Magento POS extension


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Magento POS extension supports offline selling by enabling shop assistants/admin to create orders right from Magento admin panel all on one page!

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Magento POS extension

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Magento Point Of Sales extension ( Magento POS ) supports offline selling by enabling shop assistants/admin to create orders right from Magento admin panel all on one page! • Instant search for products and add to cart • Billing Address, Shipping method, Payment method and Order review are displayed together for correction at any step any time • Auto-update latter Shipping, Payment steps when there are changes to earlier Billing address, Shipping address steps • Use the swipe-card function when making payments
  3. 3. With Magento POS extension, you will be able to create orders quickly and conveniently from an admin panel on just one page!
  4. 4. Shop assistant/admin finds the item picked up by the Customer by the instant search box or has its SKU detected by barcode reader, then, adds it to cart.
  5. 5. Shop assistant/admin completes all Checkout steps simulatenously on one page with Magento POS, then, receives money and completes order.
  6. 6. For Admins • • • • • • • • • • Able to change positions of fields in back end Able to set up checkout page layout style (Hot) Hide other shipping methods if only one method is applied Set default shipping & payment method Auto-update order totals when choosing shipping/payment method Auto-update shipping method when billing/shipping address is changed Auto-update payment method when choosing shipping method Able to create question and answer options to survey customers Set checkbox for Newsletter subscription Enable Coupon code, Gift message, Comment sections on checkout page
  7. 7. In one step checkout for admin page • Instant Search for products and add to cart through name, SKU or barcode (Advanced) • Able to check out as guests or existing customers, create new account • All checkout steps (Billing Address, Shipping Method, Payment Method and Order Review) appear simultaneously and on a single page, enabling quick checkout (Featured) • Auto-update later steps when there are changes in former steps (Featured) • Use the swipe-card function when making payments. After swiping your Customers’ credit cards, all their card information will be auto-filled(Hot) • Able to select cash or credit card as payment mode
  8. 8. • Able to add discount, coupon code, comments, gift message for order (Hot) • Select to use sign up for newsletters option • Fill out the short survey right in the checkout page(Hot) • Able to log in with multiple addresses with Magento POS • Find orders easily and print invoices quickly • Able to update the product price for different customer groups
  9. 9. Others • Magento POS is 100% Open Source • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required) • Easy to install and configure • User-friendly interface
  10. 10. • Visit Magento POS extension website to see more: • Visit blog to see more useful information: BLOG • Click here to purchase page: Magento POS