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Hr and change management report

  1. 1. Rennes International School of Business ESC RENNES Executive Master of Business Administration EMBA COHORT 1 (2003 - 2004) HR & Change Management Conducted by: Dr. Donald MINDAYChanging and standardize the Cleaning operation For Menatel By Magdy A. Sattar March, 2004 Cairo, Egypt
  2. 2. EXECUTEVE SUMMARY .................................................................................................................. II1- REPORT OBJECTIVE. ............................................................................................................... 12- MENATEL PROFILE.................................................................................................................. 13- CURRENT SITUATION ANALYSIS & IDINTIFING THE PROBLEM. ............................. 24- THE PROPOSED NEW CLEANING OPERATION STANDRALIZATION ....................... 35- CONCLUSION ........................................................................................................................... 116- RECOMMENDATION .............................................................................................................. 11EMBA CairoRennes International School of Business I
  3. 3. EXECUTEVE SUMMARYIn this report, we analyze, evaluate and then recommend a method through whichMenatel and the sub-contractors assigned to the cleaning operation satisfy theirbusiness needs and achieve effective and efficient communication.First, we will analysis the current situation (figures and performance) to identify theproblem.Second, we shall go through explanation and description of the proposed newcleaning operation by its three phase’s unfreeze –movement –refreeze, describing thejob duties assigned to the concerned parties and the expected output of theircommunication, the new basis of Menatel checking methodology for both cleaningquality and invoice checking. How we are going to communicate and explain the newprocess. Illustrate the sources of resistances, the movement phase strategies, and therefreezing techniques.Third, the conclusion and recommended decision that we think it should be taken.EMBA CairoRennes International School of Business II
  4. 4. 1- Report Objective.The purpose of this report is to allow me to demonstrate my understanding of theprinciples and techniques covered during the HR and change management course. Iwill submit a business report that will address a proposed new cleaning operationprocess showing how Menatel will manage the changing process. I will analyzeMenatel cleaning sub contractor situation through evaluating their performancequality compared to Menatel needs and quality standard, also revise all the contractsin order to present the new cleaning operation process by which both parties aresatisfied and Menatel’s image is maintained. 2- Menatel profileLate in 1998 Menatel was born as a joint stock company, under investment lownumber 8/1997 registered in 1998 under number 314030. Menatel is granted a tenyears; renewable license, to install, operate, and manage a telecommunicationnetwork of at least 30,000 public payphone. Egyptian shares are 53 % and foreignshares are 47 %. By the end of 2003 Menatel has been operating a payphone networkwith near to 30,000 payphones in operation, and work force of more than 400employees. Thanks to our customers love, appreciation, and trust Menatel’s twocolors (green and yellow) are now a trend, they can be seen every where, not onlyMenatel payphones but also kiosks, bill-boards or sometimes even buildings arepainted in those two colors. This proves the fact that Menatel has succeeded tobecome an integral part of people’s daily life in Egypt. 2.1 Menatel VisionTo be the leaders in the field of telecommunication services, as well as the leader increating a national base of accumulated expertise of high Egyptian telecom engineers. 2.2 Menatel Goals  Exceptional Customer Satisfaction.  Inspired, innovative and empowered Employees.  Depending on local sourcing whenever possible.  Superior Financial Results.EMBA CairoRennes International School of Business 1
  5. 5. 2.3 Menatel Values  Customer First.  Integrity in All we do.  Excellence through Total Quality.  Respect for others.  Respect for our environment.  Growth through change. 3- Current Situation Analysis & Idintifing the problem. 3.2 Current situation figures analysis. Sub- Price (LE) Contract ContractBranch Zone Area (Governorates) contractors PD2 PD1 WM Start End Alpha, Giza, El-Fayoum, BaniswefCairo 1 Pyramids, 0.40 0.25 0.20 24/12/01 31/12/03 Gov. United Alpha,Cairo 2 East & south Cairo Pyramids, 0.40 0.25 0.20 24/12/01 31/12/03 United West & north Cairo, 10th of Alpha,Cairo 3 Ramadan, shoubra el khaima, Pyramids, 0.40 0.25 0.20 24/12/01 31/12/03 kanater , kalubia, and khanka UnitedAlex 4 East Alex., and Behera Alpha 0.40 0.25 0.20 24/12/01 31/12/03 West Alex., north coast, andAlex 5 Alpha 0.40 0.25 0.20 24/12/01 31/12/03 Marsa matroh Port said, Damiatta, northCanal 6 Adam Siag 0.40 0.25 0.20 24/12/01 31/12/03 SinaCanal 7 Suze, Ismailia, and south Sina Adam Siag 0.40 0.25 0.20 24/12/01 31/12/03 Kafer el sheikh, Dakhlia, andDelta 8 El Kods 0.40 0.25 0.20 7/3/02 31/12/03 Sharkia Monofia, Gharbia, banha,Delta 9 tokh, Kafer shoker, shebeen el Alpha 0.40 0.25 0.20 24/12/01 31/12/03 kanaterMUE 10 El-Minia Alpha 0.45 0.27 0.25 24/12/01 31/12/03MUE 11 Assiut, and New valley High care 0.49 0.29 0.24 24/12/02 31/12/03MUE 12 Sohag High care 0.49 0.29 0.24 24/12/02 31/12/03 SUE 13 Quena, and Louxer Alpha 0.45 0.27 0.25 24/12/01 31/12/03 SUE 14 Aswan Alpha 0.45 0.27 0.25 24/12/01 31/12/03 SUE 15 Red Sea Alpha 0.45 0.27 0.25 24/12/01 31/12/03 EMBA Cairo Rennes International School of Business 2
  6. 6. The table above shows the following  A total of six sub-contractors assigned to clean Menatel booths distributed over 15 different zones.  All contracts ended 31/12/2003.  There are three different prices. 3.3 Current situation performances analysis.The table below shows the average cleaning quality per branch for the year 2003,from which we can see the big gap in the performance from branch to another, whichindicates different methodology of evaluating the cleaning quality which of coursegenerates a lot of conflicts. Branch Cairo Alex Canal Delta MUE SUE Average 91.5 % 94 % 65 % 83 % 97 % 96 % 3.4 Problem IdentificationBy the above analysis the problem can be stated as a vague understanding or conflictamong the partners (Menatel, and the cleaning contractors). This poor environment ofwork, in additional to the economical situation drop in 2003, forces Menatel to revisethe whole cleaning operation and try to find or adapt a planned change that will matchthe new environment and new strategies of Menatel to optimize our resources. Forthat I was assigned as a change agent to propose and plan the change process for thecleaning operation. My objectives are:  To plan a clear, controlled and standard cleaning quality operation  To plan standard invoice checking process  To revise old contracts and plan a new contract to fit the new change 4- The proposed new cleaning operation standralizationBased on Lewin’s change model I divided the change process to three phases 4.1 The unfreeze phaseThis phase where we unfreeze the old operation and plan the new one which iscomposed of:EMBA CairoRennes International School of Business 3
  7. 7. 4.1.1 Operation partners and job descriptions  Contractors field labor tasks  Daily tasksIn additional to his daily cleaning tasks, for urgent notes to be reported the field laborcontacts Menatel directly in cases of any fault or problem that would make thepayphone not available to the customer to use. for example, a cut handset, an out oforder payphone, an inserted card, an open PP’s case shell, or the phone is ripped ofthe booth.In such cases the field labor has to make an immediate contact with the technicianassigned to the area or the maintenance Eng. if either of them is not available to reachfor any reason he should call the customer service center and report the case.For cases that might cause the payphone to be out of order in one to three days, forexample, the booth is not fixed tight to the ground which can be a threat to thecustomers, lack of U-guard or cables are not fixed. In such cases the field labor mustreport these cases to his direct field supervisor.  Weekly tasksCases that affect the image of Menatel (booth or payphone status) such as, ribbed offsides, broken or scratched display, broken fibers or lack of boosters. These notesshould be reported first to the contractor field supervisor, then, it should be put into adetailed weekly report that to be sent to Menatel  Contractors field supervisor  Daily tasksEach for his assigned area contact Menatel assigned supervisor to report any casesthat might affect directly the efficiency of the payphones service quality or cause it tobe out of order within the next 48hours.  Weekly tasksRepresent a weekly report in which all the notes and the needs of booth maintenanceoperation might need to maintain the image of Menatel. The accuracy and on timecommitment of delivering this report is to be considered in evaluating the cleaningquality.EMBA CairoRennes International School of Business 4
  8. 8.  Contractors project managerHe is to be in touch with Menatel CCs. Supervisor to make sure that the operation isworking in smooth way and all the resources are available to do the assigned tasks inthe field (tools, equipments).  Menatel cleaning controllerHe is assigned by menatel to implement menatel cleaning quality methodology and tomake sure that the cleaning contractor’s labors are doing what they should be doingaccording to Menatel standards.  Menatel CCs. supervisorHe is the operation controller assigned by menatel to do all the necessary actions tomaintain Menatel image in the field following up closely the quality of the booths andpayphones (cleaning, shaping, conditioning). 4.1.2 Checking methodology  Cleaning quality checkingMenatel team of cleaning controllers and their supervisor are assigned to perform thischeck through the sampling plan techniques and prepare its plan, daily check list, andreports needed. Their calculations to the QS of the cleaning (based on the cabinetbody sets values) in their assigned area is the main reference.The area assigned to the contractor shall be divided into routes on which the CC. Shallmakes his check rounds 2 to 3 rounds per month (or according to the area nature andthe no. of Menatel CCs). In each of these rounds a different random sample -around10%-of total locations in every City or district in the route shall be taken as areference by one member of the team. So that by the end of the month the whole areaassigned to the contractor is checked over three times, each time by a different CC.Cleaning Controller are checking over 3 main things:  Checking the cleaning quality of the booths  Contractor commitment to daily cleaning operation (whether or not the city or district is cleaned daily)  Contractor staff (field labors and supervisors) cooperation and their effective communicationEMBA CairoRennes International School of Business 5
  9. 9. The technician team is involved also in evaluating the contractors staff cooperation and response to the field needs.  Sampling plan elements (proposed). acceptance rejection criteriaBranch lot size sample size number of samples criteria Cl Cp Cairo 12200 10 % =1220 4/month 5% = 61 Booth 20% = 244 Booth Alex 4700 10 % =470 4/month 5% = 23 Booth 20% = 94 Booth Delta 4200 10 % =420 4/month 5% = 21 Booth 20% = 84 BoothCanal 4100 10 % =410 4/month 5% = 20 Booth 20% = 82 Booth MUE 2600 10 % =260 4/month 5% = 13 Booth 20% = 52 Booth SUE 2200 10 % =220 4/month 5% = 11 Booth 20% = 44 BoothMenatel 30000 10 % =3000 4/month 5% = 150 Booth 20% = 600 Booth  Cabinet body parts Set (1) 20% Set (2) 25% Set (3) 30% Set (4) 15% Set (5) 10% The contractor should be very careful to use the proper means (water, cleansers, ladders and brushes) which does not affect the efficiency of the PP. or distort its appearance. EMBA Cairo Rennes International School of Business 6
  10. 10.  Invoice checkingThere are 3 factors in the contractors invoice that conclude the invoice and overwhich Menatel is revising  Numbers and type of locations.  Numbers of actual working (cleaning) days.  Cleaning Quality of the assigned areaAs for the No. and type of the booths in field, Menatel monthly updated report fromMenaprod (Menatel data base) is the reference in this issue, Meaning that anydeviation from Mantels report (positive or negative) will be calculated and deductedfrom the contractors total figures. As for the actual working days, Menatel emphasisthat, any National holidays occurring in the month shall be deducted from the invoice. Cleaning Invoices Evaluation Field On Time & Communication Cleaning Monthly Accurate & Co-operation Checking Visit Reporting 10 % 10 % 10 % 70 % Measurement Measurement Measurement Measurement Tool Tool Tool Tool Sampling Data Accuracy & Global QS per Sampling No. of Reports TechnicianAs for the cleaning quality of the cleaning operations the above chart clarifies thesuggested process of evaluating the Contractor Cleaning Invoices according to theagreed upon indicators and its weights.Cleaning Checking Indicator Weight (70%) its measurement tool is sampling itscalculation will be as follows:Should the Sample result meet the CI (Acceptance criteria (5%) Commented uponcabinets) the contractor evaluation in this indicator is 100% (70%).EMBA CairoRennes International School of Business 7
  11. 11. Should the sample result meet the CP (Rejection criteria (20%) commented uponcabinets) the whole sample result is rejected and the contractor evaluation in thisindicator is 0%.Should the sample result varies between CI and CP (from 6%to 19%) the result of thissample will be put as it is and the contractor will be evaluated by the average thewhole sample results.The assigned Menatel Engineer will represent a monthly report of the result of thesamples.Communication and cooperation indicator Weight (10%) Its Measurement tool istechnicians feed back upon the global QS. Maintenance Engineer will represent amonthly report of the Technician feed back.The payphones QS, target is no less than 98% the percentage of negative deviationfrom the target is deducted from the weight indicatorOn time and Accurate Reporting indicator Weight (10%) its measurement is:Four weekly reports to be delivered per month to Menatel, and accurate data in thereports. The commitment of delivering these weekly reports and the accuracy of thesereports will be put in a monthly report.Field Monthly Visit indicator Weight (10%) its Measurement tool is sampling. Thereport of this visit result signed by both parties shall be represented monthly.There are two final notes that are:The cover of the invoice presented from the contractor should be unified but thedetails inside the invoice could vary from according to the branch or the departmentassigned area (Territory, Governorate, and Area).Each branch or department can decide the sample size, number of samples per monthand the locations in the samples in accord to two main factors the area needs and thebranch resources (transportation, cleaning controller, and technician) 4.1.3 Communicate & explanation of the new processThe new cleaning process will be communicated to all partners through lectures doneby the change agent to cover and explain the new terminology of the new process andto clear any misunderstandings or conflict and according to the below table this willtake place all over Menatel branches and some of the contractors locations, and willaddress all the key persons of the new cleaning operation.EMBA CairoRennes International School of Business 8
  12. 12. Presentation Dates Location Attendance Concerned company/branch time Sunday 15-2-2004 HQ S-12 am/E-4pm Menatel Directors, and Managers AllWednesday 18-2-2004 HQ S-12 am/E-4pm The companies owners or the General Managers contractors HQ/distribution Cairo branch, Delta branch, accountant dep., alpha, Monday 15-3-2004 S-11am/E-3pm 25 persons room united group, Pyramids, and Elkods. Tuesday 16-3-2004 Asute Branch S-12am/E-3pm 15 persons Asute branch, high care, and alpha.Wednesday 17-3-2004 Luxer Branch S-12am/E-3pm 15 persons Luxer branch and alpha.Thursday 18-3-2004 Port S. Branch S-12am/E-3pm 15 persons Port S. branch, and Adam Siage. Sunday 21-3-2004 Alex. Branch S-12am/E-3pm 15 persons Alex. Branch, and alpha Alpha company representatives and the company Monday 29-3-2004 Alpha company S-11am/E-3pm 7 persons owner 4.1.4 Sources of resistances Change resistance is a law of nature also it is an obstacle in the way of the new process and stand against the smooth movement of it. This obstacle is generated by two main sources, organizational sources or individual sources.  Organizational sources The main source of resistance we expect it to be the organization structural inertia for both Menatel and the cleaning companies. The running mechanism now is geared with a group of shaped people doing what seems to be, for them, a satisfying job. The resistance will be in breaking this (rusty) old geared system, polish it, newly shaping it, and redesign it for the new mechanism. Another source of resistance will be the powerful relationships between Menatel technicians and the companies’ labors. Redesigning the cleaning quality evaluation decision and reducing the weight of Menatel technicians’ evaluation will generate a kind of threat for them. This is why they will try to oppose the new process.  Individual sources Every day routine (habits) is the main source of individual resistance especially for the technicians, labors, and even supervisors level as this type of employees have no self confidant, it’s hard for them to learn new skills or to do things differently. Another source of resistance by the cleaning labors (temporary workers) is their feeling of having unsecured jobs, in addition their fear of the unknown new process its unknown effects over their income or job security. EMBA Cairo Rennes International School of Business 9
  13. 13. 4.2 The movement phaseThe movement phase is an action plan to overcome the resistance resources, byincreasing the driving forces to change and reduce the restraining forces for change, todo so we need to be persistence and patience. The action plan strategy is as follows:  Communicate the new process to all partners (lectures, documents).  Get all concerned Menatel managers and cleaning companies’ inputs and feedback of the new process, and share the responsibility.  Negotiate the new process with key contractors (Alpha).  Facilitate and encourage the new process (price increase).  Standardize the documentation cycles (reports, invoice).  Generate new contract to fit with the new process (standard contract). 4.3 The refreezing phaseThe objective of this phase is to balance the driving and restraining forces over thenew cleaning process in order to do so we need to follow and evaluate the movementof the new process, also to monitor and measure results. The evaluation indicatorstechniques are one of the new process measurement tool and they are:  The cleaning checking indicator  Effective communication indicator  The on-time and accurate reporting indicator  The field monthly random inspection visit indicatorAnother measurement tool is the new penalty article that will help differentiates theaccepted and not accepted performance which in away rewarding the goodperforming company by adding new locations to its assigned area.EMBA CairoRennes International School of Business 10
  14. 14. 5- CONCLUSION MEN GHR SHR DAK KAL In the process of analyzing and evaluating the Sub-Contractors performance in the assigned tasks, we put in mind two factors. The current economic situation (increaseV /// ExV Ex Ex of inflation rate is affecting our business and their business). The Sub-Contractors` services is indispensable to Menatel. This is mainly why we should change the cleaning process to lead them to the most effective way to perform the assigned tasks efficiently. This is the time to change, the time to do things differently. 6- RECOMMENDATION It’s obvious from the above stated that the decision should be going for change and we strongly believe that it is time for change and we for that recommend the following actions:  Implement the new cleaning operation (1-4-2004).  Apply the new modified contract (1-4-2004). EMBA Cairo Rennes International School of Business 11