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Vitaplus new present.

  1. 1. LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH ACCORDING TO DOHHeart diseaseVascular diseaseCancer
  3. 3. Pollution…
  4. 4. Diet:
  5. 5. Stress:
  6. 6. Exercise:
  7. 7. Habits:
  8. 8. BEFORE ALFRED CASTRO March 12, 2006 De La Salle University Medical Center May DIABETES Type 2 at March 13, 2006 nakaschedule na iamputate o putulin ang kanyang paa.Noong April 4, 2006 ay hindi pa tuluyang naubos angisang box ng Vita Plus ay na discharge na sya sa ospitaldahil sya ay magaling na sa tulong ng Vita Plus AFTER
  9. 9. SKIN DISEASE: PSORIASIS Month of SeptemberBEFOREVita Plus User 3x a Day for SixMonths !!! Month of November
  10. 10. MARICAR “KAKAY” PADIDA17 years old resident of Brgy.Canlalay Biñan, Laguna isdiagnosed with LIVERCANCER STAGE IV BEFORE AFTER 3X a day for 7 days from Feb. 14 – 21 of VITA PLUS she regained her strength and still recovering to date.
  11. 11. DR. CLARITA MONTALBAN M. MARTINEZDIAGNOSIS: BENIGN NON – TOXIC CYSTIC GOITER2004 – when I noticed the enlargement of my thyroid lobeMay,2005 – Needle Biopsy reveals I have Benign Non-toxic Cystic GoiterSeptember 18, 2006 – I went to the hospital for medical check-up (ultrasound). Prescribed a certainmedicine for 60 days, but after almost 1 ½ monthsmy goiter became much larger and I began to feelpainDecember 13, 2006 – Recommended me to Surgeon foroperation on Jan. 2, 2007December 29, 2007 – With the help of Dr. Lorenzo, Dr.Nimfa Narcise and Mrs. Fatima Olano, who went tomy school and convinced me to go with them to Vita Plusoffice. And started taking Vita Plus 2 to 5 sachets per day.
  12. 12. ETHEL BOOBA Actress, ComedienneCERTIFIED VITAPLUS USER !!!!
  13. 13. BOY ABUNDA TV- Host Kaibigan Mag usap tau! Vita Plus po Ito!JOSE MANALOActor - Comedian“Magaling ang Vita Plus, Ito yung maygumaling na paa diba?”
  15. 15. • Rich Source of Vitamin B1, B2, and B3• 7xVitamin C of Oranges• 4X Calcium of Milk• 4X Vitamin A of Carrots• 3X Potassium of Bananas• 3X iron of Spinach
  16. 16. Medicinal QualitiesDetoxification- ability to remove hazardous material from waterAntibioticPurgativeDiureticLactagogueLower the Blood PressureLower the Blood SugarGood for Malnourish
  17. 17. Capsicum Frutescens Dahon ng Sili
  18. 18. EXCELLENT SOURCE OF:CalciumIronPhosporus –Vit A & BHelps prevent the formation of dangerous blood clotsA cardiovascular stimulant
  19. 19. MEDICAL QUALITIESDAHON NG SILIAnti-fatigue Lower blood sugarBoost immunity Lower cholesterolImprove metabolism Relieve pain ofAphrodisiac peptic ulcer, arthritis,Increased appetite varicose vein, menstrual crampsBenefits for digestion Anti-rheumaticBlood detoxification Relieve respiratoryCirculatory stimulant conditions such asLower blood pressure asthma, cough, andDigestive aid to ease colds
  20. 20. COCHORUS OLITORIUS (Saluyot)
  21. 21. VITAMIN CONTENT Rich in vitamins, Vit . A, B, C, iron, calcium, phosporus, protein, fiber carotenoid, calcium, Soothes irritated or potassium and inflamed skin or internal dietary fiber parts of the nose , mouth, Contains anti-tumor or throat Reduce risk of Control or prevent Cancer dysentery, worm and constipation Remedy for aches and pains, enteritis, fever, pectoral pains, dyspepsia
  22. 22. • THE HERB’S MEDICINAL USES: Lactagogue (Increases the flow of breast milk in a woman) Demulcent (Soothes irritated or inflamed skin or internal parts of the nose, mouth, or throat.) Diuretic (aid in urination) Purgative (Stimulates evacuation of the bowels Carminative (relieves flatulence) Tonic (To feel stronger, more energetic, and generally healthier)
  24. 24. Vitamins - uray Remedy for profuse  A good expectorant menstruation  Antifebrile, an effective A very good source astringent of Vit A, B6, C,  Diarrhea riboflavin and folate,  Hemostatic dietary minerals  Diuretics including calcium, iron, magnesium,  Excellent wash for skin phosphorous, problem such as acne, potassium, zinc, eczema to psoriasis copper and  Mouthwash for sore mouth, manganese gums, teeth, and throat  Enema for colon
  25. 25. IPOMEA BATATAS Talbos ng Kamote
  26. 26. Medicinal QualitiesLower Blood Sugar and Cholesterol in patients with Type 2 Diabetes.Helps in the formation of Thyroid hormones that control development and growth.It may also a remedy for constipation, Stomach Distress.High in Calories and Vitamin ABoost energyONLY PLANT WITH IODINE.
  28. 28. POTENTIAL INCOME Php 15,000.00 per DayPhp 75,000.00 per WeekPhp 300,000.00 per Month
  29. 29. How To Become A Member? No Membership Fee No Registration Fee No Signing Fee One Time Purchase OfFirst Vita Plus Power Pack
  30. 30. 12 Boxes770.00 per Box9,240.00/Power Pack 10 Boxes 770.00 per Box 7,699.00/Power Pack 2 Boxes- FREE SAVE 1,541.00
  31. 31. BENEFIT P7,699.0Product worth of P9,240.00 0 SAVE 1,541.00 S25% Lifetime Discount P770.00 -25%Potential Income: P577.5015,000/day75,000/week300,000/month
  32. 32. 1 .Direct Selling Discounts– 25% on all products P770.00 -25% P577.50 Earn: 192.50
  33. 33. Other Products
  34. 34. 2. SALES COMMISSION Once you become a Vita Plus Dealer, you will now have the privilege of earning through sponsoring system. Each time you sponsor a person or a company to become a First vita plus dealer, you earn incentives through SALES COMMISSION of Php500.00They will be registered automatically under your Sales Group. Group Sales 1 Group Sales 2 YOUPhp 500.00 A dealer earns from as many Direct Dealer that he/she can generate in his/her own network 1ST Level (Direct Dealers)
  35. 35. 3. SALES OVERRIDE COMMISSION (SOC) A First vita Plus DEALER can earn another incentive through SALES OVERRIDE COMMISSION of Php 350.00 worth of products. This is when your Direct dealers will also have their own groups under them Group Sales 1 Group Sales 2 YOUPhp 385.00Worth ofproducts A Dealer can earn residual income even in 1(one) leg. 2nd Level (Indirect Dealers)
  36. 36. 4. GROUP SALES OVERRIDE COMMISSIONGroup Sales 1 Group Sales 2 YOU Php1,500.0 0 Php 1,500.00 Php 1,500.00 Php
  37. 37. 5. THREE LEVEL REBATESAll First Vita Plus DEALERS are given a LIFETIME rebates from all the productspurchase (REPEAT ORDERS) by their downlines up to the third level Group Sales YOU Group Sales 1 2 1st Level 3% REBATES 2nd Level 2% REBATES 3rd Level 1% REBATES
  38. 38. Stand Tall,Stand Proud, Be One,First Vita Plus, Power Team