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Causes of Reformation (activities)
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Causes of Reformation (activities)






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    Causes of Reformation (activities) Causes of Reformation (activities) Presentation Transcript

    • 1
    • The Pope’s Investigation: Making a Judgement Key Question: Martin Luther was the main cause of Reformation. Nothing else was to blame. Do you agree? Give evidence to explain your answer. The Task You are the top team of Bishops and Cardinals. The Situation You must investigate the reasons The year is 1522. Martin Luther, the German behind the crisis situation themonk, has attacked the Roman Catholic Church Church finds itself in. in 1517 by making 95 Complaints against the You must report your findings toChurch. His complaints have been published and Pope.many other people are starting to agree with him. Do you think that Martin Luther is The Church is in crisis. Luther must be stopped the main cause of the disagreement from attacking the Church further. and protest against the Church? The Pope has summoned you, his top team of OR do you think there are otherCardinals and Bishops, to investigate the reasons reasons? Perhaps reasons that the for the spread of disagreement and protest Pope does not wish to know about! against the Church. 2
    • 1. Providing the evidence about Martin Luther The Task (Explain what the evidence shows.) You must proveyour explanation It would be true to say that the German Monk hasof the causes by spoken out against your Holiness. He has said the explaining the most outrageous things. For example… role of Martin Luther to the Pope. Write the EVIDENCE in this sheet and explain it. Be careful how you explain it. He could get very angry if hethinks you agree with it!!! 3
    • These images could help...... 4.....whenever you need some inspiration
    • Providing the evidence about the printing press (Explain what the evidence shows.) The Task You must proveyour explanation Your Holiness, the printing press threatensof the causes by the one true Catholic Church because… explaining the role of theprinting press to the Pope. Why has the printing press caused theChurch so many problems 5
    • Printed woodcuts comparing Christ and the antichrist.What is the link between this action and the printing press? 6
    • The Pope’s Investigation The Task: Your Holiness we have investigated the matter. We have considered long and hard what the Investigate causes of this crisis might be. We haveand make a discovered the key reasons for this so-called list of the Reformation.main causes of theReformation (List the main causes of the Reformation using your booklet) linking theboxes which The first cause is …..are given to you. 7
    • NEED SOME LITERAL HELP? Useful phrases Making connections•Your Holiness, we must •We have found that there aretell you about… connections between criticism and the printing press because…•We, your Cardinals, fearto report that… •The press and Martin Luther are linked because…•Holy Father, there isterrible news. We have Supporting your ideas with evidencefound that… The evidence that proves our report shows…•Outrageous lies havebeen spread about your You can see in the pictures that…Holy Church because… The images show… (describe what the pictures show in detail to back up your ideas 8
    • Cut these up and sort them out into a causal diagram. There is no right or wrong answer since they are all connected. It is a case of connecting the story up so that it makes sense to you. Start with simple key things to start you off. For example does anything match up with the Humanists? The The Humanists were a The Humanists were also asking Erasmus Desiderius was aHumanists group of people who questions about their relationship Humanist. were beginning to ask with God and the Church. questions about how the church was run.The printing During the sixteenth The printing press made lots of This meant that criticism and press century the printing copies of written ideas. The press new ideas about the Church press was used more and printed ideas which criticised the were spread more easily. more. Roman Catholic Church.Criticism of The Polyglot Bible was The Polyglot Bible meant that people Many found that they disagreedthe Church written in different could compare their translation of with the Church’s version of languages – Hebrew, the religious writing to those of the religious writings. They Greek and Latin. It was Church. criticised the Church. made in 1520 using the printing press.Criticism of Pope Leo X was the Pope Leo X and the Church were The Pope wanted to make money the Pope. leader of the Roman criticised for being more interested to make Rome beautiful by Catholic Church in 1517. in money than faith. building enormous churches like St. Peter’s Basilica. 9
    • Cut these up and sort them out into a causal diagram. There is no right or wrong answer since they are all connected. It is a case of connecting the story up so that it makes sense to you. Start with simple key things to start you off. For example does anything match up with the Humanists? The sale of Pope Leo X sent out An indulgences was like a pardon. It Many people in GermanyINDULGENC Church men to sell meant that you could get forgiveness disagreed with indulgences. ES indulgences. for your sins (the bad things that you They criticised the Church for did). being greedy. Martin Marin Luther was a Luther said that what the Bible said Luther’s complaints were Luther and German Monk. He was more important than what the printed and spread quicklythe printing criticised the Church for Pope said. He wrote 95 Complaints around Germany. Some people press selling indulgences. He against the Church. He nailed his in Germany agreed with Luther thought the Church was complaints on the Church door of greedy Wittenberg Castle. The Pope Pope Leo X and Charles Pope Leo wanted Luther to Charles V tried to arrest Luther. and the V tried to stop Luther. apologise. Luther refused. He failed because Frederick of Emperor Saxony supported and Charles V protected him.fail to stop Luther! Luther Luther refused to accept Luther developed his own religious Luther set up his own church. survives! what the Pope said. ideas. 10