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Oracle Apps Technical Online Training Concepts :
Introduction to ERP
1.Definition of ERP, Overview of popular ERP’S
2.Comparison of Oracle Apps with other ERP’S
3.Types of Roles
4.Types of Projects
5.AIM documentation standards
6.Oracle Application Architecture.
7.Database structure of OA
8.Using TOAD
Application Object Library
1.Creating Users
2.WHO columns
3.Creating Responsibilities
4.Menu construction
5.Request group construction
Application development
1.Defining concurrent program
2.Concurrent programs with parameters
3.Working with multiple concurrent programs
4.Scheduling the Concurrent Program
5.Concurrent Program incompatibilities
6.Creating Request Set
7.Procedure registration
8.Value sets

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  • Creating a Conceptual Model:
    Describes precisely the information needed by the business.
    Prevents making mistakes or misunderstanding during and after the discussion.
    Forms a very important part of System Documentation.
    Can closely relate with physical database design & is opted by many System, Application & Database Designers.
    Entity Relationship Modeling:
    A good & established technique to model the business needs.
    Easy-to-read & understand the diagrams.
    Strong notations to connect & represent various entities which holds vital business information.
    All required information are captured only once, avoids duplications or repetition of the models.
    Information flow is easily understood & is a logical one.
    Database Types:
    ER Model does not rely on the software & hardware used in implementing a business model.
    It forms a strong basis and supports any database like hierarchical, network and relational.
    Normalization & Denormalization:
    Normalization is the activity or the process that converts raw data into a structured data (starting point in design).
    Normalized data does not contain any redundant data.
    Removes duplicate & unwanted data from the existing ER Design.
    Increases the data integrity and stability of the design.
    User can easily locate the missing tables, columns and constraints while normalizing.
    Various normalization rules are available (I.e. 1NF, 2NF, 3NF, BCNF, 4NF, 5NF).
    Data that is not “normalized” is known as “unnormalized” data or data in zero-normal form.
    Data is available in ‘unnormalized’ form, which is transformed into ‘normalized’ data and if required converted back to ‘denormalized’ data.
    Denormalization process is only preferred when performance is chosen over redundant data.
    Relationship & Constraints:
    Relationship is established between entities with a proper name to it.
    Know various types of relationship & what relation has to be applied.
    What is a relationship,determine its optionality, degree & nontransferability associated with it.
    Unique Identifiers which can distinctly identify the entity instance are known as UID constraint.
    A common set of values attached to a attribute is called as Domain constraint.
    SELECT * FROM customer ;
    SELECT * FROM customer WHERE
    customer_id BETWEEN '1000' AND '1005';
    SELECT customer_number FROM customer
    WHERE customer_type IS Null;
    SELECT DISTINCT customer_number FROM customer
    WHERE customer_name LIKE '%P%' ;
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