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Partnership with menatel Partnership with menatel Presentation Transcript

  • Partnership with Menatel The Potential of Menatel ResourcesPrepared byMarketing & Business DevelopmentDepartmentMagdy A.Sattar
  • Menatel ProfileFounded in 1998, Menatel is, by far, the largest nationwide provider of prepaid public payphone in Egypt.
  • Menatel ShareholdersMain Shareholders NationalityNational Bank of Egypt EgyptianAdcom EgyptianNTC EgyptianInvestment Funds Egyptian View slide
  • Operation Results end of 2007 Number of Payphones in Operation 30,000 Governorates covered 27 Cards sold more than 20 millions Calls total successful 125 million calls1. Calls local successful 52%2. Calls national successful 21%3. Calls mobile successful 26%4. Calls international successful 1% Minutes total carried 280 million minutes1. local carried 54%2. national carried 28%3. Mobile carried 17%4. International carried 1% Average quality of Service 96 % View slide
  • Traffic end of 2007 1% 21%International 26%NationalLocalMobile 52%
  • Menatel Network
  • Why partnership?
  •  Menatel can contribute substantial values as a strategic partner. The synergies that can be generated from this partnership can benefit both partners and increase their potential for success. Menatel can act as a hand for competing THROUGH the low segment customers, serviced presently by private exchanges for both : mobile and international calls. Menatel’s network can save a lot of cost , as it can act as one main sender handset for all outdoor market without loading the network with low ARPU customers. Menatel can act as a gateway for plenty of joint promotions Menatel can act as 60,000 outdoor advertisement all over Egypt covering up to the villages level, covering all levels of customers to gain full market loyalty
  • Menatel potentiality Retail Direct Distribution Booth location outdoor media Cards advertising media Potential technical assets Locations distributions
  • Retail Direct Distribution
  • Menatel“we distribute connections”
  • Why Menatel? Menatel has the largest distribution teams in Egypt, more than 25 distributors, and 150 direct sales reps We have a very efficient distribution network covering more than 67,500 outlets selling Menatel card. Distribution results supported by Retail Audit research Efficient and effective collections & payments process
  • Why Menatel? Menatel has permanent presence nationwide. We have:  North cost & Alex Branch Located in Alexandria serving Alex, behera, marsmatroh, north coast  Canal and Sinai Branch Located in Port said serving ismalia, suez, domiataa, port said  Delta Branch Located in Tnata serving gharbia, dakhlia, sharkia, kalubia, monofia, kafer elshekh  Middle upper Egypt & New valley Branch Located in Asut serving Fayum, Banyswaif, Sohag, Minia, Asut, New valley,  South upper Egypt & Red sea Branch Located in Luxor serving Quina, Luxor, Aswan  Red sea hub, located in Hurgada serving red sea  South Sinai hub, located in Sharm Elshekh serving south and north Sinai
  • Arms of Distribution Direct Sales In-Direct Sales Key Accounts & private or Semi public areas
  • Direct Sales Branches, Coverage & Head count:  Cairo (Greater Cairo) (60 sales Reps)  Alex (Matroh &Seewa) (20 Sales Reps)  Delta (200 remote villages) (15 Sales Reps)  Canal (Domyat, Sinai & Canal cities) (20 Sales Reps)  MUE (Asuit, Sohag, new valley) (15 Sales Reps)  SUE (Aswan, halayb & shalateen) (20 Sales Reps)
  • In-Direct Sales Branches, Coverage & Head count:  Cairo (2 supervisors) (10 D/S)  Alex (1 Supervisor) (3 D/S)  Delta (1 Supervisor) (3 D/S)  Canal (2 Supervisors) (3 D/S)  Middle of UE (1 Supervisor) (3 D/S)  South of UE (2 Supervisor) (3 D/S)
  • Key Accounts (2 SV) Military sector. (41 location) Police Sector. (30 location) Air & Sea Ports. (13 location) Universities & Institutes. (39 location) Mills & Factories. (60 location) Governmental sector. (22 location) Clubs (59 location) Hospitals (143 location) Malls (16 Location)
  • MEMRB Retail Audit (N/D,07)Total Numeric handling 12 % 153,500Total GSM cards 8% 102,334Tele Card 7% 89,542Marhaba 4% 51,167Moftah Al Zero 7% 89,542Super Card 4% 51,167Mobasher 1% 12,792Menatel (connect) 9% 115,125
  • MEMRB Retail Audit (N/D,07) Kiosks (26.2 %) Groceries & Supermarkets (33.10 %) Haberdasheries (40.7 %)
  • ‫شكرا‬Thank you
  • Booth location outdoor media
  • Menatel outdoorsThe new, and only, medium that offers you nationwide reach with great value for your outdoor advertising budget...Do you Like having your advertisement everywhere! Menatel is the choice
  • Objective Deliver Your“Right Time Right Audience” Message.
  • Menatel Outdoor POS PD1:Single phone with two sided booth PD2:Double phone with 4 sided booth WM:Single phone with two sided wall mounted booth WM1:Single phone with two sided indoor wall mounted booth
  • PD1
  • PD2
  • WM
  • What is Menatel outdoor panels?• Standard Panel Size:32 Cm X 64.5 Cm (Live Area : 30 Cm X 62.5 Cm)• Wide Panel Size:32 Cm X 66 Cm (Live Area : 30 Cm X 62.5 Cm)• Large Panel Size: 40 Cm X 68 Cm (Live Area = 30 Cm X 62.5 Cm) Each Phone Booth Features Two Panels Sold As One Unit.
  • WHERE WE ARE? 1/3 Governorate PD1 PD2 WM WM1 TotalAlexandria 645 3,058 213 21 3,937Beheira 111 375 38 0 524Matrouh 110 193 38 0 341Bani sweif 10 199 43 0 252Cairo 1,184 5,370 1,007 351 7,912EL Fayoum 41 136 25 2 204Giza 581 2,191 362 111 3,246Kalioubeya 144 527 189 12 872Damitta 333 588 127 15 1,063Ismailia 167 204 127 28 526North Sinai 174 254 56 4 488Port Said 239 688 160 33 1,120
  • WHERE WE ARE? 2/3 Governorate PD1 PD2 WM WM1 TotalSouth Sinai 16 58 310 3 387Suez 129 312 104 4 549Dakahleya 196 590 59 0 845Gharbeya 267 404 234 23 928Kafr EL Sheikh 207 197 53 0 457Menoufeya 194 289 113 3 599Sharkeya 330 490 144 4 968Assiut 153 558 248 2 961EL Wadi EL Gedid 48 58 15 0 121Minia 126 474 105 0 705Sohag 96 511 167 0 774Aswan 181 306 87 6 580
  • WHERE WE ARE? 3/3 •PD1 = Single phone,Governorate PD1 PD2 WM WM1 Total two sided booth.Luxor 35 195 66 9 305 •PD2 = Double phone, 4 sided boothQuena 177 230 163 1 571 •WM = Single phone, two sided wallRed Sea 109 534 116 6 765 mounted boothTotal 6,003 18,990 4,369 638 30,000 •WMI = Single phone, two sided indoor , wall mounted booth Exactly where you do you want to be, at every point of sale in the country !
  • P.P. Frequency Of UsageFrequency of usage / per Region / Per P.P. Region No. Of P.P. No. Of Calls Per Average Calls Day Per P.P. Greater Cairo 11,607 120,000 10 – 15 Alex. 4,802 48,000 10 – 15 Canal 4,133 48,000 10 –15 Delta 4,220 38,000 8 – 12Middle Upper Egypt 3,017 53,000 15 – 20South Upper Egypt 2,221 43,000 20 – 25 Total 30,000 350,000 10 – 15
  • Why Menatel Outdoors ? S STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES W Coverage & Distribution O Located In High Traffic Areas Not Lighted At Night T PriceOPPORTUNITIES Reaching more customers Addressing all segments Multiple Messages in Multiple Areas SuperiorityTHREATS Advertisement Tax increase Booth Damages ,increase in vandalism Restrictions on specific types of messages
  • SEGMENTATION  Where There Is Concentration Of People There’s A Menatel Booth,  Where There Is A Menatel Booth There’s Menatel Outdoor,  Points Of Sales all Over The Country !  Each Governorate Is Segmented By City, Each City Is Segmented By Districts. We Cover The Universe.You Select Your Target Audience Socioeconomically or Geographically and We’ll deliver the message
  • Menatel AudienceMenatel Panels Are Seen, At Eye Level, By Payphone Users, Passers By, And by Drivers.
  • Menatel panel is unique Extensive Exposure Opportunities For Your Message/Offer You Can Count On High-quality, full Impact Frequency For Your Brand. Guaranteed Effective Distribution And Delivery Category Exclusivity
  • Requirements
  • InstallationDepending On The Number Of Booths And Their Locations , Installation May Take Anything From Overnight To 2 Weeks.
  • Artwork SpecificationsStandard Panel: 32 Cm ×64.5 Cm ( Live Area = 30 Cm ×62.5 Cm )Wide Panel: 32 Cm ×66 Cm ( Live Area = 30 Cm ×62.5 Cm )Large Panel: 40 Cm ×68 Cm ( Live Area = 30 Cm ×62.5 Cm )
  • Printing SpecificationsPaper Specifications : Paper Weight: 200 – 300 GmPrinting Quantity : Add 10% Extra Quantity Of Each request.Printing Quality: Due To Climate Conditions Posters Have To Be Replaced Every Three Months . Many Booths Are Subjected To Direct Sunlight All Day . A Sufficient Coat Of Varnish Or Laminate Will Protect Your Posters For Up To Three Months , Also Dark Colors Are Highly Recommended As They Last More In The Hot Climate.
  • Rate CardFlat Rates : Rates Range From L.E. 50.00 To L.E. 125.00 Per Month, Per Double Sided Single Booth Depending On Duration And Location. Special Rates Are Available For Special Deals. The Rates Are For Space Only And Are Based On The Purchase Of At Least One Month Per Governorate.Installation / Replacement Charge A Surcharge Of L.E. 4.00 Per Poster Is Added For Every New Installation Or Replacement.Government Tax A L.E. 10.00 Government Advertisement Tax For Each Poster (Regardless Of Duration) Is Due By Egyptian Law .Payment Terms : Payment Terms Are 50% In Advance And 50% By Mid Duration. Bookings Are Currently Being Processed . Book Directly Or Through Your Advertising Agency Or Preferred Media Buyer.
  • Questions? ‫شكرا‬ Thank you
  • Cards advertising media
  • Cards advertising Media ...Do you Like to have your name carried by every hand! Menatel Card Is your Choice Menatel is offering more than 1.5 million cards monthly to be used
  • Objective Deliver Your“Right Time Right Audience” Message.
  • Cards Media competencies Menatel Card usually used or seen by more than 3 persons of the family , colleges Etc.. So you will reach more than 4.5 million persons monthly. The card side will be seen more than 20 single times during the card’s life time. Menatel Cards gives you less advertising spending with more seen rate, and more precision The card cover the universe. Select your target audience we will deliver the message
  • Cards Media competencies People do not usually carry any kind of advertisements but they carry Menatel Cards. The distribution of major newspapers is not significant of the Egyptian population. To reach the consumer whenever he is we have 60,000 retailer covered by 150 sales rep working at 6 branches and the indirect sales force.
  • Cards Media competencies Guaranteed effective distribution and delivery via Menatel’s Direct and Indirect sales network handles the cards distribution all over Egypt. Category exclusivity Menatel Cards Add. can work with any advertiser to ensure it “owns” select governorates , seasons or time periods for the duration of its advertising campaign.
  • How To use best of Menatel Cards For Your Brand New product launch. Branding. Suggestive advertising. Special offers. Call center numbers. Seasonal products. Multiple messages within the same campaign.
  • Requirements
  • Artwork Specifications Card dimension – 8.55 cm ×5.4 cm Front side: ( live area = 8.15 cm ×5 cm) Back side: ( live area = 5.6 cm ×5 cm)
  • Printing Specifications Card material is Flexible Plastic water proof ,Printing is anti erase with a mat guard layer. Please provide us with Art work CD and signed Art Work for your design.
  • Cards Sides Area for rent 15 mm Chip 13 mm 5.4 mmMenatel 10 LE 85.5 mm Front side
  • Cards Sides ReservedArea for Ad. Menatel Back side
  • Rate card Flat Rates : Rates range from L.E. 1 to L.E. 0.25 per single card depending on cards quantities and card sides used. Special rates are available for special deals. The rates are based on the purchase of at least 100,000 per Card Category. Payment Terms : Payment terms are 50% in advance and 50% after Cards activation. Order to delivery time: Depends on order quantity from one to three months. Book directly or through your advertising agency or preferred media buyer.
  • Questions? ‫شكرا‬Thank you
  • The Potential of Menatel Technical Assets
  • Premises Nationwide Menatel has permanent presence nationwide. We have:  North cost & Alex Branch Located in Alexandria serving Alex, Beheria, Matroh, North Coast  Canal and Sinai Branch Located in Port said serving Ismalia, Suez, domiataa, port said  Delta Branch Located in Tanta serving Gharbia, Dakhlia, Sharkia, kalubia, Monfia, Kafer Elshikh  Middle upper Egypt & New valley Branch Located in Asut serving Fayum, Bany swaif, Sohag, Minia, Asut, New valley,  South upper Egypt & Red sea Branch Located in Luxor serving Quna, Luxor, Aswan  Red sea hub, located in Hurgada serving red sea  South Sinai hub, located in Sharm Elshikh serving south and north Sinai
  • Transportation Fleet Branches, Governorates & Coverage:  Cairo (Cairo, Giza, Kalubia) (34 Cars)  Alex (Alex, Matroh, Beheria) (15 Cars)  Delta (Gharbia, Kafer Elshikh, Sharkia, Dakhlia, Monfia, Kalubia) (19 Cars)  Canal (Domyat, Port Said, Ismalia, Suez, North and South Sinia) (16 Cars)  MUE (Fayum, Bany Swaif, Minia, Asut, Sohag, New valley) (12 Cars)  SUE (Quna, Luxor, Aswan, Red sea) (9 Cars)
  • Maintenance force Branches, Coverage & Head count:  Cairo (Greater Cairo) (4 supervisor) (34 Technicians)  Alex (Matroh &Seewa) (2 supervisor) (15 Technicians)  Delta (200 remote villages) (2 supervisor) (19 Technicians)  Canal (Domyat, Sinai & Canal cities) (2 supervisor) (16 Technician)  MUE (Asut, Sohag, new valley) (2 supervisor) (12 Technician)  SUE (Aswan, halayb & shalateen) (2 supervisor) (9 Technician)
  • Questions?Thank you
  • Locations DistributionThe Potential of Menatel Locations
  • IDEA IS to benefits Menatel locations potential to provide Wireless Internet Service (WISP) as alternative for implementing last-mile wireless broadband services. Menatel is offering Wi-Fi wireless broadband internet access service to all customers delivered via third part “data licensed company” network
  • Wi-Fi Roadmap (market development) Standards are established (the 802.11 standards) Technology has advanced (security, reliability, speed and distance) Key venders have added credibility (Alcatel, Cisco..) Competition has resulted in reduced prices .
  • Wi-Fi Roadmap (market demand) Laptop-equipped employees need network access PAD-equipped employees increasingly need network access LAN-related moves/add/changes are costly and disruptive WLANs are increasingly perceived as a viable substitute
  • Business Model The locations layer (companies that own the physical locations where the hotspot will be installed, locations), (Menatel) The hotspot operators layer (companies that operate commercial hotspot, networks), (Menatel/data company) The aggregation layer (companies provide roaming, software and settlement services, roaming), (data company/GSM operator) The brand layer (companies offer Wi-Fi to end user, end user brands/data company/GSM Operator)
  • Business Revenues The locations layer (revenues commonly by licensing the right to install hot spots to an hot spots operator HSO) The hotspot operators layer (all additional revenue over the monthly fixed cost is pure margin ) The aggregation layer (the roaming and settlement fees) The brand layer (end user access fees)
  • The TechnologyChoice of coverage / Solution of mobility by Menatel
  • Wireless Technology Usage SegmentsEach wireless technology is designed to serve a specific usage segments  Personal area networks (PANs)  Local area networks (LANs)  Metropolitan area networks (MANs)  Wide area networks (WANs) Each usage segments requirements based on variety of variables  Bandwidth needs  Distance needs  Power  User location  Services offered  Network ownership
  • Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) Wi-Fi with directional antennas  Focusing on patching lat-mile gaps offering alternatives to DSL Wi-Fi with a mesh-network topology  To cover large areas and to extend the reach of the LAN for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • A solution for? A solution that offers wireless metro access to users. A solution that is designed for people who are looking for savings and mobility, A solution to access areas that are too remote, too difficult or to expensive to reach
  • Where are the needs? Wireless metro-access solutions available today, such as mesh networking implementations, are more cost-effective and flexible than their wired counterparts. We can offer broadband services to geographically challenged areas (such as rural towns) Local governments can provide free access for business or emergency services (such as police and fire fighters)
  • Where are the needs? Educational institutions can broaden learning through online collaboration between students and faculty on and off campus Enterprises and large private network can communicate and monitor supply-chain activities in near real time
  • What are the concerns? QS, refers to the ability of the network to provide better service to selected network traffic over various technologies
  • Customer Profile - General Internet or Data customer Price sensitive Satisfied with partial mobility Technology enthusiast; willing to try something new as pioneers. New demanding entities (Governmental & educational)
  • Customer Segments Individuals  Those who are in needs to access the network via their wireless equipments (laptop, PAD, mobiles) Businesses  Those enterprises that need to create and maintain a wireless network throughout their facility (single/multiple buildings) without the cost and physical limitations experienced with traditional cabling.
  • Questions?Thank you