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Magic Oven is an award-winning Toronto-based restaurant chain that serves healthy pizza with fresh, local and organic ingredients, free of additives and preservatives. "We choose to create pizzas that are healthy and organic, because we believe that nothing artificial should touch our lives. Our food, environment and beliefs should be as close to nature as possible. This is where goodness lies and it is possible for all to thrive in it,” says Tony.
The restaurants offer a diverse selection of healthy pizzas, pastas and sandwiches and their ingredients are mostly organic and natural and feature local produce as well as local, free-range meat in all menu items. Their pizzas can be made to accommodate a variety of dietary concerns from organic spelt pizzas, gluten-free rice flour pizzas and the option of vegan or lactose-free cheese.
"It's not just important to look good and taste good - what it does inside your body after the first few bites is more important. Our food looks good, tastes good and nourishes your body," adds Tony.
Do yoga. Drink water. Have dessert.
Healthy. Alternative. Delicious.

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Dine in menu dec2011

  1. 1. Nothing Artificial e pizzas legrain & gluten-fre Organ ic spelt, who heeses Organ ic & Vegan c oices gan ic topping ch Local and Or416-868-OVEN (6836) www.MagicOven.com We Deliver!
  2. 2. Do Drink HaveYoga Water Dessert
  3. 3. Hazelnut Cappuccino Cheesecake $6 Carrot Cake $7 Desserts Get a slice of this organic chocolate decadence $7Our desserts are best enjoyed at room temperature. We encourageyou to make your dessert selection at the time of placing your orderLight and Creamy White Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake 6Organic Blackout Chocolate Cake 7- With Spiced Molten Chocolate Sauce 9Velvety Hazelnut Cappuccino Cheesecake 6Pineapple, Walnut and Coconut Laden Creamy Carrot Cake 6Rich and Creamy Coconut Lime Cake - with chickpea our 7Cinnamon and Spice Gluten Free & Vegan Carrot Cake 7Gluten Free & Vegan Chocolate Cake 7 White Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake $6 Coconut Lime Cake $7
  4. 4. Soft DrinksOrganic Spritzers 2.99Raspberry Lemonade / Lemon Lime / Orange MangoOrganic Gingerale or Organic Rootbeer 2.99House Organic Genmaicha Green Tea Iced Tea 2.29Kombucha (raw pop beverage) 3.79San Pellegrino 2.59/5.99Coke and Diet Coke 1.99Pineapple, Apple and Orange Juice 2.59Organic Tea Selection 2.59Organic Fair Trade Coffee 2.59Cocktails and House SpecialtiesI never drink water because of the disgusting things that fish do in it – WC Fields2oz Magic Caesar You’ve seen the commercial 7.992oz Big Quench Gin & Raspberry Lemonade 9.991.5oz Tropical Punch Malibu Coconut & Pineapple Juice 6.991.5oz Tequila Sunrise Orange Juice, Cherry Syrup 6.992oz Zentini Kombucha & Gin 7.992oz Canadian Velvet Rye & Iced Tea 7.991.5oz Warm Frenchman Brandy, Grand Marnier, Coffee, Cream 7.991.5oz Warm Mexican Brandy, Kahlua, Coffee, Cream 7.991.5oz Warm American Brandy, Bourbon, Coffee, Cream 7.99*Prices Do Not Include Taxes
  5. 5. Soup and Small Plates Garlic bread with organic mozzarella $Vegan Chickpea Power Soup 5Daily Soup 5Veggie Samosas 4two samosas filled with seasoned potatoesand peas - served with tangy sauceGarlic bread with organic mozzarella 6 Greek Fries $7Edamame 5Steamed Baby SoybeansRusset Potato Fries with organic ketchup 5Garlic Steamed Greens 7Mix of baby greens, kale, spinach and broccoliLocal Beets in lemon 5Mixed Beans & Grains in curry-lime 6 Edamame $5Adzuki, Quinoa, Chick Peas, Brown Rice,Black Eyed Peas, Red and Green Mung BeansOrganic Tofu Fingers 6Baked and Served with Spicy Tandoori SauceWarm Goat cheese dip 10Spinach, edamame and roasted garlicServed with garlic crispsGreek Fries 7 Veggie Samosas $4Smothered with Feta and OreganoServed with a Creamy Dip Vegan Chickpea Power Soup $5
  6. 6. Salads Add Tandoori Chicken or Grilled Chicken to any salad Add Shrimps or Salmon to any salad 3 4Greek Salad 7 Mediterranean Arugula and Chicken Salad 10Romaine tossed in creamy feta and oregano Olives, sun dried tomatoes and Feta withgarnished with olives, red onions and tomatoes balsamic vinaigretteCalifornia Gourmet Salad 9 Gluten Free Grain ‘n Green Salad 8Baby greens with mixed vegetables and soft With curry-lemon vinaigrettegoat cheese crumble with balsamic vinaigrette Baby Greens 6Kale Caesar Salad 8 With balsamic vinaigretteFresh kale tossed in garlicky and creamydressing – topped with herb croutons and real Island Chicken Salad 10bacon bits. can be made with romaine on Romaine, red onions, tomatoes and pineapplerequest. tossed in a roast-cumin & lime vinaigretteSummer Sweet Salad 7Baby greens in grapefruit vinaigrette with Make it a meal size for $6 moreavocado, mango and walnuts Kale Caesar Salad $8 Greek Salad $7 Summer Sweet Salad $7
  7. 7. Warm Ciabatta Sandwiches Avocado Chicken Ciabatta $8 *also available as a wholewheat wrap BBQ Tofu with spinach and caramelized onions 8 Pizza Sandwich with Mozzarella 8 Avocado & Chicken with sweet cumin lime 8 Mixed Veggie with Goat Cheese 10 Cheddar Melt 8 Tandoori Chicken Ciabatta $8 Tandoori Chicken 8 BBQ Chicken 8 Pesto Chicken with Asiago 10 Sausage & Pepper with Mozzarella 10 Portobello & Gorgonzola Melt 10 Mixed Veggies and goat cheese $10 Side greens or fries for $3 Wings and Fries Our wings are free-range chicken. there are 7-9 meaty wings per pound. they are marinated overnight in our secret blend of spices. served with ranch dip and your choice of medium, bbq, tandoori, extra-hot, honey-garlic sauce. 1lb Wings 9 2lb Wings 15 1lb Wings with fries 10 2lb Wings with fries 17 1lb Wings with Greek fries 12 2lb Wings with Greek fries 19 Wings and Fries $10
  8. 8. Pasta Make it a Double size for $10 moreAdd $1 for Organic Brown Rice Penne Spaghetti in herb-tomato sauce 10or Organic Spelt Rotini or Wholegrain Penne Add chicken, shrimp or salmon 5 Gluten free Penne 16 Tofu, zucchini & broccoli in a spicy tomatoLegumes and wholegrain penne 15 sauceIn a spicy ginger-tomato sauce and freshcilantro Grilled chicken fettuccine 16 Broccoli & peppers in gorgonzola cream sauceOrganic Spelt rotini 14Steamed kale, edamame and garlic in Organic Sausage & pepper penne 15olive oil In a herb tomato saucePortobello mushroom penne 16 Tandoori chicken fettuccine 14In a gorgonzola cream sauce In a spicy tomato-cream sauceFettuccine Alfredo 10 Thai chicken penne 15Add chicken, shrimp or salmon 5 Chicken, green curry & cilantro in a spicy pesto-cream sauceWhole Grain penne 15 Flavanoid Lovers 16Mix of garden vegetables in a rosé sauce Spinach, eggplant, zucchini, hemp seeds, roasted red peppers, whole grain penneBroccoli and Sun Dried Tomato Spelt Rotini 14 garnished with Daiya in a tomato sauceIn herb-tomato sauce Hearty Spaghetti 12Fettucine with pesto and toasted walnuts 12 with organic meat sauceGrilled chicken & portobello mushroom penne 16 Grilled Chicken Penne 13 In pesto-cream sauceIn asiago cream sauce Balance 18Artichoke & sundried tomato penne 16 Spinach, chicken, sun-dried tomatoes,In a goat cheese cream sauce roasted flax seeds and black mission figs with spelt rotini in a rosé sauceChicken & spinach penne 15In a roasted garlic cream sauceSpaghetti with organic meat sauce - $12 Chicken fettuccine in gorgonzola cream $16 Gluten Free Penne with tofu in spicy tomato sauce $16
  9. 9. Black Magic $13 Fresh Market Magic $13 BBQ Chicken Magic $15 Euphoria Magic $16
  10. 10. Express Yourself Pizza Pizzaceuticals – Pizza that is good for you We offer you the option of selecting the size, crust, sauce, cheese and any of your favourite toppings. * Organic white flour included in price add $2-10” or $3-16” *Wholegrain *Organic Spelt (Yeast Free) *Gluten-Free rice flour 10” (4 slices) Good for 1 $10 16” (10 slices) Good to share for 2-4 $20 Choice of Sauce (Included in Price) Choice of Cheese (Included in Price) • Non GMO Tomato sauce • Organic Mozzarella (L’ancetre) – Lactose Free • Pesto • Raw milk Organic cheddar (L’ancetre) - Lactose Free • Pesto-Tomato • Unripened Goat Cheese (Woolwich) • Spicy Tomato • Cow’s Milk Feta • Ginger-Tomato • Asiago • Garlic- Tomato • Gorgonzola • BBQ-Tomato • Daiya (vegan, casein and soy-free) • Garlic Cream • Pesto cream • Olive oil and garlic • Creamy Tomato (Rose) Vegetarian Toppings 10” $1 16” $2 Chicken,Meat, Seafood and 10” $2 • garlic rubbed spinach • roasted garlic Extra Cheese Toppings 16” $4 • seasoned zucchini • artichoke hearts • grilled chicken • herb-marinated • steamed kale • tandoori chicken portobellos • rosemary sweet potato • dry-cured pepperoni • grilled eggplant • tandoori sweet potato • parma prosciutto • broccoli • avocado • beretta farms all beef organic salami • roasted peppers • fresh pineapple • beretta farms organic Italian sausage • sun dried tomatoes • fresh mango • beretta farms organic bacon • fresh sliced tomatoes • organic tofu • beretta farms organic ground beef • kalamata black olives • hemp nuts • anchovies • fresh mushrooms • roasted flax seeds • seared salmon* • green peppers • toasted walnuts • garlic shrimp* • sliced green olives • roasted coconut • counts as double topping • banana hot peppers • fresh basil • red onions • edamameHarmony Magic $17 • caramelized onions • beets Gourmet Veggie Magic $14 Uber Pepperoni Magic $12
  11. 11. Prana Magic $13 Ruby Red Magic $13Featured Pizza For 16” add $10 - ask server for details über Sustenance 29 our “Signature” Pizza organic Spelt crust topped with a light herb tomato sauce, medley of grilled vegetables, roasted breast of chicken chunks, morsels of organic beef salami, organic mozzarella & goat cheese with herbs - garnished with gold leaf Vegan Pizzas Vegan Magic 12 Cali Bruschetta Magic 12 tomato pesto sauce, zucchini, artichokes, spicy ginger-tomato sauce, avocado, sliced portobellos, roasted peppers tomatoes, cilantro Black Magic 13 Tropical Magic 13 pesto, steamed kale, sun dried tomato, tomato sauce, red onions, roasted peppers, Daiya fresh pineapple, Daiya Vegetarian Pizzas Tony’s Magic 13 olive oil, garlic, red onions, Portobello Cheese Magic 14 mushrooms, tomato slices, asiago garlic-tomato sauce, organic mozzarella, Yogi Magic 11 asiago, feta and parmesan tomato sauce, organic mozzarella, roasted White Magic 14 garlic, basil garlic cream sauce, artichoke hearts, Prana Magic 13 goat cheese olive oil, garlic, parmesan, rosemary sweet Ruby Red Magic 13 potatoes, caramelized onions, figs, gorgonzola tomato sauce, beets, light mozzarella, Gourmet Veggie Magic 14 creamy goat cheese tomato sauce, grilled eggplant, garlic zucchini, Mushroom Melt Magic 14 roasted peppers, garlic spinach, goat cheese garlic cream sauce, Portobello mushrooms, Mediterranean Magic 14 caramelized onions, asiago cheese tomato sauce, garlic spinach, roasted peppers, Fresh Market Magic 13 sundried tomatoes, feta cheese, kalamata olives tomato sauce, red onions, roasted peppers, Phytonutrient Magic 13 Portobello mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, tomato sauce, caramelized onions, roasted organic mozzarella garlic, grilled eggplant, roasted peppers and Tandoori Potato Magic 13 organic mozzarella ginger-tomato sauce, green chillies, Good ‘N’ Green Magic 13 tandoori sweet potatoes, red onions, tomato pesto sauce, zucchini, spinach, broccoli, light organic mozzarella, cilantro feta, oregano Abby’s Magic 14 Garlic Lover’s Magic 13 tomato sauce, steamed kale, tofu, olive oil, garlic spinach, roasted peppers, edamame, fresh beets, light mozzarella roasted garlic, feta cheese
  12. 12. Chicken PizzasHot Thai Chicken Magic 14pesto-tomato sauce, green curry, ginger, thaigreen chillies, grilled chicken, light organicmozzarella, cilantro Double Hawaiian Magic $16Tandoori Chicken Magic 13tandoori chicken, tomato sauce, ginger, greenchillies, red onions, cilantro, light organicmozzarellaBBQ Chicken Magic 15tangy bbq sauce, grilled chicken, portobellomushrooms, bacon, asiago cheesePesto Magic 15thai basil pesto, chicken, sundried tomatoes, Spinach, Salmon and Feta $15portobello mushrooms, soft goat cheeseEuphoria Magic 16tomato sauce, grilled chicken, spinach,portobellos, roasted peppers, caramelized onions,organic mozzarellaChicken Supreme Magic 14tomato sauce, grilled chicken, portobellos,roasted peppers, organic mozzarella Good ‘N’ Green Magic $13Meat PizzasMarinara Magic 11garlic tomato sauce, dry-cured pepperoni,organic mozzarella, oreganoÜber Pepperoni Magic 12pepperoni, organic bacon, tomato sauce,organic mozzarella Marinara Magic $11Super Magic 13tomato sauce, pepperoni, portobellos,roasted peppers, organic mozzarellaGourmet Meaty Magic 16prosciutto, garlic, spinach, organic all beefsalami, artichoke hearts, organic mozzarellaHarmony Magic 17olive oil, garlic, prosciutto, organic hot italiansausage, caramelized onions, arugula,mozzarella & gorgonzola Tandoori Chicken Magic $13Double Hawaiian Magic 16organic bacon, parma prosciutto, roastedcoconut, tomato sauce, organic mozzarella,fresh pineappleMeaty Magic 18organic all-beef salami, organic beef, organicbacon, tomato sauce, organic mozzarella Shrimp Magic $16
  13. 13. Magic Oven , founded in 1997 by Tony and Abby Sabherwal, is anaward-winning Toronto-based restaurant that serves healthy pizza with fresh,local and organic ingredients, free of additives and preservatives.“We choose to create pizzas that are healthy and organic, because we believethat nothing artificial should touch our lives. Our food, environment and beliefsshould be as close to nature as possible. This is where goodness lies and it ispossible for all to thrive in it,” says Tony.The pizzas and pastas can be made to accommodate a variety of dietaryconcerns from organic spelt pizzas, gluten-free rice flour pizzas and the option ofvegan or lactose-free cheese.“It’s not just important to look good and taste good - what it does inside your bodyafter the first few bites is more important. Our food looks good, tastes good andnourishes your body,” adds Abby.We respect our producers and subscribe to the tenets of the Slow Food movement.
  14. 14. With over 20 years of experience in the foodservice and hospitality businesswe are proud to present our premier catering service for your next gathering,at the office or at home. We use the finest ingredients available and assemblethem with loving care. Each product is packed with fresh and wholesome tastethat is sure to please the most discerning palate. We guarantee satisfactionand the entire purpose of our business is to provide unparalleled quality,service, and value so that we become your natural choice for all occasions.Take a look at our menus!  
  15. 15. St. Clair St. W. 1 798 Danforth Ave. 416 462.0333 Davenport 3 Summer Hill O’Connor Dr. 2 127 Jefferson Ave. 416 539.0555 3 270 Dupont Street 416 928.1555 e. Dupont St. Av Yonge St. 1 4 iew 6 Wellesley St. W. 416 929.7888 dv Spadina Davenport oa 5 360 Queen St. E. 416 703.3555 Br Bloor St. W. Bloor St. W. Bloor St. E. Danforth Ave. 4 Woodbine Ave. Wellesley St. W. Carlaw Ave. Logan Ave. Yonge St. Pape Ave. Bay St. Church St. Parliament St. 1 Broadview Ave. 798 Danforth Ave. 416 462.0333 Spadina Ave. Duffern St. Roncesvalles College St. 2 Du 127 Jefferson Ave. 416 539.0555 n da Summer Hill O’Connor Dr. sS 3 270 Dupont Street E. Gerrard St. 416 928.1555 Victoria Park Ave. Gerrard St. E. . t. e. Rd W on Av Yonge St. . st Church St. Yonge St. Bay St. 1 5 4 ing iew 6 Wellesley St. W. 416 929.7888 K dv Davenport Dundas St. E. Dundas St. W. oa 2 5 360 Queen St. E. 416 703.3555 Br Queen St. W. Queen St. E. Bloor St. E. Danforth Ave. King St. W. on 4 Liberty Lakeshore Jeffers St. Clair St. W. Woodbine Ave.Wellesley St. W. Lakeshore Carlaw Ave. Logan Ave. 1 798 Danforth Ave. 416 46 Yonge St. Pape Ave. Bay St. Church St. Davenport 3 Lake Ontario Parliament St. 2 Broadview Ave. 127 Jefferson Ave. 416 5 Summer Hill O’Connor Dr. 3 270 Dupont Street 416 92 e. College St. Dupont St. Av Yonge St. 1 4 iew 6 Wellesley St. W. 416 92 dv Spadina Davenport oa Gerrard St. E. 5 Victoria Park Ave. Gerrard St. E. . 360 Queen St. E. 416 703 Br n Rd Bloor St. W. Bloor St. W. sto Bloor St. E. Danforth Ave. Church St. Yonge St. Bay St. g 5 Kin 4 Dundas St. E. Woodbine Ave. Wellesley St. W. Carlaw Ave. Logan Ave. Yonge St. Pape Ave. Bay St. Church St. Parliament St. Queen St. E. Broadview Ave. Spadina Ave. Duffern St. Roncesvalles College St. Du nd Lakeshore as St Gerrard St. E. Victoria Park Ave. Gerrard St. E. d. .W nR sto . Church St. Yonge St. Bay St. g Lake Ontario 5 Kin Dundas St. E. Dundas St. W. Queen St. W. 2 Queen St. E. King St. W. on Liberty Lakeshore Jeffers Lakeshore Lake Ontario Own a Slice of Magic - Franchises available