Leadsius Challenge Value N Solution


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Presentation: Leadsius Lead Management & Marketing Automation platform.

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Leadsius Challenge Value N Solution

  1. 1. Marketing Automation & Lead Management for the complex sale Stockholm, 2010-12-29 www.leadsius.com
  2. 2. Consider this 8 out of 10 deals were done when the buying company found the seller Focus on customers Buying Process MarketingSherpa
  3. 3. Marketing Challenges 1 2 Insufficient Lead Generation Poor Alignment with Sales “How do I generate more qualified “What’s happening to the leads I’ leads to drive growth?” m passing to Sales?” 3 Measuring Marketing ROI “What’s my return on the money I’m spending on marketing programs?”
  4. 4. Leadsius Lead Management Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Implement multi- Track & Score Build trust by Deliver Sales modal lead both nurturing Ready leads and generation Demographics & relationships over manage KPI:s Activities time Marketing Automation & Lead Management Manages closed-loop marketing and measure marketing performance
  5. 5. Leadsius Customers Solution: Sales Ready Projects to get quality business meetings for KAM in Sweden Result: 30 Grade A Sales Ready meetings booked and approx. 100 Grade B & C Next step: Lead Nurturing project to qualify new leads and move B and C to Sales Ready Solution: Partner recruitment and build end user database Result: 30 new Partners, database of + 3000 high profiled end users Next step: Integrate more with Sales Force to be able to track KPI Solution: Nordic Campaign with partner to generate Sales Ready Leads Result: More than 200 Grade A Leads generated in Nordic countries Next step: Lead Nurturing with a quality database of +3000 prospects
  6. 6. Step 1- GenerationWeb-to-Lead Data Loader Import lead informationCapture lead information from various sources.from your website Ex. PAR, DnB, ERP, CRM etcGoogle Adwords Email Tracking Monitor recipient emailCapture leads generated as activities & place cookie fora result of SEM later web trackin on Landing Page & Home page
  7. 7. Step 2 – Qualification Demographic Points Leadsius qualifies and grade Title = CIO + 10 all your leads: In Sweden +5 > 70 p = Grade A > 100 employees +5 Wholesale company +5 Grade A Sales Ready Will buy in 3 months +20 = Deliver to Sales Budget identified +10 Activity Points Grade B-C Not Sales Ready Open email +5 = Nurture ... Clicked link +5 Download PDF +10 Visited web +5 Fill in form +15
  8. 8. Step 3 - Nurturing Leadsius will nurture not sales ready leads over timeEasy setting of multiple Workflows, trigger rules and scoring
  9. 9. Step 4- Delivery & KPI Opportunities to CRM or Allocated to Leadsius deliver sales ready leads the Right Sales rep, at to sales and will measure lead the Right Time performance KPI:s # Leads & Opportunities Conversion rates Closed amount Sales-cycle length
  10. 10. Integrated Marketing Automation
  11. 11. Leadsius Lead Management