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World poverty & food
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World poverty & food


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Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1. World Poverty
  • 2. Chocolate • Last year the UK spent £80 per person (£5 billion) on sweets and chocolate. How much do you think we gave in aid to the developing world? £2 Billion
  • 3. How much meat? • On average, which of these eats the most meat each year: a Honduran woman, a Guatemalan man or a US domestic cat?
  • 4. Billionaires • There are 358 billionaires in the world. How many of the worlds poor would have to club together to have as much money as they do? 2.3 billion people
  • 5. Money spent on clothes • How much money did people in the UK spend on clothes last year? £27.8 billion. If we spent as much on debt relief as we do on clothes, we could cancel the entire debt owed by Africa to the UK in 10 weeks
  • 6. Working children • How many children under 14 are working worldwide? 250 million -10 million in Pakistan alone
  • 7. Spending in restaurants • How much did London lawyers spend in restaurants in 1997? £70 million
  • 8. What parts of the world are short of food? Food shortages are common in parts of Asia (Bangladesh and Pakistan) and Africa. 1 billion people in the world suffer from serious hunger. 24,000 people die each day as a result of hunger.
  • 9. The effects of malnutrition Malnutrition is when people have a poor diet which is lacking in important nutrients such as carbohydrates or proteins. Marasmus Kwashiorkor
  • 10. What are the causes of poor food supply in LEDCs? • • • • • • • Food Supply Drought caused by too little rain and the mismanagement of water supplies probably causes the most hunger each year. Poverty means in times of drought people cannot buy food to stay alive. Lack of land available to farm. Commercial farming reduced food production. War can disrupt farming (planting and working on land). Poor transport = poor food supply. Overgrazing = soil erosion.
  • 11. Impacts of poor food supply • More than 1 billion people suffer from serious hunger. • Poverty and hunger go together. • 40% of those hungry are subsistence farmers from the poorest countries in the world. Examples of poor food supply • Sudan – 3 million people because of civil war • Tanzania – 800,000 because of unreliable rainfall