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Spire South

  1. 1. Gh ar. M e ra Ma rz i. M eri TM ENTS A PA R ABLE OMIZ CUST 100%
  2. 2. ers D evelop rs Builde cts r chite rs e. r hom A will call you En ginee g the hous e you ally un dersta nds ers din re Design one has a say i that the only on n buil e who se ry ur hou st eve hy is i t stea d of yo Almo u? W ? use, in out yo cision hat ab the de the ho But w say in tyle to as no r lifes ents. eeds h da pt you uirem your n g to a nd req havin ons a nd up ificati t: You e esired spec Resul your d egin uilt to ould b bei ng b ur ho me sh want? ing yo really design wha t you ve Is this e belie s. orld, w Home ire W Flexi At Sp . Spire th you sing – sires. G nd wi in hou nd de O DUCI N and e conce pt style a INTR , new r life s. nique to you ration nting a u usto mized t you r aspi Prese t are c d mee men ts tha eds an Apart ur ne ou. tch yo d for y size es th at ma t suite m the S hoic e bes e. Fro MENT C ons th at ar f your hous tion. LE A PA RT At locati ry d etail o heir o rienta MIZAB e to t ide ev rooms g. 0% CUSTO e yo u get to dec num ber of or the floorin hat 10 Wher om th e tition s then w layo ut. Fr t he par g s. And in. to the walls, s/fittin move teri al for the fixture befor e you he ma ing or talled sion. Even t finish re-ins r deci t the ld wa nt p is no w you forge home Not to u wou g ets yo f your le gad etail o lifesty ngle d v ery si bout e Just a M Ghar i . era a r z Me ri M
  3. 3. y? Stud 900 . sq. f t nned tly pla E fficien for an paces ving s couple , 1050orarily . li sq. f t ndent i ndepe room re bed p Conte m ents a spa partm with ned a ily siting desig ll fam for vi . sma ldren 1200 size for sq. f t . l for a g kids , ts/chi t idea l-goin paren sit- ou schoo cious with nde nt And a spa those ight ndepe enjoy The r ring i ce to vel of requi terra igh le ngs . the h hat a oms. a eveni ility t bedro o add lovely flexib ds. ility t ily nee And flexib om for g fam dy ro 150h0luxury . growin sq. f t en/stu room s play-p . 2 bed nes s that ttle o t e Enjoy ment the li ve you r apart ce. Gi asily be of spa n spac e, can e eir ow rents d te ens th ur pa redes igne . ile yo study ev en wh c y. to a 2 BR+ priva omp lete their en a c enjoy in the Or ev e time set in cas Spend 3 BR loung e in-law family ue in mom- r-be-q your in room - la w’ s t a ba move or hos errace es to in ide op en t e decid mom- your w ill com you. ing w with noth – now u and en yo your betwe e with ty tim Size quali ones. loved arzi M eri M get. ome d bud nts c ds an l apa rtme ’s nee es, al res amily ft. on al sto to your f sq. xtern ited 500 ing e st su ous 1 r add tyle. life! t’s be spaci ns fo our s our size tha ts to nd o ptio amp ing y It’s y ting a apart men hin a ut cr selec q. ft. n wit witho Start by ent 9 00 s izatio e life effici stom rtabl 1 sq. ft. = 0.093 sq. m. or cu omfo highl y ility f ou liv eac From flexib hat y h lev el of t l. So a hig s wel with art ers a nt qu and serva
  4. 4. ce. spa so nal No two families are same. So why should their homes be? r f pe ur y o lux d a Now you can design your home exactly the way you want. the n an tche e in e ki ulg lar g Just share the specifications you simply must have with ind a ve a to e to to h uld be lov r eat am wo our design team, and we’ll help you customize your dream, I be g y dr e ould But m It w ing r oom. us liv e s , w it h a down to every last detail. spacio r o u r s e lv a s te r s u it e fo have a m To give you an example of how different families personal balcony to step out on. can customize the same house to their specific needs, let’s start with a standard 2 bedroom apartment floor plan, Master suite with personal balcony 2nd++  2 bedrooms, with attached baths,  2 bedrooms with attached baths, opening into a balcony/terrace opening into a balcony/terrace  Drawing & Dining  Drawing & Dining  Kitchen Spacious  Kitchen  Spacious sit-out terrace  Spacious sit-out terrace  Utility balcony i Plan bh arzi Ka  Utility balcony  Store Meri M  Store Modu lar Kitch en Book Shelf Jacuzzi ?? Home Theater DVD library Centrally Air-conditioned?? TERRACE BBQ Area
  5. 5. We ’ l l be m ovin g in w If m ith y da But n Aak d ca ow th ash n ha at his in h ve his own k is n own ids ar ew h I too e no m ous want stu or e th e. a r oom d y, e tiny of my th ey w er e, w tots Wit h a b ig own. e si m pl y w ou , b ig te rr a ld ne ed a 3r d ce to p u t u be dr oo m . p m y s w in g. and a study 3 All  2 bedrooms, with attached baths,  2 bedrooms, with attached baths, opening into a balcony/terrace opening into a balcony/terrace  Drawing & Dining  Drawing & Dining  Kitchen  Kitchen Large  Spacious sit-out  Spacious sit-out terrace terrace  Utility balcony  Utility balcony  Store Powder Room  Store Puja Corner Daddy’s den 6 seater Dining table Walk-in closet Bruno’s Puja Corner Corner Bathtub Candy Our Bedroom box? TERRACE TERRACE Our Corner Swing Corner Doll House 2 study tables
  6. 6. With Spire Flexi Homes, not only do you get to design the floor plan, you also decide what kind of spaces it creates. A modular, open kitchen, an extended terrace, larger closets for big families, or walk-in dresser with master bedroom, maybe even your own personal jaccuzzi. Design options that can be fixed or flexible, larger or smaller, more or less…all yours to choose. KITCHEN  CLASSIC/CONTEMPORARY OPEN  L/U/PARALLEL SHAPED Breakfast Area  BASIC/MODULAR Fully Equipped?  KITCHEN LARDER UTILITY AREA Wet Point?  ROOM Privacy Screen For Drying Clothes?  TERRACE  BALCONY STORAGE  BUILT-IN/WALK-IN  CUPBOARDS/LOFTS (More Than One? ) Design Bookshelf? TERRACE Meri Marzi ka  LOUVERED/OPEN BALCONIES & TERRACE Vertical Garden? BATHROOM  SHOWER AREA  SHOWER PANELS  BATH TUB Jacuzzi?  TWIN BASINS  POWDER ROOM/STORE Puja Room? PLAN T1 PLAN T2 PLAN T3
  7. 7. The choice of finishes extends itself from the functional to the realm of It’s not just the colors on the walls but the kind of walls that make self expression. The kids need a floor that cleans up fast, the in-laws a difference. Collapsible to increase space, partitioned for that need anti-skid tiles in the toilets, while you always wanted extra guest bedroom, bay windows to curl up on, storage systems a marble floor. Your favorite colors, your desired lighting, warm wood for acquisitions of a lifetime. Opaque or transparent, private or or contemporary glass, low maintenance or sheer indulgence, personal…you decide. now everything can be part of your palette. PARTITIONS FLOORING  MASONRY WALL  VITRIFIED TILES  GLASS  MARBLE Italian  WOODEN STORAGE PANELS  GRANITE  INTEGRATED STORAGE  WOODEN  SLIDING AND FOLDING WALL WINDOWS  OBD  HALF  ACRYLIC  FRENCH  DECORATIVE  BAY WINDOW Sliding doors  TEXTURED  FULL HEIGHT, SLIDING  TILES  HINGED Wire Mesh? CEILING DOORS  SCULPTED  FLUSH DOOR  BORDERED  HARD WOOD PANELED DOOR  COLOURED  GLASS DOOR  FOREST CERTIFIED TIMBER PANELED TILES  ECO FIBER BOARD  WHITE  COLOURFUL HARDWARE  CUSTOM BATHROOM TILES  CHOICES OF KNOBS Non slippery tiles  HANDLES COUNTERS  HINGES  GRANITE  LATCHES  MARBLE  STOPPERS  CORIAN  DOOR LOCKS Interiors aur Finishes Bhi Meri Marzi Ke
  8. 8. BATHROOMS: z zi? jacu  BATHTUB  SHOWER CUBICLE  SHOWER AREA WCs:  PREMIUM  STANDARD  WALL HUNG  FLOOR MOUNTED  HALF FLUSH  WATER CONSERVING FIXTURES:  SHOWER PANEL  SHOWER MOUNT The customization of your home doesn’t stop here.  LOW FLO You want a rain shower, the kids a spray.  JET FLOW The kitchen needs a special work-surface.  SINGLE BIB The number of convenience gadgets is increasing  MIXER TYPE and so will the electricals. But no messy extention ELECTRICALS: cords would do for you, right?  STANDARD Now go ahead, select from a range of styles,  PREMIUM  MODULAR/SEMI MODULAR shades and even brands. POINTS:  CHOICE OF LOCATION  NUMBERS KITCHEN: Fi xt ur es  STANDARD  MODULAR  OPEN sa b m er i M ar zi ke  COUNTRY  ASIAN  TOWN
  9. 9. Living in style is not just about the apartment, it is also about outfitting it with gadgets of necessity and luxury. Now you can ask for split ACs and a Plasma TV to be pre-installed by our shortlisted vendors*, without having to chip the wall later on. Or choose to have the new microwave and refrigerator inbuilt in to your modular kitchen. Maybe even a CCTV security system to protect your family. A wide array of electronics and luxuries from the best brands is only a request away. Choose from an exhaustive range of everything that makes a house a home. AIR-CONDITIONING  WINDOW  SPLIT  WALL/CEILING/CORNER ELECTRONICS  FLAT SCREEN PLASMA/LCD/LED With Surround Sound?  HOME THEATER  PIPED SOUND Wiring For My Bose System  GAME CONSOLE  SECURITY SYSTEM  WI-FI CONNECTIVITY  DTH CONNECTIVITY LIGHTS  REMOTE CONTROLLED/VOICE ACTIVATED  MOTION SENSOR  DESIGNER  CONCEALED/CHANDELIERS ? KITCHEN  FIXED HOBS & HOODS  OVENS  MICROWAVE  REFRIGERATOR  JUICER-MIXER-GRINDER/BLENDER Bar Counter Please, no extention cords. Mera Style BATHROOM  PREMIUM FAUCETS  JACCUZZI yes! Leather Meri Marzi  DOUBLE SINKS  OVERSIZED JETTED TUBS Bose ? * The developer has shortlisted select vendors/agencies offering preferred rates to our customers. The applicatnts/allottee could directly contact the vendors/agencies and avail the benefits of pre-negotiated special rates.