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Iran and USA: two earthquakes compared
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Iran and USA: two earthquakes compared



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  • 1. Two earthquakes comparedTwo earthquakes compared CaliforniaCalifornia IranIran
  • 2. Here is your key question – writeHere is your key question – write it in your booksit in your books How can similar earthquakes in Iran and USA have very different impacts on the people who live there? Make your own list using the information that you will see on the next few slides. Then prepare an answer to the key question
  • 3. Location: Bam in Iraq Location: Bam in Iran Date: 26 December, 2003 Strength of earthquake on the Richter scale: 6.6 Number dead: 28,000
  • 4. Location: California in USA Date: 22 December, 2003 Strength of earthquake on the Richter scale: 6.5 Number dead: 3
  • 5. Here are some other reasons why theHere are some other reasons why the earthquake in Iran was so bad:earthquake in Iran was so bad: • The houses in Iran were badly built. They were made from mud brick which collapsed straight away. • When mud brick collapses it disintegrates. • This leaves less air pockets, which might have allowed some people to survive, even though they were trapped.
  • 6. These are like the mud brick buildings that collapsed in Bam
  • 7. Buildings like this in a rich country might topple, but they don’t crumble. What would be your chance of survival in this situation?
  • 8. • The time of day when the earthquake happened was also important. • In Bam, it happened at 5 o’clock on a Friday morning. Friday is the Muslim day of rest. • Where do you think most people were, and why did they die?
  • 9. Other things to consider:Other things to consider: