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Pharoahs of Ancient Egypt
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Pharoahs of Ancient Egypt






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    Pharoahs of Ancient Egypt Pharoahs of Ancient Egypt Presentation Transcript

    • Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt
    • The most powerful person in ancient Egypt was the pharaoh. The pharaoh was the political and religious leader of the Egyptian people, He was called Lord of the Two Lands and High Priest of Every Temple. He ruled Lower and Upper Egypt
    • What power did he have? He ruled the country He passed all the laws He owned all the land He controlled all the trade He led the army  People thought he was a god so could not touch him or look him in the eye
    • ‘High priest of every temple’ He represented the gods on earth  He built temples  He performed rituals Temple of Ramesses at Abu Simbel
    • War…… Pharaohs often went to war with their neighbours to gain territory A relief from a temple showing war with Nubia
    • Ramesses attacks Nubia…. Ramesses II has travelled from Egypt to the land called Nubia for a battle. The Egyptian pharaoh wants to control Nubia Nubia is just south of Egypt and threatens Egypts borders.  Nubia has exotic animals, wood, and gold
    • Ramesses II drives a chariottowards his enemy. He gets readyto attack with his bow and arrow
    • Some of the Nubian soldiers are hit by the arrows and fall to the ground.
    • Since Ramesses has won the battle, the Nubians must bring him food,animals, gold, and special objects.
    • Ramesses sits under a canopy, wearing a special collar andheaddress. He is waiting for the procession to start.
    • The Nubians bring all kinds ofanimals including a a leopard, apair of oxen, a giraffe, a gazelle, and an ostrich. .
    • They also bring ostrich feathers,ostrich eggs, animal hides, ivory and gold.
    • A group of Nubian soldiers hold up their weapons to show Ramesses that they will not fight again.
    • The vulture serpentsarcophag headdress us of a beard pharoah crook whipDescribe what thesarcophagus lookedlike