Sap webdynpro online training in  india
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Sap webdynpro online training in india






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Sap webdynpro online training in india Presentation Transcript

  • 1. SAP WEBDYNPRO TRAINING IN INDIA www.magnifictraining. com Contact Us : +91-9052666559 Email:
  • 2. Magnific Name : SAP BI 24*7 Technical support faculty : Real time Experience Magnific Trainings: is a brand and providing quality online and offline trainings to students in world wide. We are providing best online online training on SAP WEBDYNPRO We offer investment options to our students, if necessary. As an institution of learning, we have a strong customer base and a great team of experienced marketing.
  • 3. Highlights in our training service: Every faculty has Real Time Experience. Trained Resources placed in countries like Australia, USA, UK, JAPAN, SWEDEN etc. Any critical issues faced by resource resolved using Team viewer, Webex . Supporting the resource with Top 100 Interview Questions. Resume built in best corporate standards according to the job description. We will market the resume for top technology countries. After each week a status exam is conducted.
  • 4. offline online trainings are conducted everyday. Weekend trainings for job goe Magnific. flexible timings in accordance with the resource comfortability. If related to any Tool is upgraded. Training Technologies is the learner reach gallop. Online learning has wider geographical access. E-learning is fast and efficient. Ability to produce the best content including audio and entertainment included. Learner can combine education, work and family. High quality, cost-effective learning. Complete value for money with competitive price
  • 5. We will send the upgraded information via email. we will develop the Acquaintances with Production, development and testing environments. Real time scenarios covered accross Software Development Life Cycle. for every 10 hrs Magnific Training provides One hour catered to resolve the doubts. Explaining bugs and critical issues and development activities 24*7 technical supports sevices.
  • 6. Magnific Training highlights :- Magnific Technologies is a leading training institute in the online world. We provide work-based training, including according to your specific educational and technical needs. We have one excellent center fully operational training. We provide 24/7 access Server to help our trainees practice exercises and We offer investment options to our students, if necessary.
  • 7.  Webdynpro Basic Concepts  1. View:  Is the central logical layout element in the Web Dynpro application.It is responsible for the presentation logic and for the browser layout.  Description of a visible screen area  Contains and lays out controls (aka widgets)  Defines actions (i.e. relevant input on controls by the user), which trigger event handling  2. Controller:  Active part of web dynpro application,handles the data flow between the model and the view in both directions  Performs event handling  Each component has a component controller  Each view has a view controller  Custom controllers may be added for further structuring
  • 8.  3. Model :  Is the interface to the back end systm and is responsible for providing data to the entire application.  Represents the data in the backend  4. Component:  Reusable UI program package  Mostly contains views, often uses models  5. Application:  Something runnable (from client application, i.e. web browser)  Identified by URL  Running an application means starting a component, navigating” to an initial view in an initial window.
  • 9.  6. Windows:  Single UI unit representing a component’s user Interface/View Composition needed for embedding purposes.   7. Context:  A controller contains a context which holds the data. The data flow between the contexts is referred to as context mapping.
  • 10.  Highlights : WD4A Framework: Web Dynpro Explorer, View Layout, Controller Methods, Plugs, Phase Model WD4A Applications: Parameter Transfer, Navigation, Tree Structures, User Guidance, Table Display, Input Helps Multi-Component Applications: MVC Concepts in the WD4A Framework and Componentization Components: Dynamic Applications and Reuse Integration: SAP NetWeaver Portal and Internationalization Introduction to SAP ABAP Webdynpro
  • 11.  SAP Web Dynpro for ABAP: SAP’s new standard UI technology for developing user interfaces in the ABAP environment. It combines a rendering-independent UI programming model with the well-known features of a ABAP server environment, like the transportation and change management system, security environment, test and performance analysis tools, or remote debugging.
  • 12. full course details please visit our website Duration for course is 30 days or 45 hours and special care will be taken. It is a one to one training with hands on experience. * Resume preparation and Interview assistance will be provided. For any further details please contact +91- 9052666559 or visit please mail us all queries to