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Learning task

  1. 1. ECED 4080 CreatingMaterials for Use byYoung Children:Learning Task :Subject Strands.Spooning beans .Fine motor skills:Description :Subject TopicThe child uses a spoon to .Spooningmove the beans from onebowl to another. :Background InformationLearning task adapted Fine-motor skills involves:from the ability to control theChild Care Center, Sultan small muscles of the body.Qaboos University and is usually defined as the ability to coordinate the action of the eyes and:Age group hands together in.years 3-5 performing precise manipulative movements (eye-hand coordination). The early forerunners of fine-motor control appear to be the reflex grasp and
  2. 2. avoidance reactions that this activity provides the-become integrated and opportunity for the child torefined with increasing age move the beans and put .them on the next bowl.and experience Prerequisite Concepts,Student Learning :skills, Values:Outcomes follows class routines- for selecting, usingTool Society Uses: and returningManipulate, identify and individual learningdescribe different tools that .taskssociety uses which is.spoonBeing able to hold the- adopts class routines for-spoon correctly and obtaining teacher support to demonstrate learninguse it to move to tasks and to obtain.beans .assistanceStudent Characteristics:Accommodated Learning Theory andthis activity is- :instructional Strategiesdevelopmentallyappropriate and can this activity meets the-be adapted to the child needs of practicingchild development .the fine motor skills.level this activity prepares the- children for later academic skills such as: drawing and
  3. 3. writing (holding pencil and :Checklist of Tray Itemscrayon) and it will strength Two bowls red and blue-the fine motor skills of the .((one is full with beans.child .Spoon-As Montessori said-children learn best by :Preparationdoing, and this activity bring two similar bowls in-provide a real learning different colors and put .experience for them amount of beans on one ofIntroduction of the learning .them:Task .bring spoon-show the child the location- .keep the materials on tray-.of the activity in the shelf :Extension activitiestell the child the name of-the activity "Spooning Provide a small spoon and-."beans places one bean in each .section of the ice cube traytake the learning task to-.an open space at a table -ask the child to move the beans ‘two at a time’Demonstrate how to move- between the red and bluethe beans from the bowl to bowls.the other one using the.spoon - ask the child to use theallow the child to take- right hand to move theover and move the beans beans to the left and the left.using spoon hand to move the beans to the right.show the child how to tidy-.up the activity :Enrichment Activities
  4. 4. Use different kinds of-spoons and objects such as: :Feedback Suggestioncotton ball, beads, and peasthat will changes the level please use the spoon to-of activity and add more move the beans from one.fun .bowl to the other hold the spoon so that the - .bean does not fall off:Assessment Techniques make sure that there are-observing the children- no beans on the traywhile theyre doing the .between the two bowls.activity Can you move the beans-note that the child follows- with one hand placedthe correct steps to do the ?behind your back .activity:Evaluation rubric -Which of your two hands needs more practice inavoids hand utensils;- moving the beans?attempts to use hand.utensil inappropriatelysuccessfully begins to use- :Vocabularythe spoon 2 to 3 times .Spoon.appropriately bowlsuccessfully uses the-spoon 4 to 6 times .Beans.appropriatelysuccessfully uses the- :References for the Rubricspoon with flexible.manipulations
  5. 5. Sue Hathway, Personal and Beanssocial Development (SocialStudies) Rubric, Child CareCentre, Sultan Qaboos.University:Key Words.Spooning spoonBeans:Materials needed Two bowls