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  • A typical sales force has a clear majority of “core performers, a small but elite group of starts, and a group whose performance trails.
  • A typical sales force has a clear majority of “core performers, a small but elite group of starts, and a group whose performance trails.
  • Build your sales force

    1. 1. Build your Sales Force
    2. 2. Typical Sales Force Composition20% Stars70% Core Performers10% Laggards
    3. 3. Bottleneck of AIESEC Sales Force• No stars or very few stars• Stars are not performing in their best way• Poor capacity of core performers
    4. 4. Create More and Better Stars Do you know who are your Sales Star? What do you do with them?
    5. 5. Create More and Better Stars Provide the Environment that Stars will stand out and grow up Successful Practice: • MC sell GIP and coach stars • Design special challenge for team of stars • Focus on empowering stars • Incentives for stars
    6. 6. Create More and Better StarsCase study 1: MC Sell GIP and Coach STARsIn AIESEC Czech Republic, the brand for STAR sellers isSales Killers. MC VP personally coaches the Sales Killersand support them in company meeting and other sellingactivities.The brand Minimum criteria–2 meetings/week + 1 RA/sales wave5 sales waves in half a year
    7. 7. Create More and Better StarsCase study 2: Design challenges for team of starsIn AIESEC Mainland of China, they design sales teamchallenge for potential sales stars. In summer 2012, theybring sellers to a brand new market-Qingdao. Sales starslive together and work full time for 1 month. They work forsame team purpose and eventually this team of 6 peopleraised 60 TN forms.Result 6 weeks:1500 Calls; 50 Company meetings20 Networking events participation60 Forms oral raised with 20 TN takers
    8. 8. Create More and Better StarsCase study 3: Focus on empowerment of starsIn NAFTA region, they work together to build sales culture,sales capacity and to utilize the economy connection in theregion. Their target audience is top sales in the region.Criteria of participants:Sellers who at least raised one TN.
    9. 9. Create More and Better Stars4: Incentive for StarsIt is important to set incentives for Stars for achievingmission important. They can achieve more with rightincentives. Don’t stay recognize them being top sales. Setincentive for them to go further.
    10. 10. Build Up Core Performer Capacity Do you have sufficient sellers? Do you have enough sales activities? What do you do to improve the capacity of the sellers?
    11. 11. Build Core-Performer Capacity HR IntensityCritical Areasto improve capacity ofcore performers IncentiveCulture of Sales* Coaching & Training
    12. 12. Build Core-Performer CapacityStep 1: Have sufficient and qualified sellersHow many sellers do you have?How many performing sellers do you have?Is it supporting you to achieve your goal?In order to build core-performer capacity, we need to recruitsufficient and qualified sellers.
    13. 13. Build Core-Performer CapacityStep 1: Have sufficient and qualified sellersa. Specific plan for recruitmentValidate your talent plan with back-ward planningIf we need to have 1785 sales If we plan to have 1785 sales callcall to raise 60 TNs(based on our in order to have 60 TN raise, andconverging rate) , if the level of you have 10 members:intensity you want is 1 member --1785 sales calls for 10 sales10 calls a week: members = 179 calls/member--1 member in 6 weeks=60 salescalls. -- 179 call/member in 6 weeks =--1785 sales calls=30 sales 30 calls/week/membermembers
    14. 14. Build Core-Performer CapacityStep 1: Have sufficient and qualified sellersb. Recruit right profileWhat makes a good sales?-Competency building based on your reality: Interview 10-15your top sellers in the history. Recruit someone like them.Key words:• Goal orientation• Big picture combined with ability to get things done/executer• Emotional Intelligence and empathy (to be able to put themselves in other shoes, to identify emotions in others and to act regardless of emotions)• Independent and self-driven
    15. 15. Build Core-Performer CapacityStep 1: Have sufficient and qualified sellersc. Design product and development path for sellersWhat does sellers like? Interview 10-15 your top sellers in the history. Challeng es Recogniti Being on listened Career Path Bigger Purpose
    16. 16. Build Core-Performer CapacityStep 1: Have sufficient and qualified sellersd. Align talent process to attract, retain and develop sellers Talent Talent Talent Talent TalentPlanning Marketing Recruitment Selection Allocation Talent Talent Talent Tracking & Education & Coaching R&R Induction pipeline mgmt. Training Sellers profile based
    17. 17. Build Core-Performer CapacityStep 2: Increase sales activitiesNo sales activities mean no sales result, no memberempowerment, no impactDo you know how many sales meeting happening in yourLC/country?Do you know how many sales calls/meetings you need toraise a TN?Are you tracking activities or only goal achievement?Your sales goal is closely linked with salesintensity
    18. 18. Build Core-Performer CapacityStep 2: Increase sales activitiesBreak down your sales goal:1/14 is the average rate from sales call to a companymeeting1/6 is the rate from company meeting to a close deal.Meaning: 60In order to have 10 RA you need to do ___ meetings and840 calls___
    19. 19. Build Core-Performer Capacity Step 2: Increase sales activitiesCase study 1: Canada sales blitz, Colin Cup andSellers’ dashboardStarting from 2011, AIESEC Canada was able to doubletheir sales activities. The key of success is to break oneyear calendar into periodic sales campaign, create salesexcitement and recognize sellers in time.
    20. 20. Build Core-Performer Capacity Step 2: Increase sales activitiesCase study 2: Calling Mania in ColombiaIn order to increase sales activities and better coach sellersby giving in time feedbacks, AIESEC Colombia organizeddifferent calling manias frequently. The idea of calling maniais bring members together and make sales call together.They also engage very senior sellers and alumni to obverseand give in-time feedbacks.
    21. 21. Build Core-Performer CapacityStep 3: Build incentive for core-performersIncentive for core-performers is to recognize members forsales breakthrough. The key of this incentive system is, ithas be able to reached by everyone. Everyone can be thereas long as they make some efforts. Sales Killer in Czech Republic is a clear example of incentive for core-performers. Everyone can be a sales killer! And it is so cool to be a sales killer. They get recognition at national level (MC wall of fame, newsletter, Coca-Cola jersey, books, company shadowing etc) Result: 129% growth in raise, 311 meetings(60% growth)
    22. 22. Build Core-Performer CapacityStep 4: Coach and train your sellersIt is easy to attribute the failure in sales to lack of propersales education. However, sales training is definitely not theonly important thing. Two key principles in designing salescoaching and training.Principle 1:70% Practice+20% Feedback+10% TrainingPrinciple 2:70% Product/Market knowledge+30% soft sales skills
    23. 23. Case study: AIESEC Brazil Sales DevelopmentProgram-The eco-system for both Stars and Core-performersAIESEC Brazil divide sellers into Junior seller, pleno seller,senior sellers. Sellers can overcome challenge and beupgraded to next level sellers if they fulfill certain criteria. MCBrazil connects the criteria with sales intensity, re-raisingstrategies, product and market strategy. Moreover, theyprovide different training and empowerment for different levelsellers!The concept is simple, fun and strategic at same time. In lastmonths, AIESEC Brazil successfully created tons of salesexcitement and they achieved more than 100% growth.
    24. 24. Sales Sales education I education II 3 re-raises or Junior account 20 sales Seller expansion Pleno meetingMinimum 2 raises 12 sales meeting per month Seller Minimum 6 Track Account raises during manager seller experience
    25. 25. Sales education IIIParticipation 25 sales in meeting per corporative month events Senior Seller Minimun 12 Achieve 6 raises/partn raises ers during through seller sales team experience Sell more than one product to same customer
    26. 26. Global Resources tosupport your sales forcedevelopment
    27. 27. In order to support core-performer capacity building, fromglobal office we develop SDP newsletter to share ourexperiences and knowledge with sellers on the ground.Bi-Weekly SDP Newsletter will include:1. Topic video talk by externals2. Sales tips from AI BD team3. Sales inputs from AI GIP Responsible4. GCP from the network
    28. 28. We know sellers like recognition and we want to give globallevel recognition to top sales in every country and in globalnetwork.Brand: Global Top 30 Sales; National Top 3 SalesDuration of result: Jan-Jun; Jul-DecWhen to recognize: Jul, Jan
    29. 29. We want to give practical support to national and local sales.With the finalized top 100 partnership list, we will-Collect endorsement and testimonials from them and sharewith the network to upsell in other countries-Support in upscale in TN country-Global recognize top partnerships of AIESEC
    30. 30. Let’s bring AIESEC to themarket with better salesforce