Cultural Entrepreneurship At The Grassroots of Society


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ART MEANS BUSINESS. Art Promotion Campaigns can be customized for brand promotions and corporate PR programs. Art programs with cultural entrepreneurship affords direct marketing in schools & barangays with “push” & “pull” sales promotions that not only creates brand awareness but delivers day-after sales results with measureable results.

We enjoin Philippine corporations to join our advocacy for social and cultural entrepreneurship at the grassroots of society. Let us enrich our fellow Filipinos with cultural values, a better lifestyle with good tastes.

Magna Kultura Foundation conducts cultural programs in engaging sector-communities, such as: art activities. stage productions, indigenous sports events, and other socio-civic activities; as well, as corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities with direct linkages to city-districts.

Magna Kultura specializes in developing community engagement campaigns that connects with various sector organizations, like village-community associations, school and universities, transport organizations, and civic organizations.

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Cultural Entrepreneurship At The Grassroots of Society

  1. 1. This is not just an ordinary art promotions program. It is a cultural & social entrepreneurship program that fosters social transformation in communities, livelihood opportunities among small retailers, and sales promotions for private companies. IMAGINE A business venture that has all the livelihood savvy of a for-profit enterprise, the social service goals of the public sector, andthe mission-driven zeal of a non-profit organization. Harnessed together, those qualities ought to put the previously unreachable within grasp: innovative, market-based solutions to social problems that generate both financial resources and social value. IMAGINE YOUR COMPANY AS PART OF SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION.
  2. 2. CULTURAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROCESS In promoting our programs, we network with community and niche sector groups in target areas to launch promos with livelihood opportunity goals/results. ACADEME-BASED COMMUNITY-BASED SECTOR-BASED Local Schools & Universities Barangay Councils & Local NGOs & People’s Organization Sangguniang Kabataan Worker Groups & Cooperatives Arts & Cultural Organizations Home-Owner’s Associations Local Transportation Service GroupsLocal Clubs & Civic organizations Community Youth & Adult Groups Church & Faith-based Organizations Retail Stores & Community Vendors MAGNA KULTURA ORGANIZES CORE GROUPS OF ADVOCATES IN COMMUNITIES TO CASCADE AND COORDINATE ACTIVITIES AT THE GRASSROOTS ENGAGEMENT BECOMES MORE EFFECTIVE WITH HOME-GROWN CITIZENS MOBILIZING IN COMMUNITIES. ENHANCED WITH EDU-TAINMENT TECHNIQUES, IT INSPIRES AND MOTIVATES PEOPLE TO BE PART OF THE MOVEMENT FOR CULTURAL PROMOTION. Magna Kultura approaches communities by building the capacity of local citizens and creating an ecosystem for livelihood that includes community organizations, local retailers and sector associations. Thus, using culture as an economic engine and vehicle for social entrepreneurship. The programs become more sustainable, and build loyalty at the grassroots. FOR CORPORATE SPONSORS: programs that become part of the brand’s Sell-through Process; with a standard operating procedure: of cascading promos with local retail trade aligned with company sales and distributors. Sales promotions are implemented with a 5-step close-loop TPM process in territories --- from sell-in to product loading. Beyond image and affinity relations, Magna Kultura believes in giving corporate sponsors value-for-money by delivering day-after sales. 4
  3. 3. ARTS WILL GENERATE BUSINESS FOR ALL. While event are held at specific dates & venues, what is vital are the pre-event activities that allows a period for CONNECTING WITH THE CONSUMER-PUBLIC, through:  Art Promotions that promotes event attendance with pre-event promos to create excitement;  Entertainment Marketing that promotes interactive fun promos using pop culture trivias and contest;  Purchase Promotions that generates proof-of-purchase ALL CULTURAL EVENTS OFFERS profitability for local vendors. DIRECT MARKETING IN SCHOOLS & BARANGAYS  Corporate Promos that not only allows image affinity WITH SALES “PUSH” & “PULL” with arts but generating sales, either thru participating trade PROMOTIONS THAT DELIVERS channels or via house-to-house neighbourhood campaigns. MEASUREABLE RESULTS ALL ART EVENTS ARE PROMOTED IN THE FOLLOWING: IN BARANGAYS: Sari-Sari Stores & Groceries Beyond event day body count, brand promos are conducted for ON-CAMPUS: School Canteens & Vendors One Month before the event OFFICES: Cafeterias & Convenience Stores per area, allowing people to enjoy fun promos & trivias for chances of winning. ART PROMOTIONS OFFERS PESO VALUE TO SPONSORSHIPINVESTMENTS BY STIMULATINGPURCHASE AT TRADE CHANNELSWITH DAY-AFTER SALES. IT HELPS LOCAL STORE LIVELIHOOD.ART PROMOTION CAMPAIGNS CANBE CUSTOMIZED FOR ANY COMPANYBRANDS, SERVICE PRODUCTS ORCORPORATE PR ADVOCACY.Grassroots Art Promotions is a cost-efficientdirect marketing vehicle that offers measurableresults, with weekly movement of productinventories, with proofs-of-purchase & salesinventories submitted weekly. 5
  4. 4. ON TOP OF MAKING ARTS WITHIN THE REACH OFFILIPINOS, THE ECONOMIC ASPECTS OF THE ADVOCACYIS A REAL BREAKTHROUGH IN TERMS OF HELPING SMALLBUSINESS CITIZENS. Art brings excitement in the retail process as vendors become agents of culture. Imagine the excitement it brings to vendors in Sari Sari Stores, Groceries, Convenience Stores, School Canteens and Office Cafeterias.THE SCOPE OF PROMOTIONS GO BEYOND EVENTVENUES. FOR ONE (1) MONTH, ENTERTAINMENTMARKETING PROMOS ARE CONDUCTED WITHIN ATWO KILOMETER PERIMETER. House-to-house info drives are conducted by local operatives. Sari-Sari Stores & Groceries are contacted with person-to-person briefing . School canteens & office cafeterias, fast-food outlets & small carinderias will be given customer promos. Even tricycle terminals & drivers will be conduits for distributions of information. Vendors will be given brochures with simple layman’s instruction. Entertainment promo stubs distributed in outlets for dissemination to customers. Merchandising materials & bulletins installed in all areas of operation. 6
  5. 5. retail & commercial outletsactivated during promotionsPrimary Outlets Secondary Outlets Supermarkets Specialty Coffee Shops Convenience Stores Fast-food Restaurants Mall Retail Stores School Canteens Specialty Shops Office Cafeterias Tertiary Outlets Groceries & Sari-Sari Stores Bakeries & Small Vendors Carinderias & Food Vendors Public Markets Special Outlets Street Junctions Internet Cafes Street Vendors Music Stores Tricycles Terminals Game Shops PU Jeepneys & BusesCultural promotions will add retailtainmentinteractiv ity between v endors and consumersduring the purchase process.Promotions approach will be customized forev ery outlet to fit their customers and products.Retailers will enjoy their role aspromoters of arts and culturewhile contributing to sales oftheir products and serv ices. 7
  6. 6. DATA BASE 1. Data-base of Tricycle Operators1. Retail Store Data Base of and Drivers Associations (TODA)  17 Cities in Metro-Manila  NCR TODA organizations  Key Cities of Laguna (746 TODA lines)  Laguna TODA  Key Cities of Cavite  Cavite TODA  Nueva Ecija TODA  Pampanga TODA TOTAL: 46,300++ Retail Stores  Bulacan TODA  Tarlac TODAMagna Kultura holds an activedatabase of niche sector groups& barangays connected withmobile phones; alliances withlocal government units (LGUs),transport sector organizations,and NGOs nationwide.
  7. 7. sales coordination logisticsSPONSORS TERRITORY SALES TEAM RETAIL TRADE COORDINATION Magna Kultura (MK) coordination with  MK will visit all existing retail trade outlets, sponsor-client’s territory sales team and i.e., sari-sari stores, bakeries and food dealer-distributor, to cascade program plan carinderias in district-barangays will be and promo mechanics invited to participate in the promo; and this MK will provide area sales team with includes one-to-one “sell-in” of the promo. program operations manual and timeline of  Outlets will be briefed with leaflet activities for their respective areas. brochures on promo details and mechanics MK and sales team synergize list of existing about the consumer promo active retail stores.  MK to conduct store check for product MK to visit each local store to determine inventory and loading in coordination with existing load of products. local dealer. MK to provide territory sales force and  All information gathered within period of distributors with the following: coordination will be forwarded to area sales team and distributor.a) Store stock inventory of each local store Note: a) The same manner will be conductedb) Product re-loading advise (to ensure that for schools canteens. stores have stocks during the promo) b) For barangays, retail outlets notc) Weekly update of product movement to included in the sales or distributors gauge sales generated. list will be provided by MK.AREA MERCHANDISING1. Promo leaflet (with promo stub) distribution For SERVICE PRODUCTS house-to-house, with person-to-person (P2P) (i.e. Non-Consumer Goods) and/or announcement. PR ADVOCACIES2. Installation of promo announcement streamers , i.e. school, barangay or office) The same house-to-house operations will be conducted to distribute Service offers or PR3. Leaflet information drive at tricycle terminals Campaign; and can likewise be promoted at4. Posterized bulletin announcement installed trade store outlets, by distributing at key locations: at barangay halls, home- owners assn office, retail outlets, community information leaflets among customers. plazas & playing courts, street corners & Trade stores will be a conduit to reaching tricycle junctions & jeepney stops. In households. Sales lead-information will be schools, it will installed in hallway bulletin turned-over to sponsor-clients. boards, gate entrances, canteens, and other focal points. 9
  8. 8. quick notes summary WE ARE TAKING ARTS IN THE CITIES, AND WE ARE USING CULTURE AS AN ECONOMIC ENGINE.The Art Sector has closed-in with retail trade as promotions base. It promotes culturalactivities at the grassroots and allows more peso-return on sponsorship investments.Direct marketing schemes in applied promoting events. Participation on promos goesbeyond audience attendees. Promos are offered among mass-consumers. Sponsor-Patrons can choose any art event or activity. Events are promoted in target areas ONE MONTH (1) before the event date, to maximize selling in district-barangay sari-sari stores, or school canteens, or office cafeterias. Direct selling operations are conducted within a 2-kilometer radius in all target areas, and is not constrained to event venues and attendees, in order to maximize sponsor product sales. Direct selling is not limited to consumer goods. Service products and PR Advocacies can also be customized into direct marketing operations. Sell-in operations are conducted in schools or retail stores for products not included in shelf inventory. Applying a 5-step close-loop sales process, sell-in procedures are coordinated with the sponsor-patron’s area sales force and local dealers. Leaflets are distributed house-to-house with purchase stubs. Stores are provided with raffle stubs and/or event invites. Data-base of consumers and stores are shared with sponsor-patron, and sales leads are turned-over. In addition, trade sales reports are provided on a bi-weekly basis, matched with dealer-distributor sales records; along with proofs-of-purchase, entry stubs, and other sales measures to gauge effectiveness of the campaign.Cultural Event costs and direct marketing budgets are cost-efficiently prized at NGO-rates.While selling promotions can be conducted on event days, what is important are the pre -event selling days, and beyond-the-line, consumer and trade stores are still in-tack forcontinuity sales campaigns.. OUR COUNTRY NEEDS AN ECONOMIC SPARK TO PROVIDE LIVELIHOOD INCOME & JOBS. CULTURE CAN BE AN ECONOMIC ENGINE.
  9. 9. Magna Kultura Foundation is an arts and cultural organization NGO implementing educational, cultural, and socio-civic programs at the grassroots of society; supporting civic groups and organizations with social entrepreneurial skills and capabilities to improve the well-being Filipino citizens and communities. Magna Kultura Foundation conducts grassroots communication activities, with experience in organizing grassroots community events: stage productions, sports events, and other socio-civic activities; as well, as corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities with direct linkages to grassroots niche sector groups. Magna Kultura specializes in developing community engagement campaigns that connects with various sector organizations, like Barangay and village associations, school and universities, transport organizations, and civic organizations. TRANSFORMING PEOPLE. TRANSFORMING COMMUNITIES.   Magna Kultura Foundation, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on the 2nd of June, 2003, with Company Registration No. CN 200312428. HEAD OFFICE San Juan City, Metro-Manila, Philippines 1500 Telephone No. (632) 514-5868 WEBSITES Magna Kultura Homepage: Social Entrepreneurship Site: Larong PinoyGame Site: The Traditional Filipino Street Games Site: Strategic Marketing Consultancy: Community-Based Marketing Promotions: Check the WikiPilipinas page article about Magna Kultura DICKIE AGUADO AT TEL. NO. 514-5868 OR VIA Mobile Cellular No. +63 917 8990025 or +63 922 8990026