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Ignite Finals Delhi

  1. 1. IGNITE 2010 (DELHI) FINALSVenue: IGNOU Audi, MaidangarhiQM: Mr. Adittya Nath MubayiResult: 1. New Era Public School, Mayapuri 2. DPS, RK Puram 3. Bal Bharati Public School, Noida 4. Springdales Public School, Dhaula Kuan 5. DPS, Noida 6. Army Public School, Dhaula KuanRound 1Q. Could fix anything from coast to coast.A. Rizvan KhanQ. The ‘nut’ smelt success the fifth time.A. Coco ChenalQ. The little lamp shuttled to fame amid chants for peace.A. Deepika Padukone Compiled By: Mukund Marodia (mukund.quizblog.in)
  2. 2. Q. Gaul clubbing at camp Nu.A. Thierre HenryQ. Banker who wrote books like Big Money and Do Butlers Burgle Banks.A. P.G. WoodhouseAudioQ. Id the film.A. SaathiyaQ. Id the band.A. Cold playQ. Id the person.A. Mother TeresaQ. Id the film-“Aao Bachhon tumhe dikhayen jhaanki hindustan ki….”A. JaagritiQ. Id the band.A. Linkin parkQ. Id the singer-“Give me some sunshine, give me some rain…..”A. Suraj JaganDirect Orals-Infinite BounceQ. When Abhimanyu was is in the womb of his mother Subhadra, Arjun wastelling the tactics of entering a X. When he was about to tell her the tacticsof breaking X Subhadra fell asleep. What was he telling about?A. Chakravyuha Compiled By: Mukund Marodia (mukund.quizblog.in)
  3. 3. Q. Who said “Jack, you have won a million” (Somewhat like that. Thequestion indirectly meant who hosted the game show “Who wants to be amillionaire”?A. Regis PhilbinQ. Its use was first reported in Africa (Egypt) at about the 4th AD. Theprimitive of this was made up of salt, pepper, mint leaves and iris flower.During the Roman times they contained urine and were widely used inEurope. In early America, they consisted of burnt bread. Now they mainlycontain abrasives, fluoride, and detergents.(When we gave this answer the QM said and ‘demonstrated’: “So youpeople think that ancient people used to put their urine and brushed theirteeth with it?”:D)A. ToothpasteQ. He received an axe after undertaking a terrible penance to please Shiva,from whom he learned the methods of warfare and other skills.A. ShivaQ. Friedrich Froebel laid the foundation for modern education based on therecognition that children have unique needs and capabilities. What modernconcept of education did he develop?A. KindergartenQ. A question on Hellen keller.VisualsQ. Id the characters in the film.A. Parimal tripathi and Sukumar SinhaQ. Id the company from the ad.A. Blackberry Compiled By: Mukund Marodia (mukund.quizblog.in)
  4. 4. Q. Id the teacher.A. Ram Shankar NikumbhQ. Who directed the famous ad for Apple Macintosh released on Feb 24,1984?A. Ridley ScottQ. Which film?A. Any Given SundayQ. Id the actress.A. Sydney Poitier in To Sir, With Love.IGNOU(The round was ‘supposed’ to be based on Ignou. But it wasn’t. Every otherquestion started with “Ignou offers a course on…..” So basically it was atopical round with a general question on any of the courses offered atIgnou.)Q. Ignou offers a course on bee-keeping. Which famous bee-keeper whoretired to Sussex in the early years of the Twentieth Century and divided histime “between philosophy and agriculture” wrote the book ‘PracticalHandbook of Bee Culture, with some Observations upon the Segregation ofthe Queen.’?A. Sherlock HolmesQ. Which is the longest established travel company in the world establishedin 1758?A. Cox and KingsQ. Which was the first National Carrier of Asia?A. Pakistan International Airlines Compiled By: Mukund Marodia (mukund.quizblog.in)
  5. 5. Q. Which American writer, philosopher and author wrote philosophicalnovels such as Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry intoValues (1974) and Lila: An Inquiry into Morals (1991)?A. Robert Pirsig(Two more questions on Orange and Edward Hubble.)Rapid FireQ. Who was the guru of Karna?A. ParshuramQ. Who is the Guru/preceptor of Asuras?A. ShukracharyaQ. Who is the Guru/preceptor of Devas?A. BrihaspatiQ. Which car company’s logo has a prancing horse on it?A. FerrariQ. What are these the types of: twist, touch, denim, and tempest?A. Axe Deodorants Compiled By: Mukund Marodia (mukund.quizblog.in)
  6. 6. “Sharing is Caring” ‘Tree of Knowledge’ Let it Grow Compiled By: Mukund Marodia (mukund.quizblog.in)