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Maid Agency Malaysia - | Impian Maid - Maya Impian (Impian Maid Agency) is well known as a leading maid agency providing domestic Maid Services. Impian Maid, Maid Agency Malaysia, Indonesian Maid, Philippines maid, Sri Lankan maid. helper services and Home Cleaning Services

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Maid agency malaysia | Impian Maid

  1. 1. Agency Pekerjaan Maya Impian Sdn. Bhd
  2. 2. Our Maid Agency Profile  Maya Impian is well known as a leading maid agency providing domestic helper services for the past 12 years across Malaysia. The company committed to deliver the best possible and excellent housemaids from Indonesia, Philippines, and Srilanka.  We are an Agency Pekerjaan licensed by Ministry of Human Resources and Department of Immigration of Malaysia, established in year 2003.  We comprise selectively linked with well established and reputed overseas companies in to recruit Foreign Domestic Help.
  3. 3. Our Maid Agency Profile  We have recognized a strong position provided among Maids agencies. Our Housemaids are screened and knowledgeable in preparation of their impending deployment to Malaysia. Our Training Center ensures the highest standard of research by having a complete range of teaching program & facilities to match the needs of Malaysian families. The team of administration is headed by the management, who was pioneered by one of the most Senior Human Resource Consultant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia consist of Dynamic and skilled Personnel that work as a team to provide quality services by sourcing and supplying well-trained Domestic helpers.  We are pleased to assure you that our Housemaids are carefully selected through our personal interviews with the candidates concerned.
  4. 4. Our Maid Agency is  Fully Licensed, Reliable and Trustworthy Maid Agency.  Supplying legal, well trained and Medically Fit Maids.  Providing Fast Processing and Arrival.  Giving Prompt response and service.  Guaranteed maid replacement for runaway cases during the 3 months period upon the date of arrival.  Supplying maids with Reasonable Price.
  5. 5. Our Vision & Mission  Maya Impian's Vision: We require ourselves to become the pioneer in providing a responsible Maid Agency in Malaysia and developing quality domestic helpers that meet and exceed both client and maid expectation under Malaysian Law. 
  6. 6. Maya Impian's Mission:   Maya Impian's duty is to provide Domestic Helpers and skilled workers from Indonesia, Philippines, and Srilanka for Malaysian, MM2H, and Expatriate Employers. We are pleased to assure you that all maids are carefully selected through our personal interviews with the candidates concerned. We have the best and dedicated consultants which are able to identify and assess excellent candidates relevant to our clients' specific needs. It is also our commitment to hold your hand and go through the process of selecting a domestic helper smoothly. We strongly believe that we can provide you our great quality house maids with our best services; whether you need a maid for your newborn baby, young children, elderly folks, sick or disabled family member, or you need a high-quality maid to manage your household chores.
  7. 7. We believe in customer oriented services, and it becomes our natural value. Therefore the primary values of our housemaid services consultants are steadfastness, responsiveness and the willingness to serve as we are committed to provide total customer satisfaction experience to our Clients in any aspect of services. 