CIO Survival Guide -Sony Handbook to Video Surveillance Jan09


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CIO Survival Guide -Sony Handbook to Video Surveillance Jan09

  1. 1. V I D E O A N A LY T I C S | BUYER’S TIPS | H.264 CIOSURVIVALGUIDE JANUARY 2009 HANDBOOK TO VIDEO SURVEILLANCEA special supplement with MIDDLE EAST IN CO-OPERATION WITHDIGITAL EYESThe definitive guide to video surveillance
  2. 2. How do you make a Sony and ‘IPELA’ are registered trademarks of the Sony Corporation, Japan.suspect bag stand outfrom the crowd?Talk to Sony about Intelligent Object video analysis… Security for a modern world.The Sony range of Network Video Monitoring solutions brings together the best cameras, recordersand management software to support your security staff in delivering an immediate response toyour security needs.To find out more please contact OR call +971506240081
  3. 3. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE HANDBOOK TO UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONSC-EYE-O requires at least one employee. Digital video also beats tape in terms of storage and retrieval. Tape-based systems can require a full-time employee just for retrieval. But the key to IP-based video surveillance’s appeal is the ever- expanding roster of applications being attached to it. In other words, surveillance isn’t just about security anymore. For example, in retail stores, video surveillance is being used for measuring foot traffic through a store toV understand both peak traffic times and ideo surveillance is at the proving ROI on digital surveillance may also shoppers’ browsing habits, which front end of an astonishing not be as hard as you think either. The in turn allows them to better configure transformation. Once a world post-9/11 obsession with security created merchandise around the store. Of course of clunky cameras and closed- this surge in surveillance investment, but the surveillance is used for security ascircuit coaxial networks hardwired into a what’s sustaining it is that digital video well, but it’s also being utilized to trainroom full of cloudy gray 5-inch screens, surveillance appears to be living up to its new employees.surveillance is rapidly becoming a land hype. And, when done well, it provides Training, in fact, has become a possibleof sleek, intelligent cameras linked to real ROI for the business. First off, it allows killer applet for video surveillance, duesoftware applications running on the IP for consolidation of monitoring: You can in large part to the increased quality ofnetwork. Some of these applications are watch many geographically disperse the images. Video of cashiers at a grocerybasic, such as motion detection setting off sites from one control room--something store doing their jobs correctly (andalarms. Some are clever, such as a grocery that was impossible with closed-circuit incorrectly) is edited into video packagesstore system where cameras at systems. An even bigger benefit of digital that train new hires. Still others are usingthe checkout counter are linked to the is that central control and monitoring cameras to improve logistics, assemblingreceipt tape. allows you to put cameras at smaller trains at humpyards (where the rail cars Though CCTV still composes almost sites and monitor them from the central come off boats and trucks), for example,half the overall video surveillance market, operations center. With CCTV, you’d or monitoring assembly lines for qualityits share is rapidly swindling with a surge require a closed system at that smaller control. Suddenly, surveillance is ain IP-based digital video systems. And site and onsite monitoring, which itself business enabler, not just barbed wire.CEO and Publisher Dominic De Sousa Published by Regional partner ofManaging Director Amit Pateriaand Associate PublisherManaging Editor Kavitha Rajasekhar Vivekand Associate PublisherEditor Jeevan ThankappanChief Designer Denis Fuentes © Copyright 2009 CPI.Designers Mark Cantalejo, Analou Balbero All rights reserved. While the publishers have made everySales Director Sreejith Nambiar effort to ensure the accuracy of allIT Manager Nadeem Hood information in this magazine, theyWebmasters Tristan Troy Maagma, Head Office will not be held responsible for any Elizabeth Reyes PO Box 13700 errors therein.Production James P. Tharian Dubai, UAESubscription Tel: +971 4 3515316Marketing Manager David Johnshaju Fax: +971 4 3598486 Web: 3
  4. 4. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE BUYERS’ GUIDE A BUYERS’ GUIDE TO IP SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS IP network-based surveillance cameras offer enticing possibilities. But do you want full or partial IP? How much bandwidth? We’ll walk you through the entire process. N etwork cameras for IP-based that convert the analog signal to one that video surveillance systems can run over IP. These systems work well have been around since 1996. but are not architected for growth. Full These are attached directly to IP installations are more streamlined and the network and send video to a network efficient and require less maintenance. Do’s and Don’ts video recorder or to a server equipped with They’re digital from one end to another and video management software, which stores, are very reliable because there are fewer DON’T let cost be your guiding light. Most displays or broadcasts the images. It will be moving parts. people buy cameras with cost as their highest another five years, according to consultancy Second, consider if there is enough priority and effectiveness as the second, which results in grainy, out-of-focus images. There and research firm Gartner, before the market bandwidth on the corporate backbone. are tools available that help you choose the favors IP over analog. However, IP cameras Because IP-based surveillance places resolution and lens that fits your needs, based are considered a fast-growing market; new demands on existing network on factors like distance and camera height. according to IMS Research, the global infrastructures, the physical security network video market grew 42 percent last department has to work with IT to DON’T think small when upgrading from year and is expected to reach $2.6 billion implement or even choose the best system, analog/DVR systems. by 2010. which means overcoming a traditional Experts say the reasons for analog’s barrier between the two groups. The best DO understand the trade-offs to high- continued dominance center mainly decisions on network design will be made quality images. Favor a crisper image over around upgrade costs and a general lack of jointly between the two groups, says Jeff smooth motion. knowledge about networking technologies Vining, research vice president at Gartner. in many physical security departments. For instance, because streaming live video DO consider the benefits of centralizing is bandwidth-intensive, it can be too costly video surveillance. Two Key Decisions to upgrade networks or too difficult to use When looking at your options, the first thing in situations where there are many users. DON’T assume everything is mix and you need to consider is whether you should To optimize bandwidth, you may need to match. While many network cameras claim use full or partial IP. You can still get some of use application delivery controllers and/or compatibility with many vendors’ video the advantages of IP while maintaining your wide-area-network optimization controllers, management software, some management investment in analog by using encoders he says. software is more open than others.4
  5. 5. Because IP-based surveillance places new demands on existing network infrastructures, the physical security department has to work with IT to implement or even camera with adjustable lenses to control the amount of light that is received. This is choose the best system, which means overcoming a especially important, Vining says, when a traditional barrier between the two groups camera is facing east or west. However, he says, some organizations will simply elevate camera mounts and then angle downwardEvaluation Criteria needed context. “You need to use that to view the horizon rather than incur theThe range of features available on network selectively,” he says. additional costs of adjustable lenses.cameras is constantly changing, but here Power source: The state-of-the-art Open platforms: Look for vendorsare some basic things to look for, according approach for network cameras is to use that comply 100 percent with industryto analysts. power over Ethernet (POE), which means standards, such as in the areas ofField of view: According to Vining, most you power the camera through the same security and video compression, Gartnerapplications call for a 240-degree field of wire that sends the IP signal, resulting in recommends. Also look for open applicationview and a zoom capability of 500 feet. For significant cost savings. POE is not always programming interfaces and multiplethose who need more, there are pan/tilt/ available on PTZ cameras, however, because supported software applications.zoom (PTZ) cameras, which can provide of the amount of power they consume. Also Scalability: Companies with large360-degree views. These can cost more than ensure that the POE feature complies with installations will want the equipment to betwice as much as fixed cameras, Vining says, the IEEE 802.3af standard so it’s compatible compatible with tools that locate, updateand normally require more maintenance with network switches from leading and monitor the status of the devices andbecause of their moving parts. vendors. their IP addresses.Bandwidth: It’s a huge issue, especially as Resolution: Many users are moving toward Service/support: Make sure the vendordemand grows for more cameras on the megapixel cameras, which offer five times or reseller is able to send replacementnetwork and higher-resolution images. You the resolution of video graphics array (VGA) parts quickly and can readily offercan reduce bandwidth consumption by cameras. Not only do you get a clearer engineering support. Many network cameraputting intelligence into the camera, says image, but because of the higher resolution, manufacturers sell indirectly throughSimon Harris, senior analyst at IMS Research, you can also reduce the number of cameras channel partners, which is common in theso, for instance, only certain images are you need. IT industry but not in the security industry.forwarded. However, that means you’re Auto filtering: For image clarity in various This takes some getting used to amongnot recording nonevents that may supply lighting situations, it’s important to get a traditional security personnel. 5
  6. 6. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE VIDEO ANALYTICS AVOIDING COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT VIDEO ANALYTICS Video content analysis (AKA video analytics) is getting better all the time, but it’s still new enough that buyers should proceed with eyes wide open V ideo analytics is one of those hot MYTH ONE: Video analytics can replace technologies that gets people or surpass human performance. When excited. The ability to use artificial confronted with an unlikely claim about intelligence-based technology to video analytics, a good rule of thumb is to “watch” video, extract useful information ask the following question: could a person and create alerts holds much promise for watching the video perform the same security and surveillance applications. task? If the answer is no, then it is unlikely In fact, the technology can appear so that video analytics can do it either. Even cutting-edge that it often sounds more if the answer is yes, it is still possible that like science fiction than reality. And, the abilities of video analytics will be unfortunately, the excitement around stretched -- remember, humans have been the technology has led to a marketplace interpreting visual images for about 5 where the line between fiction and reality million years. Computers have only been has blurred. For instance, one common at it for about 40 years. myth about video analytics is that it can spot a terrorist in a stadium full of THE TRUTH: In most operational people -- something even the human environments, good analytics software eye can’t detect. Or it can automatically can be configured to be as capable as a “see” a person cheating at a black jack human observer at detecting important table, while highly trained surveillance events such as cars parking illegally, personnel cannot. This article covers the people climbing over fences, people five biggest myths of video analytics entering restricted areas, and so on. This technology and practice, and examines event discrimination ability makes the the true state-of-the-art. technology a significant improvement6
  7. 7. over other sensing technologies such most realistic operational scenarios, as buried cables, microwave detectors, there will be many false alarms caused by and taut-wire fencing. The real value of extraneous motion and the inability of video analytics, though, is that casts an VMD to distinguish between any motion unblinking eye over the scene -- in this and a real event of interest. sense, it is a dramatic improvement over human performance THE TRUTH: Like any product, there are varying design specifications behind MYTH TWO: Video analytics can improve each video analytics application. Don’t bad CCTV infrastructure. Most CCTV be fooled into thinking that a technology systems aren’t designed with video for counting people in a retail setting analytics in mind -- in fact, many are will work for perimeter protection or vice designed without human operators in versa. Analytics products often make mind. Cameras are often low quality; views assumptions about camera orientation, are obstructed by natural or man-made distance to objects, numbers and types of obstacles such as trees and buildings; and objects, indoor vs. outdoor environments, scenes are often poorly illuminated at illumination and many other factors that night. Analytics is no “magic bullet” that can affect performance. Make sure that can see through walls or turn night into whichever products and technologies day. If the camera doesn’t have a clear you choose are appropriate for your unobstructed view of the area of interest, operational environment and your analytics will struggle to add value. particular mission. THE TRUTH: The performance of analytics MYTH FOUR: Video analytics (or the systems is generally very acceptable in necessary hardware) is not cost effective. well-designed operating environments. If Historically, video analytics solutions have there are enough pixels and appropriate required a serious capital outlay to getAnalytics products often makeassumptions about camera orientation,distance to objects, numbers and types ofobjects, indoor vs. outdoor environments,illumination and many other factors thatcan affect performance. illumination to view an unobstructed area up and running. Per-camera license costs of interest, detection rates are usually used to be very high; systems required very good. Most reputable manufacturers large PC infrastructure footprints; and claim detection rates (in ideal conditions) of deployment, maintenance, and training over 90% with very acceptable false alarm costs were a constant financial question. rates -- as low as 1 per week per camera or In some cases this is still true! This is a even better. very large expense for system that isn’t going to replace a human guard-force any MYTH THREE: Video analytics are time soon. “one size fits all”. Customers often have trouble in the field when an analytics THE TRUTH: Video analytics technology, technology is taken outside of its comfort as it has matured in the marketplace, zone. There are many different video has become more of a value-added analytics products that are designed to component of CCTV infrastructure rather do many different jobs in many different than a stand-alone enterprise software operational environments. Many vendors solution. Today, it is possible to purchase are even selling Video Motion Detection true intelligent analytics capabilities as (VMD) as intelligent video analytics. In a a feature of main-stream CCTV hardware largely unchanging, indoor environment, components such as: cameras; IP video VMD might provide some value but in encoders; IP routers; and DVRs, NVRs, and 7
  8. 8. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE VIDEO ANALYTICS Analytics features do add a premium to the prices of these devices but the price-tag is significantly lower than a stand-alone PC-based solution. Furthermore, more sophisticated customers of analytics have seen more value in analytics than simply replacing a guard-force. MYTH FIVE: Video analytics is over- hyped. It seems that there is a new video analytics vendor hawking their wares every week. Every video analytics application is the best on the market: the most robust; with fewest false alarms; also easiest to use; and operating in the widest variety of environments; oh, and it costs almost nothing to own. With all the market noise, it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff of even figure out if there is any wheat at all! THE TRUTH: Like any competitive market with new and exciting technology, there will be outrageous claims made by some less-than-scrupulous vendors. But this doesn’t mean that everything is hype. We’re all familiar with used car salespeople and yet there are a great many good quality used cars out there. Be suspicious of a vendor who answers “yes” to every question. Look for reputable video management platforms. Analytics are now reaping value from analytics vendors with proven track records. They features do add a premium to the prices by making their people, processes and will help guide you through the process of of these devices but the price-tag is infrastructure more cost-effective. This evaluating and deploying video analytics. significantly lower than a stand-alone is being done by using analytics to They will help set expectations and work PC-based solution. Furthermore, more help optimize bandwidth and storage with integrators to ensure that CCTV sophisticated customers of analytics of network video systems; or by using infrastructure will be appropriate to make have seen more value in analytics than analytics to make forensic investigations your mission and your experience with simply replacing a guard-force. Customers faster and more personnel-efficient. analytics as successful as possible.8
  9. 9. help me accomplish that I can’t accomplish any other way? Could analytics allow you to reduce your security guard force? Could it let you monitor a site remotely and save money on gasoline? Could it help manage all the video information you’re collecting or let you conduct investigations more efficiently? Prices have come down, but the technology is still expensive. One way vendors are dealing with this is by moving to packaged models, with groups of algorithms targeted at specific industries. TIP 3 - Think About Whether On-the- Edge Analytics Makes Sense for You Another key decision is whether you want to have content analysis performed “on the edge”—that is, on digital video cameras or encoders, rather than on servers or DVRs. Analysts say this is where the industry is heading, but right now you still have a lot of options. The advantage of on-the-edge analytics is that content analysis can be performed when the video is of its highest quality, before it is compressed to be sent over the network and stored. A traditional, centralized model, however, provides more flexibility. One DVR or server can do analytics on more than one camera feed, which means that capabilities can be directed and redirected based on the needs of the minute. Which direction to go, says Frost & Sullivan research analyst Dilip Sarangan, depends largely on your organization’sLOOK SMART network capabilities and what the IT department is willing to put on the network, since video traffic tends to be a bandwidth hog. The decision may influence which vendors you want to consider. Some vendors, such as Cernium, focus on centralized tools, while othersV such as Ioimage focus on on-the-edge ideo analytics has come a long intrusion detection, entry through an setups. A lot of vendors, however, do sell way from the hyped-up, gee-whiz exit and so on. Some of the analytics both. technology of a few years ago that companies are still focused on only the promised way more than it could software. TIP 4 - Test, Test, Test,deliver. The good news is, the technology Before You Write the Checkhas improved enough that organizations, TIP 2 - Start With Your Business Need Once you identify your business needslowly but surely, are finding that analytics – Then Select the Technology and narrow down the field, it’s time totools can help them make sense of all the The latest video analytics tools claim to start testing. Video analytics technologyvideo they are collecting and even find an do very sophisticated activities, from is able to deliver on more of its promisesROI—but only if they are careful shoppers. identifying loiterers to detecting vandalism than it could a few years ago. EvenHere’s what to know before you begin. to monitoring crowds for dropped today, however, the technology must be baggage. When evaluating your options, configured correctly, and it may not workTIP 1 - Understand the Marketplace you may be tempted to get carried away. at all in certain situations. Fortunately,Once, video analytics was largely a Don’t. Always start with the business need, vendors may be willing to let you try outsoftware business, with applications then see if there is technology that could the hardware or software for a month orresiding on central servers or digital video fill it—not the other way around. two before you actually write any checks.recorders. These applications were (and It’s like every other decision. What is the Insist on it.still are) based on algorithms that monitor return on investment, what is the value itfor specific events—motion detection, can bring my organization, and what can it 9
  10. 10. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE IP VIDEO MANAGING IP VIDEO ON THE NETWORK The growing popularity of video surveillance is fuelled by the shift to IP video systems that are less expensive than traditional analogue systems and make it easier to add or relocate cameras and multicast video signals to multiple locations.10
  11. 11. Video-recording management software also can act as a traffic cop — helping distribute video in 1GB blocks across various iSCSI disk arrays on the network. This allows for higher storage limits for cameras that are capturing video in sensitive or high-traffic areas where alarms are frequent. Video content analysis (VCA) embedded Consider a university with 20 buildings in an IP encoder — the device that and 25 cameras per building. Each translates analogue camera signals into camera is recording high-quality video at digital — also can reduce the amount 2.8Mbps per camera for 90 days. With an of traffic sent across the network. With NVR solution, the university would need VCA at the edge, it is possible to only 1,500TB of storage and 40 NVRs spread transmit video that generates an alarm over each location. With direct-to-iSCSI due to a security concern — such as a recording, the 40 NVR PCs are not required. person loitering, theft of an object or an Multiple cameras can share the object left behind in a scene. By selecting direct-to-iSCSI RAIDs on a local recording specific portions of video to forward, VCA network, keeping the recording load off diminishes the amount of bandwidth the main local or wide-area network. required for surveillance but enables Video traverses the backbone only when all camera channels to be monitored personnel need to review stored video. effectively. When this occurs, the video can be shared Of course, storing all of that IP video and searched by anyone with the proper represents a challenge. A 200GB hard network access. drive can store approximately two weeks This approach also means that of video data, depending on the quality enterprises do not lose recorded video of video. For some industries, such due to network outages or NVR server as correctional facilities and gaming, hardware or software failure. regulations require that recorded video is Video-recording management software stored for a longer period of time — up to also can act as a traffic cop — helpingY 30 days or even a year in some states. distribute video in 1GB blocks across et, every system is limited by Enterprises can reduce storage costs various iSCSI disk arrays on the network. two finite resources: network by improving and optimizing how the This allows for higher storage limits for bandwidth and disk space. available storage is shared among cameras. cameras that are capturing video in A 100Mbps network The traditional storage approach uses sensitive or high-traffic areas where alarmsconnection can support nearly 85 network video recorders (NVRs), which are frequent.cameras producing 10-15KB images per are PC servers that act as gateways to Also, if one disk array fails, thesecond (about 1Mbps each), but the directly attached SCSI RAID storage or recording-management software willnetwork will be running at 100 percent storage-area network storage. By moving simply redirect video to a backup device.utilization. Whether the IP video system the intelligence to the edge, it is possible That results in better disk utilization, betteris on the existing IT network or a parallel to configure an IP camera or IP encoder to load balancing and greater reliability. Thisnetwork, enterprises need to set a realistic stream directly to an iSCSI RAID, bypassing architecture is also simpler, with fewerbandwidth target and then determine how the NVR and the associated capital and items that can fail, and less hardware andmany cameras can be supported by their ongoing costs. software for IT personnel to manage.infrastructure The difference in this architecture Among enterprises, there is no doubt To ensure efficient bandwidth usage, is particularly noticeable in dispersed that the use of video surveillance issecurity integrators can help design fluid systems where the WAN lacks the growing, making it important that ITsystems that adjust to accommodate traffic bandwidth for centralized recording. managers understand the methods tosurges. For example, frame rates can be Instead of installing NVRs in each building, eliminate issues that can cause networkreduced temporarily while the sharpness which can be a maintenance nightmare, congestion and failure. Recording video atof each image is maintained, or the same enterprises can install storage that is the edge is a simple and common practicenumber of frames can be recorded at a directly attached to IP cameras or to IP that can make IP video surveillance systemslower resolution. encoders. easier to manage and more cost-effective. 11
  12. 12. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE FEATURE HOW TO BUILD A SURVEILLANCE CAMERA SYSTEM TIPS TO GET YOU STARTED ON THE RIGHT ROAD STEP 1: Determine your cameras’ raison d’être. STEP 3: Get smart on camera technologies. Going mega From this you’ll be able to decide just Determine the effect of new technologies about everything else. Be on demand, on operations, training, maintenance and Network cameras are reaping the benefits because you can’t watch the cameras all staffing. Determine how clear you need of the megapixel revolution, a major the time. You should be able to call up the picture to be (as opposed to how benefit that cannot be achieved by their the camera with the best coverage to clear you want it to be). This will have an analogue counterparts. The new generation monitor situations if and when incidents impact on costs. Here are some of your of megapixel cameras provide enhanced occur. Allow for targeted “smart” cameras choices: clarity and practical intelligence into any for high-risk areas, so that camers will FRAME RATE. The more frames per security or surveillance operation. From trigger alarms when something begins to second (fps) you choose, the more airports, stadiums and shopping malls, to happen. network capacity each camera will require corporate, banking car parks and public and the more data storage you’ll need. spaces, the megapixel resolution will extend STEP 2: RESOLUTION. Similar to frame rate, your capability to protect people, property, but this is not a motion issue; rather, it’s products and services. With 1.3 megapixel Take an inventory. a clarity issue. The clearer your picture, resolution, this new generation of cameras If you have cameras already, survey what the more pixels it will have, the larger the can deliver sharp and vivid images, at even wide viewing angles, ideal for forensic details departments own them, what they are file will be and the more bandwidth it will in security applications like building entrances for, how they are monitored and what consume. and car parks, the megapixel range gives you format they use, then decide if any of COMPRESSION. There are several the level of identification detail you need these cameras can be folded into your standard commercial compression without creating over-large files causing new system. algorithms, but the most common, for bandwidth problems.12
  13. 13. 13
  14. 14. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE FEATURE all the right reasons, is MPEG-4. You can add a commercial compression package to your MPEG-4 to further reduce your At some point you’ll want to storage needs. STORAGE DURATION. Thirty days of convert your images to digital storage is the unofficial standard. This to take advantage of its easier gives enough time, without overdoing it, to learn of an incident before the data is storage and better retrieve and lost. When you get an event of interest, you should plan on dropping that file search capabilities. onto a DVD and storing it indefinitely or at least until all criminal and civil DIGITAL VS. ANALOGUE. At some proceedings are concluded, including point you’ll want to convert your images appeals. You can also send events of to digital to take advantage of its easier interest to a separate server for indefinite storage and better retrieve and search storage. capabilities. But analog images can travel STORAGE SIZE. A single digital farther from the camera, so cable runs camera running 24 hours at just 5 fps, will impact your choices. A consultant can using MPEG-4 at Quarter CIF resolution, advise you on the best route to go. creates 11GB of information. A 500- PAN TILT ZOOM (PTZ). There are camera system, not at all uncommon for two ways to do this. The old-fashioned corporate buildings and campuses, will way, which still works really well, is to generate 165 terabytes every month. So physically move the camera and change it’s easy to see why keeping pedestrian its focus whenever you want to get a images beyond 30 days is economically close-up. Dome cameras have a dark foolhardy. And remember, this is with bubble over the camera to mask where cameras running on spare frame rates it is pointed at any given time. Make sure and resolutions. Full motion video (30 each PTZ has a default “park” position fps) will create 990 terabytes, almost a that gives you an optimal view and focal petabyte, of data. If you also go to full CIF, length. It is easy to forget to do this and multiply that by four, and you’re talking leave a PTZ where it was last focused; this a few petabytes a month! Stay on top of will likely not give you the best coverage the contractors and consultants so that when nothing special is happening. The they stick to the original engineering other (more costly) way to do PTZ is discussions, or they could easily overdo digitally, within the image itself. This will your system. Mission creep can be require megapixel images. Zooming in on, expensive. And remember, it’s not just say, a license plate, will fuzz out the image storage but also bandwidth you have illegibly if you don’t start with sufficient to consider. pixel density in your camera platform. 5 ROI rules of thumb ROI rules of thumb when you’re building your case for the upgrade: positive ROI. Linking video surveillance to access and safety, especially, could *Digital video surveillance scales well. possibly allow you to lower insurance The larger your planned installation, the premiums, but also to facilitate response You’re likely dealing with a CEO and CFO more remote sites you plan to monitor times to crises large and small. who want to know why they should from a central control room, the more *Cross-threading applications and invest in Escalade-like networked efficiency you can create and the faster systems allows you to share the cost digital video when they’ve already got your return will come. burden with other departments. a perfectly fine Chevy CCTV system. *Cost calculations favor digital video *The more things a digital video That is, you need to demonstrate video over closed systems. The economics of surveillance system does, the higher surveillance ROI. storage favour standard IT infrastructure the ROI. What software applications, It’s impossible to create a generic over closed systems such as DVRs. The or even business activities, exist to return case for video surveillance equipment functions better with less extend the usefulness of the surveillance because, while its applications overlap, repair. It’s also easier to expand on. infrastructure? Training? Marketing? Find they are also unmanageably varied. Still *Integration with other systems will all the ones that are realistic for you and having said that, we can descry some cost more up front but will also facilitate attach a value to them.14
  15. 15. STEP 4: Wrestle a few more issues to the ground. MONITORING. This is a contentious issue. The public may expect that cameras are monitored all the time, but it’s neither practical nor possible. The best you can do is put your high- priority camera images up in your command center for occasional viewing. Even better: Use analytics software to pinpoint an event of interest and call it up with an audible alarm. DECOYS. It may be tempting to use dummy camera domes to suggest you have surveillance, this will give your public a false sense of security. Most competent programs avoid their use, except in specific circumstances and then only in concert with live cameras. STAFFING. It’s unrealistic to expect to be given additional staff to monitor a new suite of cameras, and it’s equally unrealistic to expect to get different people than the ones you have now. For these reasons, you will want to choose a system that has a simple GUI (graphical user interface), provides out-of-service alarms for cameras and encoders, is low- maintenance and has high mean times between failures.Surveillance software revenue to quadruple by 2013 POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. If yourI cameras can view geography off your n a new study that has of the more disturbing uses is camera can recognize his face property, consult with your software potentially Orwellian the ability of store marketing and send out an alert. Casinos provider to mask out these areas. This implications, ABI Research departments to actually monitor are already deploying this sort is especially important if you have projects that revenue for the eyeball movements of of face recognition software to line of sight to residential surveillance software customers to figure out what monitor their employees, Schatt Supervision and the application of swiftwill quadruple over the next products or displays draw their says, and using it to detect when discipline are very important to avoidfive years. According to ABI Vice attention. certain employees enter intoPresident and Research Director “When stores have the unauthorized areas and alerting inappropriate use.Stan Schatt, revenue generated ability to observe you as you the security team. TRAINING. The more complex yourfrom surveillance software will walk through a store, what I can Schatt believes that as system, the more training the staff willincrease to more than $900 imagine is that more and more more surveillance equipment need. This takes good time managementmillion in 2013, up from current stores will try to basically have becomes increasingly digitized because unless you have a full shift to gorevenues of $245 million. a pretty in-depth knowledge of and software-reliant, it will on training rotation, you will be doingSchatt says there are several their customers,” he says. “So let’s increasingly move into the training on overtime.big drivers for this increase, say for instance the store issues purview of IT departments. MAINTENANCE. Include in yourincluding increased spending you a discount card that also has a And because the surveillance maintenance contract a service-levelon security systems by the radio frequency ID that identifies software vastly broadens thegovernment, on theft prevention who you are. And then let’s say extent to which companies and agreement that guarantees your high-systems by retail outlets and they observe you looking at, but governments can watch people, priority cameras are fixed promptly.on surveillance by market not actually purchasing, movies it will inevitably create privacy Be sure it requires an adequate stockresearchers. Additionally, he in the adult video section. Well, concerns that will have to be of onsite replacement cameras andsays that the advent of Wi-Fi has the next thing you know you’re addressed. network encoders and other peripheralmade it possible to place wireless getting all these promotional “Down the road our devices so that the most importantcameras just about anywhere materials for racy movies you’re behaviour is going to cameras can be restored to servicewhile still sending footage back not even interested in.” be observed much more quickly. Your system should open ato a central location. Schatt also notes that more frequently, and that has all trouble ticket immediately upon device Looking at the broader and more banks are looking kind of implications,” he says. failure, and you will want to review thepicture, Schatt says that into installing cameras with “I mean, the fact that they’retechnological advances are face recognition ability to help actually looking at your eyeball system’s performance monthly to ensurealso increasing the scope and prevent robberies before they movements shows we’ve you are up to speed on how reliable itthe potential uses of video even occur. Thus, when a known reached a whole new realm of is and which parts are giving you thesurveillance. He says that one bank robber enters a bank, the surveillance capabilities.” most trouble. 15
  16. 16. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE Q&A POISED FOR GROWTH Sony is at the forefront of the digital surveillance revolution, offering a wide ranging portfolio of products and solutions. Magesh Srinivasan, Marketing Manager, Sony Professional Solutions Middle East, encapsulates some of the key trends in the regional market.16
  17. 17. camera is expensive, over time ’economies Magesh Srinivasan, Marketing Manager, Sony Professional of scale’ should bring down the end-user Solutions Middle East price. Sony’s range of mini-dome and box cameras are equipped with ‘Light Funnel Function’ and ExWavePRO for high sensitivity and are also capable of ‘Intelligent Motion Detection’. These features allow effective implementation on projects that may have very bright or dark environments, face identification, number plate recognition and other such applications. One of the issues with the IP surveillance market is lack of market education and lack of open standards. How do you tackle this issue? We invest a large portion of our resources towards market education and training on the IP video security technology . With regards to the issue of ‘lack of open standards’ a key event occurred during IFSEC ’08.Three leading vendors of network video products – Sony, Axis and Bosch – began working collaboratively to establish a global open interface standard. Open Network Video Interface Forum – ONVIF will be the governing body to formulate and communicate the industry standards. A standard interface will achieve interoperability between all different vendors’ products – allowing customers to “pick & mix” equipment from various companies and then simply “plug & play”.Is Sony bullish about the surveillance market in security market. The technology enables This new standard will offer increasedthe Middle East? Do you see a technology shift a new set of applications which could be flexibility to integrators and users offrom analogue to IP? delivered owing to greater visual clarity network video equipment.Yes, we are quite optimistic in our outlook for surveillance. However, the end-usertowards this market. Clearly, with security applications are still in the early stages and What is Sony doing to boost partner expertise inbeing on top of both public and private it would take at least another year to check network video solutions?organizations there will be a greater focus and confirm if the intended benefits come We ensure that our channel partners areon this technology for years to come. through with acceptable trade-off on IP have access to free technical training on aFurther, video surveillance has various network bandwidth and processing power regular basis as well as acquire professionalemerging applications for example for the of the server. guidance in key projects. Further, we areretail and sports industry both of which putting in place a process of accreditationare high growth areas in this region. With Will mega pixel cameras be more expensive for our channel. This requires theregards to transition from analogue to IP and what kind of applications do you see for prospective dealer or system integratorwe’ve seen a big growth in demand for IP this technology? to comply with the specialist skill set andcameras since ’06 and it will continue to Yes, mega pixel will cost more as the knowledge base as required to providerise. The market has adapted by making technology required to build a mega pixel video security solutions to end-users.available hybrid products which supportboth analogue as well as IP cameras, suchas Sony’s new Hybrid NSR-1000 series ofNetwork Surveillance Recorders. We ensure that our channel partnersWhat impact will have the new generation of are have access to free technical training on a regular basis as well asmegapixel technology have on the market andenterprise networks? acquire professional guidance in keyHigh Definition is the name of the game inall current and future visual communicationtechnologies. We’ve seen HD waveinfluencing all Consumer and Professional projects. Further, we are putting inelectronic technologies across the globe.Video Security has seen the beginnings place a process of accreditation forof HD transition with the introductionof ‘mega pixel’ IP cameras, specifically our channel.designed to meet the needs of the video 17
  18. 18. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE Q&A THE DIGITAL WAVE operators remains the same, the system’s overall effectiveness increases. With the rise of IP-based digital systems, video surveillance has become another application on the corporate network managed by the IT department. IP video-surveillance systems offer features far more advanced than Do IP based systems go beyond just monitoring? What what you can get from standard analogue CCTV. Simon Nash, Senior new applications are emerging? Yes, in fact many customers are using the European Marketing Manager, Network Video Monitoring, Sony counting capabilities of our cameras and Europe, talks about why these systems are becoming increasingly management software. We are seeing an increase of this being used for many other popular in the enterprise. applications outside of traditional security applications. What implications will video surveillance have on enterprise networks as it becomes an application? What do CIOs need to keep in mind while designing a surveillance infrastructure? With the increased popularity of the megapixel cameras, this is having an impact on the bandwidth requirements. It is important to work with a manufacturer that has a heritage in producing H.264 cameras. Sony has been producing cameras with H.264 compression since 2006. We now have eight cameras using this algorithm. Can video analytics help companies to draw intelligence from their surveillance video? Yes, intelligent video analysis is being used for many other applications. For example, retail owners are using IP cameras to not only provide traditional security, but also heatmapping functions to show hot spots in their stores. Can you tell us more about Sony’s Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture? Sony’s new IP based security architecture is Simon Nash, Senior a fundamental departure from today’s back European Marketing Manager, Network Video heavy, centralised processor systems. As its Monitoring, Sony Europe name suggests, DEPA distributes processing power throughout the system to avoid Video surveillance has traditionally been a closed- cameras’ role within an installation. The the performance bottlenecks inherent to circuit analogue affair run by the physical security system designer can create highly customised previous designs. A DEPA system assigns staff. Now, what is driving the shift towards IP-based installations where each camera is set to deliver specific processing tasks appropriate to each digital systems? a range of alarms to signal when various separate component while sharing processing We are experiencing a rapid shift from existing events occur so that operators can respond power between like components. This opens analogue systems to IP. This is mainly due appropriately. Such a fine tuned system with new opportunities for system flexibility and to customers taking advantage of the latest a high degree of filtering makes efficient use scalability. Overall system costs are greatly intelligent video analysis. Current motion of the operator’s attention. They do not have reduced by closely integrating pre processing detection analysis can only alert operators to watch multiple screens simultaneously, and analysis and metadata generation in Sony, DEPA when and where to look at images, but are images that are selected and presented are enabled IP cameras, with back end processing unable to identify specific behaviours. With looked at carefully. Intelligent video analysis in network video recorders. In addition, the intelligent video analysis, a system can be that makes better use of operator attention front end analysis operates across all the tuned to send an alert based on highly specific produces greater accuracy in monitoring with cameras simultaneously. This significantly raises conditions appropriate to the individual faster response times. While the number of the overall security capabilities.18
  19. 19. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE H.264 Experts Group. We should note that MPEG compression techniques can also be used for video that is sent over non-IP networks like broadcast cable television systems. MPEG-4 Part 10 has also been incorporated into the latest ITU standards and this most recent standard is referred to as H.264 or Advanced Video Coding. MPEG-4 provides a significant improvement in both picture quality and it doubles bandwidth efficiency when compared to MPEG-2, MPEG- 4 Part 2, or H.263 techniques. For video, the two most common compression techniques—MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 were established the Motion Picture Experts Group. H.264 explained In MPEG-4 compression, each frame is sub- divided into an Initial Video Object Plane (I- VOP), which contains all the anchor data, andH.264 PRIMER several Predictive Video Object Planes (P-VOPs), which predict the difference between the current image and the previous VOP. H.264 works on the same principle, but adjusts its data capture for the P-VOPs in real- time, to focus more accurately on the area where movement has occurred. This achieves enhanced images whilst actually transmittingHow video over IP works significantly less data. Less bandwidthV For network security users, H.264 offers all ideo encoding and session control is sorts of practical benefits. Using network more complex than techniques used H.264 requires less bandwidth, cameras designed to work with H.264, you for voice because it must allow for while delivering better picture quality will need less bandwidth. MPEG-4 requires a wider allowance of bandwidth, it approximately one-third of the bandwidthmust include protocols for presenting pictures PSNR (dB) Video Parameters: used by JPEG; H.264 requires just one-on a multiple kinds of screens, and it must -10 frames/s fifth. That’s almost a 40% saving between - QCIFalso include an audio component to allow for 40 (176x144 pixels) standard MPEG-4 and H.264. - 10 seconds of videosound that accompanies the picture. (100 frames) In the voice world, the ITU-T has 38 Reduced storageestablished a series of standards including 36 H.264 MPEG-4 JPEG With better compression, your stored filesG.711, G.721, G.722, G.726, G.727, G.728, 35 will take up much less room on your server,and G.729. And once digitized and encoded, 34 potentially saving significant sums in yourvoice transmissions (or sessions) are typically 32 network storage requirements.controlled by H.323 or Session InitiationProtocol, with SIP being the strategically 30 Improved qualitycontrolled protocol. 28 Because the P-VOP elements of each frame For video, the two most common Bit rate (Kb/s) are more accurate, H.264 will providecompression techniques—MPEG-2 and 0 100 200 300 better images with more detail. In securityMPEG-4 were established the Motion Picture applications, this could make a real difference. 19
  20. 20. TECHNOLOGY AND EXHIBITION FORUMInnovation is not necessarily about new inventions, but is more about finding beneficial applications. RecentlyNetwork World Middle East in partnership with Sony Professional Solutions ME held the You & Sony an executivetechnology and exhibition forum which showcased the latest B2B AV IT products and solutions for the workplace.NWME’s Mark Cantalejo was there to capture this memorable event held at the Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai. (l to r) William Sarakikya, GM; A1 Outdoor, James Glosser vertical manager; Emirates computers, Nick Deen; senior marketing Manager PDS & RTV, Sony Europe and Haneef Al Raisi, CEO; Raisani Media. Philip Robinson, CIO; Sharjah Teaching Hospital (l to r) Mohammad Shah, CTO; KEC, Saudi, Ashi Seth, director IT;American University of Sharjah, Nuno Martins, EMEA business manager; Sony Professional Solutions and Hazem Awni Jarrar, IT Manager, King Faisal Foundation.
  21. 21. Delegates at the Sony Technology Forum listening to Masahiro Soga, senior GM,B2B Solutions Group, Sony deliver his keynote address. Delegates listen in to one of the executive panel discussions.(l to r) Dr Mustafa Qurban, IT director; KingFahd Military Medical Complex, Hatta Michihiro,product marketing; Sony Professional Solutionand Alexandra Tarazi; IT director; DubaiHealthcare City. A delegate gets first hand information on Sony’s healthcare solutions offerings. Attendees listen in at the Sony Digital Signage stand.
  22. 22. Masahiro Soga, senior GM; B2B Solutions Group, Sony, shares insights on Sony’s B2B solutions. (l to r) GV Rao, GM, ICT; Pearl Qatar, Raghavan Selvamani, Group information Security Officer; Noor Investment Group and Dr Abdulrahman Al Shenaifi, Sr Advisor, IT & Security, Saudi Interior Ministry (from left) Mohammed Khatib, director IT; Amman Stock Exchange and Bharat Raigangar, CSO, Royal Bank of Scotland. Executives listen in while Simon Nash, senior European marketing manager; Video Security, SonyProfessional Solutions, shares views on IPsurveillance solutions. (l to r) Simon Nash, senior European marketing manager; Video Security, Sony Professional Solutions, UV Kumar, CIO; Doha Bank and Mohammed Khatib, director IT; Amman Stock Exchange. The Sony 3D TelePresence conference room
  23. 23. Sony and ‘IPELA’ are registered trademarks of the Sony Corporation, Japan.Give him the besttools for the jobTalk to video analysis… Security for a modern world.The Sony range of Network Video Monitoring solutions brings together the best cameras, recordersand management software to support your security staff in delivering an immediate response toyour security needs.To find out more please contact OR call +971506240081
  24. 24. ExwavePRO | Light Funnel | 1.3 Megapixel | Intelligent Motion Detection © 2008 Sony Corporation. Sony and IPELA are registered trademarks of the Sony Corporation, Japan. © 2008 Sony Corporation. Sony and IPELA are registered trademarks of the Sony Corporation, Japan.Introducing the new range of Megapixel cameras from Sony.Designed for security, Sony Megapixel cameras combine 1.3 Megapixel resolution withnew ExwavePRO CCD, Light Funnel with colour filters and Intelligent Motion Detection todeliver high picture quality in even the most difficult lighting conditions.Introduce a new level of intelligence and clarity to your business – Go Mega with Sony.Designed for Security