Learning Environments 2013: Russell Brown


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Learning Environments 2013: Russell Brown

  1. 1. Hawkins Brown Russell Brown Learning Environments Conference 18 June 2013
  2. 2. Who we are
  3. 3. About HawkinsBrown
  4. 4. What We Do
  5. 5. What We Do
  6. 6. Cambridge LSE Oxford Imperial College Durham St Andrews Warwick UCL Lancaster Bath RVC Bristol York Exeter Loughborough Southampton Edinburgh Glasgow King’s College London Nottingham Leicester Sussex Surrey Birmingham Newcastle Queen’s Belfast Royal Holloway East Anglia Sheffield Manchester SOAS Liverpool Reading Kent Aston Leeds Cardiff Strathclyde City Essex Heriot-Watt Brunel Queen Mary Dundee Aberdeen Oxford Brookes Keele Hertfordshire University of the Arts London Swansea Goldsmiths Stirling Robert Gordon Lincoln Northumbria Buckingham Hull Huddersfield Aberystwyth West of England Ulster Bournemouth Nottingham Trent Birmingham City West of England,Plymouth Coventry Bangor Chichester Chester Central Lancashire Brighton Bradford Sheffield Hallam Westminster Gloucestershire Bath Spa Winchester Portsmouth Salford Cardiff Metropolitan De Montfort Glasgow Caledonian Bedfordshire Middlesex Queen Margaret Kingston Manchester Metropolitan Canterbury Christ Church Roehampton Sunderland Liverpool John Moores Edinburgh Napier Glamorgan Buckinghamshire New Edge Hill Leeds Metropolitan University for the Creative Arts Teesside Cumbria Derby Northampton Greenwich York St John Trinity St David University of Wales Anglia Ruskin Worcester Staffordshire South Bank West London Abertay Dundee Southampton Solent West of Scotland London Metropolitan East London Bolton Our University Work
  7. 7. Birmingham Institute of Art and Design
  8. 8. before
  9. 9. after
  10. 10. before
  11. 11. after
  12. 12. before
  13. 13. after
  14. 14. University of Oxford New Biochemistry Building
  15. 15. Coventry University The Hub
  16. 16. Coventry University The Hub
  17. 17. Coventry University The Hub
  18. 18. Coventry University The Hub
  19. 19. Coventry University The Hub
  20. 20. Coventry University The Hub
  21. 21. Coventry University The Hub
  22. 22. Coventry University The Hub
  23. 23. Typical Activity • up to 10 person groups • Focused teams • Social and informal work • Relaxation / Discussion Requirements • Type of structure - Semi- enclosed, user ownership encouraged by adaptation of loose furniture • Locations - Private and intimate niches within public space • Control - Potential for bookable space • Equipment - Projectors, display screens with laptop connection, whiteboards Responding to User’s Needs ‘Nest’
  24. 24. Responding to User’s Needs ‘Booth’ Typical Activity • Up to 6 person groups • Focused teams • Project-based collaborative group working • Presentation / Discussion Requirements • Type of structure - Semi- enclosed or screened private area, fixed units with optional ‘plug-in’ elements • Locations - Quiet areas with requirements / potential for privacy • Control - Drop-in or bookable • Equipment - Fixed computer terminals, display screens with laptop connection, whiteboards
  25. 25. Responding to User’s Needs ‘Drive-Thru’ Typical Activity • 1 to 2 people • Transient individuals • Short-stay private tasks • Meeting / Waiting / Reading / Writing Requirements • Type of structure - Simple, open and accessible counters and benches • Locations - Key public routes and reception areas • Control - Open use drop-in area • Equipment - Basic laptop facilities including wi-fi and power outlets
  26. 26. Responding to User’s Needs Variety Individual Study Group Study Informal External Social Quick Access
  27. 27. G welcome 5 19711 in 15 pieces vinyl sheet to be cut around door small area of wall painted to match counter - BAM to confirm signage to extend to glazed screen signage to be mounted above 1100mm high counter SGN-02 vinyl signage in RAL 095 70 50 white dots to be cut away (subcontractor to confirm) white text to be cut away from vinyl 11004525 signage to extend to partition end dim to be confirmed on site Full Elevation 1:50 ‘Home from Home’
  28. 28. Sustainability • BREEAM Excellent • Predominantly Naturally Ventilated • Bespoke baffle boxes provide natural ventilation whilst mitigating external noise • Ground source heat pumps provide sustainable cooling • Rooftop Photovoltaics • Low energy light fittings with PIR sensors • Low-use sanitaryware and rainwater harvesting tank • Sedum roofs • Recycled timber decking • Long lasting / hard wearing materials
  29. 29. Construction • Prefabrication • Prototypes • Testing
  30. 30. Procurement M J J A S O N DJ F M A 2008 2009 2010 2011 StageC Competition March2008 PlanningApplication October2008 Appointment May2008 PlanningApproval January2009 StagesE/F Tenderprocess StartonSite March2010 Construction Completion May2011 Tender July2009 M J J A S O N DJ F M A M J J A S O N DJ F M A M J J A S O N DJ F M A StageD