Magento Data Migration from Zen Cart – The Obvious Advantages


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Magento Data Migration is a brilliant option for ecommerce merchants who wish to migrate their data from Zen Cart to Magento. This article briefly describes the process and its obvious advantages.

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Magento Data Migration from Zen Cart – The Obvious Advantages

  1. 1. Magento Data Migration from Zen Cart – The Obvious AdvantagesZen Cart stands amongst the premium shopping cart software availabletoday for ecommerce merchants wanting to make it big in theecommerce world. Zen Cart offers the obvious advantages that anymodern ecommerce platform can offer. Directly competing Zen Cart isMagento which you might want to migrate to given the popularity andadvantages that it has to offer compared to Zen Cart.Magento Data migration from Zen Cart is now possible. With the helpof such a process, it is possible to import a range of data such asproducts, customers and order history data from your Zen Cart to yourNew Magento store. Today, a range of services, software and datamanagement companies offer you competitive and convenience ofdata migration at extremely competitive costs. Even if your Zen Carthas some custom work done, it is possible to create a specific migrationsuite and also perform the migration manually in some cases. With theservices of an expert, Magento data migration from Zen Cart includesthe following aspects:  Product and product images  Extra product fields and product attributes  Categories and image categories  Customers and customer shipping addresses  Customer billing addresses  Orders and order statuses  Order products  Taxes, Currencies, and manufacturers
  2. 2. Customer import from Zen Cart to Magento can be a very simple andstraightforward scenario. This is because Zen Cart utilizes the samepassword encryption mechanism as Magento. Further, Zen Cart alsostores comparable customer data as Magento. It is also possible tosuccessfully import previous order history in Magento. Sometimes, itmay so happen that dashboard totals could be a bit far from the actualsales figures, however, it can be that the orders are imported inpending state.Product import could be a bit of a headache with automated software,but expert Zen Art to Magento migration handlers can overcome thisissue as well. In a nutshell, a good migration expert can provide thebest migration services to you without any risks.Now migrate your Zen Cart data to Magento with the help of experts.Krish Inc has the necessary expertise for Magento Data Migration andMagento Migration from Zen Cart.