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Audience Feedback


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  • 1. Survey Results
  • 2. What was your first impression of my music magazine?
    60% of people who completed my survey said that on first impression they thought my magazine was ‘really good’. This is positive feedback as it shows I have been successful in creating a magazine which appeals to my target audience.
  • 3. Who do you think the target audience for my magazine is?
    My initial target audience was teenagers and young adults aged between fifteen and twenty-five. From the response to this question I can see that I have achieved my goal of aiming features of my magazine towards this audience.
  • 4. Which feature of my magazine do you like best?
    53% of people said that they liked the photography featured on my magazine best. 46% said that they liked the design best. Careful consideration went into both of these features and I think the success of this is reflected in this feedback.
  • 5. Do you think the price of my magazine is reasonable?
    Everyone that took my survey selected the ‘yes’ option. This tells me that my magazine’s price of £2.50 is reasonable. During my research before creating the magazine I found that my target audience would not have a high disposable income to spend on things such as music magazines so I deliberately kept the price low.
  • 6. Would you buy the magazine?
    66% of people who took my feedback survey said that they would buy my magazine. Those that said they wouldn’t buy gave reasons such as ‘generally don’t buy magazines’, ‘wrong age group’ and ‘I’m a man’. The last comment tells me that perhaps my magazine isn’t appealing to both genders.
  • 7. Which feature of my magazine would you change?
    42% of people said that they would change the layout of my magazine. Comments I received regarding the layout were primarily concerning my double page spread ‘The double spread might need a different font colour, as it is too light for the background’.
  • 8. Which existing magazine would be the closest competitor to mine?
    Q promotes the same genres of music that I was focusing on. Therefore, I think that this comparison demonstrates my magazines effectiveness at representing its focus genre.
  • 9. Where might you expect to find my magazine sold?
    The majority of people said that they would expect to find my magazine sold in a newsagents . However, votes are also spread across the other options. The range of places where people think my magazine could be sold means that it is easily accessible for my target audience.
  • 10. Which genre do you think my magazine is?
    53% said that they thought the genre was indie and 26% thought it was rock. These results show that through the design of my magazine I have represented the style of music I initially decided to focus on.