The Berlin Wall


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The Berlin Wall

  1. 1. The Berlin Wall, 1961-1989
  2. 2. Two weeks after the East German government sealed off the Soviet- occupied sector, Berlin’sformer chief crossing point between East and West, the Brandenburg Gate on “Pariser Platz,” appears as no man’s land, in thisaerial view taken from the British sector of Berlin, on August 26, 1961
  3. 3. West Berlin police stand guard behind barbed wire along the new 250-yard East Berlin police massive concrete wall at (Communists) Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, Germany, on Nov. 23, 1961. Beyond the wall, Communists pull down a fiber board screen behind which the building operations took place.West Berlin police (Allies)
  4. 4. Family forced to leave their home An East German soldier of the border guard patrols along the barbed wire fence between the French and Soviet sector in the Schoenholz district in Berlin, Germany, September 25, 1961. A family, in the background, is forced to leave their home close to the sector’s border and loads their belongings onto a truck.
  5. 5. East German construction workersIn this undated August 1961 file photo West Berliners at right watch East Germanconstruction workers erect a wall across Wildenbruchstrasse andHeidelbergerstrasse in West Berlin. West Berliners
  6. 6. East Berlin workmen add blocks to the wall to increase the height Oct. 7, 1961 a West Berlin policeman stands in front of the concrete wall dividing East and West Berlin at Bernauer Strasse as East Berlin workmen add blocks to the wall to increase the height of the barrier.. West Berlin policeman
  7. 7. A refugee from the German Domcratic Republic (DDR,Communist) is seen during his attempt to escape from the East German part of Berlin to West Berlin by climbing overthe Berlin Wall on October 16, 1961
  8. 8. A family is forced to leave their home close to the sector’s border and loads their belongings up a van Three East German soldiers of the border guard A West German police officer looks at a woman following the activities through the barbed wire fence between the French and Soviet sector in September 25, 1961.
  9. 9. East German police mop up afterwork narrowing the passagewaybetween East and West Berlin on Dec. 4, 1961.
  10. 10. U.S. Army tanks, foreground, face off against Soviet tanks across the Berlin Wall at Checkpoint Charlie, in a tense standoff on Oct. 27 and 28, 1961.
  11. 11. An August 17, 1962 photo shows dying Peter Fechter carried away by EastGerman border guards who shot him down when he tried to flee to the west. Fechter was lying 50 minutes in no-man’s land before he was taken to a hospital where he died shortly after arrival.
  12. 12. A high wall of concrete blocks, topped with barbed wire, divides Sebastian Strasse in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, Germany, on Feb. 15, 1962. To the left is the American sector and beyond the wall to the right is the Russian sector.
  13. 13. The Brandenburg Gate is sealed off in the Soviet- occupied sector of EastBerlin, Germany, in Nov. 1961.East Berlin (Communist). West Berlin (Capitalist).
  14. 14. Thousands of people line to apply for a passage slip to get across the border after Berlin wasseparated with a wall as Eastern and Western sections,December 19, 1963.
  15. 15. East German border guards carry away a refugee who waswounded by East German machine gun fire as he dashed through communist border installations toward the Berlin wall.
  16. 16. A man waves to his relatives onthe other side of the Berlin Wall, August 1967.
  17. 17. A picture taken 29 April 1984 shows various graffiti painted on the Berlin Wall on the West Berlin side while East German and Soviet flags (R) fly on the other side of the East Berlin no-mans-land spiked with anti-tanks traps. East Berlin (Communist).No-mans-land West Berlin (Capitalist).
  18. 18. East German border guards stand on a section of the Berlin wall on Nov 11, 1989. On November 9, the East Berlin Communist party boss, declared that East Germans would be free to leave the country, without permission, at any point along the border, including the crossing-points through the Wall in Berlin.
  19. 19. November 11, 1989 west Berliners gathering in front of the Berlin Wall as they watchpeople trying to demolish a section of the wall in order to open a new crossing point between East and West Berlin. Tens of thousands of East Germans fled their oppressive communist regime to a new life of freedom in the west.
  20. 20. An East German borderguard peers through a crack in the Berlin Wall, Nov. 17, 1989, shortly after a West Berliner painted a keyhole around the opening.
  21. 21. November 11, 1989 thousands of young East Berliners gathering at the Berlin Wall, near the Brandenburg Gate (background)
  22. 22. West Berliners crowd in front of the Berlin Wall early 11 November 1989 as they watch East German border guards demolishing a section of the wall in order to open a new crossing point between East and West Berlin.
  23. 23. A long row of East German Trabant cars passing through Checkpoint Charlie into West Berlin is greeted by enthusiastic West Berliners.
  24. 24. East German border guards are pictured Monday, November 13, 1989, in front ofsegments of the Berlin Wall, which were removed to open the wall at Potsdamer Platz passage.
  25. 25. A view of the Berlin Wall Memorial on Bernauer Strasse July 11, 2001 in Berlin,Germany. Pieces of the wall are still standing in parks around the city and are honored as historic monuments.
  26. 26. A damaged part of the former Berlin Wall stands near the Potsdamer Platz on August 13, 2007 in Berlin, Germany.
  27. 27. View of a remaining section of the Berlin wall (1961-1989) taken on November 3, 2008, near the river Spree in the heart of Berlin.
  28. 28. A sight seeing bus pass a line to markthe Berlin Wall on August 13, 2007 in Berlin, Germany.
  29. 29. In the Reichstag in Berlin -shows a photo of Berlin children playing on the remains of the Berlin Wall near West Berlin’s Reichstag building, Feb. 20, 1990, whereEast German border troops began tearing down the wall.
  30. 30. More pictures: fall-of-the-berlin-wall/