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  • Congo jungle <br />
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Development Development Presentation Transcript

  • Private health spending
  • MEDC or LEDC – How do we decide? Starter: Copy down the key terms below. For each make a list of what features/characteristics you would expect each to have, eg. tall buildings, poor housing MEDC – More Economically Developed Country - wealthier LEDC – Less Economically Developed Country - poorer
  • Developed or not?
  • MEDC or LEDC – How do we decide? What problems did you come across when attempting to decide whether a picture represented an MEDC or LEDC? Need to use DATA!!!
  • How well-off a person or country is, focusing Standard of Living: purely on economic factors – income and jobs A measure of how happy and content people are Quality of Life: with their lives, taking into account not only income but also social factors such as access to education and type of housing A statistic used to rank countries by level of "human Human Development Index (HDI): development“, taking into account a country’s GDP (wealth), Education and Life Expectancy 
  • The term development refers to how mature a country’s economy, infrastructure and social systems are – the more developed a country’s economic systems are, the wealthier it is.
  • Development is about improving the quality of life so that all people can live safely with the basic things they need such as food, housing, work, education and healthcare. Some countries are more developed than others but within a country each person may have a different quality of life.
  • A family in Sudan live in a remote place with few possessions where the task each day is to find the basic things they need to survive. Without communications is hard for them to know how other people live. The things we take for granted like schools or hospitals are unknown to them, so how long can they expect to live? What would improve their lives?
  • The family in the US live a life (size of their home, their possessions, their holidays etc) that depends on the work that they do and the society they live in. Basic healthcare and education is available to all people in the country. They expect to have electricity and clean running water, and pay for it, but the more money they have to spend the more choice the family has in where and how they live.
  • These are statistics that tell us about life in a country. They can be: •Economic •Social •Environmental TASK: Match the key term with its meaning & decide which category it is. Think of 2 more in each category
  • Economic Indicators Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita Economic growth Unemployment Economic structure Inequality of wealth
  • Human/Social Indicators Development often takes place in an uneven way, resulting in some countries being more developed in some ways than in others. A country may be economically developed, with a very high GDP derived, for example, from the exploitation of rich oil reserves - while segments of the population still live in poverty, and lack access to basic education, health, and decent housing. Hence the importance of human development indicators. Life expectancy Infant mortality rate Access to basic services Literacy rate Access to healthcare. Risk of disease Access to technology Access to education. Male/female equality Government spending priorities
  • Human Development Indicators How does access to education vary between MEDCs and LEDCs? Pakistan Spain What are the similarities and differences between the two pictures? What does it tell you about people’s access to education? Similarities Differences
  • What are the patterns of development? The world is divided into two groups. 1.The more economically developed countries (MEDCs) which include the richer, more industrialised countries of the so-called developed ‘North’ 2.The less economically developed countries (LEDCs) which include the poorer, less industrialised countries of the so-called developing ‘South’ Look at the map showing GNP of countries in the world. Does the distribution of GNP fit the north-south divide? Why? Why not? How useful is the line making a simple division of the world into rich and poor? Why?
  • Is GNP the best way of deciding how developed a country is? • Development doesn’t just mean how rich a country is • Quality of life is also important • In 1990 the UN devised an new measurement to show development.
  • It is often possible to find a relationship between a country’s wealth (GDP) and other measures of development. As GDP increases, so does ………….. ……. . This shows a _______ relationship between them.
  • Positive relationship Give an example of a negative relationship GNP Adult Literacy
  • Human Development Index • Life Expectancy – shows health & safety • Education – adult literacy & average number of years at school • Income per capita – what people can buy – Scores go from 1.0 (best) to 0.0 (worst)
  • Some countries scores…… Top 4 Bottom 4 • • • • • • • • Norway Iceland Australia Ireland Niger Sierra Leone Mali Burkino Faso
  • What are the differences in development between MEDCs and LEDCs? Indicators Economic (GNP) Population Health Education Diet Employment Energy Trade MEDCs LEDCs
  • Key Question: Are development indicators a good way of measuring the development of a country? (Think about: the use of GNP alone, some countries may have a high GNP but other low indicators, data may not always be available, the value of economic and social indicators)
  • ICT Task Name of the country: MEDC or LEDC? Name of the country: MEDC or LEDC? Indicator P A M Describe the location of the country. Is it in the rich ‘North’ or the poor ‘South’? …is located… Figure Research Choose 10 development indicators. Find out what the information is for each indicator for your country. Maps and development data from: https://www.cia.gov/library/ publications/the-worldfactbook/geos/bg.html What does the data tell you about the development of the country? What indicators are good or bad? The data suggests…