Sap qm (quality management) online training


Published on - " SAP QUALITY MANAGEMENT ONLINE TRAINING" Online Training contact or+1-6786933994,+1-6786933475, +919052666559 By Real Time Experts from Hyderabad, Bangalore,India,USA,Canada,UK, Australia,South Africa.

Overview of ERP
About SAP
SAP Hierarchy Structure
QM overview
Advantages of QM module
Master Data
Creation of Material Master
Activation of material with Quality view
Creation of Master inspection characteristics (Quantitative)
Creation of Master inspection characteristics (Qualitative)
Edit catalogue
Edit selected set
Sampling procedure
Sampling scheme
Planning & Execution
Creation of inspection plan
Assigning of Master inspection characteristics
Creation of inspection lot
Results Recording
Usage Decision
Defect notification process
Various QM Scenarios
Goods receipt inspection
In process inspection
Service inspection
Audit Inspection
Calibration Inspection
Direct assignment of MIC`S to material
Statistical process control process
Quality certificate
Integration of QM with other modules
Configuration Steps
Overview of configuration steps involved in QM

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Sap qm (quality management) online training

  1. 1. SAP QM (QUALITY MANAGEMENT) ONLINE TRAINING Online | classroom| Corporate Training | certifications | placements| support CONTACT US: Magnific training India +91-9052666559 USA : +1-678-693-3475
  2. 2. SAP QM (QUALITY MANAGEMENT) ONLINE TRAINING  Quality Management Introduction: • QM Introduction • Overview of Quality Management • Features and Benefits of SAP QM • Main Functions of QM Functional Consultant  Quality Management Tables/Tcode: • Important QM Tables • List of SAP QM Transaction Codes 1 • List of SAP QM Transaction Codes 2
  3. 3. SAP QM (QUALITY MANAGEMENT) ONLINE TRAINING QM in Logistics: • • • • • • • • • • • • Introducing QM in Procurement Control Key for Quality Management in Procurement Define Keys for Certificate Processing Define Delivery Block Tables Define Document Types Tables Define Status of Supply Relationships Solution for wrong confirmation and wrong usage decision(UD) Calibration of test equipment Vendor Blocked for Quality Reasons Adding Extra Field On Notification Batch Management – Batch Classification Configuration QM Workflow For Material Setup
  4. 4. SAP QM (QUALITY MANAGEMENT) ONLINE TRAINING QM in Production: • • • • Introducing QM in Procurement Create Description Maintaining the Material Master Data QM view in material master Source Inspection: • How to do Source Inspection in QM • Procedure For Source Inspection • What is Source Inspection
  5. 5. SAP QM (QUALITY MANAGEMENT) ONLINE TRAINING QM Inventory Posting: • Settings Required for a Material Inspection • Reverse Goods Receipt Postings or GRN • QA: Make/Buy Material – Inspection Problem • Quality Certificate • QM Inspection method printing • QM Insp. Type for SD Delv. in Returned Gds • Inspection Lot in Inventory Movement
  6. 6. SAP QM (QUALITY MANAGEMENT) ONLINE TRAINING Quality Management in Logistics: • Inventory management with QM, • inspection stock, and inspection lot Goods receipt and goods issue • inspection Inspections of goods movements • Control of the procurement process • Vendor release, model processing • Model processing • Vendor's QM system • Procurement documents and certificates on the Internet Planning and creating quality certificates for outbound deliveries
  7. 7. SAP QM (QUALITY MANAGEMENT) ONLINE TRAINING Quality Management in the Process Industry: • • • • Basics of the classification system in connection with QM Basics of batch management in connection with QM Sample management Integration of QM in the production process • Master recipe and QM • Process order and QM • PI sheet and QM • Basics of certificate processing • Batch monitoring using recurring inspections • QM-specific requirements in the process industry: • Digital signature o Electronic batch log
  8. 8. SAP QM (QUALITY MANAGEMENT) ONLINE TRAINING Quality Management in Sales & Distribution / Quality Certificates: • Integration of QM in Sales & Distribution • Planning and creation of quality certificates for finished products including linking of materials from the production chain o Inspection processing during delivery o Inspection specifications from variant configuration o Customer complaints and returns o QDI electronic quality data exchange o Quality certificates on the Internet
  9. 9. SAP QM (QUALITY MANAGEMENT) ONLINE TRAINING Goals: • This training course provides an overview of the uses of Quality Management. It introduces the basic business processes involved in Quality Management, as well as how these are mapped in the SAP system. • Furthermore, it demonstrates the most important aspects of integration with other SAP application
  10. 10. SAP QM (QUALITY MANAGEMENT) ONLINE TRAINING • We offer you: 1. Interactive Learning at Learners convenience 2. Industry Savvy Trainers 3. Learn Right from Your Place 4. Customized Curriculum 5. 24/7 system access 6. Highly Affordable Courses 7. Support after Training a. Resume Preparation b. Certification Guidance c. Interview assistance