Dragon dictate, version 2, mac [old version]


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Dragon dictate, version 2, mac [old version]

  1. 1. Dragon Dictate, Version 2, Mac [Old Version] Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating 2.7 out of 5 Product Feature q Speech-recognition software designed exclusively for the Mac q Input text just by speaking--up to 3 times faster than typing q Interact with your favorite Mac applications using only your voice q Produce reports, email, articles, books, research notes, online content, and more q Amazingly accurate; requires just minutes of training to get started q A smarter way to interact with your Mac,more accurate q Enables you to focus on dictating your thoughts and ideas rather than dealing with the mouse and keyboard. More accurate q Includes a high-quality headset microphone, q Use the free Dragon Remote Microphone application to turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless microphone q Read moreProduct DescriptionDragon Dictate 2.0 Mac Read moreProduct Description Introducing Dragon Dictate for Mac 2.0 The name has changed from MacSpeech Dictate...but thats just the beginning of whats new in Dragon Dictate 2.0. From improved accuracy and faster performance, to streamlined set-up and a revamped Mac user interface, plus new editing commands, Dragon Voice Shortcuts for Search, and MouseGrid, Dragon Dictate 2.0 has been
  2. 2. redesigned to deliver Simply Smarter Speech Recognitionfor the Macintosh.Powered by the state-of-the-art Dragon v11speech-recognition engine from Nuance, Dragon Dictate2.0s recognition of your speech is much more accurateout of the box. Dictate 2.0 "learns" better than anyprevious version via training in the Recognition window,as well as through the Vocabulary Training feature.Dictate 2.0 responds faster to spoken commands,streamlines the editing process, and supports DragonVoice Shortcuts that give you more power and flexibilityin controlling your Mac by voice.Powered by thestate-of-the-artDragonspeech-recognitionengine fromNuance.In addition tounder-the-hoodchanges, the DragonDictate 2.0application includes anumber of interfacechanges toaccelerate set-up,improve training,streamlinecustomization ofvocabulary and voicecommands, andsimply make youmore productive onyour Mac.Improvements inDictate 2.0 as a MacOS X application helpcommands executemore rapidly, allowuser profiles to loadfaster, and enableinteraction with otherMac applications tobe smoother thanever.In the latest version of Dragon Dictate, users have theability to more finely control how Dragon formats textsuch as dates, times, numbers and addresses, ensuringthat Dragon works the way that you work. New voicecommands, such as the ability to post to Facebook andTwitter, and a deeper integration with Microsoft Word
  3. 3. help you get more done faster on your Mac. Plus iPhoneusers can take advantage of the new Dragon RemoteMicrophone application. This free app allows you to turnyour iPhone (or iPod touch) into a wireless microphone foruse with Dragon on your Mac.Above all, Dictate 2.0 enables you to focus on dictatingyour thoughts and ideas rather than dealing with themouse and keyboard. Thats simply a smarter way tointeract with your Mac. Its Simply Smarter SpeechRecognition.Dragon Dictate for Mac -- Simply Smarter Speech RecognitionWith Dragon Dictate for Mac, accomplish more than youever imagined possible. Input text just by speaking--up tothree times faster than typing--and interact with yourfavorite Mac applications using only your voice. WithDragon Dictate you can produce reports, email, articles,books, research notes, online content, and more--quickly,easily, and accurately. Youll get more done faster withless stress and more success--at home, at work, orwherever life takes you. Dragon Dictate provides amazingaccuracy and requires just minutes of training to getstarted--its Simply Smarter Speech Recognition.USB microphone included.Key BenefitsTurn Talk into TextInstead of a keyboard, use your voice to produce text.Speak your thoughts; then watch your words appear onscreen in your favorite Mac applications--and up to threetimes faster than typing--with an astoundingrecognition-accuracy rate of up to 99% right out of thebox.Unlock Your CreativityDragon Dictate for Mac keeps up with your brain.Transform ideas into text at the speed of thought; startbeing creative and productive with only your voice--dontlet typing get in the way of your ideas or productivity.Work ComfortablyControl your Mac in a relaxed, hands-free manner withoutbeing tied to your keyboard. Instead of using your mouse,
  4. 4. just speak commands to launch and control applications.Move the cursor or click anywhere on screen simply byvoice.Multi-Task Like Never BeforeTell your Mac what to do, like "Reply To This Message" or"Open Microsoft Word" or "Jump To Google" to work fasterand smarter. Create voice commands that automatecomplex workflows on your Mac.Work Your WayCreate a digital world, powered by your own voice.Customize Dragon Dictate for Mac with personalvocabulary and voice commands that reflect the kind ofwork you do.Built for MacDragon Dictate for Mac was built to give users theexperience they expect from their favorite Macintoshapplications--an intuitive, easy-to-use interface thatdramatically boosts productivity. Whats more, DragonDictate for Mac works with your favorite Appleapplications, including Mail, iChat, iCal, TextEdit, Pages,Safari, and many more.Details:Simply Smarter--Improved Accuracy & Faster Recognition Powered By Dragon: Dragon Dictate for Mac 2.0 recognizes speech faster and more accurately right out of the box. Dictate 2.0s remarkable accuracy is powered by the latest version of the award-winning Dragon speech recognition engine. This is the same state-of-the-art technology used by Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 for the PC. Optimized For Mac: Improvements to Dictate 2.0 as a Mac OS X application enable the software to load data faster, respond faster with recognized text, execute commands faster and produce text more rapidly in your favorite Mac applications.Smarter Control--Powerful CommandsIn addition to the powerful voice commands that DragonDictate already offers for controlling popular Macapplications like Mail, iChat, TextEdit and Safari, the newDragon Dictate 2.0 adds more ways than ever to interactwith your Mac by voice: New Editing Commands: Most editing commands in Dragon Dictate 2.0 now allow for the syntax supported by Dragon NaturallySpeaking for PC. These commands are easy to say, easy to remember, and designed to simplify and speed up editing by voice. The new Dictate
  5. 5. 2.0 commands include: "Select (text)", "Select Next/Previous" "Delete (text)", "Delete Next/Previous" "Train (text)" or "Correct (text)" "Insert Before/After (text)" "Capitalize (text)" , "Capitalize Next/Previous" "Lowercase (text)", "Lowercase Next/Previous" "Uppercase (text)", "Uppercase Next/Previous"Commands carried over from MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 willcontinue to work, as well. For example, "Select TheWord(s)" or "Delete The Word(s)", et. al.Proofreading: The new Proofreading commands inDragon Dictate 2.0 take advantage of the powerfulText-to-Speech capabilities built into Mac OS X. Usethese commands to have dictated text read back to you: "Read/Proofread (text)" "Read/Proofread The Selection" "Read/Proofread Document"Surrounding Punctuation: These commands allow you toput punctuation around certain words or words, using asingle command. Some examples are: "Put Quotes Around (text)" "Put Parentheses Around (text)" "Put Brackets Around (text)" And more!Dragon Voice Shortcuts for Search: Dragon VoiceShortcuts offer an easy way to search for information,files and content from anywhere on your Mac, using asingle voice command: Search the Web for information,products, news and more: "Search Google for Italian restaurants in Boston" "Search Bing for "wedding dress photos" "Search Yahoo for "tuxedo rentals"Search Mail for messages: "Search Mail for "RSVP"Search menu items in the active application: "Search Menus for "Page Setup"Search your Mac for documents and content: "Search Mac for history term paper" "Search Spotlight for "business brochure layout"Smart From The Start--Productivity is Faster &EasierFlexible Microphones: Switching between microphones iseasier to manage with Dragon Dictate 2.0. A new "AudioSources" setting lets you specify which microphones touse with a given Profile. You can even designate multiplemicrophones for a single Profile -- for example, if you useboth a wired headset microphone and a wirelessmicrophone. The free Dragon Remote Microphone appturns your iPhone or iPod touch into a wirelessmicrophone so you can dictate and control your Mac byvoice, without the traditional headset wires.Easy Upgrade: Moving from MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 toDragon Dictate 2.0 is a breeze: Dragon Dictate 2.0 detects existing user data from Dictate v1.5, including custom vocabulary, and sets
  6. 6. up a new and improved Profile. Additional Voice Training is available to further optimize your voice profiles. Custom Voice Commands created with Dictate v1.x are compatible with Dragon Dictate 2.0.Training Tools: Microphone Setup and Voice Training areeasier to manage via an updated user interface forvarious set-up tools.Expanded User Manual & Help Guide: The DragonDictate 2.0 User Manual and built-in Help Guide offerin-depth information about both new and existingfeatures in Dictate 2.0.Point By Voice with MouseGridDragon Dictate 2.0 lets you control your Macs cursor andmouse actions by voice, giving you a new option forinteracting with your desktop, and giving you precisehandling of mouse pointer-based tasks.MouseGrid: Placement of the cursor can be accomplishedwith MouseGrid commands. Using numbered 3x3 gridsections onscreen, you can narrow down the placementof the mouse pointer, and then use a Mouse Clickcommand. Some of the MouseGrid commands are: "Open MouseGrid" or "MouseGrid" "Small MouseGrid" (directly around mouse pointer) "1" through "9", to narrow down placement "Close MouseGrid", or "Cancel"Mouse Click: To click the mouse, you simply speak acommand, with optional that designate one or more keyssuch as Command, Option, Shift or Caps Lock. Choosefrom these new commands: "(modifiers) Mouse Click" "(modifiers) Mouse Double Click" "(modifiers) Mouse Triple Click" "(modifiers) Press Mouse, or Hold Mouse" "Release Mouse"Mouse Movement: New commands let you move themouse pointer, just by using your voice. You designatethe direction (left, right, up, down, or any combination),and optionally the distance (points, centimeters orinches). These new commands are available in DragonDictate 2.0: "Move Mouse (direction)" "Stop, or Slower, or Faster" "Move Mouse (direction) 1-100 Points/Centimeters/Inches"Smart & Easy Upgrades -- from MacSpeech Dictate1.xRuns on Intel-based Macs: Dragon Dictate for Macrequires Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, which runs onalmost any Intel-based Macintosh.Easy to Upgrade: Dragon Dictate 2.0 makes it easy tomove up from using MacSpeech Dictate 1.5. Launchingthe new version detects your user data from the
  7. 7. previous version, including custom vocabulary. Additional Voice Training is available to further optimize your voice profiles. Whats more, you can use your existing wired or wireless USB microphone that came with the older version of Dictate to input your speech.Read moreYou May Also LikeKoss CS95 Speech Recogniton Computer HeadsetDragon Dictate for Mac 2.0 Training VideoKoss CS100 Speech Recognition Computer HeadsetDragon Dictate 2.5: Visual QuickStart GuideDragon NaturallySpeaking Home 11 [Old Version]