Code for Europe Amsterdam Fellows presentation at Appsterdam Lunchtime lectures 2013-07-03

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In this lecture we have Ohyoon Kwon, Giovanni Maggini and Piotr Steininger from the Code for Europe project, who will share their experiences in building apps for three challenges in the City of …

In this lecture we have Ohyoon Kwon, Giovanni Maggini and Piotr Steininger from the Code for Europe project, who will share their experiences in building apps for three challenges in the City of Amsterdam.

How do you spread tourists in the city?

How do you manage offer/request of spaces from people in a neighbourhood that want to join or start activities?

How do you help a team of professionals working on the front line and on the edge of legality to prevent youngsters degrade?

The Code for Europe project in Amsterdam offered these three challenges to the Fellows, and were given 9 months to solve them. After the turning point of their project, they will present discoveries, lessons learned, obstacles, apps that were built and future plans.

Feedback from the Appsterdam community will help drive the development of the last phase of the project!

"Code for Europe is a new organization looking to solve local civic challenges, by temporary agile teams of developers, in a way that the solutions are easily reusable for other European cities."

The Fellows in Amsterdam present their progress at

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  • 1. July 3 @Appsterdam Slide Title
  • 2. * Introductions What is Code for Europe How we work Our three challenges: East, West, South Resources Program
  • 3. * Giovanni MagginiDeveloper Italy Ohyoon Kwon Designer South Korea Piotr Steininger Developer Poland & United States The Fellows in Amsterdam
  • 4. The Fellows in Europe
  • 5. "Code for Europe is a new organization looking to solve local civic challenges, by temporary agile teams of developers, in a way that the solutions are easily reusable for other European cities." Code for Europe
  • 6. Code for Europe project Hosting Organization Geemente Fellows Challenges + Runners Project organisation in Amsterdam
  • 7. municipalities local communities developers & designers Collaborative environment
  • 8. municipality community expert-lead participatory when people involved in the process? with whom we are working? Engagement Matrix
  • 9. municipality community expert-lead participatory South West East Project fit
  • 10. West East South Three projects
  • 11. West project: Frontline Staff ● Runner: Eelke Jager & Rene de Jong ● Context: Collaborative social services address the social problems in deprived neighborhoods ● Problem: A lack of information system support the practice across organisations ● Solution: project management tool for agile civil servants ● Status: concept development
  • 12. ● Runner: Anne-Jan Zieleman ● Context: a neighborhood with full of citizen-initiatives have high demand of using community space ● Solution: a web application allows citizens to manage facilities and reserve rooms ● Status: testing & implementation East: Social Accommodation
  • 13. South: Spreading out tourist ● Runner: Elvira Osmanovic ● Context: Municipality wants to enable visitors to explore outside of the crowd central area ● Solution: a playful app users can explore less-visited places in Amsterdam ● Status: testing & implementation
  • 14. Bonus: bring a modern browser into city hall ● Runner: Ourselves :) ● Context: Municipality has Windows XP + IE8 on machines ● Solution: deploy Firefox! ● Status: posted the idea on the boards in Stadsdeel offices Please send me the files via email because Google Drive does not work on my PC I can't use your app because it does not show properly on my browser
  • 15. Title ● content ● Get introduced about BuurtPraktijk Team West: frontline staff
  • 16. Title ● content ● Get introduced about BuurtPraktijk TeamBrainstorming with team members
  • 17. Reviewing existing information management tools
  • 18. Making decisions together
  • 19. Testing concept using existing software
  • 20. Paper prototyping before start building
  • 21. Simple project management tool
  • 22. East: Social Accommodations
  • 23. * Meevaart Timorplein Makassarplein AmbonpleinAmsterdam Muiderpoort station 22.000 inhabitants Four active community clusters 50 community builders 200 initiatives Indische Buurt Communities
  • 24. * Current booking practice: flyers + calendar ● Flyers in main lobby ● Weekly room schedule posted on the board (static) ● Booking management through Post-Its, phone calls
  • 25. * Development of a possible solution ● Identified some immediate needs ● Prototyped together ● Developed first iteration of an open source social neighborhood platform, currently featuring: ○ Room Booking ○ Room Management ● Tech Specs: Ruby on Rails app, hosted on Heroku
  • 26. * Ensure long lasting project Fellows start New fellows continue Fork Pull request Community contributes Development “Iterations” Fork Pull request Community contributes
  • 27. * Next steps Tech: ● Complete booking portion of the tool ● Expose a public calendar of events ● Add functionality to allow residents to publish initiatives and reach interested people People: ● Organize a “Workshop”/"Boot camp" for people in the neighborhood: ● for and by the community ● with help from local “coders communities” (Anyone wants to join? Get in touch!)
  • 28. ** RailsGirls workshop in Indische Buurt ● Not just for women ● Tentatively September 7th ● Aimed to expose citizens to web development
  • 29. Zuid - Moving Tourists
  • 30. Take a Hike! - Concept Evolution ● Game Experience ○ Fun and engaging ○ Rewards - low cost, exclusive ○ Offline playable ● Scavenger hunt ○ Manned checkpoints ○ Physical QR codes with linked location ○ Augmented reality ○ Compass
  • 31. ● Feedback ○ pitched ideas ● Self-testing ○ walked/biked proposed routes ● Potential user validation ○ engaged people in Museumplein Take a Hike! - Concept Validation
  • 32. Exploring the routes
  • 33. User testing in Museumplein
  • 34. ● Time crunch (6 weeks) ○ June 22nd - immovable deadline ● Resources: 2 developers ○ Some help from Waag ● Apple AppStore ● Skill sets ● Design ● Internationalization and Localization ● Offline mode ● Content creation ● DISTRIBUTION!! Take a Hike! - Challenges
  • 35. ● Web CMS ○ one place for text, images, locations ○ easy geolocation ○ delegate content creation ○ make changes to content w/o republishing ○ data analysis (later) ● Web API ○ one call for all content ○ collect check-ins ○ check for updates Take a Hike! - Components
  • 36. ● Native apps ○ Smooth experience (responsiveness) ○ Sensors ■ Location/GPS ■ Magnetometer ■ Gyroscope ○ Multi-threading ○ Native Maps Take a Hike! - Components
  • 37. ● CMS/API ○ Ruby on Rails, Twitter bootstrap, jCrop ○ Grape (API engine) ○ RABL (Ruby API Builder Language) ○ Heroku (PaaS) ○ Postgres (database) ○ Redis (fast storage for published content) ● Mobile apps ○ Native iOS ○ Native Android Take a Hike! - Tech Stack
  • 38. ● Rain :( ○ few people on the streets ● Self-test on bikes ○ Loads of fun ○ Bugs / Issues ■ check-in radius too small ■ markers inside locked buildings ■ some unable to complete route ■ Dutch version inoperable Take a Hike! - Launch day
  • 39. Take a Hike! - Demo Download at
  • 40. ● Social engagement ○ community of explorers ○ rating and discussing routes ● CitySDK integration (Tourism, Mobility) ● Porting to more cities and languages ● More efficient API ○ separate text and images ○ downloading individual routes Take a Hike! - Possible directions
  • 41. * Resources: East ● SamensApp: ● Stories, photos, videos: ● Help teaching Ruby on Rails in Indische Buurt email us contact info at the end
  • 42. * Resources: South ● Codez: ● Stories, photos, videos: challenge ●
  • 43. * Contact Piotr @polishprince Giovanni @maggix Ohyoon @ohyoonkwn
  • 44. Questions? Thank you!