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Norton utilities 16.0   1 user    3 pc
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Norton utilities 16.0 1 user 3 pc

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  • 1. Norton Utilities 16.0 - 1 User / 3 PC Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating 3.5 out of 5 Product Feature q Speed Disk: Brings together (defragments) and reorganizes (optimizes) files and data that have become scattered across your hard drive. q Disk Doctor: Scans your hard drive and alerts you to problems that can cause computer errors and crash your hard drive. q Registry Cleaner: Helps eliminate Windows Registry problems that can slow down your PC, trigger error messages, and cause Windows to crash. q Registry Defragmenter: Removes gaps, free space, and corrupt files in your registry and compacts it to free up system memory and make your PC start up faster. q Registry Restore: Makes a backup of the registry before making any repairs so you can easily undo them if necessary. q Read moreProduct DescriptionNorton Utilities fixes common PC problems, frees up memory, speeds startup time, and boosts program andoverall system speed to help keep your PC running fast and error-free. Unneeded files, outdated registry entries,and hard disk problems can slow down your PC and even crash it. Norton Utilities cleans up and speeds up yourPC to help it run like new. It finds and fixes Microsoft Windows issues to prevent PC freezes, crashes, slowdowns, and loss of your Stuff. It helps your PC start up faster. It repairs and optimizes your Windows registry toimprove stability and launch programs quicker. It even cleans up your hard drive to boost overall PCperformance and give you more disk space for your Stuff. Read moreYou May Also LikeNorton Internet Security 2013 - 1 User / 3 PCNorton Ghost 15.0 - 1 PCNorton 360 2013 Premier - 1 User / 3 PC
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