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  • 1. SAP VARIANT CONFIGURATION TRAINING Online | classroom| Corporate Training | certifications | placements| support Contact Us : +91-9052666559, +1 -6786933994 Email: info@magnifictraining.com http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 2. Variant Configuration What is Variant Configuration? It is a tool which helps to simplify the complex manufacturing of final product with more varieties and Variation of the Input material. e.g. Automobile manufacturing Furniture manufacturing Visit www.sap-topjobs.com for more info Variant Configuration..contd Variant configuration helps 􀂾 To ensure right choice is delivered 􀂾 Easy for the sales person to select 􀂾 Communication is fast and clear 􀂾 Ensures production of right item http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 3. Variant Configuration-super BOM Super BOM:Containing all the components for producing all variants of the product. Advantage:􀂾 No need to create a separate BOM 􀂾 One configurable material to cover variants. Configurable Material -BOM configurable material BOM contains all the components that are required to manufacture the material. The BOM contains components that are only used in specific variants (variant parts),as well as components that are used in all variants (non-variable parts) http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 4. Configurable Material -Routing A routing (or task list) for a configurable material contains all the operations, operation sequences, and production resources/tools (PRTs) that are required tomanufacture all variants of a configurable material Variant Configuration-Class To define the features of a configurable material, use characteristics. To enable to use characteristics to configure a material, assign the material to a class of class type 300.The customer can choose from among different options for each characteristic (values). http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 5. Classification & Characteristic Various characteristics of the material can be Defined and these characteristics are attached To the class. Class is attached to the Material master. e.g Variant class –class type 300 Batch class --class type 022 Object Dependency Selection of item, Restricting the selection &changing the quantity of an item in the BOM are done through Object dependencies select condition, Precondition and Procedure respectively http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 6. Select Condition Super BOM contains all the required and Variable items. From the variable items required items will be selected which are Matching the characteristic value. Select Condition e.g. Items in the super BOM are : 1.70hp engine 2.85hp engine 3.95hp engine Characteristic: Power Char. Values: 70hp,85hp & 95hp select Condition : power = ’70’ Result:-item 70hp engine will be selected. http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 7. Pre Condition e.g. Items in super BOM related to emission are : 1.DPCpump 2.DPAMpump 3.HYDpump Characteristic1: Engine_Power Characteristic2:Emission_level Char.2 Values : euro1,euro2 & euro3 Constrains:70hp can go with euro1 only; 85hp can go with all euro1,euro2 and euro3; 95hp can go with euro3 only. http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 8. Procedure e.g. If there is a change in quantity depends on any Characteristic value, then Procedure is used. i.e Depends on number of wheel character, item ‘Fastner’ required quantity per engine may be 8 times the number of wheel. If no of wheel is 4 then fastner qty should be 32 Per product. Creating Sales Order When creating a sales order & enter the configurable material as an order item. see the configuration editor, where assign values to the characteristics of the material. when entering characteristic values, dependencies for the characteristics and values are processed. http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 9. Class item in super BOM Another way to simplify the BOM creation Process is through class item in the BOM Creation of class Characteristics are created and attached with Class of class type 300(variant class). Class will be assigned to the material master With characteristic values Enter this class as a class item (K) in the BOM Link between class,item & BOM Link is established as class attached to the material master and the same class is entered As class item (K) in the BOM. http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 10. Item selection via class item When the particular class is assigned to the Material master and the same class is Entered as a class item in the BOM, while Creating the sales order Control on class and characteristics Classes can be created through Engineering Change Management so that the better control can be Imparted to it. Changes to the characteristic & its effective from dates can be triggered through Engineering change Management. http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.inv
  • 11. Variant Configuration -Pricing You can make the price of a variant dependent on the characteristic values assigned (Pricing). You can use variant conditions to define surcharges and discounts for a variant Variant –Pricing steps Create condition record create a procedure where you enter the reference from the characteristic Assign the procedures to either the characteristic values configure the material in the sales order The net price for the material is displayed http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 12. Pricing steps -process If a value that triggers a variant condition is selected when configuring a material in a sales order, the price of the material displayed under Net value is automatically increased or reduced. In addition, the Conditions pushbutton is displayed. On pressing this pushbutton, One can see which conditions have influenced the price. Making variant make to stock For variants that are required frequently, you can create material variants, which can be produced without a sales order and kept in stock. When you receive a sales order, you can check whether the variant required is in stock, so that you can deliver immediately. http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 13. Variant matching in the SO If material variants already exist for aconfigurable material, the configurable material can be replaced in the sales order by a material variant. Material variants that only partly match the configuration of the material in the sales order are ignored Note:-The configuration of the material must match the material variant Exactly Simulating configuration configuration simulation to check configuration model. In the configuration simulation, one can test whether it has created the objects correctly and whether dependencies work. http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 14. Material Accounting Relevant items are selected from the Super BOM through object dependency. The selected items form the BOM specific to SO. Items are copied to Plnd. order, prod. order And issued against the production order. Example of VC Finished Material : Bolerojeep Raw Material :-Many items Characters(structure options) Engine Power Emission Level Seating Capacity Body Material Thickness & colour Number of wheels http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 15. Character value & constraints Engine Power – 70hp, 85hp, 95hp Emission Level – Euro1, Euro2, and Euro3 Matching 70hp can go with Euro1 only 80hp can go with all 95hp can go with Euro3 only Character value Seating Capacity – 6 ,7 and 8 Body Material Thickness & colour -0.5mmwhite;0.6mmwhite;0.7mmwhite 0.5mmred;0.6mmred;0.7mmred 0.5mmblack;0.6mmblack;0.7mmblack No.of Wheels –4 or 5 This is to select the qty of fastner http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 16. Sales Order Creation http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 17. Assigning characteristic values http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 18. Selecting characteristic values http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 19. Selecting characteristic value for constrain http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 20. Selecting characteristic value for constrain-85hp http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 21. characteristic values for 85hp Engine Power http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 22. Complete characteristic values http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 23. View the Sales Order http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 24. MRP result Planned order with selected items http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 25. Planned order detail http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 26. View of Super BOM http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 27. View of Super BOM…contd http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 28. View of Super BOM…contd http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 29. Planning for standard variant Planning of fast moving product as a standard item and Matching at the time of creating the sales order automatically. Planning for standard variant example 95Hp,Euro3,6seater,0.6mmred colored Product is fast moving and it needs to be Planned and produced in advance. When the order is received, at the time Of configuring, it will pickup this red item in the sales order. http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 30. Planning for standard variant example Item code Beuro36seat0.6red for 85Hp,Euro3,6seater,0.6mmred colored Product Item code beuro37seat0.6redfor 95Hp,Euro3,7seater,0.6mmred colored product http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 31. Example-preconfigured.. http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 32. Configuring in the SO http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 33. Automatic replacement in SO http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 34. Item available in SO http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 35. MRP and Result http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 36. Planned order view http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in
  • 37. Component Accounting From Planned orders components are Copied to production order and issued. All the items are accounted for consumption Visit www.sap-topjobs.com for more info http://www.sapvsonlinetraining.in