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Visual Resume for my Professional Communication and presentation class at Full Sail University.

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  • I will introduce myself and the exciting class i’m doing this presentation for. Ever since I graduated from highschool in 2001, I had a big feeling that one day I would produce, mix, and master music for others and change their lives while doing it. I always wanted to own my very own music company and I’m still striving to complete this wonderful goal. \n
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  • I will start by sharing a quote by Jimi Hendrix that I found interesting which gave me a jump start on my music career. I will also give a few examples on how Jimi Hendrix quote relates to me and how it changed my life while making music for myself and others that wanted to pursue their dream in the music business. This outstanding quote makes me want to do music forever until I reach the top of the music industry.\n
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  • I will give some brief information about the town I grew up in georgia. I will also talk about the highschool I attented where I showed my wonderful sports skills and musical talents. I will also talk about the first concert that inspired me to definitely pursue my dreams in the music industry.\n
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  • I will start by talking about all my wonderful job related skills and computer skills over the years that helped me throughout my life at several jobs. I will be talking about the music related skills I’ve obtained as of right now. I will also talk about the important skills I believe you must have in order to be successful in the music business today.\n
  • I will share and demonstrate some interesting drills that kept me focused, disciplined and dedicated to perform and complete any task I may come across. I will also share how basketball gets me ready before I record music.\n
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  • I will give several examples of why recording studios and producers have inspired me to build my own studio. I will also talk about the some important entreprenuers as well as several artists that I thought encouraged me throughout my life while listening to their records and viewing there music videos while growing up in the millennial generation.\n
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  • I will explain how recording music vocals became one of my first big hobbies in the music field. I will explain how recording and promoting other artists expresses my true feelings about how much I love working in the music industry. I will also explain why I started recording music for others and why I chose to produce music for clients instead of recording my own music projects at this point in time. I will explain how recording music made me pursue a degree in the music business as well.\n
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  • I will discuss the character, personal and leadership qualities that are needed to be successful in the music and film field. I will also discuss the qualities I enjoy using as well as what I learned in the Leadership and Organizational Behavior class while attending Full Sail University.\n
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  • I will share my experience I had while taking classes online and the degree program i’m taking at Full Sail University. I will also talk about the classes I’ve taken while attending Full Sail University as well. I will talk briefly on how this wonderful school and is taking me to a big step closer to all the goals I always wanted to complete in the music business. \n
  • I will give a brief summary on some of the awards I received while attending Full Sail University as well as the Degree I will be receiving from Full Sail University.\n
  • I will talk about the second interesting class I took at Full Sail known as leadership and Organizationl behavior. I will also talk about the roles of a good leader and the ways to become a better leader. I will be discussing all the important Truths I learned during the leadership class. I will also talk about how teamwork plays an important part in leadership as well as in the music industry.\n
  • I will share how the Professional Communication and Presentation class will definitely help you resonate with your audience during presentations. I will discuss how this class improves your communication and presentation skills. I will also provide some interesting information from Nancy Duarte’s Resonate book.\n
  • I will explain how local and international businesses adapt to different setting to beat their local competition’s prices and how it plays a big part in trades. I will elplain why businesses all over the world move their establishments to other locations. I will also share some important tips I learned while taking the International business course online at Full Sail University.\n
  • A recap on the wonderful journey I’ve had working on music over the years.\n
  • Ending credits with my name and my contact infomation and special thanks.\n
  • FillmoreMichaelVisualResumeD4

    1. 1. Michael Fillmore V R i e s s u u a m l eImage: Mandoka via flickr Professional Communication and Presentation
    2. 2. Do you know one of the best musicquotes of all time ...
    3. 3. Music doesntlie. If there issomething tobe changed inthis world,then it canonly happenthroughmusic.Jimi Hendrix Image: Javaluna via flickr
    4. 4. Image: Geoffoldred via flickr was
    5. 5. and born raisedImage: Jyn Meyer Photography via flickr
    6. 6. in the peach state ofImage: Ec yew via flickr Georgia.
    7. 7. During my journey, I discovered important What is thatImage: Blueheronco via flickr
    8. 8. skills along the w a y.Image: Brave one via flickr
    9. 9. I have excellent sports skills,Image: Muggeridge Photography via flickr Image: Roxbury Latin via flickr Disciplined and dedicated at every sport i play. Image Mszczut via flickr
    10. 10. Driving skills, Image: Geralt Fritz via flickr
    11. 11. CommunicationI hear you loud You need to and clear. learn how to communicate better. skills, Image: Edison Chamber via flickr
    12. 12. Music skills, Image: Dmitry Mordoff via flickrImage: Glyndwr Unversity via flickr Image: Big X Directory via flickr
    13. 13. Customer Service skills, How may I a s s i sImage: Aboutthenet via flickr t you today. Image: Featureset1 via flickr
    14. 14. and Management skills. I’m finally a manager.Image: Edison Chamber via flickr
    15. 15. Image: Shutterbug Sheep via flickr Please talk to me One of My biggest hobbies in the music industry is recording music vocals.
    16. 16. My skills has taughtme to interact with three important verbs.
    17. 17. Number one.Image: Spin Off Stuff via flickr Keep
    18. 18. Number two. Image: Suttonhoo via flickr new opportunities and the provide the best products.
    19. 19. Number three y o m Y u u i r o s n s u t e lImage: Uglyagnes via flickr f
    20. 20. My Threebiggest
    21. 21. Character, Personal, and Alertness Availability Boldness Competent Cooperative Courageous Integrity Qualities areCautiousness Efficient DedicationCompassion Honest Magnanimty Creativity Imaginative Faith Openess Patient Flexibility Persuasive Fairness Hospitality Persistent Assertiveness Humility Puntual Sense of Humor Loyalty Open minded Sincere Image: Lyro2010 via flickr
    22. 22. A Image: Sharko333 via flickrle Image: Feefs and Kumas via flickrrtnes Always aware of what is taking place around me.s
    23. 23. Approaching a need, a task, or a idea from a new perspective.Creativity Image: Jakedillard via flickr
    24. 24. FlexibilityImage: AaronBerkovich via flickr Image: Ifdeale via flickr is the key to success.
    25. 25. I began my music journey by joining the music business program when I enrolled at Full Sail University in February 2011.Image: Full Sail University via flickr Music Business Bachelor’s of Science Degree Image: Mckinley Living via flickr
    26. 26. Image: Refinerii via flickr Here are some Awards and Accomplishments I received at Full Sail University. Graduating in 2013 to receive my MBBS Degree. Course Director’s Award for Business Law in April 2012.
    27. 27. LeadershipI learned the true meaning of being a successful leader at Full Sail University. Image: Pinterestbusiness via flickr
    28. 28. Image: Bogie0000 via flickrProfessional Communication and Presentation i s t h Hello e best way to learn how to resonate with your audience.
    29. 29. I discovered why businesses change their direction by moving their business international to beat their competition’s prices.Image: Sanctumsolitude via flickr Image: Andrey Novosad International Business.
    30. 30. I’m now ready to soar into the world of new opportunities. Thanks for traveling. To be continued....Image: Kimajurephoto2006 via flickr
    31. 31. Michael FillmoreEmail: Any QuestionsIchat: Magicmike1@me.comSpecial thanks to Flickr and all credited for the photos.Professional Communication and Presentation Bye