If YOU Don't Believe In Yourself...Who Do YOU BELIEVE In?


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If you don't have FAITH in your abilities, your business, and the income you DESERVE will here are some positive affirmations for you...so BELIEVE...because I believe in you!

Here is the direct link right here...To Your Success!


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If YOU Don't Believe In Yourself...Who Do YOU BELIEVE In?

  1. 1. Who Do YOU Believe IN?by Jaudon Robinson | on November 6, 2012  Who do YOU believe in? YES, I believe in A.L.I.E.N.S…& why wouldn’t I??? Let me as you a question.Are you one to let the World tell you who you are, what you will become, and how to live your life & mostimportantly WHAT TO BELIEVE IN? Or are you one who BELIEVES in YOURSELF enough to makewhatever you wish to do, and become…COME TRUE, DESPITE what the World tells you? If you are thatperson READY to make your DREAMS a reality…if SO check this outIf you aren’t ready…(you are tr(us)t me when I say it) well lemme go a little further into this…since I wassince I was a young lad (I know you can dig the lingo…lol …) My mother always told me to “reach forthe moon & you’ll land on a star & God will take you the rest of the way”… to this day, I still BELIEVE inthis…BUT I’M GOING TO TAKE IT A STEP FURTHER….why just “shoot for the moon” in HOPES of justlanding on a star…when WE can shoot PAST THE MOON…..& HAVE THE WHOLEUNIVERSE?????……That is some deep shit aint it??…:)
  2. 2. There are BILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS of stars in the galaxy, so WHY just aim for one when there is thecapacity to have them ALL? So back to the rationale of me believing in A.L.I.E.N.S. I believe in aliensbecause there are so many different galaxies, solar systems, planets, and ASSUMED lifeforms in ourgalaxy…are we REALLY THAT SIMPLE to believe WE are the only planet with LIFEFORMS???….Perhaps so, and at this point I might even sound “a little out there to you” but those people whothe “World” considers “out there”…are theCRAZY ONES WHO (ACT)ually CHANGE THEWORLD!!!!!!So as CRAZY as I am to BELIEVE in A.L.I.E.N.S….I am CRAZIER TO BELIEVE that YOUare of thefollowing…..Beautiful. Handsome. Intelligent. Smart. Loving. Caring. Kind. Awesome. Groovy. Jazzy. Amazing. or as oneperson referred to it as aahh-mazing. GREAT. Generous. Brave. Courageous. Brilliant. Diverse. Unique.Sincere. Passionate. Driven. Ambitious. Focused. Purposeful. Spiritual. Peaceful. Funny. Crazy. Free. Deep-Thinker.. Classy. Sophisticated. Energetic. Hard-Working. Stupendous. Fly. Dope. Diligent. Honorable. Loyal.Dedicated. Gorgeous. Pretty. Determined. Magnificent. Extraordinary. Original. Fashionable. Liberated.Moving. Incredible. Terrific. Positive. Adventurous. Attractive. Successful. Accomplished. BLESSED. Bright.Bubbly. Personable. Creative. Imaginative. Courteous. Charming. Cheerful. Excellent. Fascinating. Fantastic.Impressive. Heavenly. Honest. Joyful. Motivated. Lovable. Nurturing. Nifty. Neat. Clean. Possible. Polite.
  3. 3. Confident. Sweet. Remarkable. Supportive. Understanding. OVERstanding. Respectful. Virtuous. Warm.Youthful. Different………….These are a FEW of the INFINITE words I can use to DESCRIBE YOU ALL..with one of these words or allof them (mainly all of them)..& if you haven’t FELT or been told any of these (ACT)ions words in the pastfew days..you might be hanging around the wrong people or perhaps need to make a few changes,because YOU ARE ALL OF THESE AND THEN SOME! Don’t be denied or let ANYONE tell youdifferent!!!! So I CHALLENGE US ALL…to make it a point to work on these and become ALL OF THESEthings…Adding VALUE toBETTER yourself…will in return allow you to be GREATER for yourself butmainly of better service to OTHERS!!! I LOVE YOU ALL…So DO YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF NOW….I HOPE SO, because you can MAKE ITHAPPEN…TR(US)T me…& if YOU TR(US)T me you’ll OVERstand that in-order to be these things youhave to NOT JUST TALK, BUT BE ABOUT IT…TAKE ACTION Check this video out right here ofone BADASS MothaFonka whose name is Dave Sharpe & happens to be a good friend of mine on what hemeans by TAKE ACTION…..Here is a man who was HOMELESS, BROKE, BATTLED DRUG/ALCHOL ADDICTION & now my dudemakes MILLIONS (literally) online….HELPING OTHERS DO THE SAME….and I haveHONOR &PLEASURE of saying I am ONE OF THE PEOPLE who is “in the know”…unlocking my DREAMS…and IAS WELL as, Dave (A co-founder of Empower Network along with Dave Wood) manyother BADASSES we have on our squad helping others do the same…soWHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE???…&again…who do YOU believe in?? If Dave (which once you get in you’ll here more of his powerful &motivational story) can overcome those odds…what is holding you back….YOURSELF…so get OVERYOURSELF…&…and let YOURSELF HAVE THE LIFE YOU DESIRE….& I will make it a POINT tobring out the GREATEST in YOU like Dave & many others are helping me…and to start up..youcan UNLOCK YOUR DREAMS… by…..1. Clicking on the banner below2. Filling out the form
  4. 4. 3. Filling out the credit card info and paying the $25 to get started ASAP (shit we spend $25 dollars onridiculiousness…WHY NOT INVEST….it in YOURSELF…to start LIVING LIFE & not just bealive)…sounds like a no-brainer to me ….)And WELCOME to the (A).ll (L).ove (I).n (E).arth (N).ever (S)uffers N’Vasion...WE ARE TAKING OVERALIENating ALL FORMS of mediocrity, unlocking our HIIIGHPOWER to GREATNESS!!!!Now that YOU are apart of the N’Vasion (YOU have made SUCH A WISE CHOICE)…I want tomeet YOU!!! Once you have joined the team…its time to get STARTED & release your INNERBADASS…We are all going to be meeting down in Austin, Texas for a few days (Jan. 18th-20th)...and
  5. 5. once YOU get here & LEARN THE SECRETS that the you know Dave Sharpe & Dave Wood (who was alsohomeless at one point, but more on him once you get to Austin Texas)…helped ME & 69,999 more peoplestart marketing & earn 100% COMMISSIONSBLOGGING…This is a NDA (non disclosure…onlyEmpower Network Affiliates, not open to the public) event as well, so again if you haven’t Click here andsignup now -(just $25 to start)….Login in here and you’ll see a green button on the right that says “release your inner badass.” Click that buttonor here is the link directlyYou CANNOT & I REPEAT CANNOT MISS THIS EVENT!!!! Get yo ASS THERE…so we canCHANGE LIVES….HAVE FUN…AND MAKE DREAMS A REALITY!!!!!!!I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!Jaudon Robinson“Tha A.L.I.E.N N’Vator Mediocrity Murder, Doesn’t Matter If You Never Heard Of Him”Let The N’Vasion Commence
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