Nexus 1262/1272      ®                       Accu-Measure™                               High Performance Utility Billing ...
Accu-Measure Auto-Calibrating Metrology       The Nexus® 1262/1272 meters are designed for demanding smart grid and intell...
Configure Custom Display For Any ApplicationUnique Display Configurator     The Nexus® 1262/1272 is designed with one of t...
Advanced Communications and I/O Capabilities Standard multi-port                                    Control Capabilities  ...
Total Web Solutions                                                          WebAlarm – Email Alerts                      ...
Nexus® 1272 Advanced Power Quality Analysis Pinpoints Electrical Reliability Issues       The processing capability and ac...
Advanced Reporting and Analysis                                              System Performance and Reliability Analysis  ...
Data and Event Monitoring/RecordingMultiple Memory                            System Events LogLogs                       ...
Dial-Out On Alarm (INP2)Dial-Out on Outage     The INP2 modem has a dial-out circuit with a battery that detects when     ...
Dimensions and Mounting	                        Nexus® 1262/1272                                                          ...
SpecificationsWiring DiagramsFORM: 9S (TRANSFORMER RATED)SERVICE: WYE, 4WIRE                            3                 ...
Specifications SENSE INPUTS:                                           (18 to 60)Vdc. Burden 9W max.                      ...
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Nexus brosur (2)

  1. 1. Nexus 1262/1272 ® Accu-Measure™ High Performance Utility Billing Meters Auto-Calibrating Metrology With Communication & Advanced Power Quality Nexus® 1272 Performance Meter with Advanced Power Quality & Communication Nexus® 1262 Economical Meter with Advanced Communication • 0.06% Watt/Hr Revenue • Auto-Calibrating Metrology • Multi-Point CT & PT and Loss Compensation New! Total Web Solutions • Advanced Power Quality Recording WebExplorer WebReacher WebXML WebAlarm WebMod WebDNP • Eight Totalizing Registers XML Web Server • Data Logging & Event Recording Email on Alarms DNP 3.0 over Ethernet • Unique Powerful Display Configurator • Multiple Communication Paths For Smart Grid and Intelligent • Combination Modem & Ethernet Substation Applications Electro Industries/GaugeTech MV90 The Leader in Power Monitoring and Smart Grid Solutions Compatible
  2. 2. Accu-Measure Auto-Calibrating Metrology The Nexus® 1262/1272 meters are designed for demanding smart grid and intelligent substation applications. They provide oneof the most profound analyses of electricity available in a socket meter. The units offer extensive advanced monitoring features to meetthe most critical power monitoring requirements. Using advanced DSP technology, the Nexus®’ measure immediate and stored revenuepower data coupled with superior power quality and communication. To meet the sophisticated standards required by utility companiesand de-regulated power providers, the Nexus®’ basic package starts where most other meters end. Standard features in Nexus® unitsprovide the ability to meet advanced metering needs for the future.Accu-Measure™ Auto-calibrating metrology Load Aggregation/Universal Metering EIG’s Accu-Measure™ Auto-Calibrating Metrology provides unmatched Using standard pulse ®accuracy. inputs, the Nexus 1262/1272 • Energy and Power Accuracy to Within 0.06% can count pulses from external • Auto-calibration over Time meters and accumulate usage. • Automatic Temperature The pulse inputs can be used Drift Adjustments to totalize electrical usage and utility values, such as water or4 Quadrant gas use data.measurement • 8 Pulse Inputs The unit is a full four quad- • Individual Accumulating Registersrant meter and gathers hour data • 4 Totalizing Registers (Add or Subtract)information in every quadrant. • kWh Delivered and CT & PT Compensation Received The Nexus® units compensate for errors in current transformers and • kVAh in Each Quadrant potential transformers. • kVARh in Each Quadrant • Voltage Compensation • Q Hours • Multipoint Current CompensationTime of Use • Multipoint Phase Angle The 1262/1272 offers Compensationrobust time of use functionality. • Better than 0.01%Standard capabilities include: Resolution • 8 TOU Schedules • 4 Seasons/Year Multiple Demand Windows • 20 Year Calendar The Nexus® 1262/1272 simultaneously monitors five demand structures. • Prior Month and Prior Season • lock Window Demand B • Interval Length from 1 Second • rogrammable Freeze Registers P • Rolling Window Demand to Many Hours • Predictive Demand • End of Interval Pulse OutputTransformer • Thermal Demand • End of Interval Pulse Inputor Line Loss • Cumulative Demand • Cold Load PickupCompensation Loss Compensation adjusts Time Stamped Max. Demandsfor both copper and iron losses The units gather demand information for all power values. Each value iswith a simple user setup. date/time stamped. • kW Demand, Delivered • kVAR Coincident with kW DemandField Test Mode Received, Max/Min • kVA Demand, Max/Min • Test All Energy Readings • kVAR Demand, Delivered • Amps Demand, Max/Min • Enable/Disable in Received, Max/Min • Voltage, Max/Min Test Mode • Preset Accumulators • Freezable Accumulators2 Reliable, Functional and Feature-Rich Metering
  3. 3. Configure Custom Display For Any ApplicationUnique Display Configurator The Nexus® 1262/1272 is designed with one of the industry’s mostadvanced LCD display configuration technologies. With this highlycustomizable display, choose from multitudes of pre-programmeddisplay screens and create fully customized displays for any specificapplication. Build, from scratch, user display screens as needed thatprovide information on anything the meter measures (which is almosteverything). Use the display to view not only electrical, but water orgas usage. Also use the meter as an aggregator for total usage.Provide ambient and transformer temperature or any other desiredcritical operational data on the display. Custom display configurator to Create Exactly What’s Needed • Make Custom Screens Based on Modbus Registers 01 kWh Delivered • Make Any Custom Labels 00001.66 • Customize Screen Numbering and Order • Display Up To 5 Pieces of Information Per Screen 08/03/10 16:46:45 1 C • Display Water, Gas and Other Types of Usage • Add Diagnostic Information Normal Mode • Wh Delivered and Received k • kVARh Delivered and Received • kVAh Delivered and Received • Peak Rolling Window Demands • Peak Block Window Demand3 Display Modes/75 Screen Slots Time of Use Mode The meter’s memory has 75 slots for custom and/or pre-programmed • kWh and kW Demand Delivered and Received Totalscreens. These slots can be allocated to any view mode with any number of • VARh and kVAR Demand Delivered and Received for Each Register kslots used in each of the modes. • VAh Delivered and Received for Each Register k • kVAh Delivered and Received Total Pre-configured Diagnostic Screens Select from a large offering of diagnostic screens such as: • Voltages • Phase Angles • Harmonic Magnitudes • Firmware Versions • Meter Status • Phasor Diagram • er Phase Amps P • Watts/VARs • Many More Diagnostic Screens Available Infrared Test Pulse The meter provides an infrared test pulse that can pulse for +Watt-Hour, -Watt-Hour, +VAR-Hour, -VAR-Hour and VA-Hour. This pulse uses a time modu- lated pulse integration, allowing the pulse to be accurate during short duration Highly configurable display assignments pulse tests using industry accepted reference standards. 3
  4. 4. Advanced Communications and I/O Capabilities Standard multi-port Control Capabilities Total Web Solutions— Communications • ElectroLogic™ Provides User-definable Providing Advanced • Optical Port Control Outputs Metering Data Integration • RS485 Serial Ports 2 • Action and/or Alarm on Abnormal Condition With the Web • Modbus RTU/ASCII • Action on Boolean Logic Combinations of Total Web Solutions is an advanced • DNP 3.0 Inputs or Electrical Conditions Ethernet communication architecture that • Speeds Up to 115k bps lets you design custom webpages, display DNP 3.0 Level 2 Plus metering data and host your meter power Optional Communications The Nexus® 1262/1272 provides the industry’s information website directly on a Nexus® • Dial-Out modem (56k) with Battery most advanced DNP 3.0 protocol implementations. meter. The Nexus® meter directly hosts the Backed Outage Reporting DNP 3.0 is available on the serial and Ethernet ports. web data without any need for dedicated ® • 10/100BastT Ethernet EIG’s Nexus 1262/1272 complies with all DNP server software, ActiveX Controls or Java • Ethernet/Modem combo Level 1 and Level 2 certification requirements PLUS Applets. The meter does the data collection, a host of additional features including: the formatting and the page hosting. Combination Modem • Up to 136 Measurements: Web Solution 64 Binary Inputs, 8 Binary Counters, Advanced Features Include: This option allows you to access the meter 64 Analog Inputs Mapped to DNP Static Points • Fully Customizable Webpage Development through the web and through a modem for dial-up in the Customizable DNP Point Map • Direct Webpage Hosting With Live Readings communication. Features include: • Up to 16 Relays and 8 Resets: Can Be • Multiple Meter Hosting • 56k Modem Controlled through DNP • Read Direct From Meters (No Server • 10/100BastT Ethernet • Report-By-Exception Processing: (DNP Software Needed) • Total Web Solutions (Web Server) Events) Deadbands Can Be Set on a • No Active Controls or Java Downloads • Email on Alarm Per-point Basis • IT Dept Friendly. Works Through Firewalls; • Does Not Support Battery for • 250 Events in Combinations of Four Events: Low-Cost/High Functionality Outage Reporting Binary Input Change, Frozen Counter, • Instant Alarm Emails – Direct from the Meter Counter Change, Analog Change Standard I/O • Freeze Commands: Freeze, Freeze/No-Ack, WebExplorer • IRIG-B 1 msec Time Synchronization to Freeze with Time, Freeze with Time/No-Ack, (Directly Host Metering Data) GPS Satellite Clock scheduled Freeze Command EIG’s WebExplorer provides you with direct • 4 Internal KYZ Pulse Outputs • Freeze with Time Command: access to all power data through Internet Explorer • 8 KYZ Pulse/Status Inputs Enables the Nexus® Meter to Have Internal in standard HTML format, without needing to down- Time-driven Frozen Counter and Frozen load ActiveX controls or Java applets. WebExplorer Optional External I/O Counter Event data is fully programmable, so you can customize Connect multiple external I/O Modules for • Third Party Certification is Available your own SCADA quality webpages, graphics and enhanced I/O capability. configurations. • Analog Outputs • Easily Incorporated Into Any Existing Web • Analog Inputs Applications • Digital Status Inputs • Fully Programmable Webpage Generator • KYZ Outputs • Brings in Direct XML Links, Displaying Many • Relay/Alarm Outputs Meters on One Page WebXML Creates Real Time Data in XML Format. WebXML allows the Nexus® meter to gather data from the Nexus® Host or through other meters and put the data directly into an XML format. This allows you to share data through the web with multiple applications and create custom webpages, using WebExplorer. 4 WebExplorer WebXML WebReacher
  5. 5. Total Web Solutions WebAlarm – Email Alerts features are available simultaneously. Even with DNP EIG’s WebAlarm sends real time email alerts via 3.0 over the Ethernet, you still have access to multiple the Internet to up to 9 recipients simultaneously for Modbus sockets, email alarms, web servers and any combination of event notifications. many other communication features. Webmod (Open Architecture 3rd Party Integration) WebXML technology is easy to configure andextremely flexible. With WebXML, your data is instantlyavailable to a host of software applications includingInternet Explorer, Excel, Power Point and Word. • Real Time Alerts • Automatically Process and Present Data In • Simultaneous Emails to Multiple Recipients Readable XML Format • Update Users on Virtually Any Abnormality • Add Scale Factors, Multipliers or Other • Uses Standard SMTP — Just Assign Email Desired html Capability Addresses • Display Data From Host Meter and/or Any • Shows the Last 10 Emails on Website for The 10/100BaseT design allows the unit to Other Meter Using Modbus RTU or TCP/IP Later Investigation speak with 12 simultaneous sockets of Modbus TCP. (WebReacher) EIG’s WebMod features Modbus TCP open protocol • Customized Programming Webdnp that can be easily integrated with most other software • Easily Viewed By Different Applications Using this feature, you can gain access to the or hardware. And, with the built-in Modbus data con- • Modbus Data Concentrator meter speaking native DNP over Ethernet. This allows centrator, you can poll up to 8 devices or 512 unique the unit to open an exclusive network socket for DNP polling items from any device that can speak ModbusWebReacher 3.0. Using this unique technology, all other meter web RTU and/or Modbus TCP protocols. With EIG’s exclusive WebReacher technology,you can now access remote meters around the View data from multiple meters generated from the Master Meter in your web browser. WebXML provides Meter 124 totalized energy usage Internet Explorer WebMod TCP/IP Web M od T CP/I P P/IP We TC odworld, retrieve data and consolidate it onto one Meter 115 bM M eb /IP W odwebpage or website without any separate software P TC TCSCADA package or client-side ActiveX controls or d P Mo /IPJava applets. b We • No Additional Software Application Costs Meter 31 • No Server System Required • No Complex Integration • No Costly Point Charges (Up to 32 Devices) Web Solutions allows a meter Meter 87 to display data from many Meter 14 remote meters. 5 WebAlarm WebMod WebDNP
  6. 6. Nexus® 1272 Advanced Power Quality Analysis Pinpoints Electrical Reliability Issues The processing capability and accuracy of the Nexus® 1272 makesit possible to gather power quality information with unmatched precision.The Nexus® 1272 is ideally suited for application on all critical loads. Fromhealth care to micro-electronics, the 1272 has what it takes to captureevery anomaly. This insures that when there is a power problem, you havethe information required to act. All Power Quality logs are time stamped tothe nearest millisecond to insure accurate recording. Nexus®’ AdvancedDownload Logic collects only new data to minimize download times.Event/Out of Limit Log • Records 1024 Events • Extensive Limit Setting Capabilities • Out of Limit Recording with Multiple Limits per Selected • High-Speed Input Event Recording Quantity • Outage DetectionWaveform Log The waveform recording capability of the Nexus® is unparalleled by any meter.Waveform records of this quality have historically been reserved only for transmissionlines. The power of the Nexus® 1272 now makes this quality available to your criticalcustomers. • xtraordinary Resolution through E • Up to Six Channels 16 bit A/D Input • Voltage and Current Triggers • Sample Rates from 16 to 512 • E xternal Event Trigger Samples per Cycle • Voltage Surge/Sag Recording • Total Recording Times over 100 • Current Fault Analysis SecondsHarmonic Distortion Analysis CBEMA/ITIC Log • Log Harmonics into Historical Log for Later Analysis The separate CBEMA/ITIC Log captures all voltage transients • Recorded Waveforms Provide Harmonics to the 255th Order that fall outside these standards. The onboard log holds 1024 events. • View Waveform Record The data is downloaded to a separate log in the meter database for easy analysis. See all voltage disturbances on one screen through the Communicator EXT software. • Sag/Swell Analysis • Transient Recording6
  7. 7. Advanced Reporting and Analysis System Performance and Reliability Analysis The accuracy and precision of the Nexus® 1272 coupled withits extraordinary logging capability makes it an ideal tool for systemperformance and reliability analysis. For the first time, users havethe accuracy and precision of a digital fault recorder at the revenue-metering site without the expense. The Nexus®’ 16-bit accuracyand resolution for waveform records actually exceeds many digitalfault recorder products. Combine the Nexus® 1272 with EIG’s suiteof software solutions to further expand the level of understandingduring any monitoring situation.AiReports – Communicator EXTPQ Analysis Fault Analysis AiReports provides automated • Compares Multiple Faultanalysis and reports (1272 Only) for Recordsabnormal events. • Measures Waveform Traces • Uses Artificial Intelligence • Inserts Timing Marks to • Evaluates All Data from Analyze Waveform Transients ® Nexus Monitor • Views CBEMA Logs Download the data and open the At The Customer • Rates Events for Severity files with Communicator EXT. Compare When that key customer calls, • Identifies Probable Causes At The Interchange multiple channels. Measure amplitudes simply perform a download from the • Identifies Possible Impacts Point and timing with millisecond resolution. Nexus® 1272. In a few minutes, all the • Recommends Corrective Nexus® gives you the power See system reliability events that lasted data related to any event is on your Actions or Solutions of a sequence of events recorder on for several seconds. desktop. A completed report is ready • Prepares and Formats Report every transmission line or interchange to review internally or email to the cus- of All Power Quality Events point. Nexus® is always watching Test Protective tomer. Probable causes are identified • PQDIF File Format Converter and has extended memory capability, Equipment and corrective actions recommended. Allows Nexus® Data to be which can record multiple faults, or Need to test protective equip- Need to perform a more detailed Read by Standard EPRI Power even frequency swings, during stabil- ment performance? Simply take evaluation? Simply open the viewer to Quality Viewing Software. ity problems. Capture all voltages and the Nexus® record and convert to look at the waveforms and see exactly • COMTRADE File Converter currents. COMTRADE format. Insert the file what happened to voltages and Changes Fault Records to directly to protective test equipment currents throughout the event. Only Standard Fault Analysis File to verify relay performance. Nexus® provides precise pictures for Formats many seconds.Supported Meter Forms Accuracy FORM RATED VOLTAGE HOOKUP PARAMETER ACCURACY 9S 0 to 277V 3E, 4W, Wye Voltage 0.02% L-N Current 0.05% 36S 0 to 277V 2½ E, 4W, Wye Frequency 0.001Hz L-N with Neutral kW 0.06% 45S 0 to 480V 2E, 3W, Delta L-L kWh@1.0PF 0.06% WB2 S 0 to 277V Programmable kWh@0.5PF 0.10% (Universal Forms) kVAR 0.10% 9A 0 to 277 A Base Form kVA 0.10% L-N PF 0.10% 7
  8. 8. Data and Event Monitoring/RecordingMultiple Memory System Events LogLogs The unit records the following Nexus® meters provide many logs system events for security and anti-to record historical, alarm and system tampering.event data. These logs can be used for • Power Upprofiling, recording events and logging • Power Downelectrical power parameters over time. • Password AccessAdditionally, using the advanced I/O • Password Modificationavailable with the product, you can also • Change of Programmable Settingslog process measurements, including • Change of a Run Timetemperature, pressure, flow, etc. • hange of Clock Time by C Communication (ModbusTwo Historical or DNP) Historical TrendingTrend Logs • Test Mode Usage These logs allow you to trend • Meter Resets (Logs, Max/Min,virtually any electrical parameter over Energy)time. This includes all electrical andI/O parameters. Input Status Log • p To 64 Values per Log U This log records when a digital • Programmable Trend Times status change occurred in either the Replace Conventional Chart Recorders • Provides Magnitude and internal or external inputs. Duration of Event • Status Log for External Events • Millisecond Resolution • I nternally Labeled to Define • 2 Separately Programmable Logs Events • Separately Recorded Time Base • Records Alarms For Electrical Control Output Log and I/O Channels This log records the logic and state that triggered a control output.Out of Limits Log The graphical log shows all the steps This log records all out-of-limit that led up to the event.alarms, including the magnitude and • Displays Pre- and Post-the duration of the alarm. Analysis • nternally Labeled to Define I Events • dvanced I/O Analysis A View Alarms, Status Changes and Control Events Logging Specifications Model Memory Historical Historical CBEMA / Out of Limit Waveform Output Log 2 Input System Log 11 Log 2 1 ITIC 2 Log 2 Log 3 Log 2 Events 2 1272 Standard 85 Days 133 Days 512 1024 63 256 1024 1024 1272 Advanced 555 Days 133 Days 512 1024 95 256 1024 1024 1262 Standard 69 Days 32 Days N/A 512 N/A 512 1024 1024 1262 Advanced 480 Days 133 Days N/A 512 N/A 512 1024 1024 1 Assumes Logs store 4 scaled energy readings every 15 minutes 3 Number of Waveform Records. Each record may be from 8 to 64 cycles in duration depending upon meter setup 2 Number of Events Recorded (assumes 14 parameters monitored)8
  9. 9. Dial-Out On Alarm (INP2)Dial-Out on Outage The INP2 modem has a dial-out circuit with a battery that detects when Eventvoltage is lost and dials out to provide outage notification. Additionally, the circuit Metercan be configured to dial out when many other circumstances occur. The Nexus® Dials Out on Event1262/1272 dials to the EIG Dial-In Server which allows users to be paged or emailedwith notification of events. When the modem option card is installed, the meteralso includes a gateway port. This allows the meter to act as a master for up to 7additional meters and dial out on alarm for any of these meters. RS485 ConnectionDial-Out for Other Events The meter will dial out for the following circumstances: Telephone • Limits/Status Change • Control Output Change Dial-out Modem • High Speed Input Change • Cycling of Control Power INP2 • Waveform Record Capture • Password Failure on a Call Server Receives • CBEMA Power Quality Event Coming into the Modem Alarm • Control Output Change • Meter Communication Failure Server Provides: • Alarm Notification • ogging L Download Modem Call In Event • Automated Alerts Visual AlarmDial-In Server Capabilities The EIG Dial-In Server will record all notifications, accept downloads from the Automatic Notification Via Pager, Cell Phone or Emailmeter and allows users to be notified by email and paging automatically. Features ofthe Dial-In Server include: • Unlimited Meters • Scalable Multi-server Architecture • Email Notification • Paging Notification • Audible System Alarm Dial-In Settings 9 Dial-Out Logic
  10. 10. Dimensions and Mounting Nexus® 1262/1272 Nexus® 1262/1272 Switchboard Case Front View Switchboard Case Back View 6.13” (15.57 cm) Y K Z | Y CH2 Z | Y CH3 Z | Y CH4 Z | K K K S (1) (+) 8.5” CH1 Gateway (21.6 (-) (+) S (-) (+) | | S (-) (+) | 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 C cm) 4.38” 9.25 (234.95 mm) IRIG-B COM1 COM4 HIGH SPEED 9.25” (11.11 L N PE (23.5 cm) Power In Network Phone Line cm) 9.0” (22.9 cm) Vc Ia - Hi Ib - Hi Ic - Hi Va + + + + + Vn Lo Lo Lo Vb + + + + + 0.19” (.048 cm) 5.6” (14.22 cm) 6.85” (17.4 cm) 6.85 (173.99 mm) 6.58” (16.51 cm) Nexus® 1262/1272 Nexus® 1262/1272 Nexus® I/O Modules Front View Side View Front View 1.10” (2.8cm) 0.63” (1.60cm) 1.31” (3.33cm) 6.96” (17.68 cm) 2.20” 3.68” (9.35cm) (5.6cm) 6.16” (15.64cm) 6.00” (15.24cm) 3.40” (8.63cm) Nexus® 1262/1272 Nexus® 1262/1272 A Base A Base Front View Side View 0.87” (2.21cm) 4.23” (10.74cm) 10.17” (25.83cm) 2.00” (5.08cm) 7.00” (17.8cm) 6.18” (15.7cm)10
  11. 11. SpecificationsWiring DiagramsFORM: 9S (TRANSFORMER RATED)SERVICE: WYE, 4WIRE 3 Switchboard Mount3 PTs, 3 CTs N LINE 1 SERVICE: WYE, 4WIRE8! 8 8 3 PTs, 3 CTs 2 3 Y K Z CH1 | Y CH2 Z | Y CH3 Z | Y CH4 Z | K K K S (1) (+) Gateway 1! (-) (+) S (-) (+) | | S (-) (+) | 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 C N IRIG-B COM1 COM4 HIGH SPEED 1 L N PE Power In Network Phone Line 1 2 Va 1 Vc Ia - Hi Ib - Hi Ic - Hi + + + + + Vn Lo Lo Lo Vb + + + + + LINE 8 ! 8 Hi 8! lc Lo Hi CTs lb Lo Hi la Lo PTs 8= 8 8? Form 9S 4-Wire Wye LOAD FORM: 45S (TRANSFORMER RATED) SERVICE: DELTA, 3WIRE 3 LOAD 2 PTs, 2 CTs LINE Switchboard Mount 8! 8 8 2 1 SERVICE: DELTA, 3WIRE 1! 2 PTs, 2 CTs 3 Y K Z CH1 | Y CH2 Z | Y CH3 Z | Y CH4 Z | K K K S (1) (+) Gateway 1 (-) (+) S (-) (+) S (-) (+) 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 C | IRIG-B COM1 | COM4 | HIGH SPEED L N PE Power In Network Phone Line 2 1 Vc Ia - Hi Ib - Hi Ic - Hi Va + + + + + Vn Lo Lo Lo Vb + + + + + 8 8! LINE ! Hi 8 lc Lo Hi CTs la Lo PTs 8= LOAD 8? Form 45S 3-Wire Delta LOAD 11
  12. 12. Specifications SENSE INPUTS: (18 to 60)Vdc. Burden 9W max. • n Resistance: 23-35Ω O APPROVALS CURRENT (ac) • Separate power cord. • eak Voltage: 350V DC P • EC 60687 - KEMA Certified I • ransformer (CT) rated T • witchboard meter is always separately powered S • ontinuous Load Current: 120mA C • EC 62053-22 - KEMA Certified I • or 3 current inputs depending on Form 2 (option SE or DE). • eak Load Current: 350mA (10ms) P • alifornia ISO C (Ia, Ib, Ic) ISOLATION • ff State Leakage Current @350V DC: 1: µA O • Y State Public Service Commission N • Class 2 – 1A nominal, burden 0.000312VA@2.5A • ll Inputs and Outputs Isolated to 2500 Volts A • pto Isolation: 3750V rms (60Hz, 1 min.) O • SDA Technical Standards Committee Rural U • lass 10, 20 – 5A nominal, burden C • om Ports Isolated From Each Other to 1000 Volts C Development Unit CLOCK TIMING 0.0125VA@25A SENSING • Mi - Brazil N • nternal Clock Crystal - Accuracy Better than I • 0.1% of nominal pickup current • ccu-Measure™ Technology A • EEE - Brazil C 2 Minutes per Month • 120% over range of Meter Class • 6 bit A/D Inputs 1 • nion Fenosa - Spain U • IRIG-B Input for Synchronizing to External GPS • urrent surge withstand (at 23°C) - 100 Amps C • rue RMS T Clock Signal - Accuracy Better than 1 msec • AM - Endesa Chile C for 10 seconds, 300 Amps for 3 seconds, • Channel Sample Hold 8 per Month • lectric Power Test Research Institute of China - E 500 Amps for 1 second MEMORY • ine Sync - Accuracy Better than 1 Second L China Southern Power Grid VOLTAGE (ac) • ll Meter Setup Parameters, Measurements A per Month • hina Northwestern Electric Power Research C • Blade powered unit, standard voltage (option S): Logs Contained in Nonvolatile RAM ENVIRONMENTAL Institute 480Vmax Phase to reference (Va, Vb, Vc to Vref). STANDARD COMMUNICATIONS • perating Temperature: (-40 to +85)°C O • CEPRI - Beijing N Burden total 12VAmax (including power supply) • CD Display L • isplay Temperature: (-20 to +60)°C D • EPRI - China State Grid C 600Vmax Phase to Phase (Va to Vb, Vb to Vc, • R Port I Vc to Va) • aintight Lexan Cover (Socket) R • TS - Korea A • wo RS485 Serial Ports T • lade powered unit low voltage (option LV): B • Temperature Specifications to Indirect Light • odbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, DNP 3.0 M COMPLIANCE standards 69Vmax between Vref and Va, Vb, Vc inputs. SECURITY • ata Speeds of up to 115k bps D • NSI C12.20 A Accuracy Burden total 12VAmax (including power supply) • ardware Lock Secures Meter Settings H 120Vmax between Va, Vb, Vc inputs • ight High-Speed Input Channels E • NSI/IEEE C37.90.1 Surge Withstand A • wo 10-Character Passwords T • NSI C62.41 A Surge Immunity • xternally powered units (options SE, DE): E OPTIONAL COMMUNICATIONS • ne Password Controls Access to Read O 480Vmax between Vref and Va, Vb, Vc inputs. • EC 1000-4-2 I ESD • 6K Modem with Dial-Out Capabilities 5 Meter Digitally Burden 0.33VA@576V • EC 1000-4-3 I Radiated Immunity • nternal 10/100BaseT Rapid Response™Ethernet I • eparate Password Controls Access to S • EC 1000-4-4 I Fast Transient 600Vmax between Va, Vb, Vc inputs Program Meter • Input impedance 1Mohm/phase. • odem/Ethernet Combo Card M • EC 1000-4-5 I Surge Immunity • Modbus TCP and DNP LAN/WAN • dditional 8 level password sequence A • EC 1000-4-6 I Conducted Immunity • 20% over range of rated voltage. available by user configuration INTERNAL 8ch DIGITAL INPUTS • EC 60068-2-6 I Vibration (Sinusodial) • 2V pickup voltage. SHIPPING • EC 60068-2-27 Shock Test I EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY • ype: Self Excited, for Dry Contacts Only T Weight: • EC 695-2-1 I Resistance to Heat Fire OPTIONS • nternal Wetting Voltage: 12V DC Typical I • EC 68-2-1 I Cold Test • tandard external (option SE): S Socket: 10 Lbs Switchboard: 16 Lbs INTERNAL 4ch • EC 68-2-2 I Dry Heat (102 to 276)Vac @50/60Hz. 12VA max. SOLID STATE OUTPUTS (kyz) Dimensions: • EC 68-2-30 I Damp Heat • ow voltage external (option DE): L • ype: Form A or C T Socket: 13 x 10 x 11 Switchboard: 16 x 14 x 11 Ordering Information (To order, please use this guide) Model Memory Form Class (Amps) Frequency Power Supply1 Optional Communication Option Numbers: − − − − − − Example: 1272 − A − 45S − 20 − 50 − DE − INP200 1272 S 9S 2 50 S X Std Amps 50 Hz Std Blade Powered No Optional Com 1262 A 36S 10 60 SE INP2 Adv Amps 60 Hz Std Ext Modem 102-270V AC/DC with Dial-Out 45S 20 DE INP200 Amps DC Ext 10/100BaseT Ethernet 18-60VDC SWB2 LV INP202 (Switchboard) 69VAC Modem Blade Powered Ethernet Combo (No Dial-Out) 9A (A Base) 1 Switchboard Meter Only Supports SE or DE Options. Accessory Options O PTIO N A L I / O M OD UL E S POWE R OP TI O NS S O F TWARE O P TI O NS 1mAON4 4 Analog Outputs, 0-1mA PSIO I/O Power Supply (Required COMEXT3.1C ommunicator EXT 3.0 for Windows © C 1mAON8 8 Analog Outputs, 0-1mA with I/O Module) Single-Computer License (One Site) 20mAON4 4 Analog Outputs, 4-20mA BAT1 External Replaceable Battery for COMEXT3.MC ommunicator EXT 3.0 for Windows © C 20mAON8 8 Analog Outputs, 4-20mA Dial Out on Outage Multiple-Computer License (One Site) 4RO1 4 Relay Outputs AIEXT.1C A iReports EXT Power Analysis Software 4PO1 4 Solid State Pulse Outputs for Windows © Single-Computer License M OU N T ING O P TI O NS (One Site) 8AI1 +/- 0-1mA, 8 Analog Inputs 8AI2 +/- 0-20mA, 8 Analog Inputs MBIO I/O Module Mounting Bracket AIEXT.MC Multiple-Computer License (One Site) Power Supply and Mounting Bracket 8AI3 +/- 0-5VDC, 8 Analog Inputs DISEXT.1C D ial-In Server Single-Computer License Required with any I/O Option 8AI4 +/- 0-10VDC, 8 Analog Inputs (One Site) 8DI1 8 Status Inputs, Wet/Dry DISEXT.MC Dial-In Server Multi-Computer License (One Site) Electro Industries/GaugeTech 1800 Shames Drive • Westbury, NY 11590 1- 877- EIMETER (1- 877- 346- 3837) • E-Mail: Tel: 516-334 -0870 • Web Site: • Fax: 516-338-4741 E151702 081811 Rev J