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My Vision Board And Why I Need One
My Vision Board And Why I Need One
My Vision Board And Why I Need One
My Vision Board And Why I Need One
My Vision Board And Why I Need One
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My Vision Board And Why I Need One


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  • 1. Vision Board And Why I Need Oneby maggieowens | on January 10, 2013llustration by David PohlIn my mind I know the direction I want my life to go, but actually looking at the pictures of what I want mylife to look like, will be much more helpful.When I look back on the life I envisioned for myself before Jan 9th, 2012, I can see now how pathetic it was.Losing my job on that day has actually brought back feelings of excitement and hope that I had lost along theway. Sometimes life gets hard, but it is so important to never lose that vision or your hope.So today, after reading a blog by our Rebel leader, Niamh Arthur, it hit me. I need to make a vision board. Ineed something that I can look at on a daily basis that reminds me of the things that I am working toward. Itwill keep me focused and keep me working towards the things I have envisioned for my life.I am so excited about it. Before I started writing my blog today, I went and got myself a nice little bulletinboard that I can put up in my room and see consistently. It is the perfect place because I spend a lot of time inmy room. The things I have in my room all have special meaning to me and I will spend time before I go tobed just looking at all the different things, wall pictures or nic-nax I have around the room, and think aboutwhy they are special. So I will see my vision board all the time.Creating Your Vision Board
  • 2. First you want to get yourself a poster board or I got myself a bulletin board so I can attach it to the wall.You’ll need some glue or push pins if you’re using the bulletin board . You could even staple the pictures tothe bulletin board if you want.Then go through magazines or you can print out some pictures from Google Images and use those. You canalso cut out words or create words on your computer and print them out in some really fun and awesome fonts.But get everything you want cut out, torn out or printed before you actually put them on your vision board.Once you start placing them on your board, eliminate anything that doesn’t feel right anymore. You want thisto be accurate.Now attach everything to your board and hang it somewhere where it is visible to you and you can see it often.Don’t let go of your vision!Rebel Marketers’ 90 Day’s of Remarkable Transformation: Empower NetworkAction AssignmentsTotal Time to complete the Empower Network Action Assignments: 2 – 3 HoursIf you have more time, spend it marketing “telling others,” learning the tools in your backoffice and studyingthen implementing our team tools .Always focus on 80% Action, 20% LearningIt is better that you learn, but take massive action immediately even if it is not yet “perfect” because you willlearn through practice, implementation and keeping this as simple as possible.THINK1) Read the above blog post and think about YOUR vision for your future… what do you want this month,this year, and in your life.If you are not yet in Empower Network, join here and get access to your blogging platform right away so youcan get started NOW:<img alt=”join now”
  • 3. WRITE2) Write a blog post about the about YOUR vision and include these action assignments in the bottom of yourpost.Make sure to share on your Twitter feed and G+ as soon as you Publish your blog post.SHARE3) Share your blog post on your Facebook profile & Fan Page, as well as other social media sites that you use.Use the below option to share your blog on Facebook (you will not be able to post your link directly withoutthe below options – choose one) (use to create an image for the link)Again, share on Twitter, G+, LinkedIN, Facebook through the Social Media Bar button at the top of your postCONNECT4) Take the subject of this post, and write a short introduction of your blog post for your team, and send them alink to your blog post through your Empower Network Back Office My Tools.This can also be sent as a Broadcast Email to your lead list through your auto-responder.If you do not yet have a team, start a conversation with at least 5-10 people on Facebook or other socialmedia sites.(Hint: This is one of the MOST important things you can do, the more relationships you create with peoplewho have enjoyable conversations with you… the more likely you will grow a team that STICKS, that worksside by side with you… and that you ENJOY!)LISTEN5) Listen to an audio from the Inner Circle in your Back Office:Login in HERE to get access to this exclusive audio training series.
  • 4. If you are not yet a member, sign up here:<img alt=”join now”READ6) Read your personal manifesto:Here is a copy of Napoleon Hill’s manifesto – insert your own changes and read aloud.DISCUSS7) Please Like and Comment on this post, and make sure to include a link to your post so that we can Like andComment on yours.MASTERMIND8) Of course the above Empower Network Action Assignments are important and should be done Daily, butthis last one is a MUST.GET to the NEXT event!This is where you meet other successful people in Empower Network, get nuggets of gold to explode yourbusiness and have the opportunity to network with us and the leaders we know personally (this is invaluable)Login to your back office and click on the button“Are you Ready to Release Your Inner Badass?”I’ll see you in Austin and personally assist you in your own Remarkable Transformation!To Your Astoundingly Remarkable Transformation,
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