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Code for Europe Presentation @Meevaart


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  • Log social network check-ins Provide data connection for their devices Create meaningful stories Engage people with direct contact
  • Transcript

    • 1. Demo day28 March at de Meevaart
    • 2. The team Ohyoon Kw on From South Korea in Delft sinc e 2009 Designer a nd social entreprene ur Giovanni M aggini Piotr Steininger from Milan area from Washington, DC Innovator, Business owner,iOS develo per Software architect
    • 3. Giovanni • Business and process management consultant, iOS developer • Computer Science background • Developed prize-winner Open Data app for Italian contest • Moved to Amsterdam to become a Code for Europe Fellow@maggix • Recently became #1 Stroopwafel fan
    • 4. Ohyoon • Concept Designer • Backgrounds in architecture and industrial design • Originally from Seoul and based in Europe since 2009 • Developing his own social enterprise based in Eindhoven@ohyoonkwn • Team camera man
    • 5. Piotr • Business and Techology Consultant • Web and Mobile Developer • Enterprise integration and B2B apps • Recently more of iOS, Android and Ruby on Rails • Passion for solving problems with technology@polishprince • Always hungry
    • 6. Zuid: Tourism and CongestionWest: Buurt Praktijk TeamOost: Social Accommodations
    • 7. MissionMission:Enable and encourage visitors to explore outside of thecenter of Amsterdam
    • 8. Investigation
    • 9. ConceptConcept:•How to get information from event organizers•Connect with and engage tourists•Scavenger hunts, story telling, data collection
    • 10. Scavenger hunt concept Vondelpark Architecture Art
    • 11. ZuidStatus:•Working with Amsterdam Marketing, Stadsdeel and appdevelopment company•Cataloging interesting places•Combining attractions into routes
    • 12. Scavenger hunt backend & front-end 3 Collect and measure the check-in info of visitors 1Pieter@IAmsterdam 5 routes with 5 “attractions”Elvria @ 2Stadsdeel Zuid Expose the attraction info to visitors through location based social media platform
    • 13. West: Buurt Praktijk Team
    • 14. West: Buurt Praktijk TeamMission:•Support service professionals from differentorganizations working closely together; “buurtgerichtwerken”•Provide platform for information sharing and operationalintelligence
    • 15. Buurt Praktijk Team in West Landlust Columbusplein
    • 16. BPT at Columbusplein Stadsdeel School Buurt CoordinatorPolice Youth org• +10 members from 7 organisations• Each using different systems• No system to promote collaboration
    • 17. West: Buurt Praktijk TeamIdentified needs:•Platform for information sharing•Collaboration on issues in neighborhood•Gaining operational intelligence•Help align actions with mission principles
    • 18. Brainstorming and Analysis• Focus on high-level needs
    • 19. Formalize user needs• Refine and focus on more details
    • 20. Current information systems• Closed an proprietary, handle sensitive data• No support for collaboration and sharing• Multiple redundant systems
    • 21. West: Buurt Praktijk TeamStatus:•Engaged with staff of Buurt Praktijk Team(Columbusplein)•Identified needs of various team members•Focus shifting to Landlust team•Some more discovery needed
    • 22. Next steps• Develop concepts based on the need statements• Decide which neighborhood and team will be the first to use the app• UI/UX design, development• Pilot
    • 23. Oost: Social AccomodationsMission:Matching supply and demand for socialaccommodationsUpdate:•Team up with Besma (a great developer and mum)•Engaged with various people in the neighborhood•Developing a “social” booking tool for de Meevaart
    • 24. Our “fourth fellow” in de Indische Buurt! Besma Software Developer PhD Candidate t Mom, living in Balistraa
    • 25. One of a kind neighborhood
    • 26. Communities in Indische Buurt Timorplein Makassarplein MeevaartAmsterdam Muiderpoort station Ambonplein 22.000 inhabitants Four active community clusters 50 community builders 200 initiatives
    • 27. Oost: Social AccomodationsWhat people need in the neighborhood?
    • 28. Interview residents & entrepreneurs• Interviewed a number people living in Indische Buurt• Capture their experience about initiating or participating in neighborhood activities
    • 29. Using Meevaart “people living in Balistraat asking me what’s going in in de Meevaart” Tim, living on Balistraat “(I came to the building because) I thought there is a cooking activity in every Friday evening. But it isnt. Staff could not give me clear information” - Heny, living on Javastraat “I used to give a Yoga class at the building, however I could not get enough participants in every session”
    • 30. Social dynamics “… Young Atelier uses different kinds of spaces, Meevaart, Badhius, Dynamo ect…” “I have been searching space for my project where people can cook, and turn recycling into useful products” “there are many accommodations in the neighborhood and there is nobody who has a complete overview” “Citizens feel the need for more transparency about using space”
    • 31. Current booking practice: flyers + calendar• Flyers in main lobby• Weekly room schedule posted on the board (static)
    • 32. Current booking practice: back-end Channels for booking request: 2-30% call to Nooshi then she ask sending an email 60% via emails 20 % people come up to the office and ask in person 5% use google forms Who is involved? many staff and volunteers are involved in the booking process.
    • 33. Iterative approach 1 2 3 4• Prioritize the most necessary functionality• Neighbors and Meevaart can both use the public calendar• Derive directories of rooms, people, activities
    • 34. DEMO TIME!
    • 35. Next steps• Complete booking portion of the tool• Expose a public calendar of events• Add functionality to allow residents to publish initiatives and reach interested people
    • 36. Next steps – Calendar impression (1)
    • 37. Next steps – Calendar impression 2
    • 38. Discussions1. How to motivate and encourage initiatives and organisations managing accommodations to use our web tool? 2. How can we make most use of data derived from the app? (e.g. directory of users, space, initiatives, events)3. How to smoothly hand over this project from Code for Europe to Indische Buurt? 
    • 39. Thank you Bedank
    • 40. Communities in Indische Buurt Timorplein Makassarplein MeevaartAmsterdam Muiderpoort station Ambonplein 22.000 inhabitants Four active community clusters 50 community builders 200 initiatives