code of Québec and days off from their job, without pay, work environment presents dangers other legislation, Québec society does not for their marriage or civil union and to your health or that of your unborn regard children as the “property” of their the marriage or civil union of a family child, you can ask your employer parents, but rather as persons in their member, in the event of death or funeral for a transfer or take precautionary own right. Society wants them to receive services of a family member, to meet pregnancy leave. Ask the Commission a good education. It also wants them obligations related to the care, health or de la santé et de la sécurité du travail protected in many respects, particularly education of their child or the child of (CSST) about this option. through vaccination against certain their spouse, or when their presence is childhood diseases. – If you are pregnant, your CSSS can required by a family member because of provide a great deal of support Likewise, it wants to shelter them from an accident, criminal act or serious illness. throughout your pregnancy and physical, psychological and sexual To learn more about paid or unpaid after you give birth (medical help, abuse. If you know of any children you leaves to which you may be entitled, nursing care, pre-natal classes). CSSS believe are being abused, mistreated or contact the CNT or your union. personnel can also advise you on neglected, contact the youth protection family planning at any time. centre in your region and ask to report – You will find information on all steps the situation to the Directeur de la to take upon the birth of a child at protection de la jeunesse (DPJ). the Services Québec website under Citizens, Life Events, Becoming a Parent.138 Learning about Québec
  • 140. 139 Additional information Domestic violence and Domestic violence Useful information sexual assault As defined in Québec, domestic violence – Many organizations can give you Although Québec society disapproves of includes psychological, verbal, physical information, advice and comfort. Some violence against any person, women and and sexual assault as well as acts of offer free telephone crisis lines open men are still victims of domestic violence, domination at the economic level. It is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. and women and children are victims of not the result of a loss of control, but on – A list of these organizations is available sexual assault, within and outside the the contrary, constitutes a means chosen from a Crime Victims Assistance Centre family environment. The law encourages to dominate the other person and affirm (CAVAC). you to not tolerate such situations. one’s power over him or her. You will not lose any of your rights if Sexual assault In case of emergency, request police you leave the family home to escape assistance immediately by dialing 911 or Sexual assault is an act of a sexual mistreatment. On the contrary, you and the CSSS nearest your home. nature, with or without physical contact, your children are protected by law from committed by an individual without the You can call at any time (toll free): such abuse, which is considered a serious consent of the person targeted or, in • S.O.S. domestic violence: crime. You should therefore not be afraid certain cases, notably that of children, to call the police. They will give you > 1 800 363-9010 by emotional manipulation or blackmail. shelter and, in collaboration with social • CAVAC line: It is an act aimed at subjecting another services, refer you to resources that will person to one’s own desires through > 1 866 532-2822 help you: women’s shelter, sexual assault an abuse of power, use of force and • Line for victims of sexual assault, their centre or crime victims assistance centre. constraint, or under an implicit or relatives and support workers explicit threat. Sexual assault violates fundamental rights, specifically the > 1 888 933-9007 physical and psychological integrity and security of the individual.139 Learning about Québec
  • 141. 140 Additional information Marriage In either case, the law provides that both The law also provides that a joint family spouses: patrimony is constituted, that includes You must be at least 16 years old to > are fully equal; homes, furniture, automobiles used for marry in Québec. However, anyone family travel, and some private retirement under age 18 must have the consent of > are required to live together; plans. their parents or guardians. Marriage may > owe one another mutual respect, join two people of the same or opposite In Québec, only a divorce granted by loyalty, help and assistance; sex. The procedures for getting married a civil court can legally terminate a > jointly assume the moral and marriage. When spouses divorce, they are simple. The future spouses may opt material direction of the family; must divide the value of the family for: > jointly exercise parental authority and patrimony equally. The repudiation of > a religious marriage performed by a perform the ensuing tasks such as one spouse by the other has no legal minister of religion authorized by the feeding, maintaining and educating effect. Similarly, polygamy and polyandry Minister responsible for civil status; the children; are illegal. > a civil marriage performed by > jointly choose the family home; a notary or any other person Matrimonial regimes designated by the Minister of Justice. > both contribute to household expenses; The law gives a choice among three In either case, the officiating parties must matrimonial regimes – partnership of be authorized to perform weddings by > are jointly responsible for debts acquests, separation as to property and the Ministère de la Justice (MJ). contracted for current household community of property. needs; A marriage has the same value whether Except for the partnership of acquests, it is religious or civil. The spouses enjoy > keep their own name and exercise which applies automatically to couples the same rights and have the same their civil rights under this name. without a marriage or civil union contract, obligations. the other regimes involve signing a contract before a notary. The regime selected will go into effect when the marriage or civil union is celebrated.140 Learning about Québec
  • 142. 141 Additional information However, the matrimonial regime or Common-law marriages spouse may receive life insurance marriage or civil union contract can proceeds on the deceased spouse only Two persons may also decide to live always be changed. Both spouses must if he or she was named a beneficiary. in a common law relationship (“free consent and obtain the services of a union”), meaning they live together The elderly notary. In this case, the new matrimonial without getting married. Common-law regime goes into effect when the Most elderly persons who immigrate do relationships are recognized regardless contract is signed. so to join a son or daughter. They often of the sex of the spouses. feel uprooted, therefore most of them Civil union The Civil Code of Québec confers appreciate meeting fellow-countrymen Two persons at least 18 years of age, of no particular status on common-law in a community setting. Whether or not the same or opposite sex, may contract spouses. If they sign a co-habitation they are immigrants, elderly persons a civil union before an officer authorized agreement, preferably before a notary sometimes need special care and to perform marriages. A civil union or lawyer, common-law spouses may attention because of their state of has essentially the same effects as a obtain certain guarantees offered by health or the loss of financial or physical marriage. marriage. This legal document sets out autonomy. the conditions that they agree to obey. Only a notarized joint declaration or a Children born of this type of union are court judgment can terminate a civil protected by law and enjoy the same union where the interest of children is rights as children of a married couple. In at stake. If the spouses do not agree the event of death, surviving common- on the consequences of their breakup, law spouses are not legally recognized as one of them may petition the court heirs. Therefore, common-law spouses for a dissolution of the civil union. The who wish to bequeath belongings to one dissolution of the civil union will have the another should do so through a notarized same consequences as a divorced. will. Similarly, the surviving common-law141 Learning about Québec
  • 143. 142 Additional information A CSSS is the gateway to a number of Practical tip services intended for the elderly, such as Ask organizations from your community home support. The elderly are entitled to of origin about organized activities for the these services once they become eligible elderly. Visit your nearest CSSS to learn for the Régime d’assurance maladie du about services available to seniors. Québec. They may also receive financial benefits: > certain services are free or at reduced rates; > government pension and retirement plans or benefits, under certain conditions. In different ways, the Régie des rentes du Québec (RRQ) and the income security programs of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada help ensure a decent minimum income to the elderly or retired persons. If you or your spouse paid into a pension plan in a country that has signed a social security agreement with Québec, you may be entitled to a retirement, disability, survivor or orphan’s pension from that country. Find out about this from the RRQ.142 Learning about Québec
  • 144. 143 Additional information To learn more Information on registering a birth Information on leaves and absences Information on international social and on acts of civil status for family or parental reasons security agreements • Directeur de l’état civil: • Commission des normes du travail: • Régie des rentes du Québec:, link Leaves and Information on programs and absences Information on services and Click on Publications for access to services for families, children, programs information documents available. Québec family policy and day care to assist seniors services Information on the Québec Parental • Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés: Insurance Plan • Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés: • Régime québécois d’assurance • Services Québec: A locator for day care services can parentale: be found under the link Services de Information on workplace • Human Resources and Skills garde. Click on Parents to consult the prevention for pregnant workers Development Canada: document À la recherche d’un service and preventive withdrawal in case of de garde éducatif pour votre enfant pregnancy • Service Canada: (seeking educational child care for your child). • Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail: • Association québécoise des centres Consult the publication Travailler en de la petite enfance: sécurité pour une maternité sans • Association des haltes-garderies danger. communautaires du Québec: www.ahgcq.org143 Learning about Québec
  • 145. 144 Additional information Information on the rights and living Information on aid services or how • Tel-Jeunes conditions of women to contact a crime victims assistance > Montréal region: • Conseil du statut de la femme: centre (CAVAC) 514 288-2266 > Elsewhere in Québec (toll-free): • Compensation for victims of criminal Click on En région for contact 1 800 263-2266 acts: information for regional offices. • Gai Écoute In an emergency, you can also call the > Everywhere in Québec (toll-free): • Secrétariat à la condition féminine: following crisis lines directly. They are free 1 888 505-1010 of charge and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. • Suicide Prevention Line Information on the Québec Charter > Everywhere in Québec (toll free): of Human Rights and Freedoms • CAVAC line 1 866 277-3553 (including questions concerning > Everywhere in Québec (toll-free): 1 866 532-2822 • Bilingual and confidential telephone discrimination, harassment and the service for listening, information and exploitation of elderly or disabled • Parents Line referral offered to elderly victims of persons) and on the Directeur de la > Montréal region: psychological, financial or physical protection de la jeunesse 514 288-5555 abuse > Elsewhere in Québec (toll-free): • Commission des droits de la personne Monday to Thursday from 1 800 361-5085 et des droits de la jeunesse: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. • S.O.S. Domestic violence Friday from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. > Everywhere in Québec (toll-free): 1 800 363-9010 > Montréal region: 514 489-2287 > Elsewhere in Québec (toll free): 1 888 489-2287144 Learning about Québec
  • 146. 145 Additional information The Québec education The Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport du Québec (MELS) kindergarten is not compulsory, 98% of eligible children are enrolled in it. system also recognizes a network of private Preschool education is provided: Education is free in the public system for establishments that also teach the official > to children aged four, half time, all Québec residents from kindergarten to school curriculum. To attend these in some schools; the college level inclusively*. The Québec private schools, students must pay tuition > to children aged five, full time, public education system is secular and fees and meet their individual entrance during the school year; language-based, French and English, requirements. according to the language of instruction > throughout Québec, in the public School attendance is compulsory for all used in the schools. school system and some private children from age 6 to 16. The school schools. year begins in late August or early September and usually ends before Primary education Useful information June 24. It includes at least 180 class Since French is the official language of days. Mixed classes (boys and girls) Regardless of whether they attended Québec, the children of immigrants, are the norm at all levels of study. kindergarten, all six-year-old children must whatever their mother tongue, are be enrolled in primary school. Children normally required to attend a school Preschool education aged five can be enrolled provided they under a francophone school board in turn six before October 1 of their first Preschool education (kindergarten) their area until the completion of their school year. Primary education extends prepares children for primary school. secondary studies. over six years, divided into three cycles of They receive supervision that promotes two years each. their development, introduces them gradually to a stimulating learning Pupils with adjustment problems can environment and teaches them the skills benefit from services that take their they need to succeed in school. Although learning difficulties into account.145 Learning about Québec * Within the meaning of the Education Act, the General and Vocational Colleges Act and their regulations.
  • 147. 146 Additional information Useful information > The vocational program, lasting on Important average a year and a half, begins The Québec school system encourages Under the Québec Charter of Human after the 3rd, 4th or 5th year of parents to participate actively in their Rights and Freedoms, everyone must have secondary studies, depending on the children’s education by becoming equal access, without discrimination, to requirements of the various study involved in the school’s governing board services ordinarily offered to the public. programs. Successful completion and parent participation organization and, As such, a child may not be excluded leads to a Diploma of Vocational at the school board level, the parents’ from ordinary school solely because he Studies (DVS). committees, the advisory committee on or she suffers from behavioral problems services for handicapped students and > About 50 programs are offered or a disability. In such cases, the child’s students with social maladjustments or to DVS holders in certain training needs must be studied more closely with learning disabilities, and the advisory areas. An Attestation of Vocational the school or school board. If this process committee on transportation. Specialization (AVS) is conferred produces no result, an appeal is possible following training that lasts 6 or to the CDPDJ, which can take action in 12 months. matters of integrating pupils into ordinary Secondary education > The Attestation of Vocational classes. After six years of primary education, Education (AVE) is issued after a students must continue their education training period that lasts a maximum at the secondary level in a general or of 900 hours. Undertaken after the vocational program: second year of secondary studies by > The general program, lasting five a student at least 15 years of age, years, leads to higher education. this training program takes place Successful completion of this in a company setting and prepares program confers a Secondary School students to practice a semi-skilled Diploma (SSD). trade.146 Learning about Québec
  • 148. 147 Additional information College education It is also possible to obtain an Attestation University education of College Studies (ACS) following tech- A general secondary education leads University education represents the nical training of variable duration (up to college, which is the first stage second stage of higher education. The to a year and a half) that leads to the of higher education. General and duration of study varies depending on job market. vocational colleges known as CEGEPs the discipline and level. There are three (collège d’enseignement général et CEGEPs offers a wide variety of pre- study cycles in university education. professionnel) and certain private university programs including natural The first cycle of university studies leads colleges offer students a choice between: sciences, social sciences, dance, music, to either a Bachelor’s degree (three to fine arts, liberal arts, science, history > pre-university studies, lasting two five years of study) or a certificate or and civilization. Some CEGEPs also offer years, that prepare students for diploma (one or two years of study). an international baccalaureate. The university; Education at this level leads either to the numerous technical programs are divided > technical studies, lasting three years, job market or to the second and third into five fields: biological technology, that lead to jobs as technicians study cycles. physics technology, social technology, or technologists. Under certain administrative technology and arts. In At the second (graduate) level, studies conditions, technical studies can also fact, they cover all sectors of the lead to either a Master’s degree lead to university. economy. Specialized educational (generally two years of study) or a Whatever their choice, students must institutions such as institutes and certificate or diploma (generally one take general education courses, some of conservatories also offer diverse training year of study). which are common to both programs. programs in disciplines such as circus Study at the third (doctoral) level leads The Diploma of College Studies (DCS) training, music, agri-food technology, to a Ph.D. after three years or more. recognizes the education acquired in pre- tourism and hotel industry, fashion As independent entities, universities university and technical studies programs. design, horticulture, etc. determine their own courses of study, teaching and research programs, entrance and registration requirements,147 Learning about Québec
  • 149. 148 Additional information and grant their own degrees. Québec’s The boards are administered by councils Admission and registration various universities, higher learning of commissioners elected by universal Preschool, primary and secondary centres and research institutes are suffrage for a four-year term and by school concentrated in Montréal, Québec City parent representatives who are elected and Sherbrooke. However, university for one year. They are responsible In order for your child to attend school, education is available in most regions for organizing and providing quality you must first apply for admission to the through the Université du Québec education services that effectively meet school board in your locality. Depending network with campuses located in the educational needs of young people, on the situation, either the parents or Rouyn-Noranda, Saguenay, Gatineau, adults and local organizations, particularly the school board will register the child. Montréal, Rimouski and Trois-Rivières. businesses. They must also adapt The school board may, where applicable, educational services to meet the needs send you the necessary registration of students with disabilities or adjustment documents together with contact Useful information information for the school. and learning difficulties. Québec educational institutions have the Each year, all school boards issue a sole authority to assess academic School boards determine which educa- tional services are offered by each school, public notice concerning admission equivalences for purposes of admitting applications. The admission period starts an applicant to their programs after vocational centre and adult education centre. They provide day care services in February or March to be ready for examining the applicant’s academic the return to school a few months later, record. for preschool and primary school pupils and can organize school transportation, usually in late August. Although you can meals and accommodation to make edu- apply for admission at any time, it is School boards cational services more easily accessible. generally recommended that you register School boards are in charge of public The majority of school boards are franco- your child for preschool (kindergarten) schools from preschool to secondary phone and some are anglophone. before the end of June. levels, as well as vocational and adult education centres.148 Learning about Québec
  • 150. 149 Additional information College and university Adult or continuing To apply for admission to a CEGEP, contact education the institution you wish to attend. If it Adult education centres, which fall belongs to a regional admission service, under the school boards, offer literacy you will be referred there. For the fall programs, pre-secondary studies and term (beginning at the end of August), general and vocational education. applications must be handed in before Colleges and universities also offer adult March 1. For the winter term (beginning education programs. in January), the deadline is November 1. Colleges may charge an admission fee. Before admitting you into a general, As for universities, you must send your vocational or technical education application and the required fee to the program, school boards and colleges institution you wish to attend. Deadlines must make sure that your studies done vary by institution and education program. outside Québec meet the minimum entrance requirements to your program. For this purpose, they may ask you to Practical tip provide an Évaluation comparative des Do not hesitate to seek advice from études effectuées hors du Québec. officials at your child’s school when the Page 84 of your guide has a section on time comes to choose his or her course the Évaluation comparative. The school of study at the high school or college board or college can also tell you how level. Even though your child can change to secure recognition for knowledge and direction at a later date, an unfortunate skills acquired outside an educational first choice can limit future vocational or establishment. educational options.149 Learning about Québec
  • 151. 150 Additional information School governing board To learn more Each school, vocational training centre and Information and advice on adult education centre has a governing structures of parental participation, board. Composed of an equal number of information on the rights and parents and school employees, it has a interests of parents of pupils in decision-making role in several areas: public primary and secondary > development, implementation schools and evaluation of the school’s educational project; • Fédération des comités de parents du Québec: > methods of implementing legislation and regulations respecting education Information on the recognition and student support policies; of prior learning through adult > time allotted to each school subject. general education and vocational and technical training This governing board also determines the policies, action plans and periodic • Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et evaluations of vocational centres and du Sport: adult education centres.150 Learning about Québec
  • 152. 151 Additional information Employment > It may be easier to obtain an interview with potential employers employers have set up access to equality programs. Québec also passed a Pay The labour market outside the summer vacation period. Equity Act. Under this legislation, a female worker must receive the same pay as a Here are some characteristics of the Women at work male worker when their jobs, although Québec labour market: An immigrant women who settles different, have the same or equivalent > The minimum education require- in Québec has the same rights and value within the company. ment for most jobs is 11 years of responsibilities as any other Québec schooling, which corresponds to a secondary school diploma (SSD). women. In Québec, women have the Practical tip same rights as men. A majority of women Written and spoken knowledge If an employer refuses you a job because > hold paid employment even when they of French and English will greatly you are a woman, contact the CDPDJ. have a family. Men, like women, are influence your chances of encouraged to share professional and professional advancement. family responsibilities. Women can work > A good knowledge of the written in any trade or profession they choose. language is highly valued throughout Consequently, an employer who refuses the professional job market. to hire a woman for a job for which she is qualified, solely because she is a woman, > Québec offers good opportunities commits an offence punishable by legal for self-employment. prosecution and penalties. > The Québec labour market offers Despite these equal rights, women have jobs on a full-time, part-time, long been confined to jobs traditionally temporary or contractual basis. held by women, which are generally > Most workers are hired by small and underpaid. To redress these injustices medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). inherited from the past, the government, parapublic organizations and many151 Learning about Québec
  • 153. 152 Additional information Minimum working Salary Did you know? conditions Wages are generally paid weekly or every – Black market work is work for which a Before you accept a job offer, have the two weeks. No benefit having a monetary person receives money that he or she employer give you a description as value (car, housing, transportation, etc.) does not declare as income to Revenu precise as possible of working conditions should result in an employee receiving Québec or the Canada Revenue such as salary, working hours, supervi- less than the minimum wage. The Agency, contrary to what should be sion, duration and status of the position minimum wage rate –whether it is paid done. (permanent or temporary) and vacation. as regular salary, tips, commissions or – Tax evasion is an illegal method used In most cases, you will not have to sign for piece work– is set by the Québec by a person to avoid paying income or a contract. The Act respecting Labour government and is subject to change. other taxes or to claim deductions to Standards establishes the minimum Its application is supervised by the which he or she is not entitled. working conditions in Québec, including: Commission des normes du travail. The result of tax evasion and black > minimum hourly wage; Black market work and tax market work is that the state does not 50% markup over the ordinary receive all taxes and income taxes that > evasion should be paid to it. To compensate hourly wage for hours worked in The Québec tax system is based on self- for this shortfall, the government must addition to the normal work week; assessment. Each taxpayer is responsible raise the contribution from all citizens or > vacations, statutory holidays, paid for declaring his or her income annually reduce its services. non-working days, absence and in an income tax return. Most taxpayers leave for family or parental reasons; Consequently, the entire population is adequately fulfill their obligations. affected by tax evasion and black market > the rules that employers must follow However, some taxpayers do not declare work and must suffer the consequences: in the event of termination of all their income. employment, dismissal, etc. – Government: These losses directly affect its capacity to provide services and finance programs to meet the constantly changing needs of society.152 Learning about Québec
  • 154. 153 Additional information – Citizens: Individuals who fulfill their Unions Workplace health and safety obligations see their tax load unjustly In Québec, like everywhere else, Under certain conditions, victims of raised because they must compensate unions are entities that organize workers industrial accidents or occupational for individuals who engage in tax to defend their interests with their illness are entitled to receive income evasion and black market work. employers. Through negotiations with replacement benefits, compensation for – Workers: Black market workers do not employers, they establish common bodily injury, and physical, social and enjoy any of the protection provided working conditions that are stipulated in occupational rehabilitation services. This by the Commission de la santé et a contract called a “collective agreement.” public program to protect workers is de la sécurité du travail (CSST) and About 40% of workers in Québec belong administered by the CSST. public plans such as the RRQ and to a union. employment insurance. Québec law recognizes the right of all Employment insurance – Businesses: Tax evasion and black workers to belong to a union. If there is People who lose their jobs may, under market work constitute unfair a union in the company where you find certain conditions, be eligible for the competition to businesses which obey work, you can choose whether or not you Employment Insurance Plan and have a the law and are aware of their social wish to join. However, the Québec labour right to receive benefits. All employers responsibilities. code requires your employer to deduct and employees must contribute to this Avoiding tax evasion and black market union dues from your wages whether or public insurance program. When you work is therefore a matter of fairness. not you are a union member. receive employment insurance benefits, you are paid a percentage of your salary for a limited time and must prove that Useful information you are looking for work. When an employee association is If you are unemployed, you must take all recognized by your employer, your relevant papers, including the record of working conditions could be governed by employment that must be given to you a collective agreement. For details, ask by your last employer, to a Human your union representative. Resources Canada Centre.153 Learning about Québec
  • 155. 154 Additional information Last-resort financial To learn more aid programs Information on the Québec Charter Information on black market work If, despite your efforts, you cannot find of Human Rights and Freedoms and tax evasion a job and you have no income, you can turn to social assistance programs (including questions related to • Revenu Québec: (social solidarity or social aid programs) discrimination, harassment, etc.) and as a last resort. You can apply for this on access to equality programs Click on Tax evasion. form of financial assistance at the local • Commission des droits de la per- • Canada Revenue Agency: employment centre nearest you. sonne et des droits de la jeunesse: However, if you were admitted to Click on Tax alert. Québec as a sponsored immigrant, you Information on pay equity • Commission de la santé et de la must first approach your sponsor, who sécurité du travail: • Commission de l’équité salariale du is committed by contract to provide for Consult the brochure Au Québec, vous Québec: your essential needs and those of family êtes protégés en cas d’accident ou de members accompanying you (housing, maladie du travail! food, clothing and personal necessities). If you were selected as a skilled worker, self-employed worker or entrepreneur, you made a commitment to have sufficient funds to meet your needs and those of accompanying family members for your first three months in Québec. Accordingly, you and your accompanying family members are not eligible for last- resort financial assistance during the first three months following your arrival in154 Learning about Québec Québec as a permanent resident.
  • 156. 155 Additional information The Québec justice Courts of first instance Appeal Courts system Cases are first heard before a court The appeal courts hear appeals of of first instance, where evidence and judgments made by the courts of first Québec is a democracy characterized by witnesses are produced. Québec courts instance. Only questions of law may the separation of powers: at this level include municipal courts, the be invoked. The evidence may not be > legislative, exercised by elected Court of Québec, Superior Court, Federal presented again. The appeals courts parliamentarians to pass laws; Court and the Human Rights Tribunal. are the Court of Appeal of Québec, > executive, exercised by the the Federal Court of Appeal and the government to execute laws; Small Claims Division Supreme Court of Canada. judicial, exercised by the courts to The Court of Québec includes a small > claims division. It deals with claims up Specialized organizations secure respect for the laws while maintaining the balance between to $7000. The procedure is simple and Québec also has several organizations individual rights and responsibilities. informal. Claimants are not represented that exercise judicial power on the rights by a lawyer. of individuals but in specific areas. They The judicial power has complete A mediation service is offered free include the Régie du logement du independence from the legislative and of charge to help individuals resolve Québec (RLQ) that deals mainly with executive power. their disputes before the case is heard. questions related to an apartment lease. The Tribunal administratif du Québec The courts Interested parties can seek information from courthouse (palais de justice) (TAQ), for its part, allows citizens to The Québec judicial system is composed assert their rights when they believe they personnel on the subject. of different courts. Their role is determined have been aggrieved by a decision of a by law based on factors such as the government authority including a ministry, nature of the case, the geographic board, commission or a municipality. location and the amount in dispute.155 Learning about Québec
  • 157. 156 Additional information Useful information > The lawyer defends, counsels and The mission of the Ministère de la Justice protects the interests of his client. du Québec is to secure the rule of law – An interpretation service may be He represents his client before the within Québec society and maintain a provided, sometimes at no charge, to courts in order to assert his rights. justice system with integrity and worthy individuals who have not mastered He can also negotiate an agreement of confidence. French or English. with the opposing party in order to – Most Québec cities have a Legal Aid avoid a trial. Crime victims assistance office where low-income persons may > The Crown prosecutor in criminal centres (CAVAC) retain the services of a lawyer free of CAVACs exist to help victims of criminal and penal cases is a lawyer in the charge or for a minimal fee. acts, their immediate family and service of the government. He or she presents criminal charges on witnesses, overcome the physical, Actors in the judicial system behalf of society. psychological and social consequences Several actors occupy specific functions > The notary counsels his client in of a crime. The crime could be assault, within the Québec judicial system: certain areas of law, but does not theft, harassment, threats or any other represent him before the courts. He criminal act. > The judge is appointed for life by the government. He hears cases in also acts as a public officer recogni- There is a CAVAC in each region of complete neutrality and adjudicates zed by the State. In this role, he Québec. Assistance can take different disputes (challenges giving rise to a writes and conserves documents forms including assistance during the trial). (marriage contract, will, immovable judicial process before, during and after a act, etc.) which are considered trial. Its services are free and confidential. > Employees of the Ministère de la authentic. Justice du Québec assist the judge during the hearing and in the court office (service responsible for issuing court orders and keeping records).156 Learning about Québec
  • 158. 157 Additional information Practical tips To learn more – Several organizations can provide General information and available assistance if you have a problem of resources a judicial nature or you wish to assert your rights. Do not hesitate to seek • Ministère de la Justice du Québec: information. – There are also numerous ways at your • Éducaloi: disposal to prevent and settle disputes. Recourse to a lawyer or notary For example, mediation has the benefit • Commission des services juridiques: of being more flexible and rapid than a trial. Very often, it will spare you the • Barreau du Québec: imposition of a decision. Moreover, it encourages the maintenance of relations between the parties to a • Chambre des notaires: conflict. Assistance to victims of criminal acts • Crime victims assistance centres: www.cavac.qc.ca157 Learning about Québec
  • 159. 158 Additional information List of main regulated > Chartered administrator > Nursing assistant Chartered appraiser Occupational therapist trades and professions > > > Chemist > Optometrist in Québec > Chiropractor > Pharmacist Professions governed > Dental hygienist > Physical rehabilitation therapist by professional orders > Dental technician > Physician > Acupuncturist > Dentist > Physiotherapist > Advocate > Denturologist > Podiatrist > Agrologist > Dietician > Professional technologist > Architect > Dispensing optician > Psychoeducator > Audiologist > Engineer > Psychologist > Bailiff > Forest engineer > Radiology technologist > Certified general accountant > Geologist > Respiratory therapist > Certified human resources > Guidance counsellor > Social worker Professional > Hearing-aid acoustician > Speech therapist > Certified industrial relations > Land surveyor > Town planner Counsellor > Marrital and family therapist > Veterinary surgeon > Certified interpreter > Medical technologist > Certified management accountant > Midwife > Certified terminologist > Notary > Certified translator > Nurse > Chartered accountant158 Learning about Québec
  • 160. 159 Additional information The teaching profession > Millwright > Gas (pre-school education and > Ornemental iron worker > Halocarbons primary and secondary > Painter > High pressure vessel inspection teaching) > Pipe fitter > Piping > General education teacher > Plasterer > Stationary engines > Vocational education teacher > Refrigeration mechanic > Welding > Reinforcing steel erector Regulated trades in the Regulated professions in the > Resilient flooring layer construction industry financial sector > Roofer > Boiler maker > Claims Adjustment > Shovel operator > Bricklayer-mason > Damage Insurance > Structural steel erector > Carpenter-joiner > Financial Planning > Tile setter > Cement finisher > Group Insurance for persons > Tinsmith > Group Savings Plan Brokerage > Crane operator > Electrician Qualifications of regulated > Insurance of persons > Elevator mechanic professions > Investment Contract Brokerage Certificates of qualification cover the > Scholarship Plan Brokerage > Fire-protection mechanic following fields (for work done outside Note: Depending on the discipline, a > Heavy equipment mechanic the construction industry). person may act as an adjuster, an advisor, > Heavy equipment operator > Blaster (mining exploration and an agent, a broker or a representative. > Installer mechanic (glazier) seismic surveys) > Insulator > Drinking water > Interior systems installer > Elevator Mechanic159 Learning about Québec > Electricity
  • 161. 160 Additional information Contact information for In Montréal • Immigration-Québec – Estrie, Mauricie et Centre-du-Québec • Immigration-Québec Immigration-Québec Édifice Caron Bureau de l’Estrie services 2050, rue De Bleury, 4e étage, 202, rue Wellington Nord bureau 450 Sherbrooke (Québec) J1H 5C6 Information on services to Montréal (Québec) H3A 2J5 Information and customer service immigrants Telephone: 514 864-9191 Telephone: 1 877 864-9191 The MICC provides a general information courriel courriel service by telephone or in person. It can give you the information you need or • Immigration-Québec • Immigration-Québec – refer you to appropriate resources in 6900, boulevard Décarie, Estrie, Mauricie et Centre-du-Québec either public services or community bureau 250 Bureau de la Mauricie et organizations that help new immigrants. Montréal (Québec) H3X 2T8 du Centre-du-Québec Telephone: 514 864-9191 100, rue Laviolette, rez-de-chaussée 26 For the Montréal region: Trois-Rivières (Québec) G9A 5S9 514 864-9191 courriel Information and customer service Toll free in other regions: Telephone: 1 877 864-9191 1 877 864-9191 Outside Montréal Access by TDD device • Immigration-Québec – courriel (telecommunication device for the deaf Capitale-Nationale et Est-du-Québec or hearing-impaired) Édifice Bois-Fontaine Montréal region: 930, chemin Sainte-Foy, rez-de-chaussée 514 864-8158 Québec (Québec) G1S 2L4 Toll free in other regions: Information and customer service 1 866 227-5968 Telephone: 1 877 864-9191 Learning about Québec courriel
  • 162. 161 Additional information • Immigration-Québec – Outaouais, • Immigration-Québec – Abitibi-Témiscamingue et Montérégie Nord-du-Québec 2, boulevard Desaulniers, 3e étage 227, rue Montcalm, bureau 100 Saint-Lambert (Québec) J4P 1L2 Gatineau (Québec) J8Y 3B9 Information and customer service Information and customer service Telephone: 1 877 864-9191 Telephone: 1 877 864-9191 courriel courriel • Immigration-Québec – Laval, Laurentides et Lanaudière 1438, boulevard Daniel-Johnson, bureau 200 Laval (Québec) H7N 1B3 Information and customer service Telephone: 1 877 864-9191 courriel161 Learning about Québec
  • 163. 162 Additional information Quality services: our service as a first step. If you do not obtain Information on Québec satisfaction, contact us: commitment government programs and Commissaire aux plaintes et à la Declaration of Client Services qualité des services services The Declaration of Client Services lists Ministère de l’Immigration et des Contact Services Québec if you cannot the principal services offered by the MICC Communautés culturelles find the government agency you want and gives hyperlinks that take you directly Édifice Gérald-Godin or if you need information on Québec to the desired information on the MICC 360, rue McGill, rez-de-chaussée government laws, programs and services website. Montréal (Québec) H2Y 2E9 (conditions of eligibility, opening hours, Montréal region: 514 873-3533 etc.). Its free telephone service is Our commitments: Elsewhere in Québec (toll free): available in all regions of Québec. > Courteous personnel who listen to you 1 800 771-0464 Services Québec > Accessible services For the Montréal region: > Quality information html 514 644-4545 > Meeting promised processing and For the Québec City region: response times To learn more 418 644-4545 > Protection of your personal information • Ministère de l’Immigration et des Toll free in other regions: > Continuously improving services Communautés culturelles: 1 877 644-4545 The Commissaire aux plaintes et à la Access by TDD device • Déclaration de services à la clientèle: qualité des sercices (telecommunication device for the deaf or hearing-impaired) The Commissaire receives and handles declaration-services/index.html complaints and comments on services Montréal region: 514 873-4626 • Information on how to lodge a provided by the MICC. If you have a complaint: Toll free in other regions: complaint concerning our services, 1 800 361-9596 address the person responsible for the commissaire-plaintes.html162 Learning about Québec
  • 164. 163 Additional information List of main websites • Ministère de la Justice: • Ministère du Travail: • Canada Revenue Agency: • Ministère de la Santé et des Services • Office des personnes handicapées du sociaux: Québec: • Citizenship and Immigration Canada: • Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et • Office de la protection du du Sport: consommateur: • Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la • Ministère de l’Emploi et • OmbudService for Life and jeunesse: de la Solidarité sociale: Health Insurance: • Option consommateurs: • Commission des normes du travail: • Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés culturelles: • Régie de l’assurance maladie du • Conseil du statut de la femme: Québec: • Éducaloi: • Régie du logement du Québec: • Emploi-Québec: • Ministère des Affaires municipales, • Services Québec: • Financial Consumer Agency of des Régions et de l’Occupation du Canada: territoire: • Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec: • Gouvernement du Québec: • Human Resources and Skills Development Canada: • Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition • Ministère du Développement féminine: économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation: • Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés: www.mfa.gouv.qc.ca163 Learning about Québec
  • 165. 164 Additional information Administrative regions of Québec 1. Bas-Saint-Laurent 2. Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean 3. Capitale-Nationale 4. Mauricie 5. Estrie 6. Montréal 7. Outaouais 8. Abitibi-Témiscamingue 9. Côte-Nord 10. Nord-du-Québec 11. Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine 12. Chaudière-Appalaches Tracé de 1927 du Conseil privé (non dé nitif) 13. Laval 9 14. Lanaudière 10 2 15. Laurentides 16. Montérégie 11 17. Centre-du-Québec 8 1 4 11 3 For more information 15 14 12 7 17 On the regions of québec: 5 16 • 13 6164 Learning about Québec
  • 166. 165 List of acronyms A AEC : Attestation d’études collégiales MDEIE : Ministère du Développement économique, AFP : Attestation de formation professionnelle de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation ASP : Attestation de spécialisation professionnelle MELS : Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport C CAVAC : Centre d’aide aux victimes d’actes criminels MFA : Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés CDPDJ : Commission des droits de la personne et des MICC : Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés droits de la jeunesse culturelles CHSLD : Centre d’hébergement et de soins de longue durée MJ : Ministère de la Justice CIC : Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada MRC : Municipalité régionale de comté CLE : Centre local d’emploi MSSS : Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux CLSC : Centre local de services communautaires N NAS : Numéro d’assurance sociale CNP : Classification nationale des professions NIP : Numéro d’identification personnelle CNT : Commission des normes du travail O OPC : Office de la protection du consommateur CPE : Centre de la petite enfance OQLF : Office québécois de la langue française CSQ : Certificat de sélection du Québec P PME : Petites et moyennes entreprises CSSS : Centre de santé et de services sociaux R RAMQ : Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec CSST : Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail RLQ : Régie du logement du Québec D DEC : Diplôme d’études collégiales RQAP : Régime québécois d’assurance parentale DEP : Diplôme d’études professionnelles RRQ : Régie des rentes du Québec DES : Diplôme d’études secondaires S SAAQ : Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec DPJ : Directeur de la protection de la jeunesse SCHL : Société canadienne d’hypothèques et de logement F FEL : Francisation en ligne SHQ : Société d’habitation du Québec G GRC : Gendarmerie royale du Canada SQ : Sûreté du Québec I IMT : Information sur le marché du travail T TAQ : Tribunal administratif du Québec M MAMROT : Ministère des Affaires municipales, des Régions et TPS : Taxe sur les produits et services de l’Occupation du territoire TVQ : Taxe de vente du Québec U UTC : Temps universel coordonné165 Learning about Québec
  • 167. 166 Your opinion is important! The Learning about Québec guide was designed to help you start your Do you want to send us your opinion? Nothing could be easier! integration steps in the country you are leaving and continue them after Click on Your opinion is important. you arrive in Québec and during your integration path. Thank you for giving us a few minutes of your time. In order to better understand your needs and improve this guide, we invite you to tell us how you learned about the guide and indicate at what stages the different sections of the guide were most useful to you. Your comments and suggestions for improving the Learning about Québec guide are also welcome.166 Learning about Québec
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