Relief: continental, coastal, oceanic


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Relief: continental, coastal, oceanic

  1. 1. RELIEFRELIEF The Earth’s surface presents different kinds of relief
  2. 2. RELIEFRELIEF Can be classified into – Continental (above sea level) – Coastal – Oceanic (ocean floor)
  3. 3. Continental reliefContinental relief Mountains are high landforms with steep sides. A peak is the pointed top of a mountain. The world’s highest range is the Himalayas in central Asia.
  4. 4. Continental reliefContinental relief Valleys are areas of low land between mountains. Rivers flow through many valleys Alpes Ponton valley in the Andes
  5. 5. Continental reliefContinental relief Plains are low, flat areas of land. Large plains are often found on the coasts, and are formed by rivers.
  6. 6. Continental reliefContinental relief Plateaus are large, raised plains (like steps). Tibetan Plateau (below) Peel Plateau, Canada (above)
  7. 7. Continental reliefContinental relief Basins are natural depressions, or low areas of land produced by erosion. Some of them are below sea level.
  8. 8. Coastal reliefCoastal relief The sea produces different forms in the relief of coastal areas.
  9. 9. Coastal reliefCoastal relief A peninsula is a piece of land surrounded by sea water on all its sides except on one, slightly narrow, called isthmus. Valdes Peninsula (Argentina) Papagayo Peninsula (Costa Rica)
  10. 10. Coastal reliefCoastal relief A cape is a part of the coast which extends into the sea. Cape of Good Hope (South Africa) Cabo de Palos (Cartagena)
  11. 11. Coastal reliefCoastal relief A gulf is a large area of the ocean or sea that is partly surrounded by land. If the gulf is small, it is called bay. Gulf of Mexico San francisco Bay
  12. 12. Coastal reliefCoastal relief An island is an area of land surrounded by water on all sides. Cuba Island of Surtsey, Iceland
  13. 13. Coastal reliefCoastal relief A group of islands is called an archipielago. Canary Islands Kiribati Archipielago
  14. 14. Coastal reliefCoastal relief In a flat coastal area: beach, result of the accumulation of sediments by the effect of the local movements of the waves.
  15. 15. Coastal reliefCoastal relief High coastal area: cliff are vertical and steepy rock formation in the coast.
  16. 16. Oceanic reliefOceanic relief It is under the oceans and seas. It is varied and irregular.
  17. 17. Oceanic reliefOceanic relief The continental shelf is the submerged margin of the continents, extending from the shore to the first prominent break in the slope. It is near the coastline.
  18. 18. Oceanic reliefOceanic relief The continental slope extends from the continental shelf down to the ocean depth.
  19. 19. Oceanic reliefOceanic relief Ocean ridges are large mountains located in the oceans floor. Rise up as far as 3000 m. Some of them protrude from the surface and form islands.
  20. 20. Oceanic reliefOceanic relief Deep-sea trenches are the deepest parts of the ocean. The deepest ocean trenches are located in the Pacific Ocean.